Injured :(

Hey guys.  So yea….this past Thursday night, I got a bit dizzy and attempted to head downstairs anyway.  I tripped about halfway down and fell down about six steps and managed to break two bones in my leg.  Because I am just that skilled.

So from this past Thursday until yesterday, Monday, I was in the hospital.  Two compound fractures.  They stuck a rod in my leg.  Fun times.

Just wanted to let you all know cuz this means two things, one bad and one good, both stemming from the same place.  The recovery time they gave me is approximately two months, give or take.  This means two months in bed, going out of my mind.  So the bad part is that at first I will be getting no writing done, because I will be in grumpy, whiny, drugged up pain.  The good part is that for the second part of that period, as I start to feel better, I will still be stuck in this room I am already sick of, giving me plenty of time to write.


Hopefully I’ll get a lot done for you guys, and fast!  I’d post the photo of my leg all wrapped up but no one wants to see it lol.  If anyone watches ‘Family Guy’, let’s just say that I would win Bill Clinton’s “cankle” contest hands-down.  😛


❤ Chris, the Nuwanda


I’m back!

Hey guys!  I’m back from ConnectiCon!  It was actually last weekend, so I was done Sunday, but I’ve been decompressing and working and being generally lazy lol.

Obligatory cosplay photo:

dean me

It’s me as Dean from the TV show ‘Supernatural’!  I have dude hair now!  It’s gonna stay that way for a while, though, cuz I LOVE it!

ANYway, I know probably none of you care about that, since this is a site for fanfic, not my silly cosplay!  But the good news about the con being over is that now that I’m done working on costumes and props, I’ll have plenty more time for writing!  Updates!  Yaaaay!

I’ve been like….ridiculously super depressed lately, and now I’m having difficulties with bills, and my car, and tons of shit, so I’m hoping that throwing myself into writing will help.  So I’m going to try to write a lot.  Lots and lots.

Anyone live in the New England area?  I highly doubt it, but if so, we should have a big nerdy IronHawk get together.  I’d love to meet you guys.  That would cheer me up.

I’m gonna stop rambling now.  I just wanted to let you all know that I’m back and I’ve been reading through the IronHawk pieces on my computer, and hopefully I’ll get some updates posted soon!

Lots of love!

❤ Chris, the Nuwanda

New Beginnings: Chapter 4

This chapter is for KattyRosie, since she has stress and I love her.  ❤

Natasha may be the best in the world at getting information, but there were some details that Clint just didn’t want to share.  Some that were just too precious.  And nothing Tasha could do to him would pry those details from his lips.