Unexpected Art: drabble

Clint and Tony peruse the street-art put up after the Chitauri invasion.

You guys get to be the first to read this!  Hasn’t even been previewed by the Double-J!  Enjoy!


“Hey, check this one out!”

Tony moved down the sidewalk to his boyfriend’s side.  So much artwork had gone up after the events of the Chitauri invasion, so much graffiti in tribute to the Avengers, that the two men had decided it was finally time that they got out and saw some of it up close.  He looked up at the portrait the blonde was pointing to.

It was Natasha, down in her signature crouch, one leg out to the side, an arm behind her.  Only THIS Natasha was vastly different than the Natasha they knew.  This Natasha was wearing a shirt that was cut low, her ample cleavage threatening to burst free.  Her lips were crimson red and pouty, pursed in a seductive smile; her red hair was as long as it had been when she had worked the job at Tony’s place, and it flowed dramatically behind her.

Tony burst out laughing.  “Oh man.  Can you imagine what she’d say if she saw this?”

“Forget what she’d say, can you imagine what she’d do to the artist?”

That only made Tony laugh harder.  “Poor bastard.  We can only pray she never finds him.”

Clint was grinning; he took Tony’s hand in his.  Normally he wouldn’t display such affection, always worried about someone discovering their relationship and using it against them, but they had chosen this day specifically.  There was a parade through the heart New York City, and nearly everyone who wasn’t working that day was there.  The street was practically empty.  It was a perfect day for them to be out without anyone there to witness the two of them together.

Giving Tony’s hand a soft squeeze, Clint moved on, gently tugging the man down the sidewalk.  “Hey, here’s another good one of you.”

It WAS a nice one, Tony had to admit.  It was an incredibly accurate portrait of his face, with him in his Iron Man Suit flying through the sky behind him, painting a background of brilliant colors.  Whoever the artist was, he had done a fantastic job.

Clint was smiling at him.  Tony returned the look, wishing he could kiss the man, but knowing that even with the streets as empty as they were, he couldn’t risk it.  There were still buildings on either side, still people who might see, no matter how small the chances.  Anyway, something was bothering him.  He frowned.

“You know, there are no paintings of you.”

Clint didn’t seem bothered at all.  “Yeah well I was up top the whole battle.  Other than the very start of the fighting, no one got to see me.”  He grinned.  “Plus, compared to the Hulk, a god, a super-soldier, and Tony Stark, who’s going to be impressed with the archer?”

Tony’s brows shot up.  “Wow, that was….incredibly modest of you.”  Clint laughed.  “But hey, you’re forgetting Tasha.  She doesn’t have superpowers either.”

“No, but she’s got a killer body.”

Tony glanced down the walkway, back at the drawing of Tasha with her breasts hanging out.  “…..I see your point.”  He turned back to Clint, smile on his face as he trailed a hand over Clint’s bicep.  This much he dared, onlookers be damned.  “….yours is still better.”

Clint laughed.  “You better think so.  I’d be disappointed otherwise.”

“Oh, no worries there.”  Tony took Clint’s hand again, and they resumed walking.  “I’m still upset that no one got a good painting of you on here.”  Then he stopped dead, hand breaking free from Clint’s as he pointed.  “There!  There you are!”

“What?  Really?”

“Yea, you….”  Tony trailed off, staring at the picture, then turning back to Clint.  “……when did you fight a werewolf?”

“……what?”  Clint stared at the picture, positive there must be some confusion.  But there was no question about it, the painting was unmistakably him, bow in hand, battling a snarling beast that was most definitely a werewolf.

Tony still had that bemused look on his face.  Clint turned to him with a grin.  “I don’t know, but I bet it was AWESOME.”

Tony shook his head.  “You’re such an ass.”

Clint laughed.  “You know it.”  And in a show of daring Tony never would have expected from him, he leaned in and gave Tony a quick peck on the lips.  Tony stared at him, astonished.  Clint smiled.  “C’mon, Mr. Stark, let’s get home.”

Tony took Clint’s hand with a smile.  “Sound’s good.”  They headed down the street towards home.  “I’ve had enough art for the day.”

“Really?  You’re tired of looking at yourself?”

“Shut up.”

“I wouldn’t’ve thought that was possible.”

“Clint, I swear to God…” Tony’s words were angry but his experssion was anything but, amusement written in every corner of his face, in the smile lines in the corners of his eyes, those crow’s feet that Clint loved.


Tony gave him that warning look that he used when he was only pretending to be angry.  “Shut up.”

“Yeah?”  Clint’s eyes narrowed, a challenge in his smile.  “Or what?”

Something darkened in Tony’s eyes, a heat rolling through them.  “Or I make you.”  The corners of his mouth curved in a smirk.  “…..little boy.”

Clint felt a shiver run down his spine.  “….oh.”  His voice was practically a whisper when he spoke next.  “…that’s not very good incentive for me to shut up.”

Tony’s head tipped back as he laughed.  “Brat.”  His voice was affectionate.

“Old man.”  It was easy to see that those words affected Tony just as Tony’s had affected him, a flush rising to the older man’s face.  He gave Clint’s hand a squeeze, and stopped walking.  Clint looked around him, momentarily confused.  “What’re we doing….”  And then he realized that they had found their way back to the Tower.  “…..oh,” he said, somewhat lamely.

Tony laughed again.  “C’mon inside, little boy.  Gotta see about shutting you up.”

Clint could feel that heat pulling at him, but he managed to hide it from his face, smirking brazenly at Tony.  “Show me what you got, old man.”  And from the look in Tony’s eyes, he knew that he was in for one wild ride.



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  1. J2

     /  August 22, 2013

    It was a glorious battle. It involved flying horses and a giant turtle at one point. Everyone should be sorry they missed it.

    • AHAHAHAHAHA omg.

      This is what I get when I complain you didn’t comment.

      Is this Thor? Did he witness the fight with the werewolf?

      • J2

         /  August 22, 2013

        It’s Clint repeating what Thor would have said, cuz Thor would have weirdly pronounced names for said flying horses and giant turtle.

      • Hahaha I’ll have to put something like this in a story. I would LOVE to have Clint imitate Thor. I think Tony would, too. He’d die of laughter.

  2. britewing

     /  August 23, 2013

    nice i like it. now if only the Clint and werewolf painting was real 🙂

    • There is. Not one of him fighting a werewolf, but there’s one of him WITH one. That’s what inspired this. When Avengers came out, I fell in love with Clint (was already in love with Tony) and I started buying up tons of Hawkeye comics. And there’s one where the cover is him next to a werewolf. And J2 and I had noticed that, in the film, there WAS no art of Clint amongst the other graffiti. Thus this story was born.

      • Oh, and thank you so much for reviewing! I get so sad when I post a story and get no replies lol. You’re awesome! ❤

  3. Windstorm124

     /  January 15, 2014

    …Now I wanna read an Avengers X Supernatural. (sighs) Unfortunately, there aren’t really any good ones out there; I looked. And the few there are that are good, haven’t been updated in four years. (sighs). Oh well.

    Brilliant story, as always, and I like how you always have something a little special that is part of there relationship. Little inside jokes that you keep from story to story. I like those, and every time I find one in a story it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (grins)

    • LOL as far as Avengers/Supernatural goes, J2 and I have a theory that Dean is Tony’s/Clint’s lovechild.

      You seriously just leave the best reviews. I get all fuzzy and squishy. Thank you!

      • Windstorm124

         /  January 19, 2014

        That’s a really… interesting (and slightly disturbing) theory. How would that even work?! And what about Sam?
        The other problem I have with many of the crossovers is that most of them ship Dean with someone, and I just don’t see how some of those pairings could even function (Dean and Natasha, for example. She’d tear him apart!)

        …I’ve never gotten a compliment on my reviews before, so I have no idea how to respond to that aside from; Thank you! I’m just glad that you actually read and bother to respond (like I’ve mentioned before, a lot of authors don’t even acknowledge that I left a review). Continue writing your awesome stories!

        A slightly off-topic question though, since we’re already discussing Supernatural….. Have you ever written a Supernatural/Avengers crossover?

      • No, I’ve never written a crossover. I’m not a fan of them. I don’t LITERALLY mean the character of Dean himself would be their kid, I mean if you took him out of the show and just kept his name and personality, he would be their kid. Because his personality so reminds me of how a child of Dean’s and Clint’s would turn out.

      • Windstorm124

         /  January 21, 2014

        Okay. That makes more sense. And yeah, you’re right. Their personalities are so similar, it’s weird.

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