New Beginnings: Chapter 3- Epilogue

No, this is NOT the end of New Beginnings, it is simply an epilogue to chapter 3.  It was originally going to be part of chapter 4, but it’s really more suited to be part of the last chapter, and it’s too short to be it’s own chapter, so I’m just tagging it on as a mini epilogue.  Make sense?  Good.  😛

I apologize in advance that I probably won’t be around much until mid July.  I’m trying to get stuff done for the CTCon convention that’s at the beginning of July, and I’m making a prop that’s taking a ridiculously long time.  So I’m trying to balance my time well.  Thus far I have been failing.  Sorry!

Anyway, I have chapter 4 all organized, so hopefully I’ll get it written soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this short little epilogue chapter!



Nightmares: Chapter 1

An early relationship discussion leads to so much more.

So yea!  You guys get another new piece before I update an old one.  Because for serious?  Almost 100 pieces on this computer.  Life, what is it?

Sorry I haven’t been around much.  Had surgery, which hopefully sorted out the stomach problem, and I’ve been recuperating by watching every season of ‘Supernatural’.  I repeat.  Life, what is it?  Clearly, I do not have one.

****Anyway, this heavily references ‘Magic Hands’, which is one of the REALLY early stories posted, so I put the link here.  It’s really early in their relationship, probably before they move in together.  Hope you enjoy.