New Beginnings: Chapter 9 (Final Chapter)

This is it, folks! The final chapter! I hope this satisfies, my darlings! There will still be more of other pieces to come, but this is the end of their relationship developing into love.
As always, all my love for you.
❤ Chris, the Nuwanda

Link to chapter 8 here!

It took weeks for those roses to die. Clint didn’t know this simply because of all the time he spent at Tony’s house. No, he knew this because every single day he arrived at work, there was a fresh bouquet waiting at his desk. At the start of their relationship, this would have embarrassed him. Now it just filled him with happy butterflies and he would duck his head to conceal the huge grin threatening to overwhelm his face, the happy blush spreading. No one but Tony had ever managed to make him blush. He paid the man back in spades by coming home that evening and soundly fucking him into the mattress. Not that it was really a punishment….

He had spent the previous night at Tony’s last night. Not that this was anything new. Honestly, Clint spent more time at Tony’s than at his own place. Having his own apartment was getting to be a huge waste of money….especially when Tony’s place felt more like home than his own ever had.

That thought hit him hard. Tony’s house felt like home. And really, when he thought about it, it wasn’t just Tony’s house. Tony brought home with him wherever he went. They could be on a mission together, somewhere in the most disgusting place imaginable, and Clint would be as happy and comfortable as could be imagined, all because Tony was at his side. It was baffling.

He looked at the man in question. Despite the early hour of the morning, they were down on one of Tony’s labs. The genius had cooked breakfast for the two of them (it had looked horrible but tasted wonderful, as usual….one of Tony’s stranger skills) and then they had headed downstairs. For some reason that Clint didn’t understand, he never tired of watching Tony work. It should have been incredibly boring to sit there and watch someone work on something he could never, would never, understand, but watching Tony work was fascinating, and even (he had no problem admitting it), downright sexy. Especially when he was working on one of his Iron Man suits. God, that was hot.

Right now Clint hadn’t a clue what Tony was doing. He was surrounded by piles of tools and wires. Every now and then one of the robots would approach him and Tony would admonish it with some insult or other, usually threatening it with bodily harm. Clint always had to bit his lip to hold back laughter at that. He loved the way Tony spoke to the robots as though they were human, his babies.

There was a loud ‘thunk’ as one of the bots, while handing a toolbox to Tony, dropped it, spilling the contents all over the floor.

“I swear to God, Dum-E, keep it up and I’m going to let Clint use you for target practice.”

That time, Clint was unable to stifle his laughter. Tony looked up at him with mirth in those big brown eyes, and the younger man couldn’t help his own smile. He looked at Tony, sitting there on the floor surrounded by a huge mess of tech, his tanktop and arms covered in grease stains, a smudge of it on his cheek, and was overcome with emotion. He loved the way this man was always so happy, in spite of all he had gone through in his life. Loved how caring he was, regardless of his façade of conceit. Loved that he let Clint see behind that conceit even though he so often kept the façade up still in front of those he had known for far longer, like Pepper and Rhodey. Loved….

It hit him with all the force of a brick wall, a punch to the gut. Loved. He loved Tony. Blue eyes went huge and round at the sudden realization.

Tony saw the look and cocked his head to the side. “What. What’s that face for.” There was a hint of wariness, of worry to his voice.

Clint swallowed, trying to sort through the abrupt onslaught of feelings he had been bombarded with. He knew he had to get himself under control before he completely panicked Tony. Still, coming face to face with the knowledge so suddenly had caught him by surprise; it was taking him a minute to adjust. “You….”

He looked at Tony sitting there, so beautiful, and found that maybe words weren’t so difficult after all. He gave a little laugh. “This wasn’t quite how I intended to do this.” Not like this, in the lab, him in his nothing but a t-shirt and some pajama pants, Tony covered in grease….though again, he looked damn good that way. But oh well. If this is how it happened, this is how it happened. “I love you.”

There was no response. Not a word. Tony simply stared, silent. Clint tried again. “I love you, Tony.”

Tony’s mouth opened, but nothing came out. He fish-mouthed for a moment, and finally succeeded. “You….really?

It wasn’t often that something rendered Tony Stark speechless. Honestly it wasn’t that surprising, considering how long he had been waiting to hear those few words. Clint couldn’t help but laugh. “What do you know. I finally found something that shut you up.”

Immediately those beautiful brown eyes narrowed. “I hate you.”

“Well that would be awfully unfortunate, considering I just realized I’m in love with you.”

The irritation ebbed, replaced by a look of wonder. “You love me. You really do love me.”

Clint shook his head. “I’m in love with you.”

This time, there were no more words. Instead, Clint found himself with a lap full of Tony Stark as the man pounced on him. Clint laughed as he toppled backwards off his stool, taking Tony down with him. The older man kissed Clint fiercely, desperately, and Clint gave as good as he got. “I love you.” Tony whispered the words breathlessly against Clint’s lips. “I love you so much.”

Clint ran his fingers through Tony’s messy brown hair, trailed them down his cheek, thumb brushing away a grease mark that marred one jutting cheekbone. “I love you, too.” The joy in Tony’s eyes filled Clint with warmth, with a happiness he had never known. “Thank you…for being patient with me. For waiting.” But Tony was shaking his head.

“I’ll always wait for you. Always.”

Clint knew Tony meant the words. Throughout their time together, Tony had shown him in every way possible that he would never lie, that he would always be there. “I know.” A memory hit him and he smiled. “Hey….you said before I could have you as long as I wanted, right?”

A nod. “I did.”

“Well I’ve decided I’m keeping you forever.”

Tony smiled. “Is that so?”

Clint wrapped his arms tighter around Tony’s waist, holding him even closer. “That’s so. You see, it may take me a while to make up my mind, but when I decide I want something, I don’t give up. I’m in it for the long haul.” He smiled as he brushed back that tousled brown hair, gently tugging a lock. “So I’m afraid you’re stuck with me now, Stark. I’m not giving you up.”

Tony felt warm happiness filling every inch of him. He leaned in for a kiss, lips brushing as he murmured “wouldn’t have it any other way.”

And as they lay in bed that night wrapped in each other’s arms, Tony’s naked body a comfortable weight against his own, Clint knew for the first time in his life what true happiness was. With Tony, he had everything. With Tony, he was home.


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  1. Tabby

     /  May 11, 2017

    I loved it as I always do! ❤

  2. Backlash

     /  May 22, 2017

    Ah, my heart. It’s so sweet. So adorable. X3


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