Home on the Range: Chapter 2

Tony felt heat flooding through him at combination of that perfect shot, the smile on Clint’s face, and love at the smugness, at what a conceited little bastard his boyfriend was.


Here it is!  Sorry it took so much longer than promised.  My inspiration went down the toilet.  Hope you like it!  This is for Sirena, who needs a pick me up, and is very persistent.  😛  I feel loved.^^

Link to chapter 1:  https://nuwandasnicket.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/home-on-the-range-chapter-1/



Tony pushed open the door to the room.  Clint was watching him, a smile on his face.  His bow was drawn, an arrow notched….clearly he was waiting for Tony.  Without even looking to see where he was shooting, he let the arrow fly, and it hit the dead center of the bullseye.  That smile on his face turned into a smug little smirk.  Tony felt heat flooding through him at combination of that perfect shot, the smile on Clint’s face, and love at the smugness, at what a conceited little bastard his boyfriend was.

He crossed the space between them in about four steps and then he was on Clint, kissing him forcefully, shoving the man to the ground.  He heard the distinct “whoa” of one of the agents in the room.  There were only a few of them, maybe three or four, but they had obviously not been expecting Tony Stark to show up in the room and begin sucking Agent Barton’s face off, let alone throw him to the floor.

Tony ignored them.  Let them watch, or leave, or even call Coulson if they wanted.  He couldn’t care less.  He nipped hungrily at Clint’s mouth, finally pulling away to murmur “conceited little shit.”

Clint laughed breathlessly.  “You loved it.”  His fingers played with Tony’s already tousled hair, messing it up even more.  Tony rolled into the feeling, nuzzling into Clint’s touch.

“Damn straight.  God, you’re sexy.”

“I know.”

It was Tony’s turn to laugh.  “You’re so fucking stuck on yourself.”  He was already sitting astride Clint’s waist; he sat back on his haunches, looking around for the bow Clint had dropped when Tony had pounced him.  It was only a few feet away.  Tony reached out, fingers fumbling with it, but he picked it up without too much difficulty.

“Hey….what’re you doing?”  But Clint didn’t sound all that concerned.  Tony lifted the bow, drawing it, and Clint was pleased to see that Tony had remembered the proper form from the brief shooting lesson Clint had given him the day before the competition Tony had come to watch.  It was sexy as hell.  He ran his hands up Tony’s belly, over his chest.  “That’s a good look for you.”

Tony smiled down at him.  “Yea?”  He relaxed his stance, leaning in so their faces were inches apart, murmuring “better one for you.”

Clint laughed, leaning up and capturing Tony’s lips, nipping gently, his mouth shifting to nuzzle a path along Tony’s jaw, kissing here and there.  “I wanna watch you shoot again,” he whispered in Tony’s ear, nipping gently.

“Ah!”  Tony made a little noise at the feeling.  “….no.”

“Hey!”  Clint immediately stopped his ministrations, pulling way so he could give Tony a disapproving frown.

Tony nearly laughed at the expression.  “Later,” he promised.  “Sometime later.”  Clint opened his mouth to protest but Tony kissed the words away.  “I came here to watch YOU shoot, remember?  He pressed a kiss to the corner of Clint’s mouth, murmuring, “and much more.”  He nuzzled along Clint’s jaw, voice soft as he asked “shoot for me?”  The words were soft, imploring, but there was a heat to them.  “C’mon baby.  Just one arrow.”

The words made Clint shiver; he smiled.  “Just one.”  He took the bow from Tony, free hand feeling around on the floor for the quiver he had dropped, drawing an arrow from it.  Tony hadn’t moved from his lap.  Clint arched a brow at him.  “….you want me to shoot like this?”  He was half sitting up; shooting would require him to twist his body at an awkward angle.

Tony nodded.  “Yup.  C’mon, Robin Hood.  Already proved yourself at that competition.  Show me this.  I wanna see you shoot from a really hard angle.”

That competitive spirit flared up inside Clint, a little flame stirring.  He smiled.  “You got it.”  He turned, the angle as uncomfortable as he expected, and adjusted for the difference in height, then let the arrow fly.  With a thunk, it hit the dead center of the bullseye.

Smiling, Clint opened his mouth, a question of ‘satisfied?’ on his lips, but he never got to ask it.  Immediately after the arrow hit the target, Tony was on him, shoving him back against the floor and kissing him hard.  Clint was only surprised for a moment, then his arms wrapped around Tony, pulling him closer.  Tony rolled down against Clint, their hips rubbing together.  Clint broke the kiss, gasping.  “Fuck!”

“Goddammit, Clint.”  Tony nipped his lower lip, eliciting a low moan.  “Fuck.  God, you’re so fucking sexy.”  He began fumbling with Clint’s uniform, fingers feverishly working to undo the catches.  Clint reciprocated, undoing the zipper on Tony’s slacks, hand slipping inside.  Tony gasped as Clint stroked him through the thin fabric of his boxer briefs.  “Fuck!”


“Yea.  I mean no.  Naked.  Want you naked.”  Tony’s fingers were fumbling as he worked, trying to remove Clint’s clothing without actually moving off of him.  Clint laughed.

“Don’t think that’s gonna work, darlin’.”

“Shut up.”  He shifted the minimum amount required to tug Clint’s pants down, practically tearing them off, boots with them, and tossing them aside.  “All of it.  I want all of it off.”

God, Tony was sexy like this.  There was something in his eyes, a hunger and a need, as though if he didn’t have Clint right this very second he was going to lose all control.  “Okay, okay,” Clint answered.  “But you too.”  His hands moved to Tony’s chest, trying to remove his shirt, but Tony was having none of it.  He ripped open Clint’s uniform, and Clint actually heard one of the catches tear off, go spinning across the floor.  He stared up at Tony with wide, surprised eyes.  “….holy shit, Tony.”

“I told you to take everything off.”

“I’m trying!  But I want you naked, too.”

Now that Clint was stripped to his skin, Tony didn’t seem to have any problem complying with Clint’s request.  He took hold of the bottom of his t-shirt, tugging it up over his head, mussing his hair as he pulled it off and cast it aside.  “Better?”

Clint was starting to understand how Tony was feeling.  With every passing second, that raw need clearly written on Tony’s face was beginning to fill Clint, every one of Tony’s actions driving him crazier with desire.  “God, Tony.”  Tony still had his pants on, though they were undone.  Clint’s hands found Tony’s waist and he squeezed, kneading that soft skin hard enough that Tony practically purred.  “You’re so fucking gorgeous.”

Tony’s response was to roll in Clint’s lap, back arching like a cat.  “More.  More, Clint.  Fuck.  Pants….need to get these off.  Need you.”

Clint was on fire; he felt as though his skin was going to burn off.  He nuzzled Tony’s throat, the moan that his action elicited ringing in his ears and pulling a growl from his own throat, something raw and animalistic that would have surprised him had he been thinking straight.  How he got Tony’s pants off he had no idea.  Somehow their positions had changed; he had rolled Tony over, pinning the older man beneath him, and the pants were gone.  He was rutting down against Tony, their cocks rubbing together.  Tony’s fingers were digging into his shoulders, and he was rocking up against Clint with as much desperation as Clint was pressing into him.

“Clint…..Clint, dammit, please.”

Clint paused where he had been leaving a trail of purple bite marks down Tony’s throat and chest (mine), looking up.  Tony was looking back at Clint, those brown eyes barely able to focus, hazy with lust.  When Clint’s eyes met his, Tony groaned, head falling back, breaking eye contact as though it was too much to handle.  And yet…  “More.”  And before Clint could even question, Tony’s legs were spreading, falling open, an invitation if ever there was one.

Clint slid his way down Tony’s body, kissing and nipping as he went.  He paused when he reached Tony’s cock, blowing teasingly over it, eliciting a tiny gasp.  There was a bead of precum at the tip, and he licked it off.  Tony moaned at that, the noise turning into that sound, that breathless moaning sigh that drove Clint out of his mind, and it was all he could do not to pounce Tony then and there and fuck him into the floor.  Instead he slid his way between Tony’s legs, nudging the inside of Tony’s knee with his shoulder.  Tony obliged him, spreading his legs wider, putting everything on display.  God.  He was so perfect.  Clint kissed the inside of his thigh and then leaned in, tongue teasing over his entrance.

Oh!”  Tony cried out, hips immediately bucking, thrusting into nothing.  Clint slid a hand up Tony’s thigh, reassuring.  He lapped again at that pucker, teasing, and Tony moaned.  “Clint….oh God, Clint.”  Clint merely caressed Tony’s thigh again, hand moving higher, pressing down on his hip to settle him as this time his tongue stroked deeper, pushing against that ring of muscle and pressing inside.  He could hear Tony moaning, feel his hips rolling upwards as he reacted to Clint’s actions.  Not that it was doing him any good…..there was nothing there for him to roll into, nothing to touch.  It was merely instinct, wanting to thrust against something.  Clint gently stroked Tony’s hip and probed deeper with his tongue, thrusting it deep into Tony, eliciting a loud cry.  “Fuck!”  He wasn’t sure, but he thought maybe he was close….he pushed deeper, curling his tongue….when Tony practically screamed, he knew he had found that sweet spot.  He flicked his tongue over it again, and again.

Tony was a mess, moaning and writhing, pressing back against him, wanting more.  Clint was fully prepared to give it to him, sliding a finger in alongside his tongue, stretching him, loving the way Tony’s back arched at the added stretch, the low moan it elicited.  After a moment, he replaced his tongue with yet another finger, scissoring Tony open.  He was already slick and relaxed from Clint’s ministrations. It wouldn’t take much to finish preparing him.

But Clint didn’t get any choice in the matter.  Mere seconds later, Tony’s hand was in his hair, clutching a handful, and Clint found himself relocated, flipped over onto his back and pinned to the floor with Tony straddling his waist, kissing him forcefully.  The kiss was downright filthy….all teeth and tongue and fuck it all if Clint didn’t feel that one all the way down to his toes.  Tony rolled down against him and Clint whimpered into Tony’s mouth, into that kiss.  He had been too occupied with Tony to think about himself….he hadn’t felt any friction in a while.  Smiling at the noise, Tony did it again, whispering against Clint’s mouth,  “I’m gonna ride you so hard.”

“Oh, God.”  Clint practically whimpered the words.

If there was any lube, it had been tossed away alongside Tony’s clothes, forgotten, and it didn’t seem likely that Tony was going to get it anytime soon.  He kissed Clint again, hands stroking down his chest, teasing over his nipples.  Clint was arching up against him, seeking more contact.  He had been so in control only moments ago, but with just few kisses and a handful of words, Tony had wrested that control back.  If you could call it that, for one only had to take a look at Tony to see he wasn’t in control of himself at all: his face was flushed and sweaty, hair a tousled mess, eyes wild and dark with lust and something Clint couldn’t quite place.  But he didn’t want to take the time to try, and even if he did, he wouldn’t have been able to, for now Tony was shifting, hips in the air, positioning himself, and then Clint felt that ridiculously tight heat as Tony sank down onto his cock.

Tony’s eyes slipped shut and he let out a long, low moan as he was filled.  He didn’t take it slow, didn’t pause, but immediately sank all the way down until Clint was sheathed balls deep.  “Fuck.”  The word was no more than air.

Clint’s hands found Tony’s waist, stroking the soft skin.  “You okay, darlin’?”

Tony nodded, eyes fluttering open; he smiled at Clint.  “Hold onto your hat, cowboy.  I believe I promised you one hell of a ride.”  And before Clint could say a thing, question the words, Tony did some sort of thing with his hips and Clint was crying out, fingers digging into Tony’s waist.

Fuck, Tony!”

Tony had that evil smile on his face.  He rocked in Clint’s lap, and this time Clint was ready for him, hips rolling up to meet him.

Tony made a sort of wrecked sob of “oh God, Clint!” and Clint nearly fell apart.  His hands gripped Tony’s waist tightly and he fucked up into him hard.  The angle must have been right for if possible, Tony cried out even louder, head tossing back.  “Fuck!”

Tony had been talking about this for so long, how sexy he found Clint with his bow, how badly he wanted to have sex at the range, but he had always refused to act on it, not wanting to get Clint in trouble.  And now that it was finally happening….

Clint couldn’t take his eyes off Tony.  The man was so warm beneath his hands, hot and tight around his cock, so wild and uninhibited and aliveGod, he was beautiful.

Tony’s brown eyes were hooded, full of such heat.  They met Clint’s, and the love there was impossible to miss.  He leaned in, hand running through Clint’s hair, and kissed him deep, hard, and Clint could feel every bit of love and passion Tony felt for him.  He let his hand slide down Tony’s body, wrap around his cock.  Tony’s body jolted, hips immediately reacting to the touch.  “Clint!”

“C’mon, darlin’,”  Clint stroked Tony in rhythm with the thrust of his own hips.  He could feel Tony’s own rhythm faltering, stuttering, and knew he wouldn’t be much longer.  Clint wasn’t going to last long, either.  Tony was too hot, too tight, too Goddamn beautiful.

Tony’s hips bucked especially hard, and then he did it, he let out that Goddamn motherfucking sound, and that was more than Clint could handle.  As he came, he could feel Tony’s hot seed spattering his hand as the man found his own release; Tony’s mouth captured Clint’s lips in a bruising kiss.  Clint pressed up into the kiss as hard as he could, hand slipping into Tony’s hair and pulling him closer, but it still wasn’t close enough.  Instead, he rolled Tony over, pinning the man beneath him once again so he could control the kiss.  Tony laughed into Clint’s mouth at the sudden relocation.  Clint pulled away, smiling down at him.

“You were right.”

Tony cocked a brow.  “Right about what?”  Clint opened his mouth to answer, but then Tony was talking again. “I mean, I’m assuming I was, since I always am, but what were you referring to this time?”

Clint rolled his eyes.  “Ass.”

“You love me.”

“You’re lucky.”

“Don’t I know it.”  Tony was grinning.  “So, what was I right about?”

Clint smiled.  “That was one hell of a ride.”

Tony burst out laughing.  “I’m glad you approve.”

“Oh, I do.”

“Worth the wait?”

“Most definitely.  Though we’re gonna have to do it again.”

“Oh, no question about that.”  Tony wriggled beneath Clint, getting more comfortable.  “Too awesome not to.”

“Agent Barton!”

Oh no.  Clint propped himself up on one elbow, enough so he could see the doorway.  The agents who had been in the room when Tony had arrived had obviously left once all of the foreplay had begun, but apparently they had decided not to simply leave.  No, they had instead apparently elected to tattle, for in the doorway was none other than Agent Coulson.

Clint sighed, muttering under his breath “Coulsen has now seen me naked twice.  That’s two times too many.”

Tony let out a burst of laughter.  “Hey, YOU wanted to have sex here.  YOU said you didn’t care what the consequences were.”

Clint opened his mouth to retort, but Coulson didn’t give him a chance, his voice even louder this time.  “Agent Barton!”

Clint sat up.  “Yes, sir?”

“Would you like to tell me what exactly you’re doing?”

Clint sat there silently, at a complete loss.  He knew it was perfectly clear what they were doing, still he couldn’t quite bring himself to say that they were having sex.  Not to Coulson.  It was just too awkward.  Furthermore, why did Coulson even want him to spell it out?  That was just weird.

Coulson seemed to sense that no answer was forthcoming.  “Put on your clothes, Agent Barton.  You too, Mr. Stark.  And then come with me.  Agent Barton, I mean.  You, Mr. Stark…..I don’t much care what you do.  So long as you do it somewhere else.  I don’t especially want to see you again today.”  With that, he turned and left.

Clint looked at Tony.  Tony stared right back at him, concern written in every line of his face.  “…..how much trouble are you in?”

Clint sighed.  “Well, not nearly as much as when we fucked on his desk, but I’d still say a decent amount.”

“…..was it worth it, though?”

Clint swatted the back of Tony’s head, ignoring the “ow!” that Tony let out.  “Idiot.  Of course it was.”

Tony smiled.  “Good.”  He grabbed the clothing nearest to him, tossing Clint his pants before shrugging into his own shirt.  “So you’re not going to get sent to Antarctica, then?”

Clint laughed.  “Nah.  Not this time.”  Finished dressing, he rose, tugging Tony to his feet.  “Still, I’m gonna get some kind of sucktastic punishment.”

“Fail.”  The two headed back towards the bridge, Tony blatantly ignoring Coulson’s order to stay away.  Coulson didn’t look at all happy to see him.  Clint was surprised that actual steam wasn’t coming out of his ears.

“Mr. Stark, I told you to go away.”

“Just wanted to see what Clint’s punishment is, so I’ll know how long he’ll be.”

Coulson glanced at Clint.  “Agent Barton will be organizing all of the files in Director Fury’s office.”

Clint’s jaw dropped.  “Are you kidding me?!”  Nick Fury’s office looked as if a bomb had gone off.  There were papers stacked about two feet high on his desk, scattered all over the floor, and none of the folders in the filing cabinets were in any sort of order.

Coulson simply stared at him.  “Do I look like I’m kidding?”  He looked to Tony.  “I would suggest you leave…Agent Barton will be busy for quite a while.  Possibly all night.”  He glanced at Clint. “I’d suggest you get to work.”  With that, he turned on his heel, disappearing over the bridge.

There was a long, deafening silence.  “….is he just trying to get rid of me?” Tony asked.

Clint sighed.  “Unfortunately not.  Fury’s office is the biggest mess I’ve ever seen.”


“Yeah.  Seriously Tony, you may as well just go home.  Get some rest.”

Tony shook his head.  He had that stubborn look on his face that Clint knew all too well.  “No.  I’m gonna stay here and wait.”

“Tony, no.  Coulson wasn’t kidding.  I’m gonna be here all night.  Till like…..1 in the morning.”  It was only afternoon.  That was way too long to wait.

“I don’t care.  I’m part of the reason you’re in trouble.  Coulson may not let me help you, but I’m not just gonna go home and leave you here.”



Clint looked at Tony, but the man just stared defiantly back.  Clint sighed.  “Whatever.  I’m gonna go and start working.  But when I come out, you’d better be gone.”  He gave Tony a kiss.  “I mean it.”

“Yea yea.  I’ll see you later.”  Tony pulled him in for another quick kiss.  “I love you.”

Clint smiled.  “Love you, too.”




It was well after midnight when Clint finished.  He hadn’t checked his watch in hours, but he would assume it was somewhere around 3 a.m.  Stifling a yawn, he left Fury’s office, locking the door behind him.  The most frustrating part, even moreso than putting all of those damn papers and files in order, was knowing that Fury would have his office back to the same state within a week, and all Clint’s work would have been for nothing.

Grabbing his coat, Clint headed towards the bridge, but he stopped dead when he reached his computer.  Tony was at his desk, fast asleep with his head on the keyboard.  He looked exhausted, as though he had tried to stay awake and wait for Clint but had finally failed and succumbed to sleep mere minutes ago.  Clint couldn’t help but smile, softly running his fingers through Tony’s messy brown hair.  “Dumbass,” he said affectionately.

Tony stirred at the word.  “Whawazzat?”

Clint chuckled.  “I told you not to stay here, idiot.”

Tony sat up, mumbling.  “Had to wait for you.”  He was rubbing at his face, but when he stopped, Clint finally got a good look at him and burst out laughing.  Tony looked at him, bewildered.  “What?”

“Tony….you have…”  Clint reached out, stroking a fingertip down Tony’s cheek where he had a series of little square marks left behind from the keys on the keyboard where he had laid his head.  “Sleep marks.  From the keyboard.”

“Huh?”  Tony ran a hand down his own face and felt the small indentations.  “…..oh.”  He smiled sheepishly.  “Oops?”

Clint shook his head.  “You idiot.”

“Shut up.”

“No.”  Clint kissed Tony.  “C’mon, darlin’.  Let’s go home.”

The two of them leaned on each other the whole way out to the car, both so exhausted.  Clint was more awake (Tony having just woken up), so he drove home.  They didn’t even bother with pajamas; they undressed each other with slow, sleepy hands, crawling into bed naked and pulling the covers up around them.

Tony snuggled up close to Clint, wrapping an around around him, tangling their legs together.  “I love you so much, you know that?”

Clint smiled.  “Yeah…I do.”

“Mm….good.”  He hugged Clint tighter.  “My Robin Hood.”

Clint laughed at that.  “Yup.”  Brown eyes gazed up at him, meeting blue.  Clint smiled at him.  “You gonna come watch me at the range again sometime?”

Tony grinned, despite the sleepiness in his eyes.  .  “You willing to risk the wrath of Coulson?”

“For a fucking as good as the one today?  Hell yeah.”

Tony laughed. “Then fuck yea, I’ll come by the range again.”

“And next time, you’ll shoot for me?”  The words sounded more like a command than a question.

Tony’s eyes were heavy as he drifted asleep, still he smiled, murmuring.  “Anything you want, Robin Hood.”





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  1. KattyRosie

     /  September 15, 2013

    YES!!!! So worth the wait, honey!!!

  2. Absolutely love this story!!! Thank you so much for updating.

  3. Another awesome story, always worth waiting for!
    Can’t wait for the next masterpiece 😀

  4. Reply
  5. fuzzyelf76

     /  September 16, 2013

    SO MUCH SMUT!!!! I loved it!!!!! It was also so cute with the cuddling at the end. It was great! I can’t wait for the next story!

    • I’m so glad you liked the end, cuz that was what I was most worried about lol. Sometimes things just don’t set quite right with me the first time I read it, and the end of this was one of them. But J2 liked it, and everyone here seems to, so I guess we’re good!

  6. Sirena

     /  September 16, 2013

    Yay! Thank you so much. Was more than worth the wait. And a great pick me up. And for me!!! 🙂 thank you. You are very awesome. 🙂

  7. nisa

     /  September 16, 2013

    That was good glad you were able to get this chapter up can’t wait for you to update more

  8. cutsycat

     /  September 17, 2013

    Yummy. I can foresee a never ending cycle of sex on the range and Coulson doling out punishments. lol. Though they may get tired of punishments and just have Tony build a range in the house. lol

  9. britewing

     /  September 22, 2013

    wow that was awesome. love it love it love it 🙂

  10. Windstorm124

     /  January 12, 2014

    (blinks) I’ve read this story before, but I hadn’t left a review, and I figure it’s way too awesome (and hot) to not leave a review, so I came back to it. And very well written. It’s interesting how you don’t have it that Clint is always entirely dominant, you switch it up. Sometimes even within the same story (like here). It keeps things fresh and… interesting.

    • Yea Tony usually (as I put it) “tops from below”. As in he’s the pushiest bottom ever. Clint may be the one on top, but Tony is often the one doing the ordering around lol. He’s just too bossy not to. And Clint likes him like that.


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