Redheads and Retribution: Chapter 2

Tony strode into the building, entire body tense, gaze searching for any sign of his boyfriend and this man who was causing so much trouble, was trying to take what was his, trying to take Clint.

The link to Chapter 1 can be found below.


Tony landed outside of the location Jarvis had informed him was where he would find Clint.  It was a hotel/restaurant….small, probably family owned and operated.  Somewhere in the back of his mind he felt a small twinge of guilt for the trouble he was about to cause them, but it was practically unnoticeable.  Clint came first.

The suit came apart easily, collapsing back into the case he had pulled it out of.  He rarely ever used this model….he didn’t find it as useful as many of the others, but it came in handy in situations like this, when he needed a quick and easy way to get in and out of the thing.  Case in hand, Tony strode into the building, entire body tense, gaze searching for any sign of his boyfriend and this man who was causing so much trouble, was trying to take what was his, trying to take Clint.

It wasn’t hard to find the two of them.  They were just inside the restaurant, sitting at the bar.  Tony felt a surge of different emotions.  Relief that Clint was okay, irritation that he hadn’t left the room like he’d said he was going to, frustration that Natasha didn’t seem to have even attempted to help her partner, and most of all, a bubbling hot rage at this man, who was even now far too close to Clint.

The man was not attractive at all, and despite his dislike for Natasha, Tony felt a wave of sympathy for her, having to seduce a man whose face seemed to match his personality.  It may’ve been for the best that things had gone wrong.  This way, no one had to seduce the man.  Though he HAD come after Clint.  That was unforgiveable.

It took no more than three strides for Tony to cross the room to Clint’s side, an arm slipping protectively about the man’s shoulders.  Clint looked up at Tony with surprised blue eyes.  “Tony!”

Tony couldn’t help it; he leaned in and gave Clint a quick kiss.  “You were supposed to leave the room, idiot.”

“And you were supposed to keep your suit on.”  Upon closer examination, Clint had a slight flush to his cheeks and a vague glassiness to his eyes.  Add that to the feeling of dizziness he’d mentioned on the phone and Tony would bet good money that the man had put something in his drink.  Goddammit.

The man was staring at them in surprise.  Clearly Tony’s name and face had registered.  “….you…..Tony?  Tony Stark?”

Tony looked at him, eyes narrowing, and then his response came in the form of a right hook to the jaw.  The man went reeling from his bar stool.

“Asshole.”  Tony moved in closer, grabbing the front of the man’s shirt to haul him back in, steadying him.  “What part of him saying ‘no’ didn’t you understand?”  But he didn’t wait for an answer before socking the man again.

Clint was finding the whole thing dreadfully amusing, other than a small twinge of nervousness.  This guy really was incredibly large, and muscular, and he didn’t want Tony to get hurt.  But so far he was doing just fine on his own.

Clearly, that thought came too soon.  Clint wasn’t sure exactly what had happened, but the man’s fist connected with Tony’s face, getting in a solid hit to his left jaw.  Clint tried to jump up from his stool and nearly fell, his feet getting tangled on the way down.  He didn’t know what had gone wrong, but he really did feel unsettlingly dizzy.

The punch to the face hadn’t deterred Tony in the slightest.  Before Clint even registered the movement, Tony had the man flat on his back and was in his lap, pinning him to the floor.  “You drugged him, didn’t you?”  He had a hold of the man’s shirt collar.  “What’d you give him?”  When no answer came, Tony yanked harder on his collar, banging the man’s head back against the floor hard enough that there came a resounding ‘crack’ loud enough that even Clint winced.  “What’d you give him?!”

“He seemed upset after fighting with his sister.  Thought maybe he needed something to take the edge off.”

“Yea.  Or something to make it easier for you to screw him.”  Tony gave the man another shake.  “What was it?!”

Clearly he didn’t want to share, and with all likelihood he could have thrown Tony off had he wanted to, but from what he had said earlier and from the look on his face, it seemed that the man knew who Tony was.  And it was unlikely he wanted to cause trouble with Tony Stark.  He seemed to be regretting the punch he’d landed only moments earlier.  He glanced from Clint back to Tony.  “Rohypnol,” he answered reluctantly.  “It was rohypnol.”

Clint didn’t know the last time he had seen Tony so angry.  “You motherfucking bastard.”  He hit the man again, and there was another loud crack as the man’s head hit the floor once more.

Clint just stared.  He had seen Tony box before, but never fight.  Not like this.  Fighting in the suit, yeah, but never like this; on top of someone, beating them with his bare fists.  There was something ridiculously sexy about it.  That was probably horribly wrong.

“Mr. Stark!”

Oh.  Coulson.  SHIELD had arrived, and Coulson was on his way in, with two other agents at his side.

Clint didn’t know the last time he had seen Coulson so angry, either.  The agent was heading towards them at a furious pace, the anger in his eyes plain as could be.  “Mr. Stark, stop it immediately!”

Tony glanced in Coulson’s direction.  He obviously knew that he didn’t stand a chance against Coulson and would be stopped whether he wanted to or not, so he took the chance to make one last move.  Seizing the briefcase containing his suit, he gave it a swing, clocking the man across the face with it.  Clint’s jaw dropped.  He couldn’t believe what he had just seen.

Then Coulson was there, and another agent had Tony by the arm, pulling him off of the man.  Tony resisted long enough to growl in the man’s face “you’re lucky I didn’t fucking kill you,” and then he allowed himself to be pulled to his feet, and face to face with Coulson.

Clint didn’t know how Tony didn’t pass out in sheer terror when he came face to face with that.  The look in Coulson’s eyes was murderous.  “You, Mr. Stark, are lucky you are important to SHIELD.  You don’t want to know what would happen to you otherwise.”

“This bastard roofied Clint.  I don’t give a fuck what you do to me.”

Coulson’s eyes got even scarier, if that was possible, but Tony still didn’t flinch; if anything, he gave the look back as good as he got.  Somehow, that was also incredibly sexy.  Coulson was one scary motherfucker.  Seeing Tony go toe to toe with him like that…..damn.

“I suggest you get out of my sight before I take you up on that.”

“Fine by me.”  Tony moved to Clint’s side, slipping an arm around his waist, supporting him.  “C’mon.  You don’t look so good.  We’re gonna get you into bed.”

“Yeah.”  That sounded good.  Clint’s head was still fuzzy, and put together a mixture of images of fluffy mattresses and warm blankets and a deliciously naked Tony, that soft skin, and lots of slow, wet kisses.  “Please, yes.”

That brought a smile to Tony’s face.  “You got a room already?”

“Yeah.  Sharing with Nat.”

Tony immediately glowered.  “Yea.  Her.  Where was she during all this?”


“Well, I’m putting a sign on the door.  She can get her own damn room.”

“C’n just text her.”

“Okay.  We’ll do that.  I don’t want her in our room.”

“Me neither.”

That brought Tony up short.  “You……really?”

Clint nodded, despite the wave of dizziness it brought over him.  “Yeah.  Wanna be alone with you.  And naked.  Can we be naked?”

Tony burst out laughing.  “Yea.  I think we can do that.”

“Awesome.”  Clint led the way as best he could in the state he was in, Tony supporting him all the way.  When he fumbled trying to pull the card key from his pocket, Tony did it for him, opening the door and holding it for him, helping him into the room.

“Here.”  Tony guided Clint to the bed, seating him on it.  “Gonna get you all comfy.”

“And naked?”

Tony laughed again.  “And naked.”  He carefully removed Clint’s boots.

“You haven’t commented on my hair.”

That brought Tony up short.  “Oh my God.”  In his anger, he had forgotten all about it, had barely even noticed it.  His head shot up; he stared.  “……oh my God.”

Clint flushed.  “Shut up.”  The pink of his cheeks only served to make his hair look redder, and Tony burst out laughing.  “Shut up!”

“No.  You look ridiculous.  And adorable.  Oh my God I love it.”

“I hate you.”  But Clint didn’t look angry.  He actually looked somewhat mollified that Tony seemed to like the red hair.

“You do not.”  Tony leaned in, hands on the mattress, and kissed Clint.  Clint hummed happily, leaning into the kiss.

“M’not leaving it this way.”

Another burst of laughter.  “I didn’t think you would.  And I don’t like it THAT much.  I definitely prefer you blonde.  But you do look damn cute.”

“I am not cute.  I’m badass.”

“And cute.”

“I hate you.”

“Oh, shut up.  You do not.”  Tony tugged Clint’s shirt up over his head, casting it aside.

“Mm.  Do too.”  Tony’s hands weren’t where Clint wanted them most: his pants.  He shifted on the bed.  “Tonyyy.”

“Working on it.”  Though Tony was oblivious to what it was exactly that Clint was requesting.  That is, until his hands moved to the catches on Clint’s slacks and felt the hardness straining against the fly.  “….well.”

“Hey.  What’re you doing.  Don’t stop.”

Tony laughed.  “Little needy, aren’t we.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Hope you weren’t like this before I got here.  If this has anything to do with that creeper back there….”

“Ew!  No!  God!”

“Mm.”  Tony slipped his hand between Clint’s legs, pressing his palm lightly over the bulge there.  “Glad to hear it.”

Clint hissed, shaking hands gripping Tony’s shoulders.  “…Tony….”

“Yea?”  He continued palming Clint through the soft fabric of his dress slacks.

Clint rocked needily into the touch.  “You…..fuck……naked.  You said ‘naked’.  You promised.”

Tony laughed.  “Yea, okay.  Naked.  We can do that.”


“Working on it.”  Tony unzipped Clint’s slacks.  “Lift your hips, babe.”  Clint complied, and Tony carefully tugged down both slacks and undergarments, tossing them aside.  “There.”

“You too.”

“So demanding today.”  Tony rose to his feet, pulling his own shirt off.  Clint made an impatient little sound as he watched.

“Shut up.  I want you.”

“Well, I’m working on it.”  He made quick work of the rest of his clothes, kicking off both shoes and socks, discarding his pants and briefs.  “There.  Satisfied?”

“No.  Need you here with me.  Wanna feel you against me.”

Tony laughed.  “Yup.  Very needy today.”

“Shut up and come here.”

Tony smiled and complied, climbing into Clint’s lap, arms slipping around his neck, leaning in for a soft kiss.  Clint wrapped his arms around Tony, trying to tug him closer, but he was still feeling woozy, shaking ever so slightly.

Tony pulled away with a frown.  “You’re shaking.”

“Not.”  Clint didn’t want Tony to stop because of some stupid shakes that weren’t even his fault.  Stupid roofies.

“You are too.  Here…..lay back.”  Tony guided Clint, leaning him back against the pillows, lying down beside him, bodies tangled together.  “There.  Doesn’t that feel better?”

“Mm.”  Clint hated to admit it, but it did.  The bed was so soft, and Tony….he traced a hand along Tony’s cheek, down his side, the soft skin there, feeling Tony shiver at the touch.  “You feel wonderful.”

Tony smiled.  “Good.”  He kissed Clint again, soft and slow and lingering.

Clint let a hand slip into Tony’s messy hair.  The drugs had put a dreamlike haze over everything.  Each sensation seemed both clearer and yet diminished.  He felt so lightheaded, so weak.  “….Tony…”

“Mm?”  Tony stroked Clint’s cheek.  “What is it, baby.”

“Want you.”

Tony paused, simply looking at Clint.  “….you think you feel up to it?”


Tony didn’t respond right away, but Clint could see the amusement he was struggling to hide.  “That answer didn’t seem entirely honest, babe.”  He gently tugged a lock of red hair.  “You look like you’re feeling a bit unsettled.  You’re shaking.  You dizzy still?”

“…….a little.  But you can just…..I mean……can’t you just….”  Clint didn’t know how to phrase what he was trying to say.  His mind was too foggy.

Tony seemed to understand.  He smiled.  “Yea, okay.  I think I can do that.”

Clint smiled up at him.  “Yeah?”

Tony nodded, giving Clint a soft kiss.  “Yea.”  The goofy happiness that flooded Clint’s face made Tony laugh.  “Dork.”

“Am not.”

“You so are.”  An evil little smile crossed Tony’s face.  “…Pippi.”

“No.  I told you we weren’t using that name.”

“I never agreed.”  Tony shifted, kneeling beside Clint.  “Well, I didn’t bring anything with me, so we’re gonna have to wing this.”  He held out his hand to Clint, offering his fingers.  “Wanna help me out?”

Smiling, Clint took Tony’s hand in his, taking a finger into his mouth and sucking.  The immediate hitch in Tony’s breathing let him know he was doing something right, despite the drugs.

Tony couldn’t take his eyes away, watching as Clint took in a second and still a third finger.  “God.  Such a gorgeous fucking mouth.”

Clint couldn’t respond, mouth occupied as it was, but there was a smile in his eyes.  Then Tony felt Clint’s fingers teasing lightly over his cock and he half jumped out of his skin.  “Fuck!”  His hips bucked, seeking more of that touch.  “Fuck, Clint!”

Clint pulled back, tongue teasing over Tony’s fingers as he released them, smiling at Tony.  “Go to work.”

Tony shook his head down at Clint.  “You evil little bastard.”  Clint just laughed.  Still shaking his head, Tony reached back, one finger breaching his tight entrance.

Clint watched Tony’s face as the man worked his fingers, stretching himself.  It was always horribly erotic.  He couldn’t resist reaching again for Tony’s cock, giving it a stroke.  The gasp the action elicited made it more than worth it.  Those brown eyes fluttered shut, and now Tony’s hips were moving, rocking forward into Clint’s hand and back onto his own fingers.  Clint traced his thumb over the head of Tony’s cock, through the wet precum there, and Tony’s breath caught in his throat.

“Okay okay, stop.  Stop, Clint.  M’good.”


“I’m sure.”  Tony spat into his hand and gave Clint’s cock a few good strokes, enough to ease the way.  He shifted in Clint’s lap, positioning himself, and then he lowered himself onto Clint’s shaft, moaning at the combination of pleasure and the bit of pain as he was stretched and filled.

It felt amazing.  Clint felt so light and shaky, but he managed to reach for Tony all the same, hands finding his waist, one reaching up to cup his cheek.  “You okay?”

Tony nodded.  “Yea.”  He turned his face into Clint’s hand, kissing his palm.  “Relax.”  He stroked Clint’s hands, gently laying them back on the bed, against the soft pillow on either side of his face.  “Just lay back and enjoy it.”

Clint barely had a moment to think about the fact that he had the best boyfriend ever before Tony was moving, a little roll of his hips, and Goddamn, it felt so fucking good that Clint couldn’t think of anything anymore.  Nothing but Tony.  Tony, moving so fluidly above him.  Palms flat on Clint’s chest, balancing himself as he moved, each roll of his hips smooth and sure as he rode Clint. He looked so beautiful. Like he was flying.

It was amazing.  Clint could feel that heat filling him, flooding his stomach, his groin.  “….Tony….”

“It’s okay, baby.  Let go.”

And Clint did, his vision going blinding white as he came.  The only thing he could see were Tony’s beautiful, soft brown eyes smiling down at him, so loving, and then everything went dark.


Clint awoke several hours later.  He had been cleaned up and tucked under several layers of blankets.  More importantly, he was wrapped in Tony’s arms.  Tony was awake, watching over Clint, clearly still concerned about Clint being drugged.

“Welcome back.”  Tony stroked Clint’s forehead.  “How you feel?”

Clint paused to think about it.  The dizziness was gone, and he didn’t feel shaky anymore.  “Better,” he answered.

Tony looked relieved.  “Good.”  He kissed Clint.  “Great.”

“Yeah.  Thanks for taking care of me.”  Clint thought about that.  “Hey.  You… really did only take care of me.  Did you…..I fell asleep before you finished!”

Tony rolled his eyes.  “Is that seriously what you’re thinking about right now?  Sex?”

“Hey!  I don’t like leaving you like that!”

“Clint, shut up.  I took care of myself.”

“Oh.  Good.”  Clint felt better.

Tony swatted him.  “Dumbass.  It’s much more important that you got the rest you needed.  Geez.”  He shook his head.  “You’re such a dork.”

“I am not.”

“Are too.  You’re staying in bed the rest of the night.  We’ll have food brought to the room, and you’re gonna drink lots of fluids, okay?”

Clint smiled.  “You take such great care of me.”

Tony flushed a little, but he looked happy.  “I try.  You deserve it.  You’re wonderful.”

“I know.”

That made Tony laugh.  “And so modest.  And an idiot.  You said you were gonna leave the room once you started feeling dizzy.”

“….yeah.  Well.  I didn’t.”

“So I noticed.  Dumbass.  What if something had happened?  What if he had managed to take advantage of you?”  Tony was looking upset again.

“Well, he didn’t.  And YOU were supposed to keep your suit on.  That guy was huge!  He could’ve taken your head off if he was so inclined.”

“Well, he didn’t,” Tony shot back, echoing Clint’s words.  Clint glowered at him, then shuddered.

“Ew.  That guy was trying to touch me.”

“Yea.”  Tony had that possessive look on his face again.  “Bastard.  But hey. I hit him with my briefcase.  Smashed his face in.”

Clint laughed.  “Oh yeah.  That was really badass, you know that?”

Tony looked pleased.  “Yea?”

“Oh yeah.  Really damn sexy.”

Tony was looking happier with each word Clint spoke.  “Seriously?”

“Yeah.  I liked seeing you go all possessive caveman.”

“Possessive caveman?”  Tony echoed, laughing.

“Yeah.  You got all physical with him.  Hands on smackdown.  Oh.  AND you stood up to Coulson.  That was hella sexy, too.”

That REALLY made Tony laugh.  “Oh yea?”

“Hell yeah.  Coulson’s a scary motherfucker.”  He paused.  “…..he totally hates you right now, you know that, right?”

“Oh yea.”  Tony did that little shrug-nod that drove Clint crazy, and he couldn’t help leaning in and stealing a kiss.  That made Tony smile, and he cupped Clint’s cheek, kissing him again.  “So what.  I wasn’t gonna just sit by while some bastard tried to get into your pants…especially when he drugged you, too.”

“Heh.  Defending my honor?”

“Damn straight.  I always will.”

Clint smiled.  “Thanks.”

Tony was surprised.  “What?  Why’re you thanking me?”

“….I don’t know.  That……guess I’m just not used to that.”

“What…..someone defending your honor?”  Clint nodded.  “Well, I always will.  It’s worth defending.”

Clint smiled.  “I love you.  So damn much.”

“I love you too.”  Tony glanced at the empty bed that had belonged to Natasha.  “… think we should let Tasha back in the room?”  His voice was reluctant.

“Nah, let her wait a while longer.”

Tony’s brows shot up.  “Oh?”

“Yeah.  I want some more alone time with you.  Sides….those drugs made all my memories a little….fuzzy.  Think I could use a reminder of everything that happened since you came to claim me earlier.  Well….” he amended.  “….the stuff that happened once we got to the room.” The smile on his face was a little wicked.

Tony laughed.  “Oh…”  He shifted on the bed, flipping them over so he was now atop Clint, hips rolling together.  He wore a smile to mirror Clint’s.  “I think that can be arranged.”


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  1. Aww sweet Tony protecting his man will always make a great story haha you continue to rock the story’s 😀

  2. sabrina

     /  January 14, 2013

    tony delivering a smack down is freaking awesome. so i just finished reading a frostiron story where coulson and tony are buddies and it threw me off reading this at first lol. i kind of forgot how they dislike each other in these stories, my mind was thinking that coulson was mad at the guy, not tony then it was like “oh yeah, not buds” haha

  3. KattyRosie

     /  January 14, 2013

    Yay for BadAss Tony!! And for Tony not being afraid to stand up to anyone for Clint. Loved it. (And I thought of you when the first person they showed on the Golden Globes was Robert Downey Jr. :D)

    • LOL believe me, I noticed that. I’ve been taking little play by play notes, and I commented on him showing up. He also had a fantastic moment when Bill Clinton showed up. Everyone was applauding and someone whispered to him, and he just burst into laughter. All fantastically adorable.
      Thank you for the review.^^ Yea, Tony is totally badass when it comes to defending Clint.

  4. fuzzyelf

     /  January 14, 2013

    Tony to the rescue!!! I love how he got to show off how badass he can be out of the suit. That guy totally deserved. 😉 Coulson should realize that Tony can not be controlled or cowed (especially when it comes to Clint). I can’t wait for an actual showdown between the two of them. That would be something to see.

    • It’ll happen sooner or later. They’re both too important in Clint’s life for them to not have to work things out eventually.

  5. nisa

     /  January 15, 2013

    please have another post or story soon i love your stories clint and tony just click. i love them.

  6. Backlash

     /  January 15, 2013

    Yuss, Tony defending Clint is hella sexy. :3 I LOVE how he stood up to Coulson too. That was just badass x3

  7. sabrina

     /  January 16, 2013

    so i was searching through some avengers stories and i came across this funny picture story and i thought that i really need to share this with you 🙂 here is the link –

    • O.O

      Omg. That is fairly fabulous.

      J2 just made the quinjet and Steve’s motorcycle.

      • sabrina

         /  January 18, 2013

        i’m glad you enjoyed it, i saved it just as a pick-me-up story 🙂 when i saw hawkeye in there as well, i instantly thought of you and your stories lol

      • Yea she just finished making the rest of the Avengers legos sets, and gave me her extra Tony, Clint, Thor, and Loki. I inadvertently left Thor and Clint at her house, but it’s okay, cuz I had sat them down together to discuss man stuff, so they’re keeping busy. XD (Not the same kind of man stuff Tony and Clint discussed in ‘Stark With a Drink’, though. Manly man stuff.)

      • sabrina

         /  January 18, 2013

        oh, i forgot…i found this other story that is pretty awesome and is a tony/clint story. here is the link:

  8. cutsycat

     /  January 16, 2013

    Poor Coulson. I can only imagine what damage Tony barging in would cause the op. Though I am kind of curious if Coulson tries to get any retributioon.

  9. Tabby

     /  February 23, 2013

    That was seriously badass and hot. I love your stories.


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