Vacation: Epilogue

Normally he would have found something like this incredibly boring, but somehow Tony made it fun, and the time was flying by.

This was only written because of Paisley15, fuzzyelf76, Windstorm124, cutsycat.  Thank you all so much for your recent reviews.  They’ve really helped me out.  Been having a really tough time emotionally and you guys have kept my morale up.  Love you!


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Riots in Russia: Epilogue

“They should just know.”  Tony ran a hand through his hair, tousling it.  “It should just be an innate knowledge.”

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**’Vacation’ has been updated as well.  Look further down the page.^^

*NOTE* – I have nothing against religious organizations. I myself am Catholic.  No offense is intended towards the mentioned religious organization.


Vacation: Chapter 2

Tony was in Clint’s lap now, their faces inches apart, and there was a heat in his eyes that was unmistakable. 

There will be an epilogue after this, but just a short one.  And this story features both Clint’s and Tony’s POV, starting with Clint’s, then Tony’s, then ending with Clint’s.  Enjoy!^^

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