New Beginnings: Chapter 6 Epilogue

Again, this is NOT the end of ‘New Beginnings’.  I realized after it was finished and posted and everything that we never got to see Clint show Tony his silly pajamas.  So this is when that happens.^^

Link to Chapter 6 is here:


Tony shut the front door behind him, flopping against it with a sigh.  It had been a long, busy day at work, and he was exhausted.  Usually he was able to shift his schedule so that he could do his work from home on the days Clint was home, but it didn’t always work out that way.  This was one of those times.

He tugged his tie loose.  “Clint?”  Shrugging out of his suit coat, he tossed both it and his tie over the back of a chair.  “Clint, baby, you home?”

“In here.”  Clint’s voice came from the bedroom, rather quiet and with a tone to it that Tony couldn’t quite put his finger on…..a sort of wariness.  He headed towards the room, nervous now.

“Baby?  Is everything oka…..” but he stopped dead in the doorway.

Clint was sitting cross-legged on their bed, hands fisted in his lap.  His cheeks were flushed pink, the color a perfect complement to that of the clothing he had on.

Clint was wearing the silly pajamas.  He had really truly brought them out.  They were a deep royal purple with bows and arrows printed all over them.  They were utterly ridiculous and he looked positively ADORABLE.

With each passing second that Tony stared without speaking, Clint only flushed more and more crimson.  “Go on, say it.  I look like an idiot.”

“…..not exactly the word I would have chosen.”

Clint’s gaze flicked upwards in a sort of guarded surprise, as though he were afraid this were some kind of joke and Tony would begin making fun of him at any minute.  “…..yeah?” he asked cautiously.

Tony nodded, moving closer until he could cup Clint’s face in his hands.  “Adorable’ was more the word I had in mind.”

Clint made a face.  “Hey, no.  I am not adorable.  I am manly.  I am manly as fuck.”

“And adorable.”

Clint was still pouting but he didn’t look MAD.  “………” his voice was hesitant.  “… like them?”

“Like?”  Tony shook his head.  “No.”  He smiled, leaning in to kiss Clint.  “I LOVE them.”

Clint actually looked relieved.  “Yeah?”

Yea, yeah.  Dork.  You look amazing.  I love them.”

Clint actually smiled, mollified now that he knew Tony wasn’t laughing at him.  “Good.”  He looked down at the pajamas, tugging his shirtfront out to get a better look at it.  “Don’t know why.  They’re fucking ridiculous.”

Tony laughed.  “Yup.  But hey.  So’re you.”

Clint glowered.  “Shut up.”

Tony grinned.  “No.”

“Yes.  And hey.”  Clint poked at Tony.  “You promised to wear yours.”

“Mm…” Tony nudged Clint’s nose with his own, smile in his voice.  “I did indeed.”

“Yeah.  So hop to it.”

Laughing, Tony pulled away from Clint, moving to the dresser.  “So bossy,” he murmured.

“You love it.”

“Oh, do I?”  Tony shrugged out of his work clothes, letting them fall to the floor.

“You totally do.”  Clint watched as each inch of skin was revealed and then, regrettably, covered again by neon pink fabric.  “You’ve made that quite clear.”

“Mm.”  Clothed now, Tony turned to Clint, smile on his face.  “On more than one occasion, I believe.”  He smoothed down his shirtfront.  “Well?”  Holding out his arms, he put himself on display.  “How do I look?”

Tony’s pajamas were perhaps even more ridiculous than Clint’s.  Tasha had picked them out to match the purple bow and arrow pajamas: they were bright pink with little cupids all over them.  By all rights Tony should have looked utterly preposterous in them.  But….   “You look good,” Clint admitted.

Tony was pleased.  “Yea?”  He ran his hands over his front again.  “I feel silly.  But I like it.”

Clint cocked his head at Tony.  “How come?”

Tony smiled.  “Because we match.  And maybe that’s stupid or sappy, but it makes me happy.”

He was surprised to see the happy flush that rose to Clint’s cheeks.  Tony would have thought such things were still too touchy-feely for Clint.  Apparently not.  But clearly it was still too hard for the blonde to vocalize those feelings, for when he spoke up, his voice was gruff.  “Get your ass over here.”

Tony fought hard to suppress a smile.  “Coming.”  He pushed the covers back and slid into bed beside Clint, curling up into the other man’s form, feeling those strong archer’s arms wrap around him.  He had never felt so safe as he did with Clint.  He couldn’t imagine what would happen if this relationship ended and he lost Clint.  To lose Clint would be to lose everything.  But no.  He wouldn’t let that happen.  He had managed to convince Clint to give him a chance in the first place; he would find a way to convince Clint to keep him….to make Clint love him.

Tony snuggled closer to Clint, nuzzling the curve of his throat.  “I love you,” he murmured.

He felt a shift in Clint’s form as the man reacted to the declaration.  “….I…”  The word was nearly inaudible.  Then there came the soft brush of lips against his head, Clint softly whispering “sleep, darlin’.”

And even though Clint hadn’t said the words, Tony felt warmth filling him.  It had almost happened.  Clint was getting there.  He would get there, Tony just knew it.



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  1. hawkwind 1980

     /  June 4, 2014

    Woot! Seeing this update made my day.

  2. Paisley15

     /  June 4, 2014

    Awwwwe!!!!! I love the pet names and the pajamas and ugh, just everything.

  3. Windstorm 124

     /  June 4, 2014

    I didn’t have access to internet for a few days, but now that I’ve read this, I think it’s completely adorable.

  4. fuzzyelf76

     /  June 8, 2014

    I like to wear silly pajamas myself. I have a pair of boxer shorts with a pack of wolves on it that say “fanny pack”, so i greatly appreciate the silly pjs. Lol.


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