Mancation: Chapter 2

Clint glanced around.  The courtyard was nearly empty.  He took a chance, running his fingers through Tony’s messy hair.  Tony’s eyes went half-lidded at the sensation.  

This will be more than 2 chapters.  Actually, since they’re going to Japan, I’m a little worried about how many chapters it may turn out to be lol.

Link to chapter 1 is here:


Clint walked towards Tony, shaking his head at the “yes, sir” that Tony had just texted to him.  “Shut the hell up.”

Tony laughed.  “What….don’t like being called ‘sir’?”

“I don’t know.  Sounds weird.  Especially coming from you.”

“Yea?  So, if I started addressing you as sir, your reaction would be….?”

Clint’s head tilted to the side as he pondered the matter.  “If I wasn’t hiding my reaction……a look and possibly squirming.”

The reaction was immediate, Tony bursting into laughter.  “Squirming??  SQUIRMING??”

Clint glowered.  “Shut the hell up, ass.”

“No.  Is it really that weird?  Seriously?”

“I don’t know.”  Clint took Tony’s hand and gave him a tug in the direction of the coffee shop.  Caffeine sounded good right now.  “I just.”  He wasn’t quite sure how to put it.  “I find it weird.  I don’t even like it when it’s work-related.”  They stopped at the counter.  “One black cocoa cream iced coffee, please?”  Tony was grinning, Clint just knew it, thinking of how sugar-high these drinks made Clint, of the day Clint had agreed to move in with Tony and how hyper Clint had been.  The memory made him smile as well.  “I don’t know,” he continued.  “Just a weird quirk I have, I guess.”  He glanced away from the server making his coffee, gaze shifting back to Tony.  “Shut up.”

“Heh.  Yes, Agent Barton, sir.”

“Oh my God, you suck.”

“HA!”  Tony was grinning.  “Good idea.  Maybe I’ll use that one the next time I go down on you.”

There was a loud crash as the teenager behind the counter, obviously overhearing Tony’s comment, dropped the tray he was carrying, Clint’s coffee spilling all over the floor; he flushed beneath Clint’s gaze, muttering an apology and hurrying away to make another drink.

Clint just shook his head at Tony.  “You’re impossible.”

“You should know that by now.”  Tony leaned closer, voice low as he murmured “you want me to suck your cock, Agent Barton, sir?”

Clint could feel his cheeks flush, both in irritation at the name and in interest at the suggestion, at Tony’s tone of voice.  “….if it shuts you up, I’m considering it.”

Tony chuckled.  “Heh.  Never thought I’d get on my knees for a superior.”  There was a smile in his voice.  “I think I like it.”

That stirred Clint from his thoughts.  “Hey.  No.  I’m NOT a superior.”

“Hey, in this scenario, the ‘sir’ is the superior.  And if the ‘sir’ is you….yea, I like it.  If you were my boss, I’d GLADLY get down on my knees.”

“You usually seem glad to do it, anyway,” Clint answered dryly.

Tony only laughed.  “Fuck yea.  LOVE your cock.  But the thought of having you at work……yea.  That’s pretty hot.”  There was a pause, and a wicked smile curved across his lips.  “…..sir.”

“Tonyyyyyyy!”  Clint couldn’t help it; that time Tony’s name came out as a whine.  Tony chuckled.

“Sorry.  Don’t wanna really upset you.”  The cashier returned with a new coffee and Tony paid him, handing the drink to Clint.  “Just….s’hot.  But I’ll stop.”

Mollified by both the apology and the appearance of caffeine, Clint smiled.  “S’okay.  I mean, I knew you were gonna push when you found out.  It’s in your nature.”

“Ha!  Yup.  That’s me.”  They walked in companionable silence for several moments, but it could never last.  It never did with Tony.  “…..can we do that sometime, anyway?  You, after hours, at my office?  Take charge, give me orders?”  He smiled.  “I promise I won’t call you ‘sir’.”

Clint laughed at the last bit.  “Yeah.  That sounds good.  We can do that.”

Tony perked up at that.  “Yea?  Really?”

Yeah, really.  Sounds good.”

“Yea? Heh.  Fuck.”  Tony looked extremely pleased.

“What…..didn’t think I’d want to?”

Tony did that little shrug-nod thing of his, leaning against the metal fence lining the courtyard.  “I don’t know.  You seemed pretty ‘whatever’ about it.  Though you usually do, unless I wind you up.

Clint felt a little twinge of guilt.  “Yeah….sorry.  Don’t think I can break that habit.  Doesn’t mean I’m not interested.”

“Yea, I know.”  But something in the look on Tony’s face said that he DIDN’T know.  “….you know, though, you never DO initiate.  Ever.  I always push you into it.”

“Hey.  Shut up.  You don’t push me into anything.  I could always tell you to fuck off and I don’t because I want you.”

Tony rolled his eyes.  “I know THAT.  You don’t ever do anything you don’t want.  But….”  He bit his lip.  “Do you just not want me unless I bring it up?  Cuz you NEVER bring it up.”

Clint realized what Tony was getting at and felt another twinge of guilt for making him worry.  “No.  No, that’s not it.  That’s not it at all.  It’s…..”  Now that he thought about it, the explanation behind it all was so absolutely ridiculous that he felt like a complete idiot.  “……wow.”  Tony was looking at him, a questioning expression beginning to overcome the nervousness on his face.  “….it’s actually kinda stupid and I didn’t realize I do it.  Probably wouldn’t have realized it if you didn’t bring it up.”

Now Tony looked REALLY curious.  “….what.  What is it?”

Clint was feeling five different shades of stupid.  “….um.  Basically I’m just waiting for the go.”  Tony was just looking at him, confused.  “… know… a target.  Sight can be perfect.  But gotta wait for the word.”

There was a moment where Tony just stared at Clint as the words sank in and then he burst into laughter.  “You ass!”

Clint could feel his cheeks flushing.  “I can’t help it!  I mean.  I don’t mind it.  But yeah.  I’ll try and catch myself more.  It’s not that I don’t think about you.  I do.  I really really do.  Just.”  He stopped himself, knowing he was rambling, and sighed.  “Yeah…..I’m weird.”

Tony shook his head, grinning.  “Yea.  This target is ALWAYS a go.  And would appreciate seeing how much you want him.”

Clint chuckled.  “Fair enough.”  He paused.  “…course.  You won’t mind if I still let you rile me up too, right?  Because that’s a lot of fun, too.”

Tony laughed.  “No, I LOVE riling you up.  But really?  I’d love it if you actually initiated.  Seriously.  I really really would.”

“I will,” Clint promised.  “I’m sorry.  I really just didn’t realize what I was doing.”

“Heh.  Ass.”

Clint punched his shoulder.  “You love it.”

“Oh, do I?”  Tony shook his head, grinning.  “Heh.  Stupid fucker.  You should WANT to jump your boyfriend.”

“Who said I DIDN’T?  Maybe I will.  You’ll never see it coming, either.”

“HA!” Tony let out a bark of laughter.  “THAT I’d LOVE!”

“Damn right you will.”  Clint glanced around.  The courtyard was nearly empty.  He took a chance, running his fingers through Tony’s messy hair.  Tony’s eyes went half-lidded at the sensation.  “…..hey.”  Brown eyes opened to meet blue.  “I’m sorry.  If you thought…..I don’t know.  That I didn’t want you.  Which is stupid if you did, but sometimes you can think shit stupid enough to rival me.”

That made Tony laugh.  “No.  I didn’t think that.  Just though…..well…..I don’t know.  Maybe you didn’t want me that much.”

“Oh, shut the fuck up.  And you say I’M an idiot.  Geez.”

“Hey!”  He gave Clint a shove.  “That so doesn’t make me an idiot.  I mean, yea, when I push you, it’s obvious you want me.  But the rest of the time?  You never go after me.  You always wait for me to give you the go ahead before you take charge.”

Clint was silent, staring at Tony.  “…..I like to be sure.”

Tony just shook his head.  “Well, BE sure.  Like you’ve said before, if I don’t like something, I’ll say so.”

That made Clint smile.  “Yeah.  That’s true enough.”  He sighed, shaking his head.  “Okay, it was dumb.”

Tony smiled.  “Yea.  It was.”  He tugged a lock of Clint’s hair.  “Dope.”

“Okay okay I got it!”

Tony just laughed, wrapping an arm around Clint’s waist.  “Come on, baby, let’s go to our room.”

“Oh, right.”  Clint had somehow almost forgotten.  “Hotel room.”


“Is it all posh?”

Another laugh.  “You bet your ass it is.”  Tony’s thumb slipped just beneath Clint’s shirt as they walked, stroking the soft skin of his waist.  “Nice word, there.”

“What….posh?”  Clint pulled open the door to the hotel, holding it open and ushering Tony inside.


“Glad you like it.”  Clint glanced at Tony, barely suppressed smile on his face.  “Gotta keep my Sugar Daddy impressed so he keeps on taking me fancy places.”

He got the reaction he’d been aiming for; Tony burst out laughing so hard he nearly choked.  Clint grinned.  He knew just what would push Tony over the edge, push him from amusement to desire.  “You okay, Sugah Daddy?” he asked, letting his voice slip into its old country drawl.  At that, something like a shiver ran through Tony and he grabbed the front of Clint’s shirt, yanking him close.  He was still breathless from laughter, but he managed to gasp out one word.


A little thrill rolled through Clint, as it always did when he saw what his old accent did to Tony.  He leaned in, lips brushing Tony’s in a soft kiss.  “Lead the way, darlin’.”



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  1. Windstorm124

     /  February 5, 2014

    ….You can’t just STOP there! That’s EVIL! I love it so far, and I can’t wait for the next chapter. Oh and the thing Tony brought up…. with Clint and bossing him around in his office…. Are you gonna do a story for that? Please? If you have time.

    • Lol sorry! But it’s the best place to make a clean break, before they get to the room. Split it into even sections. And it’ll probably happen. We’ll see.

  2. cutsycat

     /  February 5, 2014

    Oh my. That is seriously awesome. I can’t wait for more.

  3. fuzzyelf76

     /  February 8, 2014

    Way to leave off when things are starting to get hot! LOL. I think it is interesting the way you explained Clint “waiting for the go ahead” from Tony before making a move. I can see how that may become an ingrained mindset for someone who is constantly waiting to be told to make their move. Of course it will be very interesting to see him initiate things with Tony. I think that would be super hot! 😉

    • LOL that is allllll J2. And I’m sorry! It’s just a natural cut-off point!^^;;;;;;;; I’m guessing there will not be smexing until they’re in Japan, though they may get a little hot and heavy in the hotel room, but don’t quote me on that. We’ll see what happens! But there will probably be more smut in other stories, so fear not, and thank you ever so much for reviewing!

  4. hawkwind 1980

     /  April 21, 2014

    You need to add this chapter to the story order page!


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