Genius Status….Revoked?: Chapter 2

Clint knew he was pushing, but he couldn’t help it.  He wanted to know what had happened to the Tony he had seen on that phone, so riled and determined to defend his intelligence.  

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New Beginnings: Chapter 6 Epilogue

Again, this is NOT the end of ‘New Beginnings’.  I realized after it was finished and posted and everything that we never got to see Clint show Tony his silly pajamas.  So this is when that happens.^^

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Bacon: Chapter 2

Clint eased up on the hold he had on the bundle in his arms.  It began to wriggle ever so slightly, and after a moment, a tiny little head emerged from beneath one of the jacket’s folds.  

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Illustration: Gray or Blue.

J2 drew this piece a long time ago based off of a song that we both love that I initially played for her because it reminds me of Tony and Clint.  It’s called ‘Gray or Blue’ and is by Jaymay.

I know the shape of your hands
Because I watch ’em when you talk
And I know the shape of your body
‘Cause I watch it when you walk
And I want to know it all
But I’m giving you the lead
So go on, go on and take it

Vacation: Epilogue

Normally he would have found something like this incredibly boring, but somehow Tony made it fun, and the time was flying by.

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Riots in Russia: Epilogue

“They should just know.”  Tony ran a hand through his hair, tousling it.  “It should just be an innate knowledge.”

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**’Vacation’ has been updated as well.  Look further down the page.^^

*NOTE* – I have nothing against religious organizations. I myself am Catholic.  No offense is intended towards the mentioned religious organization.


Vacation: Chapter 2

Tony was in Clint’s lap now, their faces inches apart, and there was a heat in his eyes that was unmistakable. 

There will be an epilogue after this, but just a short one.  And this story features both Clint’s and Tony’s POV, starting with Clint’s, then Tony’s, then ending with Clint’s.  Enjoy!^^

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More fabulous J2 art!  I posted this before, but now it’s colored!  Look how pretty!


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Shaking and Science: Chapter 2

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 He seemed to realize suddenly that he was oversharing, for he flushed bright red.  

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New Beginnings: Chapter 6

He could feel his face flush; this was verging on far too touchy-feely for him, but he needed to say it.

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