Artwork- Wings

Luminadragon - Wings


More fabulous work by J2.  She started drawing a mechanical wing, and it turned into naked Tony, and then Clint decided he wanted to get in on the action.  Yea.  Hentai escaped again.  Eventually I’ll post a picture of Hentai and you’ll understand why he’s usually kept locked up.

So here.  Enjoy your pr0n.^^


Thank you, those who replied, and I’m sorry to everyone. I’m going to just suck it up and deal with it. Reviews obviously would still be greatly appreciated, because I like knowing you’re there, and reading, but I’m going to do my best to just deal and stop being annoying. Sorry! 😦


Anyway, wrote a couple more pages last night, hopefully it’ll be up soon. In the meantime, here’s some Tony/Clint lovin’ for you:




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Unexpected Art: drabble

Clint and Tony peruse the street-art put up after the Chitauri invasion.

You guys get to be the first to read this!  Hasn’t even been previewed by the Double-J!  Enjoy!


Birthday and new drabble!

Hey guys!  Yup, it’s my birthday!  I’m officially 28!  Yaaaaay!


Anyway, you don’t need to hear about that.  Just wanted to let you know that I should be posting a new drabble either tonight or tomorrow.  I’m hoping to run it past my J2, like I do with all my IronHawk works, but I really REALLY want to post it, so we’ll see if I talk to her tonight or not lol. 


I’m also working on chapter 2 of “Home on the Range”, so that should be good!




❤ Chris, teh Nuwanda


Hey everyone!  I miss you all!  I feel like i haven’t been on this site in a year!

I’ve been busy with GISHWHES.  I think I mentioned I was doing that.  If you’re not familiar with it, go to, and make sure you sign up next year.  It’s an international scavenger hunt run by our overlord, Misha Collins, but it’s 156 items (including such things as putting shirts on roosters and making an African safari animal out of maxi pads), and all of it has to be accomplished in a week.  So yea.  I feel dead.  DEAD.

It ends tomorrow at 4, and as much as I’ll miss the insanity, I’m super glad.  I’m exhausted, and my broken leg has pretty much taken about three steps backwards in the healing process.

As of tomorrow night, though, I’m going to start writing like crazy.  I miss my boys like it’s nobody’s business.  IronHawk like whoa.  So hopefully you’ll be seeing some stuff soon.

Miss you all!

❤ Chris, the Nuwanda

An (Un?)Pleasant Reaction

SHIELD tests out a new drug sample.  Clint has a rather interesting reaction to it.

The second chapter of this story is probably going to be THE smuttiest I’ve written yet.  God help me.


Adrenaline: Chapter 2

Clint’s arms wrapped tight around him, hands seeming to run everywhere….his chest, his stomach, his thighs….everywhere but where he most wanted to be touched.

So yea, this is basically pure smut.  That’s why it’s taken so long to write.  As much as I love me some smut (obviously), you have to be in the right mindset to write it.  But here it is at last.  Enjoy!^^

Link to Adrenaline: Chapter 1


Story Order

Hey guys!  At the request of several, I have finally uploaded a list of the stories in chronological order!  I haven’t done so before now because for the most part, the order is unimportant; most of the pieces can even be read as standalones.  But the request had been made several times, so I finally did it.  And boy, was it a pain!  😛

I’ll keep up with this as stories get posted, but for now, hope this helps!

❤ Chris, the Nuwanda


PS- forgot to say.  It’s linked along the righthand side of the page, right next to the link that leads you to J2’s art gallery.^^