Bleh. x_x

Just spent the night in the E.R, crazy terrible stomach pain with no diagnosis.  I have stomach problems and there have been a handful of times I’ve gone to the E.R with pain and they haven’t found anything.  This was definitely the worst though.  I was literally screaming.  It was terrible.

I’m only writing an update on this because it’s still lingering a bit and hopefully it won’t interfere with getting writing done, but it might.  So I’m sorry if there’s no update for a while.  I’ll do my best.

Lots of love till I next write to you.  ❤



Polo: Chapter 1

Sometimes Clint speaks before he thinks.  Luckily, Tony’s always there to back him up.

Yea.  This is one of my favorites.  Haven’t yet figured out how I’ll write the second chapter.  Damn action storylines.  I’m not good at that.  But it’s still one of my favorites.  So I hope you enjoy it.

Oh.  And Tony’s nickname is stolen from my friend Jarad.  I kid you not.  And I’m pretty sure he gave it to himself.  Because he is a silly man.

Oh.  AND this references ‘Linked’, when Tony gave Clint access to all of his bank accounts and Stark Industries and all that jazz.

And “Uniforms, Quinjets, and Hide and Go Seek” too.  There’s a bit of a reference in there.”

And I’m done with the author’s notes now.  Promise.  😛



Curious about the title?  Yea.  It’s weird.  And nonsenseicle.  But feel free to ask.^^

This is the one I mentioned that is pretty much nothing but smut.  Doubt there will ever be a second chapter, though references to the chapter will come up in other stories.  But yea.  Enjoy the smut.^^

Oh.  Sidenote.  Tony is a really kinky fucker.  That includes toys, and will be coming up in another story at some point in time.  I make no excuses for my behavior.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Found this drawing on deviantart shortly after Avengers came out, but today is an appropriate day to share it.  Hope all of you are having a great V-Day.  J2 and my big sister and I are eating chocolate and drinking booze and watching good movies like the sexy single ladies we are 😛 .  Whatever your plans are, I hope you have a great night, and enjoy the drawing!


Ohana: Chapter 2

Tony curled close to Clint, holding him tight.  He really wasn’t sure how this talk was going to go over, and he was determined to enjoy every single moment he had with Clint.

I was going to wait a couple more days to post this, cuz I’m a review whore and was hoping a couple more people would drop by to read it, but the few of you who DID drop by are awesome and I love you so I’m giving it to you right away.  Hopefully you like it….it’s rather (as Tony said) touchy-feely. 😛

Link to chapter 1 is below:


Ohana: Chapter 1

They say laughter is the best medicine.  Sometimes it also leads to the best discussions.

Oh.  And this comes up in a fic I haven’t posted yet, but Clint used to say “ain’t”, before he was coached out of it by SHIELD in an attempt to make him more respectable sounding.  And Tony desperately wants to hear it.  So yea, when that comes up in this, now you’ll understand why.

Oh, also, Clint has a thing about Tony being old.  Rather, older than him.  God, I really should post these in order, but there’s some that I REALLY want to post now.  Like this one.


The Compliment Unicorn: Epilogue

Here’s the epilogue.  Nice and short and sweet.  Ridiculously fluffy.  Enjoy.^^

Link to chapter 2 is below.


Interpersonal Relations: Chapter 2

Tony felt his gut clench, heat flooding through him.   “….Goddamn.”  The word was barely more than a whisper.

There you go, kiddies.  Chapter 2 of Boss Tony.  DOMINANT Boss Tony.  If this doesn’t make you happy…….I give up.  And will cry in a corner.  Cuddling my Tony and Clint plushies.  Like the sad person I am.  😛

I’d apologize for raising the kink factor, but I am not sorry.  I have no regrets.

Link to chapter 1 is below:


Miss you guys. :/

A few of you haven’t been around in a while, or not dropping me any notes anyway, which makes me do a sad Tony pout.  With a wibble.

The 2nd chapter of ‘Interpersonal Relations’ is almost done, so that should be up soon, hopefully next week.  I hope that gets you guys back here.  If anything does, it’ll be Dominant Boss Tony.  😛

Also, I may post one that just got written two days ago, which will probably be just a text chapter, but…..yea.  You’ll see why.  It started with a plot and basically disintegrated into blatant smut.  And I thought you guys might enjoy some smut.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be seeing you all around.  In the meantime…

gay tony