Showing Off: Chapter 2

God.  Tony was on fire, and Clint hadn’t even touched him yet.

This will be a three-parter, guys.^^

Thank you so much to everyone for all the get-well wishes!  I’m still a bit under the weather….been resting up on the couch, but hey.  Plugged this chapter out today, and a couple pages of the next chapter of ‘New Beginnings‘, so we’re doing okay.  Heading to FL this Sunday to visit my grandparents, so I’ll be gone a week.  Maybe all the sunny weather will provide some inspiration.

Hope you enjoy the new chapter!  I’ll get up ‘New Beginnings‘ and more updates as soon as I can!^^


Tony entered the bridge of the helicarrier, looking around for Clint.  There were a lot of people there.  Then, motion caught his eye, and he saw Clint moving towards him.  No…not moving.  Stalking.  That was the only way to describe it.  Clint’s movements were slow, predatory.  And the look in his eyes…..God.  Tony was on fire, and Clint hadn’t even touched him yet.

Then Clint was there, a hand teasing over Tony’s stomach and up over his chest, so light it was almost a flutter, and he was caressing Tony’s cheek, fingers carding through that soft brown hair and he was pressing in for a deep, gentle kiss.  It felt amazing, and Tony was completely aware of the fact that everyone in the room was watching.  Every single person.  And somehow, that made this even sexier.  He pressed closer to Clint, and wasn’t disappointed.  Clint slipped his free arm around Tony’s waist, pulling their bodies flush together.  Tony let out a little noise at the contact.  He knew that, if their mouths weren’t occupied, Clint would be smiling at that noise.  He gave Clint’s lip a little nip, and Clint gasped, breaking off the kiss and bursting into breathless laughter.


Tony just grinned.  “You loved it.”  He ran his hands through Clint’s hair.  “That was some hello.”

“Yeah?”  Clint smiled.  “I’m glad you approve.”

“Mm,” Tony hummed, giving Clint another soft kiss.  “I do.”

Clint chuckled.  “C’mon.  Let’s get to the range.”

“Oh!”  Tony’s eyes lit up.  “That’s right.  I get to watch you practice.”

“Yeah.”  Clint took Tony’s hand, giving it a squeeze as he led him from the room and down the hallway.  “And try it yourself, if you still want.”

“Yea.  I want.”

“Heh.  Awesome.”

Clint held open the door to the range for Tony, ushering him inside.  Tony took a good look around.  He may have built most of the weapons for the military, including SHIELD, but he had never actually been inside SHIELD’s range.  It was fairly nice.  Still….  “Huh.”


“My training facilities at the Tower are better.”

Clint laughed.  “Egotistical bastard.”

“You know it.”  Smiling, Tony turned to face Clint.  “And you know I’m…..” he stopped, staring.  “…..right.”

Clint had been getting ready, and now had his armguard and glove on, bow in hand.  Tony was never going to get used to how ridiculously sexy Clint looked with that damn bow.

“Yeah, yeah.  You’re right.  Still egotistical.”

“You know it.”  Tony walked beside Clint towards the target area, plopping to the ground to watch, doing his best to sit still.  It was hard to do.  When he saw Clint shoot, all he wanted to do was pounce him.  Clint had an incredible grace.  As clichéd as it sounded, he moved as if he and the bow were one.  Really, if Tony thought about it, Clint was like that with a gun, too, or a knife.  He was just such a natural fighter.

Tony smiled up at Clint.  “You gonna show me any tricks?”

Clint grinned down at him.  “Nah.  Savin’ those for tomorrow.  They’ll be a surprise.”

Tony pouted.  “Meanie.”

Clint laughed at that.  “Am not.”  He fired another arrow dead into the bullseye.  “You wanna try?”


“Of course yeah.”  Clint offered his hand to Tony.  “C’mon.  Up.”  Tony accepted, letting Clint haul him to his feet so hard that they actually crashed into each other, Tony falling into Clint’s arms with a laugh.

“My big strong man.”

Clint swatted the back of Tony’s head.  “Ass.”

“Hey, you’re the one who pulled too hard.”

Clint shook his head, amusement on his face.  A hand on each shoulder, he spun Tony around to face the target.  “Here.”  He removed the armguard and glove.  “Let’s get these on you.”  He helped Tony fasten them.

“Feels weird.”

“Yeah, takes a bit of getting used to.”  Clint finished with the snaps on the glove.  “Okay.  I’m gonna go grab you a bow.”

“What’s wrong with…..oh.  Right.  Lefty.”

“Yeah.”  Clint headed over to where the bows were kept, picking out one he thought would be a good fit for Tony.  When he returned, he found Tony wriggling his fingers in the glove.

“This really does feel incredibly strange.”

Clint laughed.  “Think you can handle it for a half hour or so?”

Tony gave him a look.  “Yes, Clint.  I’m not five.”

“Really?  Coulda fooled me.”


Clint turned Tony around to face the target once again.  “Here.”  He handed Tony the bow.  “You hold it….”  He stepped in closer, his body practically brushing Tony’s as he reached around the man.  “…..left hand holds it here.”  He placed Tony’s hand in position.  “Then you’re gonna wanna string it.”  Clint pulled an arrow from his holster, reaching around Tony, their fingers brushing as he handed it to the man.  “See the notch?  Hook that on the string right…..yeah, right there, that’s good.  You gotta adjust your fingers a bit….”  Their bodies were almost flush together; he could feel Tony’s body heat radiating.  It was making it incredibly difficult to focus.  “There.  Just like that.  Now, you draw the bow…..”

Tony drew, but he didn’t release.  There was simply silence, and then he looked up at Clint.  His cheeks were flushed, his breath coming slightly faster than usual.  Clearly Clint wasn’t the only one affected by this.  And God, did Tony look gorgeous.  Clint leaned in, seeking a kiss….

“Agent Barton!”

At the sound of Coulson’s voice, the moment ended, Clint’s head snapping up; he heard the twang as the bow released, and a thunk as the arrow hit home.  He immediately forgot all about Coulson, turning to see what Tony had hit.

The bullseye.  Tony had hit a bullseye.  The edge of the bullseye, but the bullseye all the same.  While they were kissing, nonetheless.  There had to be some sort of romantic cliché in there somewhere.  He looked to Tony.  Tony was staring at the arrow, eyes wider than Clint would have thought possible, and then he turned to Clint, his face incredulous.  Clint held out his arms, and, a huge smile breaking over his face, Tony leapt into them, legs wrapping around Clint’s waist as he let out a whoop of excitement.

“You did it!”  Clint still couldn’t believe that had happened.

“Oh, come on.  We both know that was pure luck.  AND you were helping me.”  But it was obvious that Tony was feeling pretty proud of himself.

“You still did it.”  Clint gave Tony a deep kiss.

“I did, didn’t I.”

“Yeah.  You did.”

Tony looked so damn happy.  Clint gave him another kiss, spinning in a circle with the man still in his arms.  Tony burst into laughter at the action, arms tight around Clint as he was danced in circles.

“Agent Barton!”

Regretfully, Clint set Tony on the ground and turned to Coulson, but he didn’t let go of Tony’s hand.  “Yes, sir?”  Coulson was slightly out of focus; Clint was dizzy from all the spinning.

“I would appreciate it if the two of you could take your romantic activities to a more private location.  Like your own quarters.”

“Yes, sir.”

Seemingly satisfied, Coulson left the room.  Clint looked to Tony again.  The man was still radiating happiness.  Clint smiled.  “Well, that was damn good for a first attempt.”

Tony laughed, undoing the armguard.  “Maybe next time I can try it on my own.”

“I bet you’ll still do a great job.”    Clint accepted the guard and glove from Tony.  He picked up the bow and was about to head out when he saw Tony examining the guns that were shelved nearby.  He had a sudden thought.  “… ever shoot a gun before?”

Tony nodded.  “Yea.  I mean, sorta had to, with my background.  I know I mostly deal with larger scale weapons, but when weapons are your business, you sorta have to know guns.”

“Yeah?”  Clint set the equipment aside, returning to Tony’s side.  “… well do you know them?”

Tony was paying particular attention to one gun, fingers stroking the cool metal.  At the question, he glanced up at Clint, and a strange smile curved across his lips.  He picked up the gun and moved over to the gun range.  Clint felt a sense of surprise to see Tony there, in an actual shooting stance, like someone who clearly knew what he was doing, someone who did this for a living.  It was almost like watching a fellow SHIELD agent.  There was a moment of stillness, where Tony may as well have been a statue.  Then, the gun fired.  One, three, six times.  It happened so fast, one shot right after another, without a moment’s hesitation.

Tony lowered the gun and turned to Clint, giving a jerk of his head towards the target he’d shot at.  “Go on….take a look.”

Clint moved forwards, heading down the length of the range until he reached the target.  There was one hole in the target.  One.  And embedded within the block behind it were all six bullets.  He stared, stunned.  Tony had hit the same target dead-on all six times.

There was a soft sound behind him.  It was Tony.  Clint stared wordlessly at him.  Tony grinned.  “Impressed?”

“Tony….”  Clint looked at the target, then back at the man.  “I cannot express how badly I want to fuck you right now.”

Tony’s brows shot up, surprised, then he burst into laughter.  “I take it that’s a yes?”

“Fuck yeah that’s a yes!  Damn!  Why didn’t you ever tell me you could do that?!”

Tony did that little shrug-nod that drove Clint crazy and damn, it was amazing he hadn’t thrown Tony on the floor yet.  “Don’t know.  It’s not that impressive.  I can only do it if I stand really still like that.  I can’t run and shoot and do crazy awesome tricks like you.”

“Tony…..”  Somehow, for what was probably the first time in his life, Tony Stark was being modest, and it was about something that was actually impressive.  Clint shook his head.  “You’re an idiot.  We’re going to go back to my room now, and I’m going to show you just how damn impressive that is.”

Tony looked surprised, but the expression was quickly replaced by a pleased little smirk.  “Oh?  Sounds damn good.”  He stepped closer, his body brushing against Clint’s, brown eyes smiling as he murmured “Lead the way, Agent Barton.”


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  1. KattyRosie

     /  March 1, 2013

    Yay!!! Love modest Tony, and disapproving Coulson, and Clint dragging Tony off….I just love the whole damn thing.

  2. Paisley15

     /  March 1, 2013

    Oh my gosh, this is so freakin romantic! I love it so much, especially Tony’s skill with the gun. Awesome job!

  3. britewing

     /  March 1, 2013

    love it love it love it ! glad you’re feeling better=)

  4. Backlash

     /  March 1, 2013

    Ohmygod that was so awesome. Tony hit the bullseye first try, bitches~! Amd its kinda scary how sexy I find the fact Tony can handle a gun that well o.o

  5. fuzzyelf

     /  March 1, 2013

    I’m glad you are feeling better and hope you have a good time in FL! And I have to agree with Tony, Clint is ridicoulously hot with a bow (or a gun, a knife, a fork, a spoon, anything really. HAHA!). Tony would definitley be equally as hot (as they have agreed that they are equal in hotness in one of the other stories. I can’t remember which one off hand). Looking forward to the next story. 😉

    • HAHAHA spoon. Oh man. The mental image.

      And yea, they often discuss equality of sexiness. Because they are conceited little bastards. 😛

  6. sabrina

     /  March 5, 2013

    i would love to know coulson’s reaction to tony’s shooting skills…or fury or any of the team really b/c i bet none of them would expect something like that from him and it would be funny to see. i wonder what other weapons skills he’s hiding? great chapter, looking forward to the next one!


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