Vacation: Chapter 2

Tony was in Clint’s lap now, their faces inches apart, and there was a heat in his eyes that was unmistakable. 

There will be an epilogue after this, but just a short one.  And this story features both Clint’s and Tony’s POV, starting with Clint’s, then Tony’s, then ending with Clint’s.  Enjoy!^^

Link to chapter 1 is here:



Clint had barely reached the front door before it opened and Tony was there, enfolding Clint in his arms and squeezing so tightly that it hurt.  “Ow.”  Clint managed to extricate himself, pulling back just enough to get a good look at the other man.  Tony’s face was haggard, but it definitely wasn’t the result of days without sleep. No, this clearly happened within the last few hours, and Clint would bet good money he knew what had caused it.  He felt a wave of guilt, and for what was probably the first time ever he cursed the bounties.  He had never had reason to hate them before.  It wasn’t like any of them were any serious threat to him.  But now they had upset Tony.  And that was unforgiveable.

“Hey, hey.”  He cupped Tony’s face in his hands.  “What’s with the face?”

“What face.  I am making no face.”

“Shut up.  You are so.”

“I am not.”

“Are so.”  Clint stroked Tony’s cheek with his thumb.  “What happened?  I thought we were okay.  You were all happy bout shutting me up.”

That made Tony smile.  “Yea.”  The corners of his mouth turned up, smile turning slightly wicked.  “….cockslut.”

Clint laughed.  “Hey!”

“Totally true.”

“With you, I suppose so.”  Clint dug into his shoulder bag and pulled out a small box, holding it up.  Tony’s eyes lit up when he saw the cupcakes.  “Cupcakes first though, right?”

If anything, that smile only got more evil.  “I don’t know… gonna be able to control yourself, Barton?”

“Oh, fuck you.”

Tony laughed.  “C’mon inside.  We’ll eat our cupcakes and then you can suck my cock.”

“Sounds perfect.”




Tony flopped back onto the couch, watching as Clint set his things down on the nearest chair.

“I’m gonna go get changed, okay?  Put on something more comfortable.”

Tony smiled.  “Yea.  Better for cuddling.”

Clint chuckled.  “Yeah.”  He headed down the hall towards the bedroom.

Tony opened the cupcake box.  “Oooh.”  The desserts truly were a masterpiece, swirling patterns of purple and red with little touches of black here and there.

“What,” Clint asked as he returned, shrugging into a t-shirt.  Tony’s attention was immediately diverted by the action.  Clint somehow managed to look good getting dressed.  With most people it would only be the other way around, but Clint managed to work it both ways.  His blonde hair was tousled now, after pulling his head through the neck of the shirt, and God he looked sexy.  But he had asked a question.

Tony cleared his throat.  “The cupcakes.  They look really good.”

“Oh.”  Clint smiled.  “I know, right?”  He plopped down onto the couch beside Tony.  “Oh.  Oh, wait.”  He stood again, heading to the kitchen, leaving Tony staring after him in confusion, but he returned quickly, two glasses of milk in hand.

Tony shook his head, grinning.  “Dork.”

“Am not.  Milk goes GREAT with cupcakes.”

“It totally does.  You’re still a dork.”

“Shut up.”  Clint picked up his cupcake, clinking it against Tony’s.  “Cheers.”

Tony laughed, shaking his head again.  “Yea.  Total dork.”  He bit into his own cupcake.  “….oh man.”

“Good, right?”

“Hell yea.”

Clint smiled.  “Good.”  He wrapped an arm around Tony, holding him close as they ate mostly in silence.  It felt nice.

But then….Clint stopped eating, staring.  Tony was eating his cupcake in an utterly lewd way, tongue slowly licking the frosting from the cake, then running seductively over his lower lip.  Positive now that he had Clint’s attention, he repeated the action, putting more into it, going out of his way to show how much he was enjoying that frosting, and this time when he licked his lips he let out a breathless sigh, a long, low moan.

Turned out his plan worked.  Clint plucked the cupcake from his hand (he would guess to avoid wasting it, though it was a fantastic show of self-restraint on his part) and set it on the table, as well as his own cupcake, and then Tony found himself being shoved back against the pillows and quickly divested of his pants.  He grinned up at Clint.  “So much for that self-restraint.”

“Shut the fuck up.”  Clint tossed the pants aside.  “God, I hate you.”

“You do not.”

“You are a devious fucker and I totally do.”  Clint leaned in for a kiss, and this time it was he who moaned.  “God….you taste like frosting.”

“Well I WAS eating it.”

“Such an obnoxious motherfucker.”

“Oh yea.”  Tony wriggled.  “Now, you gonna suck my cock or what?”

“You’re lucky I want to, cuz the way you’re talking, normally I’d have changed my mind by now.”

“Oh you would not.”  Tony ran a hand through Clint’s hair.  “Said it before and I’ll say it again.  When it comes to me, you’re a cockslut.”  He knew he was taking a gamble with this.  He might be teasing too much, pushing Clint too far….but he didn’t think so.

Clint stared up at him.  “…..I seriously hate you.”

Tony grinned, stroking Clint’s cheek, a fingertip tracing his lower lip.  His free hand found Clint’s and moved it lower, between his legs, wrapping those strong fingers around his cock.  Both of them shivered at the contact.  “Haa…..well.  You gonna hold out on me just to prove you hate me?  Or you gonna do what we both know you’re dying to do?”

There was a long, silent moment as they both stared at each other.  Tony could see the internal battle waging behind Clint’s eyes.  He stroked Clint’s cheek.  “C’mere, baby.”  And amazingly, Clint complied without a fight, moving up to kiss him.  It was supposed to be just a soft, small kiss, a sort of apology for teasing so much, but it quickly deepened into much more than that, and then he felt Clint give his cock a slow stroke and he couldn’t help the moan that escaped.

That was it.  That seemed to be the deciding factor for Clint, and he was moving, pushing Tony’s legs further apart and settling between them, and then that amazing mouth was taking Tony’s cock in deep.  He let his hands slip into Clint’s hair, grabbing as much as he could (stupid SHIELD regulations, making him keep it short).

Clint had been telling the truth on the phone when he’d said he wanted to do this; that was obvious now in the way he moved.  It was amazing, and Tony was quickly losing his mind.  His hips were moving of their own accord, rolling up, thrusting into that tight heat, and in some corner of his mind he realized he was speaking, babbling some sort of incoherent nonsense.  He dimly hoped that he wasn’t saying anything too embarrassing, or that Clint was too busy to notice.

His grip on Clint’s hair tightened.  “…Clint.  Gonna…”  Honestly he was amazed he’d managed that much coherency.  He came hard, the words still coming.  Everything was a delicious blur, and the only thing he was truly conscious of was those gorgeous blue eyes.

He slowly came back to himself, breath evening out, Clint smiling down at him as he stroked his messy brown hair.  “Fuck.”


He smiled at Clint.  “That.  Thanks.  That was awesome.”

“Heh.  Good.”  Clint gave Tony a kiss.

“Seriously.  That was fantastic.”  A hint of that wicked smirk took over his smile.  “You really must’ve wanted to do that, huh.”

Clint smacked his shoulder.  “Shut up.  Asshole.”

Tony laughed.  “Sorry.  I’m sorry.  And sorry for teasing you so much.”  He stroked Clint’s hair.  “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Tony frowned suddenly.  “Hey.  What about you?  You didn’t…..I need to do something for you.”  He sat up, hands on Clint’s chest, pushing at him, trying to get him to lay back, but Clint wasn’t budging.

“Hey, no.”

“Clint, yes.  Come on.”  It really was pitiful how little of an effect Tony’s shoving was having on Clint.

“Tony, I’m fine.  Really.  I wanted to do that for you.”  He cupped Tony’s face, kissing him.  “Tell you what.  If you’re so determined, we can do something later.  But I’m fine.  Really.”

The promise made Tony look slightly mollified.  “…..okay.”  He poked Clint’s chest.  “Now lay back.  I wanna snuggle.”

Clint laughed.  “Okay, okay.”  He complied, tugging Tony into his arms.  “Here….grab the blanket.”

“Oh, right.”  Tony reached for the fluffy white blanket that Clint loved so much, pulling it over the two of them, and curled up against Clint.

They were silent for a long time, Clint simply stroking Tony’s hair and enjoying the feeling of the other man’s heat against his.  Somehow, Tony was always ridiculously warm.  It was bizarre how warm he was.  But he could tell that something was still bothering the man, and he knew what it was.

“Hey.”  He tugged a lock of brown hair.  “Talk to me.”


“Don’t ‘what’ me.  You’re still upset.”

“Of course I’m upset!”


Tony pushed himself up on one elbow so he could look at Clint.  “Are you KIDDING me?  You tell me you have bounties on you and that the people know you spend time with me and I’m not supposed to be upset?  I’ve been showing you around at tons of galas, making you all KINDS of public when you’re supposed to be an undercover agent, and I’m not supposed to be upset?  Clint, I’ve been putting you in danger just because I’ve been so distracted with how happy I am to have you that I haven’t stopped to think about the effect it might have on you.  And that is so ridiculously selfish.”

Clint was shaking his head before Tony was halfway done, but Tony either didn’t notice or didn’t care.  “Tony, shut up.  My cover has been blown before for far less important things than you.  And you haven’t blown it.  We’ve told people I’m your bodyguard, right?  It’s perfectly acceptable for a SHIELD agent to work bodyguard duty for someone who regularly gets threats on his life.”  Well, that probably wasn’t the right thing to say.

Tony paled visibly at the mention of people coming after him.  He still wasn’t comfortable with talking about that, but he took a deep breath.  He had to get a grip on himself.  This was about Clint, not him.

“Even so….even if all that is true…..I’ve still been hindering more than helping.”


Clint’s tone of voice made Tony shut his mouth with a snap and pay attention.  Clint cupped his face in one hand.

“I haven’t ever been fully undercover, and I’ve definitely been on the radar since the attack on New York.  There was no way people didn’t know me after that.  You haven’t made it any worse, and the situation isn’t going to change now, because neither of us is going to leave the other.  Right?”

Tony was still worried, but he nodded.  Clint smiled, stroking his cheek.

“Then you’re stuck with me.  So long as we’re together, I’m gonna keep coming to these galas with you, keep living with you…stay by your side whenever and wherever I can.  So all these bounty hunters can go fuck themselves, yeah?”

Tony smiled.  “Yea.  Yea, that’s right.”  He shifted closer, kissing Clint.  “I’m sorry.  I just worry about you.”

“I know you do.  And I appreciate it, even if I don’t like it.  Hate having you worry.  And I’m sorry for MAKING you worry.”

“Oh, shut up.  Not your fault.  At least not THIS time.”

Clint laughed.  “Yeah.  Not this time.”

Tony smiled.  “Brat.”  He kissed Clint.  “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”  Clint tugged Tony into his arms again.  “Hey….let’s finish our cupcakes.”

“Oh yea!”  Tony laughed.  “Kinda got distracted from that, huh?”  His tone was suggestive, and Clint glowered at him.

“Shut up.”

“I said nothing.”

“No, but you were inferring it.”

“Oooh, ‘inferring’.”  There was a tone to Tony’s voice that Clint knew all too well.  “Big word.”  Tony had a thing about Clint using big words.  It did something to him, stirred something in him.

“You like that one, huh.”

“Oh, do I ever.”  He was in Clint’s lap now, their faces inches apart, and there was a heat in his eyes that was unmistakable.

“Well…..maybe the cupcakes can wait a while longer?” Clint suggested, a smile in his voice.

“I think that’s a splendid idea.”




“Do I really have to pack only one suitcase?”

Clint laughed.  “You really don’t know the meaning of ‘pack light’, do you?”

“Hey, two suitcases is light.  Two suitcases is MORE than light.”

Clint shook his head, amused.  Tony stared at the luggage before him with a contemplative look on his face as he pondered how to best compress all of his paraphernalia into one bag.

“What do you need all that stuff for, anyway?”

“Hey, YOU’RE the one who said you don’t know how long we’ll be gone.  I don’t want to be stuck wearing the same outfit over and over again, and I want stuff to do.”

“Besides me?”

Tony laughed.  “Besides you.”

There was a knock on the door.  “That’s probably Coulson.”  Clint headed from the room, pausing in the doorway.  “And Tony, I don’t think anyone will care if you wear the same outfit more than a couple times.”

“I’LL care.”

Shaking his head in amusement, Clint headed for the front door.  It was Coulson, who looked slightly impatient at being kept waiting.  “Hello, sir.”

“Hello, Agent Barton.”  He stepped into the sitting room, looking around.  “Is Mr. Stark coming with you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Is he ready?”

Clint glanced toward the bedroom where Tony was no doubt still wrestling with his suitcase.  “…..almost.”

Coulson said nothing but Clint knew he was impatient to get going.  He shifted awkwardly.  “…well….maybe I’d better go check on him…”

“No need, I’m here.”  Tony had somehow entered the room unnoticed, and now he slipped an arm around Clint’s waist.  “Hello, Coulson.”

“Mr. Stark.”  Coulson looked from one to the other.  “Are you both packed and ready to go?”

“Yes, sir.”  Clint only prayed that Tony had managed to compress all his luggage.

“Okay.  Well then, let’s head out.  I’ll tell you our destination once we’re in the car.  I doubt this house is bugged, but you never know.”  Coulson turned and left.

Tony stared after him, the most incredibly miffed expression on his face, then turned to Clint.  “….did he just suggest that someone may have bugged my house?  MY house?”

Clint had to stifle a snicker.  “I’m sure he didn’t mean anything by it.  Don’t take it the wrong way.”

“There’s no right way to take that!  As if anyone could bug this house!  Jarvis would spot the intrusion right away.  How he could even think that….”

“Tony….please don’t get into it with Coulson on the ride.  We don’t know yet how long of a trip it’ll be and the last thing I need is a battle of the ages raging for ten hours.”

“Okay, okay, I promise.”  Tony wrapped his arms around Clint’s neck.  Clint arched a skeptical eyebrow at him; Tony smiled.  “I promise.”

Clint slipped his arms around Tony’s waist, pulling him closer and kissing him.  “Thank you.  And thank you for coming with me.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I mean it.  I’ve been on these things more times than I can count.  Having you here….that means a lot.”

“Good.  I want to make you happy.”

“You do.  Always.”  He gave Tony one last quick kiss before releasing him and heading towards the bedroom.  “Now, I better not find that you’ve shoved everything into a bag the size of a small child.”

“Such little faith in me!”

“When it comes to relying on you to cut back on the fashion and accessorizing?” Clint paused in the doorway, turning to smirk at Tony.  “Nope, not much faith at all.”

Tony mock-pouted at him.  “You wound me.”

“I do not.”

“Besides, you LOVE the way I dress.”

“Got that right.  Look fucking hot as hell.”

“See?  So quit your bitching.”

Laughing, Clint gave Tony a quick kiss, then turned to the room.  “…”  The bag on the bed was actually a relatively small one.

“Yea.  See?  I did good, right?”  Tony sounded ridiculously pleased with himself.

Clint turned back to Tony, smiling.  “Yeah.  You did good.”  He pulled Tony close, giving him another kiss.  “Gotta get going.”

Tony smiled up at him.  “Glorified, boring vacation?”

Clint laughed.  “Glorified, boring vacation,” he affirmed.  “Though it’ll be infinitely better with you around.”

The smile grew.  “Everything is.”

Another laugh.  “Conceited bastard.”  But Clint knew it was true.  Tony would make it better.  Tony made EVERYTHING better.  He gave Tony another kiss and then, pulling away, grabbed the bags.  “Well then, shall we go, Mr. Stark?”

Tony grinned at him, linking their arms together.  “Lead the way, Agent Barton.”





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  1. Paisley15

     /  April 11, 2014

    I love everything about this. Especially the end where they were all ‘Mr. Stark’ and ‘Agent Barton’.

  2. fuzzyelf76

     /  April 12, 2014

    A car ride with poor Clint stuck with Tony and Coulson? I hope it is not a long one! LOL! I thin it would be bamf to see Clint and Tony tke on a bounty hunter together! That would be a vaction to remember! Haha. Anyway, i loved the story but now I really want a cupcake (and a Clint or Tony to share it with! LOL) 😉

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