Lessons in Literature: drabble

Tony has some issues with modern literature, and he can’t quite keep them to himself.

Forgive me if this is a book you like.  I can’t handle it.



Hiatus Fail

So yea.  The hiatus is not going to happen, thanks to all of you who responded and  made me feel ridiculously happy.  I also just felt horrible at the thought of going because so many of you said that it makes you happy seeing updates, so yea…..I kinda guilt tripped myself.

Go me.  I’m terrible at taking time off lol.

Anyway, I guess I’m going to keep it up, though we’ll see how fast I get them out.

You are, however, getting one tonight.  Because I had an idea earlier today and it kinda took over.  So this is a gift for those of you who commented and made me happier than I can say.

❤ Chris


I’m really not sure what to do.  I didn’t want to write this entry, because God knows I’ve written about four more of it’s kind.  But a lot of my loyal readers seem to have vanished, and it’s really been bumming me out, so I’m thinking about going on a hiatus.

Some of you have still been coming around and reviewing religiously (KattyRosie, Britewing, Paisley15, Backlash, Fuzzyelf), and I can’t thank you enough.  I honestly can’t express how much it means to me to see your comments.  When I’m feeling writers block, I think about the things you guys write to me, all your nice words, and it inspires me to work harder to finish another piece for you.

So honestly, I don’t want to take a hiatus and stop writing for you, but I’ve seriously just been feeling really down.  I’m sure that sounds really selfish, wanting reviews, but each one of these stories takes a lot of time to write, and if you could take two seconds to leave even a two word review, I can’t express how much it would mean to me, to know you appreciate it and enjoyed the work.



Bacon: Chapter 1

The title pretty much sums it up.  Clint and Tony find cat #2.


Attention Whore (comes after ‘Tabloids’ and ‘Phobias’)

Muffins and Clint vie for Tony’s attention.


Phobias (prequel to ‘Attention Whore’)

A movie leads to a discussion of phobias.

Read this after ‘Tabloids‘ and before ‘Attention Whore‘.


Tabloids: Chapter 1

Tony Stark is no stranger to the tabloids.  But when Clint starts popping up in them as well, it’s time to have a serious discussion.

In other words, shit’s bout to get REAL, son!  As Tony Stark would say, YOLO!


Story Dump

There is about to be a massive story dump of first chapters, because I want to reveal like, several story developments, and it requires a few chapters.  A couple are one-shots (text chapters only) but there’s at least one that will need a sequel.

So yea…..prepare yourselves for a metric load of stories!


So J2 found this online, and decreed that it’s totally Clint and Tony.  It so is.  So I substituted the names.  And just now, I realized you guys might enjoy it.  Link to the original is below, though all I changed is the names.



Tony: *discussing some theories of mathematics* “…and that’s where the concept of relative infinities comes in.”

Clint: “Okay, I really don’t get that. How can something infinite be bigger than something that is also infinite?”

Tony: “I can explain!”

(Tony goes off into an explanation that only confuses Clint more.)

Clint: “Stop! I don’t get it, just stop!”

Tony: “No, this is really interesting!”

Clint: “No, really, I’m okay, just stop!” *he starts walking away*

Tony: *follows Clint* “No, just let me tell you the story of the infinite hotel!”

Clint: “No!”

(Tony proceeds to follow Clint in circles around the house trying to tell his story.)

Clint: “Jaaaarviiiiiis! He’s bullying me with math!”



New Beginnings: Chapter 3

Tony smiled, that smile that just spoke volumes, that said just how much Clint meant to him without saying anything at all. 

New Beginnings: Chapter 2 is linked below-