So tonight I discovered on tumblr that there is a group dedicated to creating fake media devoted to the Avengers.  IE magazine/newspaper articles about them.  And there was one that completely destroyed me.  And I had to share it.

I take no credit for this.  I did not create it.



I’m seriously dying here.  This is the greatest thing ever.

Here’s their tumblr:

I highly recommend checking them out.


~Chris, the Nuwanda

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  1. britewing

     /  October 21, 2013

    ok that is to cute awesome

    • I know! I’m so excited I found that group. I wish they made more IronHawk, cuz it’s mostly Tony/Steve, or Clint/Tasha, stuff like that, but this one just made my day.

  2. Just FYI, MA is one person, rather than a group 😉 Glad you like the blog!

    • Eep! I’m so sorry for the error! And yes, I LOVE the blog! I’m always so jealous of anyone who can do photo editing that well, and all of your work is so cleverly done. The writing reads like real article headlines would.
      I hope it’s okay that I posted one. I made sure to give you credit!


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