I’d just like to let you know that I’m doing some more bizarre and embarrassing research for you all.  Thank you, google, for informing me on “kinky sex moves”.  Though I do NOT thank you for leading me to a website on moves inspired by ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’, which gives all kink a bad name (and resulted in a masturbator calling me at work).  You want good kink, watch ‘Secretary’, starring James Spader as the sexiest dom EVER, and Maggie Gyllenhal as a truly amazing sub.


ANYWAY, this ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ fail search lead me to look up ‘kinky gay sex moves’.  So yea.  This is the research I do for you.  Hopefully it pans out and turns out a good story.  😛


In the meantime, if you missed Jeremy Renner performing on SNL, go look it up.  He was awesome.  And sang.  It was wonderful.

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  1. Mufftang

     /  November 20, 2012

    Haha things you do for us, trust me we appreciate it madly… And he was awesome on the show especially the singing 😀

    • OMG there was a scene they only did in rehearsal and it never aired, and he was HILARIOUS. They gave him crazy messy curly hair and just…

      And yea. I’m sort of embarrassing myself right now, reading all this shit.^^;;;;;;;

  2. KattyRosie

     /  November 20, 2012

    Was wondering how you were, girl! I second the “we appreciate it” comment. And you KNOW I was watching SNL. And taping. And perhaps already rewatching. LOL.

    • LOL yea I made my sister watch the coroner sketch tonight.

      Sorry I haven’t been around. 😦 I had a seizure the other night. Which totally fails. I had a part in a movie. A student film, but it was one of the two leads, so I could’ve added it to my reel and maybe started acting again, but then I had to go and have a seizure, and I had to drop out. Fail. So I’m stuck at home not driving for three months.

      But that’s good for you guys, cuz it means I’ll have plenty more time to write! Lol we’ll see if that really works and I get a lot done. I’ll try.

      • KattyRosie

         /  November 20, 2012

        Oh hon! *sends over Clint and Tony to cuddle you* I’m so sorry that happened, and I hope you feel better soon. Take care and take all the time you need to get better. We can wait. Honest. 🙂

      • Oooh, a Tony/Clint cuddle pile! I’ll gladly be sick if that’s my get well present!

        Yea, I’ve been loafing in my pjs. Hopefully I’ll get going soon. If nothing that’s posted already gets any headway, I’ll post something new for you guys.

      • KattyRosie

         /  November 22, 2012

        Yes, I let Clint go help you instead of shooting the WORST COWORKER EVER. (Seriously – I love my work, I can’t stand her. Need some arrows.)

        And take all the time you need. Your health is most important and I mean that!

      • Yea, I have an evil coworker, too. What’s even weirder is that NO ONE THERE LIKES HER. I don’t even think either of my two bosses like her. And she doesn’t do any work. Yet somehow she still has a job. Grah. Drives me nuts.

  3. fuzzyelf

     /  November 20, 2012

    I would say I am sorry, but…..I love what you write to much. I am sorry that your brain has been corrupted though. There are just somethings that can not be unseen. LOL.
    I’m sorry to hear you had a seizure. I have a neurological condition myself, I don’t have seizures but I get uncontrollable muscle spasms and my neck muscles become so tight that I can’t move my head. It really sucks when you can’t do everything you want to because your body wont let you. I had to give up horseback riding a couple of years age (one of my most favorite things to do since I was little). It looks like I am never going to really be able to ride again because my spine is really messed up because of the way I have to hold my body because of my muscles. But you just have to hang in there. It can always be worse right.? 🙂 Keep up the good work and hang in there. It will get better.

  4. Topazione

     /  November 20, 2012

    yeah, somehow i don’t see that google search ending well… but it is most appreciated. hope you are okay, and that things look up for you soon *hugs*

  5. Tabby

     /  November 24, 2012

    I’ve missed you! I’m sorry you had a seizure. I know what they’re like because one of my younger brothers has seizures quite frequently. They’re scary and I hope you get well soon!


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