So J2 found this online, and decreed that it’s totally Clint and Tony.  It so is.  So I substituted the names.  And just now, I realized you guys might enjoy it.  Link to the original is below, though all I changed is the names.


Tony: *discussing some theories of mathematics* “…and that’s where the concept of relative infinities comes in.”

Clint: “Okay, I really don’t get that. How can something infinite be bigger than something that is also infinite?”

Tony: “I can explain!”

(Tony goes off into an explanation that only confuses Clint more.)

Clint: “Stop! I don’t get it, just stop!”

Tony: “No, this is really interesting!”

Clint: “No, really, I’m okay, just stop!” *he starts walking away*

Tony: *follows Clint* “No, just let me tell you the story of the infinite hotel!”

Clint: “No!”

(Tony proceeds to follow Clint in circles around the house trying to tell his story.)

Clint: “Jaaaarviiiiiis! He’s bullying me with math!”



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  1. fuzzyelf

     /  March 21, 2013

    Cute! I never did get math, it makes my brain hurt. HAHA 😉


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