Halloween, hurricane, gifts and stuffers.

Hi, everyone!  I hope you all made it through the hurricane okay!  :/    We only lost power for about an hour, here.

I also hope you all had a great Halloween!  It’s my favorite holiday.  J2 had a party and we watched awesome movies, and she and our friend Drea tried to make a gingerbread house, and I watched and got a great show.  It sorta ended in a pile.  It was awesome.  😛

Here’s my awesome costume:

I was Charlie Chaplin!  Yaaaay!  I love Charlie Chaplin.  And I’ve got the hair for it.  And the hat.  I love hats.

If you haven’t seen the film ‘Chaplin’ starring Robert Downey Jr, check it out.  He was nominated for an Oscar, and it’s fabulous.
I don’t know if the comments here allow you to post photos, but if so, you guys should totally post pictures of you in costume.  I’d LOVE to see that.

As to the gifts, I wrote a post a while back saying I’d like to do gifts for some of you  (KattyRose, Topazione, Caro, Tabby, stephanie, fuzzyelf, Burton Holderness, and sabrina) in thanks for always leaving comments.  Tabby made the suggestion that I write each of you a short story.  This is something I would totally love to do.  It would be a drabble, like the stories ‘Scheduling Difficulties’ and ‘Lessons in Robotics’ that are posted here.  Here’s the catch, so you all need to let me know if this would be okay:

There is no guarantee how long it would take me to finish these stories.  I have a ton of stories on my computer that I have to write already (more than 50).  It also depends on inspiration hitting.  In addition, some of you might get a longer story than others, and I wouldn’t want there to be any jealousy issues there.  But as long as everyone understood these two matters and was okay with it, I would definitely be willing to give this an attempt.

Once again though, I really REALLY have to stress that I don’t know when these would get done.

Let me know if this works for you and I’ll see what I can do.^^

Now, as always, I leave you with some awesomeness.  😛


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  1. KattyRosie

     /  November 2, 2012

    Take as long as you want, and it can be as long or as short as you want. Although I’m going to be completely unreasonable and ask that it be more than 3 sentences. 😉

    And as for the pics…..all I have to say to the first one is “Oh hell yes you are, honey.” Did you see he’s going to be on SNL in two weeks?

    • Charlie Chaplin? 😉

      You mean Renner? Cuz omg I will die. DIE.

      • KattyRosie

         /  November 2, 2012

        Doof. 😛

        Yes. Renner. I am ALREADY squeeing. And happy dancing. And….you can imagine.

      • Oh yea. I’m a HUGE doof. XD

        Yea. Sort of dying now. Cannot handle Renner on SNL. That will be…….oh man. Gonna tape it.

        And I can handle more than 3 sentences. I already wrote a paragraph of the suggestion you sent me. 🙂

      • KattyRosie

         /  November 2, 2012

        I’m gonna tape it too, if only so I can skip all the non-Renner skits. I want an Avengers skit. Please.

        And ROFL!!! Glad it was that inspiring! I did have a sneaking suspicion it would be right up your alley.

      • Did you know all of the Avengers can sing? A bunch of tumblr people are rooting for an Avengers musical, especially since that seems to be Joss Whedon’s thing.

      • KattyRosie

         /  November 2, 2012



        ….I think my brain just exploded. In a good way.

      • LOL yup. Look up RDJ singing. He has a beautiful voice. I bought his cd actually. I wish Renner would put one out. Actually, I wish the two would duet. My life would be so happy.

  2. sabrina

     /  November 2, 2012

    getting my own drabble would be amazing! could loki be involved with the boys? (but in a totally fun, non-depressing way 🙂 ahahaha)

    • Any idea/request you have, email it to me at furtado_chm@hotmail.com. If it’s doable, I’ll let you know. The only reason it would not be doable is if it is something outside my comfort zone, or something I know I wouldn’t ever have the right inspiration to write. But I’m guessing for the most part, I’ll be able to work these things out.^^

  3. Topazione

     /  November 2, 2012

    that sounds like the best gift ever! 🙂 in terms of ideas, can i just look back through the previous fics for my favourite ‘bits’ (such as ‘sir’) and ask that they be included in some way, but otherwise leave it to you? i trust that anything you come up with would be amazing. also, no stress on time – i would rather wait for something good than have you try to squeeze out a fast story. also, your costume is amazing 🙂 (i’m in Australia, so we don’t really so halloween, but i love looking at other people’s costumes)

    • Australia? That’s so cool! I’d totally love to go there! The farthest I’ve been is London, which is pretty much my dream homeland. Don’t know that I could ever actually move there…..I’m very people oriented, and I don’t think I could ever leave my family and friends. But when I think about my trip there, I just get this sick feeling inside where I miss it so much it hurts. Pathetic, but true lol.

      And yes, that would be fine. I can work with ideas.^^

      • Topazione

         /  November 2, 2012

        That’s cool 🙂 I’m actually going to England for a year next year – like a gap year (between school and uni) to work in a boarding school – its about halfway between London and Oxford.
        I may take a little while to get back to you on ideas – right in the middle of exams at the moment, so trying to stay focused, but I will send you something eventually 🙂

        Oxford was the first place my friend Duana and I went, b/c I’m in love with Charles Dodgson (better known as Lewis Carroll), and I wanted to see where he lived, taught, and wrote the story. I had a total spazz attack and it was definitely one of the best bits of my life. DODGSON LAND!!!!

      • Topazione

         /  November 3, 2012

        wow, that’s some impressive excitement there 😛 Have you ever read a series called the “Imaginarium Geographica”, by any chance?

      • No I haven’t.

  4. Caro

     /  November 2, 2012

    Great idea 😀 Already sent you a request and I hope it will work.
    I love your costume. And the picture of Jeremy… I think I just died from laughter xD Awesome.

  5. Tabby

     /  November 2, 2012

    Oh. My. God! I first just want to start off by saying that I’m glad you made it through the hurricane okay. I made it through it just fine, but that’s because I live in Michigan, and almost nothing happens to us here. Secondly, I LOVE Halloween too! It’s definitely my favorite holiday, (my least favorite being Thanksgiving, but that’s another story entirely). I don’t know how to post pictures on here, but I will definitely email you a picture of my Halloween costume. I was Poison Ivy for Halloween this year. She was the first SuperVillain that I loved, so I paid her a little tribute 🙂 DC comics aren’t usually my thing, but I love her and Harley for some reason. Anyways, your costume is amazing, and I have never heard of that RDJ movie, but I will definitely check it out now.
    “Tabby made the suggestion that I write each of you a short story. This is something I would totally love to do.” Awe! I’m glad you like my idea and that you’re deciding to use my idea. I honestly thought you were going to be like,”That’s a nice idea, Tabby, but it’s too much work,” or something along the lines of that. Honestly, I’m so happy right now I could burst, which would be painful and very messy!
    “Let me know if this works for you and I’ll see what I can do.^^” This so works for me! I feel a little guilty because the only reason I suggested that was so I could get you to write me a story without actually asking for one. Lol, I thought it was rather sneaky and creative on my part 😛 Oh geez, this has gotten rather long…my bad. Really so sorry about that, I just got super excited and had to express it somewhere 🙂 One last thing, those pictures are so funny! *sigh* both so sexy!

    • Lol well honestly, I would really love to do it. I seriously can’t tell you all how great it makes me feel to read all of your comments.
      I have, as I said, no clue how long it’ll take, but I’m going to do my best!
      And yes, these boys are amazing. Love them both so much.
      And definitely check out ‘Chaplin’. It’s wonderful, and has a fantastic cast, and RDJ does such amazing slapstick.

      • Tabby

         /  November 3, 2012

        And we would all love for you to do it 😛 Well, feel super special because I usually never leave comments on anything others write. I actually happened to watch it after I posted my comment and it was super funny, although not really my thing. I prefer Tony Stark RDJ or Sherlock Holmes RDJ, or just RDJ 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. fuzzyelf

     /  November 3, 2012

    Getting my own story would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care how long it is. I am very easy to keep happy. Very low maintenance HAHA!
    As for the pictures….. as always the hottness of those two is undeniable. Seriously I think they should do a buddy cop movie or something together. It would be awesome, hilarious and the sexiness would be off the charts. 😉 Actually, any type of movie starring those two together would be awesome….mabye a road trip movie, or just something. Ok I need to stop now before I start drooling all over my keyboard imaging the movie I just made up in my head. Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Someone on tumblr asked theoretically, if there was a remake of ‘the Blues Brothers’, what 2 actors should star in it. I said these 2, hands down. They can do comedy AND sing. Now I believe that movie should totally be done.

  7. Bengal Bay Biscuit

     /  November 3, 2012

    I had only just heard of Sandy, but oh my goodness it is good to know that you made it though in one lovely lovely piece. Your Halloween outfit is quite spiffy and dapper if I might say so. You made that hat look absolutely splendid. I can see why you quite like them, as you wear them so well. 🙂

    On a side note, many congratulations to those who get their own little short story! 😀 Considering Nuwanda’s exceptional writing skills, it will no doubt be spectacular, as every other she’s released to enjoy. I’m looking forward to your next updates, you amazing writer, you. ;3

    • Really? Where do you live, if I may inquire?

      And actually, I should do one for you, too, since you’ve been following me since before I had this site, so that’s longer than anyone else on here.

      • Bengal Bay Biscuit

         /  November 6, 2012

        I live in the southern central section of the U.S., actually. 🙂 Tornado central in my neck of the woods. Not fun, but out of the choices in weather trouble, it could be worse. XD

        And that would be so very sweet of you to work on one for me! ~ I hadn’t even thought of it, but that would be very wonderful. Of course, everything you write is wonderful, done for me in particular or otherwise. I’m getting warm fuzzies just thinking about it. Don’t think I’ve ever wound up with a gift like that from a favorite author of mine before. You really are just so amazing, Nuwanda! 😀

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