Genius Status….Revoked?: Chapter 2

Clint knew he was pushing, but he couldn’t help it.  He wanted to know what had happened to the Tony he had seen on that phone, so riled and determined to defend his intelligence.  

Sorry it took so long, guys.  My pr0nograph doesn’t always work on demand.  Hopefully the smut is worth the wait.^^

This is for Maria, for giving me all those drawings to inspire me.  ❤

Link to chapter 1 is here:


Clint pushed open the front door, slightly hesitant  After all, the last time he and Tony had spoken, it had all seemed quite uncertain as to what the older man had planned.  “…..Tony?”

But there he was, waiting, just as he’d said he would be.  He was leaning against the counter, thumbs hooked in the back pockets of his slacks.  His black button down was open, sleeves rolled to the elbow.  He had a white wife-beater underneath, one of those undershirts that he worked in sometimes…generally when Clint was around, just to tease him with the way it clung so nicely to his toned chest and flat belly.

Clint realized he was staring and tore his eyes away, looking up at Tony.  His brown hair was a mess, as always, and today there was no sign of tiredness on his face.  Clint would wager Tony had actually been sleeping while he was gone, and he felt a flicker of happiness at that.  But those eyes….there was a heat to them that wasn’t entirely sexual.  No, Tony’s brown eyes burned deep, boring into Clint, but it was with more than just lust.  It was with something he couldn’t quite read, and he began to feel that same unease he had felt on the phone.


Tony moved towards him with that look in his eyes, and Clint felt vaguely as if he should run, but he staunchly refused.  Clint Barton didn’t run.

“Uh….Tony….what’re you…”

He nearly fell over in shock when Tony simply leaned in and kissed him softly.  He had definitely NOT been expecting THAT, not after all of the irritation and hinted threats on the phone.  He could feel Tony’s hands, those graceful hands, dancing over his chest.  Despite all of his confusion, he couldn’t resist Tony, and with a groan he melted into the kiss, hands fisting in Tony’s button-down, pulling him closer.

Tony pulled away to murmur “come to bed.”  The words were soft, with a sensual promise to them that sent a shiver down Clint’s spine.

“Yeah?” he asked, smiling as he allowed himself to be led down the hall.  “Whatever happened to defending your genius status?  Give up?  Or did you decide it was pointless…cuz you knew you’d lose?”

Clint knew he was pushing, but he couldn’t help it.  He wanted to know what had happened to the Tony he had seen on that phone, so riled and determined to defend his intelligence.  For a moment, he could have sworn he saw a flicker of irritation cross Tony’s face, a crack in that smooth façade of sensual happiness, but it was gone as quickly as it came, so he couldn’t be certain it had ever been there at all.

“Shut up, brat,” but Tony’s voice was playful.  “And kiss me.”  And holy shit, that was Tony’s hand palming the front of his slacks, and any thoughts Clint might have had of pushing the issue flew right out the window.

Soon Clint found himself being divested of his shirt and then shoved onto the bed, Tony crawling into his lap, rolling their hips together and God, his hands were everywhere….running over Clint’s stomach, up his chest, tracing Clint’s arms up and pinning them over his head…..

There was a strange feeling and a ‘click’ing sound, and Clint realized with a start that something was amiss.  He tried to sit up and found himself caught.  Struggling, he managed to get a look over his shoulder.  Tony had cuffed him to the bedframe.

Clint turned to Tony with the most disbelieving look possible.  “Seriously, Tony?  Handcuffs?  Who do you think you’re dating?  You think you can secure me with some….”  But he was moving, doing all his usual tricks, and still the cuffs weren’t coming off.  That….no.  Maybe this……no.  Not even THAT one?  That one ALWAYS works!  He looked from the cuffs back to Tony, who was smiling oh-so smugly, the bastard.

“Told you I’ve been working on some non-standard handcuffs.”

Oh God.  He had.  Clint had forgotten all about that.  Shit.  I am SO fucked.

Smiling, Tony leaned in, faces less than an inch apart as he murmured “impressed?”

Clint gave the cuffs one final tug.  “…..yes, actually.”

“I thought you might be.”  He gave his hips a little roll, their groins rubbing together again, and Clint moaned.  “Oh, you like that?”  There was a tone of smug satisfaction in his voice.  Clint glared up at him.

“You know I do.”

“Hnn.”  Tony chuckled, the noise rolling deep in his throat almost like a purr, and Clint felt a shiver run down his spine.  That sound was so sexy.  He rocked his hips up, searching for more friction, and Tony didn’t disappoint, moving down against him once more.  “You want more, huh.”  Another roll of the hips.  “I think I can manage that.”

Clint bit his lip to hold back a moan as Tony set up a steady rhythm, rolling their hips together.  He was vaguely aware of Tony’s hand flicking open the catches on his slacks and tugging them down ever so slightly so that just their briefs stood between them, no pesky confining pants.  The friction was so teasing, not enough and yet almost too much.  Clint tugged at the cuffs, wanting to touch Tony, feel the man’s bare skin beneath his hands, stroke his hair.  Tony was bringing him close to the edge while barely doing a thing at all; that teasing friction was just too good.  “Tony,” he managed.

And then suddenly, it all stopped.  Tony was still in his lap, but unmoving.  Clint let out an involuntary whine.  “Tonyyy.”

Tony leaned in, giving him a soft, brief kiss.  “Sorry, baby.”  But it was clear from his tone of voice that he wasn’t sorry at all.

Clint was confused.  “I…..what?  Why?”

Tony shook his head.  “No quick satisfaction for you today.”  He slid out of Clint’s lap and off the bed, doing up his own pants.  Clint realized with a sinking feeling that this was it, Tony was just going to leave him there, needy and wanting and incomplete.

“Tony….you can’t be serious.”

“Dead serious, babe.”  Tony flicked a bit of imaginary dust off his shirt.  “You questioned my genius status.  Time for you to pay the price.”

“But…..but I just… can’t…..”

“Oh I can and I will.”  Tony moved to the doorway.  “I’ll see you in a little bit.”  He paused, turning to Clint with an evil little smile on his face.  “….don’t go anywhere.”

“Oh, you fucking suck.”

But Tony was gone, his laughter echoing down the hallway.




Clint strained against his bonds.  Whatever Tony had done, however he had made them, he had done a damn good job.  Clint had never yet come up against a restraint he couldn’t get out of, but he couldn’t find a way out of this one.  As frustrating as it was, he supposed it had its perks.  The two of them had something new to use in the bedroom.  Still, at the moment it was driving him absolutely insane.

He didn’t know how long he was in there.  It seemed an eternity, the house silent, his entire body aching for Tony’s touch.

At long last the door opened, Tony entering.  He was smiling.  “How we holding up?”

Clint gave him a Look.  “How do you think, asshole.”

Tony laughed.  “Hey, you brought this on yourself.”  Setting a cup down on the bedside table, he slid the black button down off his shoulders, tossing it carelessly over a chair back.  The action had revealed those strong arms that Clint loved so much, and he felt his cock twitch with renewed interest.

Shirt discarded, Tony climbed up onto the bed.  Clint’s hips instinctively arched upwards, wanting that contact, but it didn’t come.  Tony didn’t crawl into his lap this time.  He did, however, laugh at the action.  “You want me in your lap, baby?”

“Yes.” The answer came before Clint could do a thing to stop it.

Tony just smiled.  “Maybe later.  If you behave yourself.”  Instead, Tony seated himself lower, straddling Clint’s strong thighs.  He placed his palms on Clint’s chest and Clint could feel that unnatural heat radiating through his flesh, warming him.  “Gotta be a good little boy for me.”

With Tony sitting like that, straddling but not quite sitting on his legs, Clint was effectively pinned to the bed, and rolling his hips up brought him no contact whatsoever.  He growled in frustration.  Tony just chuckled.

“Not happening, babe.”

“I hate you so much.”

“You do not.”

“Right now I do.”

“Mm…”  Tony leaned in, their noses almost touching, that teasing smile on his face that Clint loved and hated so much.  He wanted to kiss it off.  “Your own fault, baby.”  He gave Clint a kiss, the briefest brushing of lips, and his hands ran over Clint’s chest.  God.  Tony’s flesh was always so Goddamn warm.  Then his thumbs traced over Clint’s nipples and the blonde cried out, hips bucking again.


Tony chuckled, the noise rolling low in his chest and fuck was it sexy.  “Good?”

“I hate you.”

“You know, you keep saying that….”  Tony repeated the action, thumbing Clint’s nipples once again and eliciting another little cry.  “Somehow I don’t believe it.”

“Tonyyy….” Clint couldn’t help the whine that escaped.

“Yea, baby?”

“Stop it.”

Tony arched a brow.  “Well.  You didn’t ask very nicely.”  Clint frowned, opening his mouth to reply, but Tony wasn’t finished.  “And you keep saying you hate me.  AND you still need to be punished.  So no, I don’t think I WILL stop.”

Clint let out another whine of frustration.  Tony only smiled in response, and one hand slipped lower, teasing over Clint’s groin, the aching hardness there.  Clint groaned.  His erection had begun to flag during Tony’s long absence from the room, but it took nothing more than that gentle touch for him to fully harden again.  “Goddammit, Tony.”

“Yes?” Tony asked mildly, continuing his ministrations, one hand stroking Clint’s clothed cock, the other teasing a nipple.

Clint bit back another frustrated groan.  He knew what Tony wanted: to hear Clint admit he was a genius.  But though he definitely thought that, knew it, Clint wasn’t going to give in so easily.  It was a matter of principle.

Tony smiled at him.  “Nothing to say, hmm?”  He removed his hands and Clint couldn’t help a tiny noise of disappointment at the loss.  “Guess I’ll give you some more time to think on it.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”  Clint felt a stirring of alarm at the prospect of another hour alone with his raging hormones.

“Oh, wouldn’t I?”  Tony crawled off of Clint and slid off the bed.  “Oh, and there’s this.”  He picked up the cup.  “Almost forgot that I have a present for you.”  He reached into the cup and fished out an ice cube.  Clint’s eyes widened.  Whatever Tony was planning to do with that, it couldn’t be good.  “Here.”  Tony placed the cube, already beginning to melt, in the center of Clint’s chest.  For a moment it didn’t seem too bad but then Clint felt the water beginning to drip, streams of ice cold water running down his chest and over his nipples, the nubs hardening to the point of near pain.


“Uncomfortable?”  There was an air of exaggerated concern in Tony’s voice.  “Here.”  He leaned in, taking his own pillow and gently pushing it beneath Clint so the man was propped up.  Now the ice was dripping down his chest as well as off to the sides, the water teasing over both nipples and down his belly to pool in his navel.  “Is that better?”

Clint glared up at him.  “You’re an evil bastard.”

Tony grinned.  “Oh yea.”  He leaned in and kissed Clint on the forehead.  “See you in a while, baby.”  He headed to the door, pausing to look back at Clint.  “Think about what you’ve done.”  And with that he was gone, shutting the door behind him.

Clint wriggled in discomfort.  He had endured far more uncomfortable things than this, to be sure, but it still wasn’t a pleasant sensation, having ice melt down his chest and stomach.  Not to mention the aching in his groin.  He wondered how long he’d have to wait until Tony let him come.  The thought made him whimper in frustration.

As if he had heard the noise, Tony entered the room.  Clint was surprised.  It hadn’t been long at all, maybe a half an hour.

It was as if Tony had read his mind.  He smiled.  “Didn’t want to leave you too long with ice on your bare skin.”  He seated himself on the edge of the bed.  “Especially when you’re used to my touch.”

“You ARE exceptionally warm.”

“I think you mean ‘hot’.”

Despite the predicament he was in, Clint couldn’t help but laugh, shaking his head.  “Ass.”

“You love it.”  Tony carefully picked up the ice cube and returned it to its cup.  “Hmm.”  His eyes roved over Clint’s mostly naked form.


But Tony didn’t answer.  At least not verbally.  Instead he climbed further onto the bed, crawling into Clint’s lap and teasing his thumbs over Clint’s nipples.  They were already so hard and cold that the touch would have been a shock no matter what, but Tony’s hands were so warm that it was doubly so.  Clint cried out in pleasured pain.  Tony smiled.  “Sensitive, huh.”

“Hah….f…fuck you.”

“No, I don’t think so,” Tony responded mildly, repeating the action.  This time Clint couldn’t find any words, simply moaning, hips rolling up against Tony’s.  Then Tony’s touch withdrew and Clint whimpered in disappointment.  But he didn’t have long to be upset.  Tony trailed a single fingertip through the trail of water running from Clint’s chest to his navel.  “This is a good look for you.”

Somehow Clint mustered up a response.  “Yeah?”

Tony nodded.  “Yea.  Then again, I always like you wet.  But this is particularly nice.”

And he leaned in, tongue slowly tracing the path of water from navel to chest.  Clint moaned at the feeling, the sound turning into a gasp as Tony moved on, tongue swirling around his left nipple, then the right.  Clint writhed on the bed as Tony worked his way back down, tongue dipping into his belly button, lapping up the bit of water that had gathered there.

“Fuck…..fuck, Tony!”

Tony sat up, smiling eyes meeting his.  “Yea, baby?”

Clint was having extreme difficulty finding words that weren’t expletives or Tony’s name.  He stared at Tony, fumbling for something to say and failing.  Tony seemed to understand and he chuckled.

“Speechless, huh.  Damn, I’m good.”

At that, Clint glowered.  “Asshole.”

“Ah, THERE’S an answer.  Not a terribly original one, but still an answer.”

“I’m fucking horny, here!  How do you EXPECT me to answer?”  Clint shifted beneath Tony, trying to rub their hips together with greater force, but he wasn’t having much luck.  “Dammit, Tony, touch me!”

Tony was still smiling that same insufferably gorgeous smile, and for a minute Clint thought he was shit out of luck, but then Tony slid out of his lap, hands going to Clint’s boxer briefs and all he could think was ‘Oh thank God’ as the man carefully slid them down and dropped them to the floor.  He wriggled his hips, indicating (not that there was any way Tony could have missed it by now) what it was that he wanted.  Tony reached out, those graceful fingers brushing Clint’s dick and his breath caught, he thought finally, FINALLY….

….and then something was sliding over his skin, something tight settling around the base of his dick.  He looked up, searching for whatever it was Tony had done.

A cock ring.  Tony had put a Goddamn cock ring on him.  He looked up at Tony, disbelief in his eyes.  “……you didn’t.”

Tony looked so very pleased with himself.  “Oh, I did.”


“So I can prolong your torture.”  Tony said this as though it should be completely obvious.  Clint let his head fall back against the pillow with a groan.

“I SERIOUSLY hate you.”

“Do not.”  Tony slid off the bed, hands undoing his pants and pushing them off his slim hips to pool on the floor.  He stepped out of them, kicking them aside.  His briefs quickly followed.  Clint noted with pained arousal that Tony was hard as well.  It only got worse as Tony returned to his place in Clint’s lap and now Clint could feel that hardness pressed against his own.  He tried to bite back a whimper, with little success.

“Now, then,” Tony settled into place with a little wriggle of his hips, eliciting another tiny noise from Clint, “what would you like to do first?”

“Come.”  The response was immediate.  So immediate that Tony let out a burst of laughter.

“Sorry, babe, not an option.  No, I was wondering where else you’d like my hands and mouth.”

Clint glowered.  “There is no good way to answer that question.”

“Oh?”  Tony feigned surprised.

“Fuck you, you know there isn’t.”

“Hmm.”  Tony gave the matter great thought….or pretended to, anyway.  “Well then, I guess there’s only one thing to do.”  Clint didn’t deign to ask.  Tony was drawing things out for the joy of torturing him…..asking would only give Tony what he wanted.

Turned out he didn’t need to ask.  Tony slowly trailed his hand down his own chest.  Clint’s eyes widened, watching the path those graceful fingers took over Tony’s toned chest and belly, over the trail of downy brown hairs leading all the way to his….

Clint bit his lip but he couldn’t prevent the whimper that escaped as Tony took himself in hand, giving his cock a slow, sure stroke.  Clint’s gaze may have been locked on Tony’s hand but Tony’s eyes never left Clint’s face and he smiled.  “I suppose the only solution is to take care of myself.”

“…Tony….” This time Clint couldn’t even care that the name came out as half whine, half whimper.  He was so hard, aching; his skin felt aflame.  He had only been restrained for an hour and a half, but Tony NEVER teased him for this long.  It wasn’t like Clint couldn’t go this long without release, but without even being allowed to TOUCH Tony?  It was killing him.

Tony’s hand kept moving.  He had found a good rhythm now and was really getting into it.  “Like what you see, babe?”  His voice was breathless.  “Look familiar?  It should.  ‘S’is how you touch me.  M’doin’ it just like you do.  Takes a bit to find the right pace, but it’s worth it.”  Tony made a little noise, a shudder racking his body.  “This is how I do it when you’re gone.  Just….close my eyes and….hah…..pretend its you touching me.”

Clint felt heat flooding him, picturing Tony like this when he was away on missions; alone in their room, flushed and moaning like he was right now, and he bit back a moan of his own.  “Tony…”

Tony’s eyes fluttered open and he smiled down at Clint.  “You like that?”  Clint could only manage a nod; his hands flexed in their restraints.  “Good.”  Tony’s hips were rolling now, that beautiful unrestrained thrusting that Clint loved so much.  Watching Tony come undone was always so wonderful a sight.  God, Clint wanted to touch him so bad.  “Pretend you’re here with me,” Tony continued breathlessly.  “Sometimes use my fingers, fuck myself with them.  Sometimes a toy…..your favorite…..oh God, Clint!”  His words were choked, hips bucking as he came, hot seed spattering his hand and Clint’s chest.

Clint was struggling against his bonds so hard now that he was amazed he didn’t break the headboard.  Once Tony began talking about finger-fucking himself, he had completely lost it.  He felt as though his brain had burst, and had the cock ring not been in place, he knew he would have come on the spot.  He became aware that he was speaking, a non-stop stream of words.  “Tony Tony darlin’ so gorgeous, please.”

Tony’s breath was coming heavy as he came down from that post-orgasm high.  His eyes opened, still so full of lust, and he smiled down at Clint.  “What is it, baby.”

Clint whined in frustration.  “Want you.”

Tony leaned forward, giving Clint a gentle kiss.  “Not yet,” he murmured.  “Soon.”

Clint whimpered.  “Please?”

Tony shook his head.  “Not yet.”  And with another more kiss he slid from Clint’s lap, moving to the door.  He gave Clint one last look, one last smile.  “Back in a while, baby.”  And with that, he was gone.




Clint felt like time had stopped, the clock slowing down until each minute was the length of an hour.  His mind was cloudy but for the thought of Tony; he needed Tony, needed him.

He thought he would cry with relief when the door opened at last and Tony entered the room, smiling as he took in the sight of Clint.  “Well don’t you look pretty.”

Clint couldn’t think up a response to that, even though he was positive he looked a damn mess, flushed and sweaty and shaking with need.  No, he could muster up nothing but that one name.  “Tony.”

“Yea, baby?”  Tony returned to the bed, to Clint’s lap, once again.  His hand teased over Clint’s cock and then he was leaning in, mouth opening as he took all of Clint in in one smooth motion, and Clint discovered he could manage more than just Tony’s name.

FUCK!  Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!”  This was too much, just too much sensation on his already aching arousal.  Tony chuckled at the cursing, the laughter vibrating gently around Clint’s shaft and he whimpered, a soft “fuck” escaping.  “Tony….Tony, please.”

Then, Clint felt something nudging at his thigh, spreading his legs wider, and a pressing against his entrance.  He wouldn’t.  Oh fuck, he would.  And sure enough, Tony gently pressed one slick finger into him (where had he even gotten lube from?), careful of the slight burn, and naturally, went straight for his prostate.

Clint jolted as the spike of pleasure shot through him.  “FUCK!”  At this point he honestly didn’t know how much more he could handle.  Tony knew exactly what he was doing, exactly what would drive Clint crazy and exactly how and when to put each trick to use to exploit it best.  It was genius.  The word somehow permeated the fog of lust and need that had taken over Clint’s brain.  Genius…  He knew what Tony wanted.  He knew exactly what Tony wanted.

As if sensing Clint’s thoughts, Tony pulled back, smiling down on him.  “This can end anytime you want it to, baby.”  He teased his fingers over Clint’s sweet spot once again, then gave an especially hard prod.

Clint had already been about to give in (as much as he hated to lose) but even if he hadn’t, that ridiculous jolt of pleasure without the ability to come would have done it.  “FUCK!  You’re a genius!”  The words came out in a rush, garbled.

“Hmm?”  Tony gave Clint’s cock a teasingly light, slow stroke.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.”

Clint whined in frustration.  “You’re a genius, okay?  You’re a genius!”

Tony sat back on his haunches, smiling.  “Hm.”  He wasn’t touching Clint anymore but Clint couldn’t find it in himself to care.  The tone of Tony’s voice, the look in his eye… was as if Clint had just scratched an itch badly in need of scratching, and now Tony was basking in the pleasure of it all.  Even despite his current frustration and need for fulfillment, Clint could appreciate the beauty of that expression.  Because Tony was.  Fucking beautiful.

He shifted closer, crawling on all fours over Clint.  “Well, then, I think you’ve learned your lesson.”  He gave Clint a soft, slow kiss.  “….haven’t you?”

Clint nodded enthusiastically, emphatically.  “Yes.  Yes, I have.  Genius.  You.  You’re a genius.”

Tony couldn’t help a small laugh.  “Well, then.”  He picked up the lube from beside him.  Clint hadn’t noticed him bring it in, but that must’ve been how he had managed to finger Clint without any real burn to it.  Tony poured some in his hand, slicking up his fingers, and smiled at Clint.  “I guess you get to fuck me, then.”

Clint whimpered.  “Oh, God.”  But his torture wasn’t over, for now Tony turned around, still kneeling over Clint, and presented himself to Clint as he reached back and proceeded to finger himself open.  Clint got the whole glorious view.  “Fuck.  Oh holy fucking hell.”

“You like?”  Tony’s voice was breathless at the sensation of his fingers working him open.  His tight little hole greedily devoured each finger and still wanted more.  Clint whimpered, yearning to bury his cock in that tight heat.

“Fuck, darlin’, you look so fucking gorgeous.  Please.  Please, Tony, I need you.  Need you now, oh please.  Please.”

Amazingly, Tony complied, turning around and crawling back into Clint’s lap.  His fingers traced the outline of the cock ring.  “You promise not to come when I take this off?”

Clint nodded rapidly.  “I promise.”

“Gonna be a good boy for me?”

Oh fuck.  Clint bit his lip to hold back an utterly pathetic noise at Tony’s question.  “I promise.”

Smiling, Tony leaned in and gave him a kiss, softly murmuring “good boy.”  That time, Clint couldn’t help the sound that escaped.  Goddammit.  It wasn’t fair that Tony could do that to him.

Then Tony was slowly, gently removing the cock ring, and the sudden lack of it was staggering.  It was made even moreso seconds later when Tony positioned himself and sank down onto Clint’s cock.  That tight heat was worse (better?  Both.) than anything Clint had so far experienced that day.  He clenched his hands, for the moment grateful for the cuffs, for they helped him ground himself.  Then he felt Tony’s hands tracing over one of the cuffs.

“These, too,” he said, and there was a soft ‘clink’ as they were undone.  Immediately, Clint’s hands flew to Tony’s waist, digging in so hard that it had to hurt.  Tony let out a little gasp of surprise and a breathless laugh.

“So excited,” he managed breathlessly, and leaning in, touched his forehead to Clint’s, that wicked look in his eyes.  “Fuck me, Clint.  Give it everything you’ve got.”

It was as if something snapped.  The next few moments were a blur.  Clint held Tony’s hips tight in his hands, fucking up into him, that tight heat so ridiculously good.  Tony was clinging to him like his life depended on it, moaning and crying out loud enough that Clint wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors could hear, and they didn’t HAVE any neighbors in Cali, not for a good mile or so in each direction.  He was vaguely aware of words amongst all the moaning.  “Fuck.  Oh God, Clint, I love you.  Harder.  Fuck me harder!”

That was probably what did it.  The thought that there was any possible way he even COULD fuck Tony harder than this without physically hurting him was laughable, yet the knowledge that Tony wanted him to was somehow ridiculously sexy, especially when coupled with an ‘I love you’.  Add that to the fact that Tony had been teasing Clint for hours and it was a mere matter of minutes before he was coming hard, vision literally whiting out.

He let his forehead fall to Tony’s shoulder, breath coming heavily.  He realized Tony hadn’t finished and that his hand was now wrapped around his own dick, stroking quickly, finishing himself off.  “God, I love you, baby.  So…fu….haa!”  His words choked off with a gasp as he came, his hot release spattering Clint for the second time that night.  Somehow, it felt better than it had any right to.

Clint tugged Tony tighter into his arms and flopped back against the bed.  He was still struggling to catch his breath, even though it had been several minutes now.  Tony, on the other hand, was breathing easily, despite the fucking he’d just been giving, which Clint knew was gonna hurt by morning, and the bruises which were already beginning to blossom on his waist.  Tony didn’t seem to mind either.  No, he was completely calm, the little fucker.  “You….”  Tony waited expectantly.  “You fucking….evil….”

“Mm?”  Tony looked up at him with those big brown eyes, and Clint knew there was only one way to finish that sentence.


Tony kissed him, that patented Tony Stark smile on his face.  “Thank you.”







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  1. Paisley15

     /  June 22, 2014

    … oh my gosh…

    I literally have no words. You’ve made me speechless.

    Dude this is HOT.

    • Yay! I’m so glad you like it! This review was the first thing I saw this morning, at around 5, and it totally set the mood for my entire day. Seriously, thank you!^^

  2. hawkwind 1980

     /  June 22, 2014

    This was worth the wait! Whew! I need a cold shower now.

  3. Maria

     /  June 23, 2014

    Omg…i must work on my speech for tomorrow main exam…but noooo…brain,what have you done?!Stop with imagination!As always,perfect work)Hey,if you want to be texting with someone else about those two,,,i can try)I roleplay every day))

  4. fuzzyelf76

     /  June 23, 2014

    Oh…..MY…..Gawd!!! That was so freakin’ hot!!!!!! Hurray for Clint proof handcuffs!!!!! Masterfully written as always! Can’t wait for more!


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