The Compliment Unicorn: Chapter 2

There will be 1 more part to this, but it will be more of an epilogue than anything else.

Tony reached up, cupping the back of Clint’s head and pulling him in for a kiss.  He hummed softly as they separated.  “Now…..I remember something about you holding me?

(Link for “The Compliment Unicorn: Chapter 1” is below.)


Clint entered the house, shutting the front door behind him.  He hadn’t made it two steps inside before he stopped dead.

“Wow,” he said at last.  “You really weren’t kidding about the mostly naked part.”

“Shut up.”  But Tony was grinning from where he was flopped on the couch, waiting for Clint, clad in nothing but his boxer briefs.  “Told you.  Thought you were coming home for some naked science.  Wanted to be prepared.”

Clint shrugged out of his jacket, tossing it over the back of a chair as he moved to join Tony on the couch.  “Well, you certainly look prepared.”  He nudged Tony’s feet with his knee.  “Oi.  Shove over.  I want some room, too.”

Tony obliged, sitting up, and Clint plopped onto the couch.  Immediately, Tony turned, changing his position so that when he stretched back out to lie down on the couch again, his head was where his feet had just been……where Clint was now sitting.  He nuzzled into Clint’s lap with a happy sigh.  Clint smiled, stroking Tony’s hair.  He glanced down at Tony’s unclothed state, and for the first time, got a really good look at Tony’s underwear.

“…….seriously, Tony?  That underwear?”

Tony opened his eyes, grinning up at Clint.  “Hell yea!”

Clint shook his head.  “You are SUCH a dork.”  Tony’s briefs were black, with a white shirtfront design down the crotch, complete with a black bowtie.  “You’re the only person I know who would wear tuxedo underwear.”

“That’s because I’m the awesomest person you know.”

“True.”  Clint leaned in and kissed Tony’s forehead.

“Sides…….I go to enough black tie events….figured I should have some undies to match.”

Clint burst out laughing.  Tony just grinned up at him.  “You are SUCH an ass.”

“You love it.”  Tony wriggled a little, getting more comfortable.  “I wanted some of the Iron Man ones they made, but they only came in kids’ sizes!  Or boxers.  And I HATE boxers.  Who needs all that extra fabric stuffed under your pants?”  He looked up at Clint.  “You don’t wear boxers, do you?  Pretty sure I’ve only ever seen you in boxer briefs.”

Hell yeah.”  Clint didn’t notice how taken aback Tony looked by the enthusiasm in his response.  “Only way to go.  Comfort AND support.”  Only then did Clint notice the look in Tony’s eyes.  “……what.”  Tony burst out laughing.  “What?”

“What ARE you, a walking advertisement?”  Tony put on a dramatic, over-enthusiastic voice.  “Comfort AND support!  Call within the next fifteen minutes, and we’ll throw in this handy free flashlight!”

“I hate you so much sometimes.”

“You do not.”  Tony reached up, cupping the back of Clint’s head and pulling him in for a kiss.  He hummed softly as they separated.  “Now…..I remember something about you holding me?”

Clint smiled.  “Yeah.”  He stroked his fingers lightly over Tony’s shoulders, down his arms, teasing his bare skin and making Tony shiver, as softly he murmured “Let’s go to bed.”

It didn’t take long to get Tony to the bedroom.  This time Tony helped Clint into his pajamas, hands lingering over every inch of his body.  Clearly, Tony was feeling very clingy that evening.  Clint didn’t have any problem with that.  They crawled into bed and he pulled Tony into his arms, holding him close, brushing back that messy brown hair to kiss Tony’s forehead, whispering “I love you.”  He heard a soft chuckle, and looked down at Tony.  Those brown eyes glanced up at him, a smile in them.

“And you said you weren’t any good with words.”

Clint flushed slightly as their discussion of earlier came back to him.  “…..I love you isn’t hard.  I mean….” He paused to correct himself.  “You don’t have to come up with it.  It’s already been written for you.”

He could feel Tony shake his head.  “Doesn’t matter.  It’s still the hardest thing in the world to say.  And you say it to me all the time.  Don’t you have any idea how much that means?”

Clint felt that flush again, felt warmth fluttering in him.  “…..I guess not.”  But now that Tony said it, it made sense.  Of all the things that anyone in his life had ever said to him, ‘I love you’ meant the most of all.  Especially now, when it was coming from Tony.  He pulled back enough to look at Tony, who was smiling at him.  “…..maybe I do.”

Tony laughed.  “Good.  Cuz it’s everything.”  He grinned.  “Dope.”

“Hey.”  Clint swatted the back of Tony’s head.  “I am NOT a dope.”

“Are too.  Now shut up and stop hitting me.  I want cuddles.”

“Then don’t call me names.”

“Not even Snookums?”



“Tony, I swear to God…..”

But Tony just laughed, that evil, patented little Tony Stark laughter.  Clint just held him, and stroked his hair.  After several moments, he spoke up.

“So……I thought that tomorrow, we might go and look for a cat.”

There was a moment of silence, and then Tony had perked up, pulling away enough to look Clint in the eye.  “Really?”  He looked surprised, and yet hopeful at the same time.  It was cute as hell, and Clint had to smile back.

“Really.  Go look at the shelter?  They’ve always got cats that need to be adopted.”

Tony was nodding his head before Clint had even finished speaking.  “Yea.  Yea.  Shelter.  Tomorrow. Let’s do that.”  He was so ridiculously excited, Clint couldn’t help but laugh.


“Am not.  It was YOUR idea.”

“Only cuz of the song.”

“I still don’t know that song.”  Tony’s grin was big enough to split his face in two.  “We’re getting cats.”

Clint smiled.  “We’re getting cats,” he affirmed.  Still smiling, Tony threw his arms around Clint’s neck, kissing him deeply.  Clint laughed into Tony’s mouth.  “Dork.”

“Maybe a little.”  Tony’s hands caught the front of Clint’s pajama top.  “Now…..”  he looked at Clint with those imploring eyes, lower lip jutting slightly in a pout.  “…..snuggle me?”

Clint laughed.  “Of course.”  He lay down beside Tony, tugging the man into his arms again, softly stroking his back and humming.  “Our house,” he sang softly, “is a very, very, very fine house…..with two cats in the yard… used to be so hard……now everything is easy cuz of you….”

Clint could feel the shift in the form beside him as Tony heard the words to the song, the happiness that overwhelmed the man, that radiated from him.   “………Clint?”

“Yeah, Tony?”

“I love you.  More than anything in the world.”

“I love you, too.”


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  1. paisley15

     /  November 23, 2012

    He sang to him. He. Sang. To. Him. I NEARLY DIED FROM THE CUTENESS!!!!!!

    Awesome job!

    • LOL I read this comment right before I went to bed and I cannot tell you how happy it made me.^^
      Clint can be a very sappy bastard when he lets himself. ❤

  2. Backlash

     /  November 23, 2012

    I think I just got a cavity from sweetness. God these two are just the cutest. And smexy-est. But that goes without saying.

    “Snookums”. That is PRICELESS.

  3. KattyRosie

     /  November 23, 2012

    I think my two new fillings just fell out because of the sweetness. Damn. I love it. Just….words fail me because of how much I love it. 🙂

    Although I do vote that the boy cat Mittens be a tuxedo cat. 😀

  4. fuzzyelf

     /  November 23, 2012

    OH. MY. GOD! That was the cutest thing EVER!!!!!!! I loved it, and I agree with KattyRosie, I think MIttens should definetly be a tuxedo cat. I mean, like Tony said he already goes to a lot of black tie event,s so his cat should be dressed up as well. HAHA!

    • KattyRosie

       /  November 23, 2012

      Exactly!!! Also, I’ve read male tuxedos can be a handful (Lord knows MINE is), and I think Tony needs a cat as strong-willed as he is. And as much of a troublemaker. 😀

      • I think Muffins might be based on the stray that we’ve been feeding outside our house for 3 years now. Right now my sister and I are really urging my dad to take him inside, but since we have 5 cats already, he’s really reluctant. But this cat is so sweet, and he’ll come right up to you and nuzzle you and gah. It’s so terrible. I want to bring him in so badly.
        But he’s all black with a little white splotch right where a bowtie would be. So I guess he’s a reverse tuxedo cat? Anyway, J2 and I haven’t really planned out Muffins, but right now that’s what I’m thinking. Though if we DID take him in, my dad would NEVER let me call him Muffins. He’d think it was stupid lol

  5. Tabby

     /  November 24, 2012

    Oh. My. God. Clint. Sang. To. Tony! I love you. I think we might have to get married 😛 😉 Lol, just kidding, but seriously you’re amazing. I love your stories so much! I like how I’m typing this review while my cat purrs insanely loud next to me 😛 I can’t wait for them to get cats! It’s super cute that they’re superheroes and they’re rescuing cats from the shelter 🙂

    • All of my family’s cats have come from shelters or been rescued of the street, so I am a great supporter of shelter animals.^^

      • Tabby

         /  November 29, 2012

        As am I 🙂 It’s the best place to get animals from. Well, I feel we should get married still 😛

      • LOL well at least you’re not creepy 😛 This other person was reeeaaally creepy when they brought it up. And they asked more than once. And it was troublesome. I was waiting for a ‘Silence of the Lambs’ moment.

      • Tabby

         /  December 1, 2012

        Yay for not being creepy! I’m sorry you had a creepy stalker though. That’s scary. You know I have heard so much about that movie, but I’ve never seen it. Is it good? I don’t get scared that often, but I still want to see what all the hub bub is about.

      • Oh its SUPER good. Anthony Hopkins is spectacular in that film. I don’t find it scary, but my sister thinks it’s the scariest film she’s ever seen, because it’s something that can actually happen. So really, it depends on what gets you. But I’d definitely recommend watching it. Superb.

      • Tabby

         /  December 6, 2012

        I will definitely watch it then 🙂

    • Lol I just realized that you’re my second marriage proposal in response to my writing! I feel loved. ❤

  6. Topazione

     /  November 24, 2012

    *squee* i was so excited when i saw you had finally put up the second chapter for this and then it was even more amazing than i thought it would be and they are so sweet its ridiculous and wonderful and they are getting a cat and that makes me happy and i am just dying of cuteness overload. 😀

  7. sabrina

     /  November 24, 2012

    this is awesome! can’t wait to read about their cats that they pick out! i could totally see tony having cats as companions. they’re low maintenance and could chill with him while waiting for clint. looking forward to whatever comes next 🙂

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