Interpersonal Relations: Chapter 2

Tony felt his gut clench, heat flooding through him.   “….Goddamn.”  The word was barely more than a whisper.

There you go, kiddies.  Chapter 2 of Boss Tony.  DOMINANT Boss Tony.  If this doesn’t make you happy…….I give up.  And will cry in a corner.  Cuddling my Tony and Clint plushies.  Like the sad person I am.  😛

I’d apologize for raising the kink factor, but I am not sorry.  I have no regrets.

Link to chapter 1 is below:


Tony looked up as the door to his office opened, and his eyes widened.  Somewhere along the way from the quinjet, to whatever sex shop he had found, to the office, Clint had ditched his SHIELD uniform jacket in favor of a suit coat.  Not just that…..he had somehow gotten his hands on a white button down shirt and a tie.  A motherfucking TIE.

Tony felt his gut clench, heat flooding through him.  His cock was straining against the fly of his pants.  “….Goddamn.”  The word was barely more than a whisper.

“What was that, sir?”

Tony gave a jerk of his chin, gesturing to the glass windows behind Clint.  “Close the blinds.”  He could easily have Jarvis do it, but he wanted to watch Clint, see him move.  He still had his casual SHIELD pants on, and boots, but it didn’t matter.  Besides, they hugged Clint’s ass in a way that looked so good it should be fucking illegal.  He could barely see the man’s backside, mostly obscured by the suit coat, but the jacket moved as Clint did, shifting with the archer’s body as he stretched to reach the blinds farthest from him, and his ass was revealed.  Fuck.  He looked so Goddamn gorgeous.

Finishing with the blinds, Clint turned to Tony.  They were now totally obscured from the rest of the workers.  Clint smiled.  “That good, sir?”

“Get the fuck over here.”

Clint was at Tony’s side in an instant.  Tony’s hands fisted in the lapels of the jacket, pulling Clint flush against him and kissing him for all he was worth.  “Fuck,” he hissed when they pulled apart.  “Fuck.  You little….fucker.”

Clint laughed breathlessly.  “S’that good?”

“Where the FUCK did you get the coat and tie?”

“Mm….”  Clint’s hands toyed with Tony’s hair.  “….my little secret.”

Damn that felt good.  In one smooth action, Tony spun Clint about, shoving him up against the desk.  Clint looked down at him with wide, surprised eyes.  Tony just smiled.

“I believe I said something about sucking you off.”

“Oh God.”  Clint’s voice was practically a whimper.

“I do hope that’s okay.”  Tony was making quick work of Clint’s pants, gently pulling them open.

“Haa….yes, sir.”

Tony could already hear Clint’s breath coming faster, though he hadn’t even touched him yet.  Clearly he wasn’t the only one affected by this kink.

“Mm….”  He eased Clint’s cock out of his pants, loving the hiss it elicited as Clint felt the cool air hit his bare flesh.  “…..glad to hear it.”  And then he had Clint in deep, tongue teasing over his cock, hearing him gasp, feeling those hands in his hair.

God.  Clint was so wet already, cock dripping precum.  He probably wouldn’t last long.

Sure enough, Clint spoke up.  “Fuck……Tony…..Tony, gotta stop.”

Tony pulled back, releasing Clint.  His lips were red and swollen, and fuck, that almost made Clint come on the spot.  He looked up at Clint with an arched brow, echoing “Tony?”

Clint flushed.  “S…sorry.  Sir.  I mean.  Just.  Can’t.”

“Oh?”  Tony rose slowly to his feet, mere inches from Clint.  Their bodies brushed as he rose, and Clint let out a whimper as Tony’s body rubbed ever so lightly against his cock.  “Well….”  He put a hand on Clint’s back, guiding him, turning him around so his back was to Tony, so he was facing the desk and, hand on the back of his neck, bent him over it.

“Oh God.”  Clint had no idea what Tony was up to but fuck.  His hips moved of their own accord, missing Tony’s touch, seeking friction, but there was none to be had.  He whined in frustration.

“Oh?  Now you wanna be touched?”  Tony caressed Clint’s back lightly, teasingly, and Clint shivered.

“Y….yes, please sir.”

“Hmm.”  That soft touch moved lower, lightly stroking over the curve of Clint’s backside.  “….I think that can be arranged.”

And then, with no warning whatsoever, the flat of Tony’s hand came down against Clint’s backside with a hard, firm smack.

Clint gasped.  “Haa!  Fuck!”


Clint didn’t even know how to answer that question.  It hadn’t hurt, just sent a sharp sting through his bare flesh.  But more than the physical feeling, he was just shocked.  Clint would never, ever, never in a million YEARS have expected Tony to spank him.  But perhaps even more surprising was the feeling flooding through him.  In the seconds after Tony’s hand had come into contact with his skin, Clint had felt an overwhelming sensation of lust flooding his body.   Not only would he never have expected Tony to spank him, he never would’ve expected to LIKE it.  Not just like it……fuck.  He felt as though if Tony didn’t touch him again, he would lose control.


The sound of Tony’s voice alone made Clint shiver.  “Yes, sir?”

Tony caressed Clint’s backside, sending both pleasure and another sting of pain through him, and Clint’s eyes shut, a moan of “Ohh” escaping.  Immediately, Tony paused.  That sound was enough to show him that this was good.  Clint liked it.  Still, his employee was expected to answer.

“You didn’t answer me.”

Clint was obviously having difficulty focusing.  “…..I forgot the question.”

Tony had to fight hard not to laugh.  “I asked if there was a problem.”

Clint tried to press back into Tony’s hand, wanting more of that touch, but Tony didn’t give in, and Clint whined.  “No sir.  No problem.”

“Mm…”  Tony gave Clint’s ass another smack, eliciting a long, low moan.  “Good.”

“Fuck…..fucking hell.”  Clint was a mess, hands scrabbling on the desk, seeking a hold on something.  Tony reached beneath the desk, hand finding Clint’s cock.  He was rock-hard, and cried out the instant Tony touched him.

“Oh God!  T….sir.  Sir, please!

Smiling, Tony kissed Clint, just behind his ear, the curve of his jawline, murmuring.  “Anything, baby,” and gave Clint’s cock a stroke.  It took only two quick jerks and Clint was coming, coating Tony’s hand with his hot seed.

Clint was practically boneless, sprawled on his stomach across the desk, panting for breath.  Tony pressed another kiss to his jawline, giving his earlobe a nip for good measure, eliciting a tiny noise and murmuring “good boy,” before pulling away

Clint’s knees began to buckle beneath him, but Tony caught him, helping him rise, sitting him on the desk, where he clung to the edge of the desk for support.  Tony, despite everything that just happened, looked as calm and composed as if he had just come from a business meeting.  He moved to Clint, holding out his hand.

“You got me all messy.”

It was true.  He was offering the hand he had jerked Clint with, and it was wet with seed.  Tony held it out, mere inches from Clint’s face.  “Go on.  Clean it up.”

Oh God.  Clint looked from Tony’s hand back to those brown eyes, then leaned forward, tongue slowly trailing over Tony’s fingers, lapping up the hot wetness there.  Tony’s breath quickened.  Fuck.  It felt so damn good.

“Good.  That’s good,” he said.  “You’re doing good.”  He tried to sound professional, but his voice was far too breathless for that.  Then Clint’s eyes flicked up to look at him, blue eyes locking with brown even as that talented mouth still teased across his fingers, and fuck, Tony was going to lose it.  Before he really registered what was happening, he had shoved everything on his desk to the floor and pinned Clint flat on his back on the desk, and they were kissing.  He pulled away slowly, softly nipping Clint’s lower lip.  Clint’s face was flushed.

“God.”  He softly caressed Clint’s cheek.  “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

“Yes, sir.”  It was the first even slightly cheeky thing Clint had said, even if he was technically still following orders.  Tony gave his cheek a little swat.

“Behave yourself.”

“Yes, sir.”

Tony glanced around for Clint’s jacket.  It was only a couple feet away; he managed to reach it by stretching.  He was hoping against hope…..yes, Clint had stuck the lube in the coat pocket.

Clint had propped himself up on his elbows so he could look at Tony.  “….sir?”

Tony looked at Clint questioningly.  “Yea?”

Clint was flushing; clearly he was anxious.  “You said on the phone.  Well… wanted me to fuck you.”


“Well……I was wondering.”  Clint pushed himself into a sitting position, and now his eyes had taken on a dark, wicked look.  His hand trailed down his stomach, tracing that gorgeous flesh, muscles shifting beneath the skin.   “….would you be opposed to fucking me?”

Tony had no idea how his mouth got so dry so fast.  “…..I……..yea?”

Clint nodded.  “Yeah.”

Tony was on Clint in an instant, kissing him hard, nipping at his mouth.  A noise rumbled in Clint’s chest, and Tony was aware that he was being laughed at for his excitement and eagerness, but he couldn’t find it in him to care.  He knew Clint was damn happy too.  He pulled away, giving Clint’s lip one last little nip for good measure.

Clint was smiling.  “Excited, are we?”

Tony roughly shucked Clint’s pants the rest of the way down, pulling off both shoes and socks as well.  “Quiet.”

He saw the way the order made heat roll through Clint’s eyes.  Something about this really did get Clint off…..being bossed around by Tony.  He leaned in, kissing Clint.  “And spread your legs.”

Clint flushed.  “I……”

“You want me to spank you again?”  Tony didn’t wait for an answer for the question, because he was actually fairly certain that it would be ‘yes’.  Instead he guided Clint so that his knees were bent, feet braced on the edge of the table.  His legs were spread wide, and Tony could see everything.  Absolutely everything.  It was amazing.

Clint clearly didn’t agree.  He was flushed scarlet with embarrassment at being so completely exposed like that.  Tony stepped in between the man’s legs, leaning in and kissing him soft and deep.  “You’re beautiful.”

“Shut up.”

“Excuse me?”  Tony raised a brow.  “You don’t tell your boss to shut up.”  He pinched a nipple….hard.  Clint cried out.

“Fuck!  Fuck.  I’m sorry sir.”

“Damn right you are.”  He kissed Clint again, pulling away to slide to his knees between Clint’s legs.  He traced a finger around the red pucker, feeling Clint tense ever so slightly, then leaned in, tongue teasing over it.  Immediately Clint’s breath caught, and then Tony’s tongue was inside him, hot and probing, and Clint was moaning, “Tony” and this time Tony didn’t even care to stop and correct him.  Clint was so tight around him, rocking backwards to meet that touch, trying to fuck himself on Tony’s mouth, and God, it was so sexy watching him come undone like this.  Tony stroked his hands lightly up and down Clint’s thighs, reveling in the garbled stream of dialogue coming from Clint, broken bits of “Tony oh God fuck sir fuck so good please,” and other things that were more moan than dialogue.

Finally Tony pulled away, eliciting a disappointed whine, and kissed his way along one of Clint’s thighs up to his knee.  Clint was completely hard again.  They would have to hurry with the rest of the prep.

Finding the bottle of lube, Tony poured some into his hand, slicking his fingers.  He felt Clint tugging at his shirt.

“Tonyyyy!”  Clint seemed to realize his mistake immediately.  “Sir.  Sir, please.  Please.  Need you.  Want a kiss.  Need one.”

Smiling, Tony moved closer, and Clint yanked him in the rest of the way, kissing him hard and desperate.  Tony pressed a finger into Clint and the man moaned into his mouth.  Fuck.  Tony rolled his hips down, seeking friction, any friction.  So far, he himself hadn’t been touched.  He needed something, anything.  In the end, he didn’t know how long he would last.  He had been holding out for so long now…..when he was actually inside Clint…..fuck, inside Clint.  He hadn’t planned on that at all.  He couldn’t believe Clint had suggested that.  Fuck, he had to get going, or he wouldn’t even make it that far.

He scissored two fingers, stretching Clint hard, loving the low, ragged moan the action elicited.  Tony leaned in, giving Clint a kiss.  “How you feel?”

Fuck, Tony.”

“Tony?” Tony teased his fingers over that tiny bundle of nerves, delighting in the way Clint cried out, hips bucking, hands grabbing a tight hold of Tony’s shirt.

“Haa!  Fuck!  Fuck!  Sir.  Please, sir.  Need you.  I need you.”

Tony leaned in and kissed Clint, soft and slow, but even that was too much, and Clint whimpered into the kiss.  “Please,’ he whispered.

Smiling, Tony kissed him again.  “Okay,” he said softly, stroking Clint’s hair.  He poured some more lube into his hand, slicking his cock.  “Here.”  Tony nudged Clint’s knee. “Spread your legs for me, baby.  I wanna see you.”  He didn’t miss the way Clint shuddered at the words, and then he was pressing forward, into Clint.

Clint still wasn’t used to this, to being fucked. It was obvious, and it was ridiculously fucking sexy.  The sensation of being filled was still so new, and it showed in Clint’s face, in the flush of his cheeks, in the way he clung to Tony’s shoulders, fingers clutching at his shirt, a viselike grip.

“Shh.  Easy, easy.”  Tony softly stroked a hand over Clint’s, trying to relax his grip.  “I’ve got you.”  He stroked Clint’s cheek with his other hand.  “You okay?”

Clint nodded.  “Good.  Fuck.  Feels good.”  He was already so breathless.  Goddamn, it was hot.  Tony didn’t know how to handle it.  He loved the fact that Clint opened up to him like this, and fuck all, he looked damn gorgeous.

Tony couldn’t help giving Clint another kiss.  “You’re beautiful.”

“Shut up.”  Clint’s hands found Tony’s hair and gave a little tug.  “And fuck me.

A little noise escaped at the hair-pulling, and Tony felt heat beginning to rise within him at the words that followed.  “What did we just say about telling your boss to shut up?”

Clint flushed, that lust rolling through his eyes.  “….please, sir…….please fuck me.”

Tony couldn’t have stopped himself if someone had held a gun to his head.  His hips snapped forward, and he felt the grip on his shoulders tighten, Clint moaning as Tony began fucking him.

“Oh God.”

“Yea.”  Tony kissed along Clint’s throat, nipping and sucking just hard enough to bruise, wanting to leave marks, enjoying each little noise Clint made in response.  “God, you feel so fucking good.  So Goddamn tight.”  He gave a particularly hard thrust, and Clint cried out.



Clint couldn’t do more than nod, and Tony smiled.  He pulled Clint closer to him, tugging the man’s legs higher about his waist.  Clint looked fucking gorgeous.  He was looking up at Tony through his lashes, eyes hazy with lust.

Tony reached between them, taking Clint’s cock in hand, hearing him cry out in surprised pleasure.  “You….are so…fucking…beautiful.”  He stroked Clint in time with his words.  “Come for me.  That’s an order.”

He felt Clint shudder as he came, crying out, fingers digging into Tony’s shoulders hard enough that he knew he’d have bruises tomorrow.  And then he managed a stuttered “y..yes….sir,” still gasping through the aftershocks of his orgasm, and that was more than Tony could take.  He came hard, burying himself in Clint, his mouth crushing against the other man’s in a bruising kiss.  Clint was moaning and pressing up against him as though he still wanted more, and God, Tony didn’t want this to end.

He clung desperately to the moment, holding Clint tightly to him as they both panted for breath.  Clint’s fingers were stroking their way through Tony’s hair; he felt lips brush his ear, Clint whispering “you’re amazing.”

Tony shook his head, pulling back to smile at Clint.  “You say that like it’s something I don’t know.”

Clint laughed, punching Tony’s shoulder.  “Ass.”

“Yup.”  He kissed Clint, hands cupping his face.  Clint hummed into the kiss; when they separated, he nipped Tony’s lower lip just hard enough to hurt.  “Ow!”

“S’what you get for being a jerk.”


“Don’t deny it, you are.”

“Cuz I said I’m amazing?  Hey, you said it first,” he pointed out.  Clint shook his head, but he was smiling.  “But yea…..that was amazing.  You’re amazing.”

“Well, we knew that, too.”

Tony laughed.  “Yea…..we did.”  Smiling, Clint kissed Tony again.  “Hey, you never DID tell me where you got that suit coat.”

“Oh.  Swiped it off one of your employees.”


“Yeah.  It was hanging on the back of his chair.”

“Oh.”  That made sense.  But…   “….what about the shirt and tie?”

Clint was grinning again.  “That part’s staying a secret.”


“Nope.  Have to maintain some secrets…..keep my badassery just as badass.”

Tony pouted.  “Brat.”

“Yup.  Oh, hey.”  Clint gestured to the floor where his clothes lay in a heap.  “Can I have my pants?”


Clint looked at Tony, surprised.  “No?”

“No.  I like you naked.”

Clint stared at Tony, then burst out laughing.  “You are SUCH an ass.  And I don’t want them to get dressed.  My ID is in there.”

Tony’s eyes widened.  “OH!”  He grabbed the pants from the floor, handing them to Clint.  “Here.”

“Thanks.”  Clint began rifling through the pockets, searching, fingers closing on the small ID badge.  Pulling it out, he hesitated.  “… promised not to make fun of me too much.”

“Yea.  I did.  I do.  I promise.”

Clint handed over the ID; Tony practically snatched it out of his hands.  He only had to look for an instant before…  “OH MY GOD!”



“I hate you so much.”

“I LOVE IT!  Oh my God the glasses!  THE GLASSES!”

Clint was glowering.  “Hate.  You.”

“Oh, shut up.  You look good.  You DO look sorta confused…..but you look good.  And I mean, considering the fact that it’s impossible to take a good ID picture, this is damn impressive.”


“Yea.”  Tony looked at the ID, considering.  “… look pretty damn good with glasses.”

Clint was looking considerably happier.  “Yeah?”

“Yea.  I like you how you are, but you pull them off.  Some people can’t.  You can.”

“Heh.”  Clint was smiling again.  “So I’ll have to get some for our next office tryst?

“Hell yea.”  Tony moved closer, returning to his place between Clint’s legs.  “…. ‘tryst’, huh?”  He was smiling.  “That’s a big, fancy word.”

“I know.  I learned it just to impress you.”  There was a pause; Clint was flushing ever so slightly.  “….really.”

Tony looked surprised.  “….seriously?”

Clint nodded.  “Yeah.”  He smiled.  “Did it work?”

Tony was smiling.  “Yea.  It did.”

“Oh, good.  The boss approves.”

Tony laughed.  “Yea, he does.  Looks like you get to keep your job.”

“Well that’s good.  After today, I was really starting to like it.”  Clint had that look in his eye….that look that promised lots of horribly wonderful things were about to happen.  His hands wandered up Tony’s chest, taking hold of his shirtfront and tugging him closer.  “Now, I believe you said something on the phone about having me many times?”

“Hmm….”  Tony cocked his head, pretending to give the matter a great deal of thought.  “….why yes, I believe I did.”

“Well, then.”  Clint smiled, a wicked little smile.  “Might I suggest we get started right away…..sir.”


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  1. KattyRosie

     /  February 2, 2013

    Oh. My. GOD.

    Girl…..this was fucking fabulous. And if you think I care about raising the kink factor, you don’t know me. I loved it loved it loved it, and was a great way to get over a really crappy couple of days. THANK YOU!!!!!

    • I think you need someone around to give you constant cuddles. You have lots of crappy days. *huggles* I’m glad my writing seems to help out. Wish I got it out faster and could help more. Here’s some more huggles for you. *huggles* I’m glad you liked it! Thank you for always being here and reviewing, you help keep me going! ❤

      • KattyRosie

         /  February 2, 2013

        I won’t argue with the constant cuddles. 🙂 Just a stressful time at work with a jackass coworker, and some family crap. Just gets overwhelming – don’t worry. There’s plans in place for things to get better, but I have to get through until May for them to work out. And thank YOU for writing, hon!

  2. Backlash

     /  February 2, 2013

    … excuse me while I melt into an incoherent puddle.


    I am so happy with this. Soososo happy. Like, this hit all of my kink sweet spots. I’m just gonna… bookmark this… and read it a million more times…

    • Yaaaaay! So glad you liked it! And that the more kinky Tony is going over well, because he has a very kinky side that will be coming out in a story eventually. Which is the one I mentioned in the post where I was doing research and it brought me to a site on 50 Shades of Grey instead of real sex kinks. I was so sad. 😦
      But yea. Tony is a kinky fucker. 😛 Clint is in for some interesting revelations.

  3. fuzzyelf

     /  February 2, 2013

    I….I don’t know if I can type….I think my brain just melted out of my ear. That was some of the hottest stuff I have ever read. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love bossy Tony!!! Just a thing I guess (a kink 😉 ). I want more.. PLEASE. Preatty please. I will love you forever! So hot! I also wish I could see that ID. I have seen pictures of Jeremy Renner in glasses and I think it would be freakin adorable!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked it!
      We’ll see when more bossy Tony shows up. Not sure when it’s going to happen, but it will eventually, since Clint enjoys it so much as well. 😉
      Yes, Jeremy looks VERY sexy in glasses. Love that man.

  4. sabrina

     /  February 2, 2013

    Boss Tony is pretty awesome! him dominating/manhandling Clint is just awesome! great story!

  5. Cat

     /  February 2, 2013

    That was amazing! You totally pulled off Boss!Tony, and I loooooved the kinks! (The spanking had me squealing~ I hope you revisit that particular kink, because it was HOT).

  6. britewing

     /  February 2, 2013

    love it love it love it! the kink seemed to fit them just right if you ask me =)

  7. nisa

     /  February 3, 2013

    i love it please write another. it was totally them all the way. Cant wait to read more. please post more soon.

  8. dshael

     /  February 5, 2013

    Hi! I really love this series. Hard to find Clint/Tony, much less *good* Clint/Tony. So thanks for writing, and posting my fix so reliably! :):):)

  9. love it!!!

  10. Paisley15

     /  February 10, 2013


    That’s all I’m capable of. Seriously.

  11. LilAlyCat

     /  September 21, 2013

    Yay. LOVE kinky tony


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