Muffins and Bacon!

Okay guys, more pictures for you.

I know I posted a picture of Muffins before, but since then, that cat has become our family’s cat, and it is hard to think of her as Tony and Clint’s male cat Muffins.  So there is a new Muffins.  Here he is:

mustache cat

Muffins has a mustache!  Someone posted this cat on tumblr and I fell in love.  He actually has similar patterns to my cat Tasha, but the mustache!  Oh my God, it kills me.  And now what was formerly a white bow-tie under the chin will be a black one, which this cat does not have.  Muffins has more black on him though, on his back, and would be less fluffy.  He’s a short-haired cat.  Also, disregard the double-paws.  Muffins has normal paws.  Bacon has the double-paws.  XD


And here’s Bacon!

Bacon 3

Just add some double-paws and there he is!


So there you are!  There’s the two troublemakers!  Hope you enjoy them!^^


Texts with Tasha- not so secret after all.

Someone posted something on tumblr that was supposed to be a text between Clint and Tasha.  It actually features a picture from the shooting of ‘Winter Soldier’, but it totally struck me as something that could lead to a Tasha/Clint/Tony convo, so here’s a tiny blurb for you all.  So the photo part was created by someone else, I just created the text that follows.

TASHA:  *forwards the conversation to Tony*  Stark, your boyfriend is an idiot.

TONY:  *after dying of laughter, forwards the conversation to Clint*   Clint, you’re an ass.

*long pause*

CLINT:  …… weren’t supposed to see that.