Tabloids: Chapter 2

Clint’s blue eyes roved Tony’s face, drinking him in. He still couldn’t believe that he had this. He had never imagined having anything like this. Had never imagined wanting it. But Tony had been a persistent bastard and wiggled his way under Clint’s skin and into his heart, and there was no way Clint could imagine life without him. And now, after this press conference? Now everyone would know they belonged to each other.

Link to chapter 1 can be found here: Tabloids: Chapter 1

Clint locked the front door behind him and immediately headed down the hallway. It was strange to come home to Tony in the study. Usually the man was in the living room or hard at work in one of the labs. Much more often it was the labs. Even when Clint was home, he had difficulty prying Tony away from his work. The man had a drive that Clint didn’t think he had ever seen before. He could work over 24 hours, and would, if he wasn’t stopped, without even pausing for food. It was a problem. But Clint liked to think he was plenty distracting when he wanted to be. Really, he was probably the only one other than Pepper who had ever successfully pulled Tony away from his work.

Speak of the devil…

Tony was seated at his desk, eyes scanning whatever document he had up on the computer screen, but at the sound of Clint’s footfall he turned, a smile lighting up his gorgeous face. “Hey, babe.”

Clint didn’t answer verbally. Instead he stepped forward and knelt so he was level with Tony, meeting him in a soft kiss. The older man hummed happily, sliding his arms around Clint’s neck. The sound quickly turned to one of surprise as the archer slipped strong arms around Tony and scooped him up. But Tony wasn’t one to remain surprised long. He wrapped his legs around Clint’s waist and held on tight as the man carried him from the room. “This is a nice homecoming.” He whispered the words with a smile.

Clint pressed another kiss to Tony’s lips. “Good.” He carried the man into the bedroom and gently set him down on the bed. The mattress was soft against his knees as he crawled up beside the man, trailing a hand lightly along Tony’s side, over his toned belly.

Tony shivered at the touch. “Clint.”

The blonde smiled. “I love you.” He traced a single fingertip around the rim of the arc reactor, loving the sharp intake of breath that the action elicited. Clint would never get over Tony’s reaction to being touched there. The first time Clint had seen the reactor up close on the night of the Abbington Gala, the first night they had hooked up, Tony had been terrified, absolutely terrified, of what Clint would think of it. When he saw that Clint not just accepted it but actually loved the way it looked….it had made him happy beyond measure. His face had been beautiful to behold. And somehow that look had never gone away. Every single time Clint looked at the reactor, or touched it, Tony’s face still glowed with that look of absolute joy. Clint would never tire of seeing it.

It was there right now, that beautiful smile stretched ear to ear, lighting up Tony’s face. “I love you too.”

Clint’s blue eyes roved Tony’s face, drinking him in. He still couldn’t believe that he had this. He had never imagined having anything like this. Had never imagined wanting it. But Tony had been a persistent bastard and wiggled his way under Clint’s skin and into his heart, and there was no way Clint could imagine life without him. And now, after this press conference? Now everyone would know they belonged to each other.

“What.” Tony was smiling. “Why’re you looking at me like that?”

Clint softly stroked Tony’s cheek. “Make love to me?”

Those brown eyes widened in surprise. “You….really?” It was rare that they swapped positions like this. They had come to a mutual decision that both preferred it with Clint on top, Tony on bottom. They did switch it up now and then, but for the most part, they were content with things the way they were. So this came as quite a surprise.

Clint nodded. “Gonna let everyone know I belong to you, right?” His smile took on a bit of a wicked edge. “How ‘bout you show me first?”

Tony stared dumbly for a moment longer. Then he was surging forward, lips claiming Clint’s in a forceful kiss, simultaneously rolling them over so he was on top, pinning Clint to the mattress. The archer laughed breathlessly. “Guess you like that plan, huh.”

“Mine,” Tony answered happily. “You’re mine.”

“Mmm.” Clint hummed, hands running through that messy brown hair. “I am. And after this press conference, the whole world is gonna know.”

There was some sort of strangled sound and then Tony was kissing him again, rolling their hips together. Clint gasped at the sensation of that hard cock against his own and he automatically bucked up. “Tony!”

There was no response….at least not a verbal one. Without breaking the kiss, Tony’s fingers made quick work of the buttons and zipper on Clint’s slacks and yanked them down past his thighs. Before Clint was aware what was happening, Tony had pulled away and then that talented mouth was on his cock, taking him in deep.

“Ah! Fuck!” He clutched at Tony’s hair, unable to help himself. Tony was far too good at this. At this rate, he was never going to last. He reached blindly for the nightstand, hand fumbling with the drawer. He finally managed to get his fingers around the small bottle he was searching for. “Tony….Tony.” But the man showed no signs of stopping, that glorious mouth still teasing Clint’s shaft. “Tony!” Clint yanked hard on his hair and with a whine of disappointment, the brunette stopped, looking up.


Clint took one look at Tony and let out a noise he wasn’t even aware he was capable of making, a pathetic sort of whimper. Tony’s hair was a mess, cheeks flushed, lips swollen from sucking Clint off. He looked fucking gorgeous.

Clint needed him.

Grabbing Tony’s shirtfront, Clint hauled Tony up to meet him in a brutal kiss. “Fuck me,” he breathed.

Those brown eyes widened. But Clint had uncapped the bottle and was pouring out some of that slick, coating Tony’s fingers. “Fuck me,” he repeated.

It wasn’t strange any longer, the sensation of being stretched open. Tony might not fuck him often but he fingered him plenty. Clint had grown to love it. After a mere second’s adjustment to the sensation, he relaxed into the mattress with a sigh. “S’good.”

And it was. Tony was nothing if not methodical, always so worried going too fast and not preparing Clint enough. There was only the slightest burn accompanying the stretch, and it was the good sort of burn. It wasn’t long before Clint was rocking back on Tony’s fingers, seeking more. “Tonyyy,” he whined. “Come on. I need you.”

Amazingly enough, for once, Tony didn’t argue. Clint whimpered as he felt those fingers withdraw but then Tony was crawling up to meet him for a kiss, kicking his pants off as he went, settling between Clint’s legs. Clint’s breath caught as Tony pressed into him, immediately shifting and wrapping his legs about the man’s waist. “Fuck,” he managed.

Tony stroked Clint’s hair. “You okay?” There was a hint of anxiousness in his voice, as always, worried about Clint’s comfort above all else.

Clint nodded. “Good. S’good.” He tugged at Tony’s shirt and the man obliged, pausing long enough to shrug out of it. “Now keep going.” He rocked back his hips back, encouraging Tony to move again. “Don’t stop.”

Tony gave a little roll of his hips and this time, Clint’s reaction was very clearly positive. After that, there was no holding back. His hand slipped beneath Clint’s hip, hitching his leg higher up. Clint obliged, letting Tony shift him. He wasn’t nearly as flexible as the older man, but could still move damn well, and if anyone knew how to find the best positions, it was Tony. He would let Tony bend him as far as possible, in any way he liked.

Sure enough, he was rewarded when the next thrust hit that sweet spot and he gasped, fingers digging into Tony’s shoulders. The reaction got one of those shit-eating grins out of Tony.

“Right there, huh?”

If Clint hadn’t felt so damn good, he would’ve hit Tony, or at least glared. As it was, he just felt too fucking amazing, pleasure coursing through every inch of his body. “YEAH, fucking there!”

Tony simply laughed and kissed him, rocking forwards again and bringing forth another starburst of pleasure. Clint whimpered. “Tony…”

“Let go, baby.” And then Tony wrapped his hand around Clint’s cock, giving it a teasingly light stroke. That was it. Clint came hard, crying out Tony’s name. He was vaguely aware of Tony murmuring endearments to him, soft words of love, and then Tony was following him to completion.

Still struggling to catch his breath, Clint pulled Tony into his arms, running his fingers through that soft brown hair. He could feel Tony huff a laugh. “What?”

“Nothing.” Tony propped himself up on one elbow so he could smile down at his boyfriend. “I just love you.”

Clint smiled. “I love you, too.”

Tony stroked Clint’s cheek. “You…’re perfect, you know that?”

Clint blushed. In his entire life, only Tony had ever been able to make him do that. “I am not.”

“Are too. And you’re mine. And now I get to tell everyone.” Tony cocked his head, regarding Clint very seriously. “You’re sure you’re okay with that?”

“Tony…” Clint sighed, shaking his head. “I told you, I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Yes, I’m okay with it. More than okay. I want everyone to know.”

Tony looked happier than Clint could remember seeing him. Well…since the first time Clint had said ‘I love you’, that is. “You’re amazing.”

“And you’re a dork.”

“Guilty.” He stole another kiss. “You tired?”

Now that Clint really thought about it, he was pretty tired. It had been a long day at work and they’d just had some rather enthusiastic sex. “Yeah, kinda.”

“Well, get some sleep. You’re home for a few days. Plenty of time to spend together.”

Normally Clint would have argued, but Tony did have a valid point. He settled for a nod and, snuggling closer, allowed his eyes to slip shut. Safe in the warmth of Tony’s arms, it wasn’t long before he fell fast asleep.


When Clint awoke, he knew immediately that several hours must have passed, for it was now completely dark outside. There was a soft glow in the room, coming from the tablet in Tony’s lap. Clearly he was trying to avoid waking Clint, for the light was dim.

Clint blinked as he looked up at his boyfriend. Glasses. Tony was wearing his glasses. God, Clint loved that. He looked so damn good in those. He needed them more and more as he got older, a fact he knew Tony wasn’t happy about. Not that it would be a problem. If it got too bad, started interfering in his work, Tony would get them fixed. Clint hoped it wouldn’t come to that. He loved the way Tony looked in those glasses. He’d never had a thing for glasses before but fuck all if Tony didn’t make them sexy as hell. Tony did that. He managed to push all of Clint’s buttons.

Tony noticed that Clint was awake and turned to him with a smile. “Hey, babe.” He turned on the overhead light, illuminating the room. Next he moved to remove the glasses but Clint reached out and stopped him. Tony looked questioningly at him.

“I love these.”

The older man chuckled. “I know. I’m glad, cuz they drive me crazy.”

“Hey, no.” Clint frowned. He kicked back the covers and climbed into Tony’s lap. “You’ve never had a problem with them before.”

“If I start losing my sight and can’t see you then yea, I’ve got a problem with them.”

Clint’s heart did that sappy little flutter that Tony was so good at eliciting. “You put me before work.”

Tony’s brow furrowed in confusion. “What?”

“You didn’t say ‘I won’t be able to see my work’, you said that you wouldn’t be able to see ME.” Clint was grinning now.

“Are you kidding me?” Tony was staring. “Of COURSE seeing you is more important, you idiot!”

Clint merely laughed and kissed Tony. “You’re perfect.”

“And yours. All yours. Dorky glasses and all.”

“Sexy glasses,” Clint corrected. Tony rolled his eyes.

“Sexy glasses,” he amended. If possible, Clint’s grin grew. Tony gave him a shove. “Oh, shut up.”

The push nearly knocked Clint backwards out of Tony’s lap and he laughed, immediately leaning in to kiss Tony again before rolling off him to sit by his side. “So what’re you working on?”

“Getting everything ready for the press conference.”

Clint’s brows shot up. “Yeah? That was quick.”

Tony nodded. “The sooner, the better. Was just waiting until you woke up to give Pep a call to set it up.”

“Oh, cool.”

“Jarvis? Call Pep.”

Clint was silent as he waited for the call to go through, but a thought was niggling at his brain. “…..Pep?”

Tony looked at him, head cocked. “….yea. What about it?”

Clint opened his mouth to answer but before he could say a word, Pepper’s face flickered to life before them. “Yes, what is it—oh, God, Tony!”

Immediately Clint tugged the covers up over his lap. Tony simply rolled his eyes. “Oh, give it up, Pep, it’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before.”

“Yeah, well she doesn’t get to NOW.” Clint yanked the blankets up over Tony’s naked flesh. He could hear Tony’s muffled laughter and felt those graceful fingers running through his hair.

“So what is it now, Tony? What’s so important that you had to give me a call me during my dinner, naked in bed? One of the perks of us no longer dating is that I no longer get these naked late night phone calls.”

“Oh, you loved my naked phone calls, stop kidding yourself.”

Pepper heaved a sigh. “Tony…” She was getting that tone to her voice that he knew all too well.

“Fine, fine, I’ll stop.” He looked at Clint with a grin. For some reason, the archer did not look pleased, Tony had no clue why. They could deal with that later. Best to finish up here. “I want you to schedule a press conference.”

That got her attention. “Press conference? What for?”

There was a long silence. “……I’d rather not say.”

Pepper was quiet, simply staring at Tony. “And why would you rather not say? Tony… aren’t going to pull something like when you got back from Afghanistan, are you?”

“No! No, not at all,” he promised.

She looked slightly reassured at that. “Okay. When would you want to do this?”

“As soon as possible.”

The immediacy of the response didn’t seem to startle her. Then again, after so many years of working for and with Tony Stark, it was unlikely much startled her anymore. “Would tomorrow be okay?”

“That would be great.”

Pepper nodded. “Okay.” She hesitated. “….and I’m not going to have to deal with the same kind of fallout like after Afghanistan? You promise?”

Tony smiled. “There’ll be a big reaction but not of the same kind. I promise.” She looked fairly satisfied with the response. “Send me a text with the time and place.”

“Will do.”

“Thanks. You’re the best, Pep.”

With that, the image cut out. Tony turned to Clint with a smile. “All set.” Immediately he frowned at the expression on Clint’s face. “What. What is it?”

Clint leaned in for a firm, possessive kiss. “Mine. You’re mine.”

Tony was surprised. “Of course I’m yours. Why would you bring that up now?”

“Don’t like you calling her ‘Pep’…talking ‘bout sleeping with her.”

“I never talked about sleeping with her!” Tony protested.

“You talked about her seeing you naked. Same thing.”

“It is not.”

“Is too,” Clint said crossly. Tony struggled not to laugh. “What.”

“You. You’re cute.” Tony kissed him. “Me and Pepper have been over and done with for years and we’re never gonna be anything to each other again other than friends. There’s no need to be so possessive.” He smiled. “But I’m glad you are.”

Clint’s eyes narrowed. “Jerk.”

Tony laughed. “Yup.” He nuzzled along Clint’s throat, pressing kisses as he went. “How about we order some dinner?”

It was only then that Clint realized how ridiculously hungry he was. “Oh, God yes.”


“Pizza? Why pizza?”

Pulling away, Tony met Clint’s gaze and smiled. “Cuz it’s the first meal we ate together. Unless you count shwarma. So really it’s the first meal we had alone together. Our first date meal. The night of the Abbington Gala, you brought over a pizza with twelve different toppings, one type per slice.”

Clint smiled at the memory. “Yeah. And you put pickles on it.” He made a face. “I still can’t believe you did that.”

“Do,” Tony corrected. “I still do.”

“Yeah, and it’s disgusting.”

“It is not! You only tried them on that one kind and yea, it was gross, but it’s really good on some of them!”

The blonde was shaking his head, amused. “You’re crazy.”

“Yup. Now….how about some pineapple chili pepper pizza?”

Clint smiled. “Sounds perfect.”


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  1. Yay you’re back. You have no idea how much I’ve missed your amazing Ironhawk stories!!!

    • Thank you, lovely! I’m sorry to have been gone so long! I tend to fandom hop and I fell way down the rabbit hole into the Supernatural fandom. And it’s been crazy hard staying in this fandom without my Clint at my side. But I’m going to try my best to find a balance between the two and keep plugging away.

      Thank you so much for reviewing! Reviews really help keep me going!


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