New Beginnings: Chapter 3- Epilogue

No, this is NOT the end of New Beginnings, it is simply an epilogue to chapter 3.  It was originally going to be part of chapter 4, but it’s really more suited to be part of the last chapter, and it’s too short to be it’s own chapter, so I’m just tagging it on as a mini epilogue.  Make sense?  Good.  😛

I apologize in advance that I probably won’t be around much until mid July.  I’m trying to get stuff done for the CTCon convention that’s at the beginning of July, and I’m making a prop that’s taking a ridiculously long time.  So I’m trying to balance my time well.  Thus far I have been failing.  Sorry!

Anyway, I have chapter 4 all organized, so hopefully I’ll get it written soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this short little epilogue chapter!


It turned out that challenging Clint Barton to a first person shooter was a VERY bad idea.  In hindsight, it should have been incredibly obvious, but all Tony had been thinking about was how much fun he’d had playing as a kid, and how many years of experience he had on Clint.  It didn’t matter in the slightest.  He was getting his ass handed to him.

“This is NOT FAIR!” Tony groaned as Clint made yet another successful shot.  “YOU WEREN’T EVEN BORN WHEN THIS GAME CAME OUT!”

Clint grinned, taking careful aim at yet another pixelated duck.  “You know, you’re really aging yourself, Tony.”


There it was again, the internet jargon.  Clint burst out laughing.  “You are such an ass.”

“Tch.  I’m awesome.”

“And yet I’m totally kicking your ass at Duck Hunt.”

“……I’m still awesome.  In many ways.”

“Oh?  Many, huh.”

“Yes.  A multitude of ways.”

“Mm.”  Clint couldn’t stop smiling.  He didn’t think he had ever known anyone as ridiculous as Tony, or as fun.  “I’ll be sure to remember that.”

“Please do.”  Tony watched as Clint shot yet another duck.  “…..okay.”  He moved to the TV and yanked the plug out, the screen going dark.

“Hey!” Clint protested.  “I was playing that!”

“Really?”  Tony stared at Clint with wide eyes.  “I hadn’t noticed!”

Clint’s eyes narrowed.  “Asshole.”

Tony simply grinned, crawling on his knees towards Clint, moving slowly, almost predatorily.  Clint watched him silently, but he could feel his body heat rising; his dick gave a twitch, definitely taking interest at the sight of Tony on his knees, a smile on his face and a look in his eyes that practically screamed ‘sex’.

“…..what are you doing?”

Tony just smiled as he reached Clint, hands sliding slowly, teasingly up Clint’s thighs and back down, spreading Clint’s knees so he could move between them.  “You won Duck Hunt.  It’s your turn for a prize.”

Clint tried to speak, but nothing came out.  He swallowed, throat dry, and finally managed a polite “oh?”

Tony nodded.  “I hope you find it satisfactory.”  His fingers went to the fly of Clint’s jeans, unzipping them; he looked up at Clint with a little smirk.  “I’d like to think I’m pretty good at this.”

Oh God.  Tony was going to blow him.  Clint had gotten a small taste of what Tony’s mouth could do the night of the gala, but Tony had only sucked him briefly, a matter of maybe a minute, and yet it was still one of the most amazing sensations he had ever felt.  “….s’that right.”

The look in Tony’s eyes was absolutely filthy.  “I’ve never had any complaints.”

Clint didn’t even have time for that comment to sink in, to feel jealousy over the other men Tony must have been with, for Tony’s mouth was on him now and his head fell back against the couch as he practically sobbed out a low moan, hands gripping Tony’s hair so tight he was afraid he would tear it out but he couldn’t have let go if he tried.  He’d had a few blowjobs before, but they were nothing like this.  Clint didn’t have words for this.  He felt like he was floating, and he was vaguely aware that his hips were moving on their own, fucking into Tony’s mouth, but he couldn’t control it.  His body and his mind had become two separate entities, and both were under Tony’s control.

It was embarrassing how quickly Tony was able to wring an orgasm from him, the feeling tearing through him with all the strength of a tidal wave.  Afterwards, he lay panting on the couch, his mind struggling to get a handle on all that had just happened.  Tony rose to his feet, smile on his face, and climbed onto the couch, kneeling in Clint’s lap.

“Well?” he asked.  “What’s the verdict?”  His voice was wrecked from having Clint’s cock down his throat, and he looked absolutely gorgeous….hair a mess, cheeks flushed, lips swollen.  There was a small drop of cum on the corner of his mouth.  Clint reached out and brushed it away with his thumb.

“Best reward I’ve ever gotten.”

Tony grinned, catching Clint’s hand and sucking his thumb clean.  Clint’s breath caught at that.  It felt amazing, and looked sexy as hell.  Fuck.  Why was everything Tony did so damn sexy?  “Glad to hear it.”

“Yeah.”  Clint ran a hand through Tony’s hair, trying to flatten it.  “I’m impressed.  I thought the only thing your mouth was good for was never shutting up.”

Tony burst out laughing.  Clint grinned.  That laughter was infectious.  “Oh you have no idea.”


“Oh yea.  My mouth has many, many skills.”  There was an edge to Tony’s voice that was unmistakable.  Add that to the fire in his eyes and it was one hundred percent clear what he was getting at.

“Is that right?” Clint ran his hands down Tony’s back, fingers catching in his belt loops, pulling him closer.  “….show me.”



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  1. Backlash

     /  May 28, 2013

    Every time I see an email in my inbox saying you posted something new I get so happy. X3 And you never disappoint~!

    I can totally picture Clint kicking Tony’s ass at Duck Hunt xD and Tony getting all huffy about it. Adorable~

    And then of course, blow jobs. Cause the world needs more blow jobs. Yes. This is a fact. Trust me. I’m a scientist. :p

  2. KattyRosie

     /  May 29, 2013

    *whimper* More! 😀

    • Lol gonna hopefully get to that soon! I’m making John Winchester’s journal from ‘Supernatural’. Don’t know if you watch it, but it’s an awesome show, and this prop is taking FOREVER. >.< I need it for the beginning of July, so I have plenty of time, but there's like, 80 pages in the journal that need to be drawn/written in, and it's taking soooo long. *insert Tony pout*
      Thank you, as always, SOOOO much for reviewing. I have to say, I am supremely bummed out that only 2 of you have stopped by so far. I know it's a short chapter but I had thought people would be excited to see another installment of this one. :/

      • KattyRosie

         /  June 1, 2013

        I was excited….I was just out of the country so it took me a bit to reply. 😀

        And nope….don’t watch Supernatural. After being on Tumblr for a while, I feel like I have, though! LOL.

      • LOL yea I can see that. It’s freaking everywhere, especially if you’re a fan of Avengers, Doctor Who, or Sherlock. It’s as if you can’t be a fan of one without liking the others.

  3. fuzzyelf

     /  May 30, 2013

    That was HOT!!!!! Also, now I want to play duck hunt. 😉 Good luck with your prep for the con. I look forward to reading more soon.

    • LOL me too! I haven’t played since I was super little! My older cousin had it. I wasn’t allowed to have video games so I used to play it at his house.

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked it, and thank you for taking the time to review!

  4. Paisley15

     /  June 14, 2013

    They are so cute. Love it!


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