No more texts.

Hi, guys.  I just wanted to post and let you know that J2 and I will no longer be texting.  😦   It’s very sad, but it kind of ran its course on one part.  If the mood ever strikes, we may pick it up again, but for now, we’re done.

This does NOT mean I’m done writing.  I have all the posted stories to finish and over 100 (yes, over 100) text chapters on my computer that have not been posted yet.  So there is plenty for me to work with.

The only problem will be inspiration.  The daily texting with J2 keeps me inspired to keep writing.  So I may be posting a bit slower than usual.  So if you guys come across anything you think might be inspiring, photos or fanart or anything, send it my way; I’d really appreciate it!

Love you all, and I’ll update again as soon as possible!^^


❤ Chris, the Nuwanda

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  1. Maria

     /  June 16, 2014 here you go!)Be carefull,it’s gonna blow up your poor brain)))

    • LOL that is BRILLIANT! Thank you so much, it really made my day! ❤

      • Maria

         /  June 19, 2014

        I will try to find and bring more of this madness to you)Basicly,right now your fics are the ONLY ONES that have this pairing)I want mooore)Aaand i want to help)

  2. Maria

     /  June 19, 2014
 i just had to give this one to you)sorry)


    • LOL the one of him in costume! I know it’s meant to be him/Coulson but I just picture him getting called into Coulson’s office while he’s with Tony. Like, they get interrupted. And he’s wearing that outfit. And Coulson facepalms.

      Thank you so much! A few of these I had seen before but some I hadn’t and all of them are lovely!

  3. Maria

     /  July 30, 2014 try this vid)It’s called “sleep my angel”)Rare fandom ironhawk for us,so…try it)

  4. Maria

     /  August 13, 2014

    Some mooore!)


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