Meet You In The Red Room: Chapter 1

When a wild story about Tony hits the papers, it causes all kinds of trouble.

For those of you who don’t know what the Red Room is, it features prominently in Natasha’s storyline.  She was trained there, and biotechnologically and psycho-technologically enhanced. You’ll probably see more of it in the upcoming ‘Captain America: Winter Solider’ film.

This story came into being due to the current Iron Man story arc, which is crap-tastic, and making me uber mad.  >.<



Stark With a Drink- photo

Guys.  GUYS.  I just found this on a tumblr blog “Texts From Last Night” and nearly died, because the words and photo were SO ‘Stark With a Drink”.  So I had to repost it here.


Stark with a Drink

Kinda dying right now.

Home on the Range: Chapter 2

Tony felt heat flooding through him at combination of that perfect shot, the smile on Clint’s face, and love at the smugness, at what a conceited little bastard his boyfriend was.


Here it is!  Sorry it took so much longer than promised.  My inspiration went down the toilet.  Hope you like it!  This is for Sirena, who needs a pick me up, and is very persistent.  😛  I feel loved.^^

Link to chapter 1:


Artwork- ’50 Shades of Who Cares’

Luminadragon - 50 Shades of who cares

“And CLEARLY, this E.L James person doesn’t know FUCK ALL about kink.” Tony was on a roll. “And another thing–”
That was enough. Clint grabbed Tony’s hair, pulling him into a hard, deep kiss, interrupting whatever tangent he’d been heading into next. Tony let out a little “mmph!” of surprise, but quickly gave in, melting into Clint, arms wrapping around him.

More delicious artwork from J2, this one to go along with ‘Lessons in Literature’.   You can find the link to the story below:

So, I hope you guys like smut….

Cuz I was just writing chapter 2 of ‘Home on the Range’ and…..yea….



Hopefully it’ll be done in the next few days.  Right now, I’m going to go to bed and think about my life choices.  ^^;;;;

❤ Chris, the Nuwanda