New Beginnings: Chapter 5

They were so close now.  Tony looked up at Clint from beneath his lashes.  He had discovered over time that Clint had difficulty saying no when Tony looked at him this way, eyes hooded, a soft smile on his face.  

It’s Tony POV!  I tried hard for you guys, and J2 found a problem spot for me to fix!  Yay!

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Polo: Chapter 2

They hadn’t made it very far from the field before Clint yanked Tony behind the stables and shoved him up against the wall, kissing him hard.  

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J2 illustrations and updates.

Hey!  I’m back!  Sorry there was such a ridiculously long hiatus.  I’m back now, and I’m working on a story, and hopefully it’ll be done and posted soon.  I’ve been in a pretty fucked up mental place, still am, and I’m working that out.  Maybe writing will help.  Either way, the stories are going to be coming again soon!


Secondly, a note about the artwork.  I’m not the one who draws it, it’s J2.  So if you’re going to leave a note, if you could please address it to her, I’d really appreciate it.  It’s so ridiculously fantastic of her to draw these amazing pieces, and it’d be wonderful if you could let her know how much you love them.  So if you DO comment, please comment to her, not to me.


Thanks, guys!  I’ll hopefully be posting soon!  Muchos love to you all!


❤ Chris, the Nuwanda