Riots in Russia: Chapter 2

Clint hadn’t planned on participating in any sort of physical activity here at the station, but now that Tony was in his lap, lips tracing over Clint’s bare skin, he couldn’t find it in himself to complain.  

I apologize in advance for my terrible Russian translations.  I tried to keep it simple, and got assistance from a friend who took Russian in school.  If anyone from Russia is reading this, I apologize for any mistakes and hope I do not offend lol.

All translations for the Russian are at the bottom.

Link for chapter 1 is here:


Tony landed outside the police station, quickly removing his suit and walking inside.  There was Clint, soaking wet, two police officers by his side.  One of them looked thoroughly irritated, the other completely ecstatic to see Tony.

“Tony!”  Clint was obviously equally happy to see Tony as the policeman was.  “Hi!”

Tony smiled.  “Hey, baby.”

“Come meet my new friend.  Tony, this is Sven.”

Tony held out his hand.  “Dobryj dyen’.”  Clint’s jaw dropped.  Tony knows Russian?

The man’s eyes lit up.  “Dobryj dyen’!  Ochyen’ priyatno!”

“Mnye tozhye.”

Clint stared, mouth agape, as the conversation carried on.  He had known Tony spoke French, Japanese, and read Latin, but he had no idea he spoke Russian.

Seemingly finished, Tony turned his attention to Clint, smile on his face.  “Hey, babe.”  He leaned in and kissed Clint, corners of his mouth immediately dropping in a frown when he felt how cold Clint was.  “You’re freezing.”  He put a hand to Clint’s forehead.  “Dammit, Clint.”


“Shut up.  We need to get you dried off, now.”  He turned to the men.  “Polotentse?”  The grouchy policeman was still scowling at them, but the other immediately ran to fetch them a dry towel, returning quickly to their side.  “Spasibo.”  The towel was rough, as to be expected of a government item, but it was warm and dry.  It would do.


“Hmm?”  Tony sounded distracted, busy as he was toweling Clint’s hair dry.

“Since when do you speak Russian?”

“Oh.  I don’t.”

“…..come again?”

“I mean, not really.  Enough to get by.”

Clint arched a brow at Tony.  “Sounded pretty damn good to me.”

“Well that was basic conversational Russian.  And I know enough to get by in everyday conversations, or the terms for the tech I’ve built.  But if I tried to have a real conversation with someone like Tasha, I’d never last.”

Clint laughed.  “When it comes to that, I don’t even last.”

Tony grinned.  “Talks circles around you, does she?”

“Pretty much.”

Tony pulled open the sodden blanket Clint had wrapped around his shoulders.  “We need to get you changed.”  He glanced over at the two men.  “ Pozhaluysta, dayte mne minutku?”

Clint had to fight to suppress a laugh.  The man really looked ridiculously delighted to be in Tony’s presence.  He nodded his head eagerly in agreement to Tony’s request, tugging at his partner’s sleeve to get him to comply, and the two moved away.  They sat down on the benches that lined the hallway, so that Tony and Clint were within view, but far enough away to give the men privacy.

“Okay.”  Satisfied now that they were alone, Tony began stripping Clint from his sodden uniform.  “Get you all dried off.  Plane’ll be here soon.  Then we can get you home.”

“Mmm.”  Clint hummed his agreement.  “Sounds perfect.”  He was still cold, but he was in no hurry.  Getting hit by all that water had taken a toll on him at the end of what had already been a very tiring mission, and he was perfectly content to sit back and let Tony take care of him.    “Tony?”

“Mm?”  Tony was untying Clint’s boots and carefully removing them, tugging off wet socks.

“Can you speak any other languages?  I mean sides the French and Japanese.”

“Well….I’m pretty good at Italian.”


“Yea.  I mean, it’s got the same basis as French.  They’re both romance languages.  You start young enough, it’s not hard to pick up both of them.”

Clint shook his head, smiling.  “You’re amazing.”

“Oh shush.”

“No.  You are.”  Clint watched Tony’s hands working at the fastenings on his shirt, peeling it open.

“Well, we already know that.  Though I suppose it does bear repeating.”  Tony examined Clint’s chest.  “Don’t see any real bruising.  We’ll see if it sets in overnight.  Hopefully it won’t be anything too bad.”  He nodded, seemingly satisfied for the moment.  “Now come on.”

“…..come on, what?”

“Drop your knickers.”

Clint just stared at Tony.  “… can’t be serious.”

“Dead serious.”

Clint glanced at the two men seated not so far away, then back to Tony, who was waiting patiently for him.  “……here?  Now?  With people here?”  He would never have thought Tony would want that.

“YEA, now.  I don’t like the people being here anymore than you do, but I also don’t want you getting sick, and sitting around in wet underwear is a good way to get sick.  So come on.  Off.”

Clint shook his head but he complied, wriggling out of his underthings.  It was difficult to manage it in such a way as to not be seen by the police officers, but he managed, and Tony wrapped him up in the towel.

“There we go.  Nice and warm.”

Clint smiled.  “Thanks, darlin’.”  It was the first time he’d spoken the word to Tony, and the results didn’t disappoint.

“OH MY GOD.”  Tony’s entire face lit up.  Clint couldn’t believe how happy he looked.  “I LOVE IT.”

Clint laughed.  “What….darlin’?”


“Mm.”  Clint leaned forward to where Tony was still kneeling on the floor before him, their noses almost touching, smiling down at the man.  He let his voice slip into its old country accent as he spoke.  “You like mah voice like this?  Like hearin’ me talk all country, darlin’?”

Clint immediately found himself shoved back against the wall with a lap full of Tony, being kissed deeply.  “Oh my God,” Tony managed between kisses.  “That is the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Clint laughed again.  “Yeah?”

“FUCK yea.  Shit.”   He was kissing his way along Clint’s jaw now, nipping his earlobe.  Clint let out a little ‘eep’ at the action.

“I’ll have to do it more often, then.”

“Fuck.  Please do.”

Clint hadn’t planned on participating in any sort of physical activity here at the station, but now that Tony was in his lap, lips tracing over Clint’s bare skin, he couldn’t find it in himself to complain.  It felt too damn good.



Tony was quiet for a long moment.  “… said on the phone earlier that you only slip into the accent when you’re really mad or really happy.  But you’ve never slipped in front of me.”  There was a minute of silence and Clint was afraid he knew what was coming next.  “… I not make you happy enough?”

Yup.  He’d been right.  “No!  Tony, how could you even think that?”

Tony looked hopeful.  “Yea?”

“Of course yeah!”

“Then what is it?”

“I don’t know.  Just….years of practice, I guess.  Spend so much time trying to get rid of the damn thing that it barely ever slips.  And I mean, it was sort of drilled into me that it made me sound…..I don’t know.  Low class?  Something like that.  So yeah.  Definitely didn’t want to slip in front of you.  Not the impression I want to make on you.”   Tony immediately smacked the backside of Clint’s head.  “OW!  What the hell?”

“That’s for being an idiot.  I’d never think less of you for anything like that.  Never.”

Clint smiled.  “I know.  I love you.”

“I love you too.”  Tony smiled back, then shifted in Clint’s lap, moving closer.  “…..say it again?”

Clint burst out laughing.  “Say what?” he asked innocently.

“Oh do not even give me that, you know damn well what I mean.”

“Mm, I don’t know that I do.”

“Cliiiiiiiiint,” Tony whined.

Clint grinned.  “Yes, darlin’?”

The reaction was immediate.  Something like a shiver ran through Tony and he surged forward, claiming Clint’s mouth in a deep, fierce kiss.  Clint pressed into it, a hand slipping into Tony’s hair, tugging at it.  He nipped Tony’s lower lip as they separated, then gave Tony his own swat to the back of the head.

“Ow!  Hey!”

“And THAT’S for thinking something so stupid!”

“It wasn’t stupid!” Tony protested.

“It was too.  You should know by now how ridiculously happy you make me.”

That made Tony smile.  “I try.”

“You succeed.”

The smile on Tony’s face was lovely as he leaned in for another kiss, this one soft and slow.  “I love you.”

“I love you too.”  Clint stroked Tony’s cheek and with a happy noise almost akin to a purr, Tony pressed into the touch.

“So….you obviously speak some Russian.”

“Yup,” Clint confirmed, continuing to stroke Tony’s cheek, his hair.

“You speak any other languages?”

Clint’s actions ceased; Tony let out a small sound of disappointed protest.  “….ah……that’s…an interesting story, really.”

“Oh?”  That caught Tony’s attention.  “Why’s that?”

“…uh…..well…..”  He took a deep breath.  “We’re all required at SHIELD to speak a language.  And I really REALLY didn’t want to learn one.  I mean obviously I know enough Russian to get by, or talk with Tasha.  But Tasha’s our primary operative in Russia.  We don’t need another one.  So Coulson kept harassing me to choose another language.”

“…yea…?”  Tony was obviously waiting for whatever part of the story had Clint so reluctant to share.

“Well, I gave him a hard time about it.”

“Naturally.  I mean, what does he expect?  You’re you.”

Clint laughed.  “Yeah.  I’m me.”  He ran a hand through his hair.  “So…at first I tried learning a normal language, but I had literally NO attention span.”

Tony grinned.  “That also sounds like you.”

“Oh yeah.  I mean, I know TONS of little bits and pieces of languages.  I mainly learned them just to piss off Coulson.”

“Like what?”  Tony was obviously intrigued.

“Well, I can swear in about twenty different languages, give or take.”  Clint grinned at the laughter that elicited from Tony.  “And I know all the words to ‘Gagnam Style’.”

At that, Tony literally choked with laughter and Clint was worried for a moment that he was going to have to smack him on the back to get him breathing again, but after a moment Tony sorted himself out.  “Oh my God…” he was gasping for air.  “You ass!”

Clint grinned.  “I’m awesome.”

“You totally are.”  Tony was slowly catching his breath now.  “Oh man.  Coulson totally hates you for that one, doesn’t he?”

“Oh yeah.”


There was a long, companionable silence, just the quiet sound of Tony’s breathing; then Clint shattered it.  “…..I did eventually learn one language.”

“Yea?” Tony perked up, intrigue on his face.  “What was it?”

“Sandawe.”  Tony’s brow furrowed, puzzled.  Clint had been expecting that.  “It’s one of the African languages where they talk in all click sounds.”

Tony’s eyes grew almost comically wide, and then he burst out into near hysterical laughter.  “OH MY GOD YOU DID NOT JUST TELL ME THAT.”  He struggled to get a hold on himself.  “I need to hear it.  Say something.  Say something in Sandawe.”

Clint grinned and opened his mouth, but instead of normal words came out a series of unusual clicking noises.  Tony cracked up again, nearly falling out of Clint’s lap.


“Hey, careful.”  Clint wrapped his arms around Tony, holding him in place.

“Oh my God.”  Tony looked at Clint, shaking his head.  “Never, EVER talk dirty in that language.  I will literally die laughing.”

It was Clint’s turn to burst out laughing.  “You and me both.”

“Now, your country accent, on the other hand…”

Smiling, Clint brushed Tony’s hair back from his forehead.  “That one I think I can manage.”

There was a sudden gust of wind as the door to the building opened behind them.  “Mr. Stark?”

Tony glanced over his shoulder.  “Terry!”  He slipped from Clint’s lap, making sure the blanket was still securely in place so no one would get an eyeful.  “Glad you’re here.  Clint could use a change of clothes.”

“Well the plane’s ready to go whenever you are.”

“Glad to hear it.”  Tony turned to Clint, gesturing him over.  “C’mon, baby.”

As Clint moved to join Tony, he saw Sven and the other police officer moving their way, Sven scurrying quickly.  Shit.  He hoped there wouldn’t be any problem with them leaving.  He couldn’t imagine why there would be now, after all this time that he’d been sitting there.  “….Sven?”

In response, Sven produced a camera, a sheepishly hopeful look on his face, his gaze darting from Clint to Tony and back again, silently pleading with Clint to convince his boyfriend to take a picture with the man.

Clint stifled a laugh.  “Tony.  I think your fan wants a picture with you, darlin’.”

Tony looked at Sven, holding his camera, took in the hopeful expression, and chuckled.  “Sure thing.”  Sven’s eyes lit up.  “Suit on or off?”  Sven bit his lip, considering, and Tony shook his head with a smile.  “How bout one of each?”

Clint laughed as Sven began enthusiastically proclaiming his agreement with the idea.  “I think you just made his day.”

“Hey, always happy to pose for photos.  And someone who takes such good care of my boyfriend gets special treatment.”

Clint shook his head, smiling as he watched Tony take pictures with Sven.  The other officer (Petyr?  He wasn’t sure.) grudgingly took the photos, shoving the camera back in Sven’s direction when he’d finished.  Tony was shaking Sven’s hand, thanking him for taking such good care of Clint, Sven assuring over and over that it was a pleasure, and finally they were out the door and onto the plane.

Clint flopped onto the plane’s bed, tugging on a dry shirt.  “I never thought we’d get out of there.”

Tony laughed.  “He WAS very enthusiastic, wasn’t he.”

“Just a little.”

Smiling, Tony tugged Clint into his arms.  “Rest now, baby.  We’ll be home soon enough.”

Glancing up at Tony, Clint let out a series of clicks.  Thank you for getting me.

The effect was immediate: Tony burst out laughing.  “OH MY GOD!  Do NOT spring that on me!  I can’t handle it!”

Clint laughed as well.  “You love me.”

“I do.”  Tony stroked Clint’s still damp hair.  “What’d you say?”

Clint snuggled in close, tucking his head underneath Tony’s chin.  “Thank you for picking me up.”

Tony smiled.  “You’re welcome.”  He kissed Clint’s forehead.  “I love you, babe.”

“I love you too, darlin’.”



 If you want an example of sandawe, go watch this video, the girl speaks it at the very end.

Dobryj dyen-  Good afternoon

Dobryj dyen. Ochyen’ priyatno-  Good afternoon. Nice to meet you

Mnye tozhye-  Same here/likewise

Polotentse- Towel

Spasibo- Thank you

Pozhaluysta, dayte mne minutku-   This is NOT a direct translation, because there isn’t a Russian word for “privacy”, so this was translated for me by a friend who took Russian in school, as a roundabout way of asking to be alone for a moment.  So the basic gist of it is Tony asking if he and Clint can have a moment alone.


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  1. J2

     /  January 7, 2014

    lol Sven XD

  2. Sashaya

     /  January 7, 2014

    Awwwww. I totally melted. Amazing! And Sven was cute too. Awesome work!

  3. fuzzyelf76

     /  January 7, 2014

    Very fluffy! I was laughing out loud in parts of it! Great job as always! I hope you had a great new year and can’t wait to read all the new (or continuing stories) you post in 2014! May it be a truly wonderful year for everyone!

  4. Maria

     /  January 9, 2014

    Your russian is of corse,not perfect,but all frases are correct))Im from Russia.Saint-petersburg)))need any help ask me by mail)))

    • Oh my goodness thank you! I’m so glad I didn’t fail completely! lol. Thank you so much for reviewing!

      • Maria

         /  January 9, 2014

        No prob!Aaaand sorry for sloppy english gramma))I seriosly enjoy your fanfics,so keep it up!I’ll be happy to help if nessasery)))

  5. sbrock777

     /  January 10, 2014

    wow they are a mess cant wait to read more

  6. Windstorm124

     /  January 12, 2014

    Beautiful. It’s so like Clint to learn a completely random language like that. Could you have it brought up more often? Along with the country thing? I mean, only if you can work it in; all the stories I’ve read so far are AMAZING, but do you think you could? Please?

    • The country will definitely show up more, I’m not so sure about the Sandawe lol. That’d be much more difficult to fit in.

      • Windstorm124

         /  January 15, 2014

        Fair point. It would be funny though :). Just have Clint randomly spring it on Tony (snickers).

  7. cutsycat

     /  February 5, 2014

    The Sandawe was pretty awesome. But I love how Clint kept surprising Tony. lol.

    • Lol yea that’s something J2 and I decided on forever ago. Wasn’t sure when it would make an appearance, but here it is at last!

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