Hey everyone!  I miss you all!  I feel like i haven’t been on this site in a year!

I’ve been busy with GISHWHES.  I think I mentioned I was doing that.  If you’re not familiar with it, go to gishwhes.com, and make sure you sign up next year.  It’s an international scavenger hunt run by our overlord, Misha Collins, but it’s 156 items (including such things as putting shirts on roosters and making an African safari animal out of maxi pads), and all of it has to be accomplished in a week.  So yea.  I feel dead.  DEAD.

It ends tomorrow at 4, and as much as I’ll miss the insanity, I’m super glad.  I’m exhausted, and my broken leg has pretty much taken about three steps backwards in the healing process.

As of tomorrow night, though, I’m going to start writing like crazy.  I miss my boys like it’s nobody’s business.  IronHawk like whoa.  So hopefully you’ll be seeing some stuff soon.

Miss you all!

❤ Chris, the Nuwanda

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