New Beginnings: Chapter 3

Tony smiled, that smile that just spoke volumes, that said just how much Clint meant to him without saying anything at all. 

New Beginnings: Chapter 2 is linked below-


Clint had barely knocked on the door before it opened and there was Tony, smiling at Clint as if he hadn’t seen him in a year.  It made Clint’s face burn, and he prayed to God he wasn’t blushing.  “Hi.”

“Hello.”  Again, Tony was patient.  He made no move to kiss Clint, simply held the door open for him.  It made Clint’s stomach do that little fluttery, topsy turvy thing again.  Damn, Tony was good at that.  And it made him feel good enough, sure enough, that he leaned in and gave Tony a kiss, catching the corner of his mouth.  It felt strange, but right.  So very right.

Tony looked at Clint with surprise, and then he smiled, that smile again that just spoke volumes, that said just how much Clint meant to him without saying anything at all.  That smile was phenomenally gorgeous.  It only increased that burning feeling in Clint’s cheeks.  It made him feel….strange.  No one had ever looked at him that way.  It was as if…  As if I’m his entire world. 

            The thought was unsettling, for that was EXACTLY how Tony was looking at him.  As if nothing in the world meant more than Clint.  No one had ever looked at him that way.  As far as Clint knew, no one had ever thought anything like that about him, either.  It was strange, and new, and…..amazing.  He couldn’t help it; he kissed Tony again, their lips pressing together in a hard, quick kiss.  When he pulled away, Clint saw Tony looking at him in surprise once more, but it was an extremely happy sort of surprise.

Tony smiled.  “I’m happy to see you, too.”

At that, Clint flushed, he couldn’t help it.  “Shut the fuck up.”  He headed inside.

Tony laughed.  “No.”  He reached for Clint as the man walked past him, fingers carding through the soft blonde hair as he moved past Tony and into the house.

Clint shrugged out of his coat.  “How’d you know it was me?”  He’d barely knocked before Tony had answered the door.


“Oh, right.”  That made sense.

“You don’t have to knock, you know.”  Tony followed Clint into the kitchen area.  “Jarvis’ll just let you in.”

“Is that really safe?”

Tony leaned back against the counter, weight on his elbows. “Why?”  He grinned.  “You planning to do horrible things to me?”

Clint rolled his eyes.  “No.”

“Then I think we’re good.”

“Even so…..”

“Clint!”  Tony’s voice was almost admonishing.  Clint shut his mouth.  “It doesn’t matter.  We don’t need to talk about it now.  Unless that’s what you came over to talk about?  My house’s security system?”


“Then we’ll work it out.  I’d rather just let you have free access, but if you’re not okay with that, we’ll figure out something else, yea?”

Clint couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that Tony trusted him this much.  Between his background and his line of work, he wasn’t used to that sort of trust.  But it felt amazing.  He nodded.  “Yeah.  Sounds good.”

Tony smiled.  “Okay, then.  Well…..what do you wanna do?”

“I don’t know.”

Tony laughed.  “Oh, great.”

“Hey, I decided last time.  Both sets of plans, I seem to remember.  The movie and the gala.”

“This is true.”  Tony cocked his head, considering.  God, he looked cute.  “Well then… like video games?”

“Video games?”  Clint wasn’t sure he heard right.  “The great Tony Stark plays video games?”

“Shut the fuck up!”  But Tony was laughing.  “Video games are awesome.”

“Yeah, they are.  Still…….you’re a nerd.”

“Yea, I am.  And you love it.”

Clint shook his head.  “I will neither confirm nor deny that.”

Tony grinned.  “That’s about as good as a yes.”

Clint felt himself trying to flush again.  “Shut the fuck up.”

Tony just laughed again.  “Well, come on then, Agent Barton, let’s go to the living room.  Bet I can school you in Mario Cart.”

Mario Cart?” Clint echoed.

“What’s wrong with Mario Cart?”

“Nothing.  That’s just…  The epitome of nerdy.”

“I’ve got Duck Hunt, if you prefer.”  Tony led Clint down the hall to the living room.

Duck Hunt?!”

Tony stopped behind the bar.  Clearly in his mind, everything was better with drinks.  Well……almost everything, if the sex the night of the gala was any indication.  They’d been drinking at the gala, but Clint knew that Tony hadn’t gone out of his way to get drunk, or to get Clint drunk, in order to get him into bed.  Clint doubted Tony ever needed to get someone drunk to get them into bed.  From what he’d seen, Tony had all too many people willing to partner him without the assistance of alcohol.  The thought sent a jealous stirring in his stomach.

Tony was watching Clint from behind the bar as he poured the drinks.  Clint got the distinct feeling he’d missed something.  “……what?”

Tony looked amused.  “I asked if that was before your time.  Duck Hunt, I mean.”

“Uh, I think so.  What is it?”

Tony paused in pouring drinks to gesture along with his explanation.  “Your controller’s a gun.  Duck flies in the air.  You shoot the duck.”

Clint waited for more, but Tony simply looked back at him, and it became clear no more was forthcoming.  “….that…….that’s it?”  Tony nodded.  “…..that…….is INCREDIBLY lame.”

“Hey, shut up!”  Tony laughed.  “That was the epitome of awesome when I was a kid!”

“Well then your childhood video games sucked.”

“Hey, it beats Pong.”

Pong Clint was familiar with.  “Yeah, I suppose it does.”

“Yea.  So STFU.”

“……did you just tell me to STFU?”


“……you just spoke internet jargon to me.”

“Yes I did.”

“……you are most definitely the weirdest person I have ever met.”

“Yea, I’m told that a lot.”  Tony returned to Clint’s side, offering him a drink.  Clint accepted, looking at Tony with a suspiciously arched brow.  Tony laughed.  “It’s just a rum and coke.  Promise.”

“Your promises mean nothing where alcohol is concerned.”  But Clint took a sip, and found it was true.

“You wound me, sir.”

“You know I’m right.”  Clint set the glass on the coffee table.  “So……Mario Kart?”




It didn’t take long at all for Clint to discover that Tony was ridiculously good at video games….he would go so far as to say unfairly so.  After all, Clint’s reflexes were at least twice as good as Tony’s.  He should’ve had this competition in the bag.  And yet four races later, Clint still found himself without a single win.

Tony’s Mario Kart skills seemed even more unlikely when watching him play.  He was one of those people who played as if his character would respond to his own movements.  When he was trying to make his character take a hard right turn, his arms extended as far as possible, entire body leaning to the right until his shoulder was brushing Clint’s.  It shouldn’t have made any difference in how Waluigi moved, but somehow it seemed to.  Clint knew that was impossible, but every single time, Tony managed to beat him in a near perfect race, so the man was obviously doing something right, even if it wasn’t his bizarre style of playing.  Besides, the crazy flailing was ridiculously adorable.  And somehow a little bit sexy.

Clint shook his head to try and get rid of that thought.  There was no way Tony’s demented floundering was sexy.  The thought itself was absurd.  But there he went again, and Clint glanced over at him, taking in every detail of Tony’s actions.  The way his eyes narrowed, all of his attention focused on that screen, how hard he gripped the controller, fingers pressing so hard on the buttons that Clint was amazed they didn’t break…..the way he chewed his lower lip in concentration…….God, that mouth……

Then Tony was throwing his arms in the air, crowing “I won again!”  He pointed a triumphant finger at Clint.  “Ha!  Take THAT!”

Clint didn’t answer; he simply threw his controller aside, tossing a leg astride Tony, straddling his lap.  Tony looked up at Clint, surprise written in every inch of his face.

“Uh….not that I wanna stop you or anything, but…what’re you doing?”

Clint stroked Tony’s cheek lightly, eliciting a shiver.  “You won Mario Kart.”  Leaning closer, he could feel that wonderful heat Tony seemed to radiate, their lips almost brushing as he murmured.  “I’m giving you your prize.”

Tony’s voice was barely more than a whisper.  “Oh.”  His hands cupped Clint’s face.  “Well, I can’t think of a better one.”

Clint laughed.  “I’m glad you approve.”

“Oh, I do.”  Tony rocked upwards, their groins rubbing together, and Clint could feel Tony hard beneath him.  It was still such a new feeling, but so good.  He reached between them, fingers fumbling with the zipper on Tony’s jeans.  He heard Tony’s breath catch.  It felt amazing that he could do this to Tony…..elicit such a reaction when he hadn’t even done anything yet.

It was impossible to get Tony’s pants open while on top of him.  Clint shifted, lifting off of the man, eliciting a whine of disappointment.  He laughed breathlessly.  “Hey.  You want your pants off or don’t you?”

“Oh, do I ever.”  Tony’s hands were tracing over Clint’s back, teasing little touches.  “Especially if yours are following suit?”

“Mm…”  Clint kissed Tony again, smiling as he pulled away.  “….I think that can be arranged.”  His pants were easier to undo; he could do that right from his spot in Tony’s lap.

“Oh, good.”  Tony’s hands were still roaming Clint’s back, feeling far better than they had a right to.  One of them found its way beneath his shirt, stroking the soft skin, and Clint gasped at the touch.

“Fuck!”  His hands reflexively caught hold of the waistband of Tony’s slacks, gripping hard.  It had been such a light touch, but it had felt so damn good.  How did Tony know how to make every little thing feel so fucking amazing?

Clint realized at that moment that, no matter how well things had gone the other night, compared to Tony, he honestly didn’t know a thing about this.  A sudden feeling of nervousness overwhelmed him.  There he was, in Tony Stark’s lap, both their pants undone, without a clue where to go from there.

Tony seemed to sense Clint’s dilemma.  He also seemed to know that any spoken attempt to reassure was not what Clint wanted.  Instead, he simply acted.  It was perfect.  Clint was always better with the physical than with words.

“Here.”  And then Tony was tugging Clint’s pants down further, freeing him from the tight confines of his jeans.  Their cocks brushed, hard heat rubbing together, and Clint whimpered at the sensation.  Tony chuckled.

“Yea.  My feelings exactly.”  He kissed Clint softly.  Clint was practically trembling.  He didn’t like it.  It made him feel almost weak in a way, and he didn’t like feeling weak.  And yet something about it was so good.  That Tony could do this to him, make him feel so vulnerable…..he liked that.  He liked that Tony could make him feel this way, only Tony.

He was pulled from his thoughts as Tony’s hand stroked his shaft.  “Here.”  And then Tony was taking them both in hand.  “Let me take care of you.” And he stroked both their cocks at once, one slow, smooth stroke, and oh God, a low, whimpering moan escaped before Clint had a chance to try and stop it.  The smile on Tony’s face, the look in his eyes… could Tony look at him that way?  Like he was all that mattered in the world, that pleasing Clint was more than Tony could ask for.  It also didn’t help that the expression was coupled with a look of unbridled lust.  It was more than Clint could handle.  He burrowed his face against Tony’s shoulder to hide from that look, nuzzling against Tony’s throat.

Tony’s hand continued to move, jerking them together.  His lips brushed Clint’s ear in a soft kiss.  “Gonna make you feel so good,” he murmured.

Oh.”  Clint shuddered against Tony, clutching his shoulders.

Tony made a happy sound as Clint’s fingers dug into his flesh.  “Yea.  Let go for me.”

“Fuck……fuck, Tony.”  Clint nuzzled Tony’s throat.  His teeth found the fabric of Tony’s shirt, tugging it further down, and then his mouth latched onto that gorgeous flesh.  Tony let out a little cry.  His hips automatically rolled up, thrusting into his hand, cock rubbing that much harder against Clint’s, and Clint moaned against Tony’s throat, biting down harder.

Tony let out this sound, a sort of little sigh with a moan on the end, and fuck all if it wasn’t the Goddamn sexiest thing Clint had ever heard in his entire life.  He pulled back enough to kiss Tony, hard and desperate, hands cupping his face.

When Clint pulled away, Tony’s gorgeous brown eyes were looking into his.  There was that look again, that look that said Clint was everything, the entire world.

“I love you,” Tony whispered.  “I love you.”

And for some reason, that was it.  That was more than Clint could handle.  He lost it, hot seed spattering Tony’s hand as he came, biting his lip in attempt to hold back a cry, but he wasn’t entirely successful.

“Oh God….fuck.  Clint!”  And then Tony was coming too, pulling Clint to him in a bruising kiss, hand still working both of them through their orgasms.

The kiss finally ended after what seemed an eternity, both of them trying to catch their breath after the intensity of the experience.

“So…”  The silence was broken as Tony spoke up.  That trademark Tony Stark grin was present in his voice as well as on his face.  “What do I get if I win Duck Hunt?”



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  1. KattyRosie

     /  March 12, 2013

    Awwww! The sex! The feels! The…..this was awesome!! 🙂

  2. Once again awesome story… Love take charge Tony 😀

  3. Paisley15

     /  March 12, 2013

    Hah! I was hoping that Tony would beat Clint in video games. It seems right somehow. I swear technology just likes him. It responds to him. Sorry Clint, you may have better reflexes but Tony’s the tech whisperer. Awesome job! Are you going to upload chapters 2 and 3 on fanfiction?

    • Definitely. I’m slow at posting on other sites. I only recently started posting on ygal again. But I’m working on it!^^

  4. Backlash

     /  March 12, 2013

    In the middle of study hall reading this and unable to stop grinning. My friend Rachel sees the look on my face and immediately says “You’re reading smutty fanfiction, aren’t you?”

    She’s onto me.

    This was so awesome. I’m pretty beast at Mario Kart too. I wonder if I could beat Tony… probably not, but I would try! XD

  5. dshael

     /  March 12, 2013


  6. fuzzyelf

     /  March 13, 2013

    Duck Hunt is an awesome video game!! I used to play that all the time as a kid. Mario Kart is also awesome. I play like Tony. I lean over when I go into turns and am constantly moving my arms along with the controller as I drive. I always played that way, don’t know why….I think it just makes it more fun that way. HAHA. Love the story. Very cute and sexy. Will the next chapter have the team in it again for more reactions to the fact that Tony and Clint are now together. OH, or maybe the first time Clint sees Tony get jealous of Natasha (besides at the Gala when Clint didn’t know what was going on yet). That would be awesome. Anyway, I hope you had a great time in Florida and I am glad (as always) to read a new chapter. Hope to hear from you again soon.

    • Lol yea, I was never allowed video games as a kid, but my cousin had Duck Hunt, and I remember it being the pinnacle of cool.

      I also play video games like Tony. I, however, suck. I’ve had friends ask me to play Mario just for the experience of watching and laughing. I am that bad.

      I’m not sure yet what the next chapter will entail. I honestly had no idea what would happen in this chapter until I sat down and wrote it. But the others will definitely be appearing more in this story.

      I had a lot of fun in Florida, thank you! I also took lots of pictures of the house, since it’s how I picture the layout of Tony’s/Clint’s house, so those will go up soon I hope.

      Thanks as always for reviewing, it always makes me smile!


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