Shaking and Science: Chapter 1

Tony doesn’t have the first idea how to take care of himself.  Clint HATES that.


This is OLD, guys.  Super old.  Takes place before ‘Adventures in Science’.



The Compliment Unicorn: Chapter 2

There will be 1 more part to this, but it will be more of an epilogue than anything else.

Tony reached up, cupping the back of Clint’s head and pulling him in for a kiss.  He hummed softly as they separated.  “Now…..I remember something about you holding me?

(Link for “The Compliment Unicorn: Chapter 1” is below.)


Beginning drabbles

Tonight, I went into my computer and read through some of the old old OLD texts that J2 and I had created back before ‘Stark With a Drink’ had been written.  These texts had been scrapped to a folder labelled ‘extra’ because after the story was begun, they had no place in it.  When it turned out that Tony reveals his feelings at the gala, these texts and the storyline they created became moot, for they followed a storyline where Tony’s and Clint’s relationship developed more slowly.  However, there were several stories I still liked, and that had bits that features into later stories (oh, like this is where Tony’s archery fetish first comes up), so I decided to edit three of them down and post them here for you.  Hopefully you enjoy them, and it wasn’t pointless.

Some of them can still sort of fit within the realm of the story.  Throughout our texting, one theme remained constant: that of a completely in love Tony trying to coax a somewhat confused and more standoffish Clint to open up to the idea of a relationship.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!




I’d just like to let you know that I’m doing some more bizarre and embarrassing research for you all.  Thank you, google, for informing me on “kinky sex moves”.  Though I do NOT thank you for leading me to a website on moves inspired by ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’, which gives all kink a bad name (and resulted in a masturbator calling me at work).  You want good kink, watch ‘Secretary’, starring James Spader as the sexiest dom EVER, and Maggie Gyllenhal as a truly amazing sub.


ANYWAY, this ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ fail search lead me to look up ‘kinky gay sex moves’.  So yea.  This is the research I do for you.  Hopefully it pans out and turns out a good story.  😛


In the meantime, if you missed Jeremy Renner performing on SNL, go look it up.  He was awesome.  And sang.  It was wonderful.

The Tip of the Iceberg: Chapter 2

All Tony could see in his head were images of Clint, that face he loved, that beautiful body, battered and broken and bleeding. 

(There may be an epilogue later….we’ll see.)

(Link for chapter 1 is listed below)



Halloween, hurricane, gifts and stuffers.

Hi, everyone!  I hope you all made it through the hurricane okay!  :/    We only lost power for about an hour, here.

I also hope you all had a great Halloween!  It’s my favorite holiday.  J2 had a party and we watched awesome movies, and she and our friend Drea tried to make a gingerbread house, and I watched and got a great show.  It sorta ended in a pile.  It was awesome.  😛

Here’s my awesome costume:

I was Charlie Chaplin!  Yaaaay!  I love Charlie Chaplin.  And I’ve got the hair for it.  And the hat.  I love hats.

If you haven’t seen the film ‘Chaplin’ starring Robert Downey Jr, check it out.  He was nominated for an Oscar, and it’s fabulous.
I don’t know if the comments here allow you to post photos, but if so, you guys should totally post pictures of you in costume.  I’d LOVE to see that.

As to the gifts, I wrote a post a while back saying I’d like to do gifts for some of you  (KattyRose, Topazione, Caro, Tabby, stephanie, fuzzyelf, Burton Holderness, and sabrina) in thanks for always leaving comments.  Tabby made the suggestion that I write each of you a short story.  This is something I would totally love to do.  It would be a drabble, like the stories ‘Scheduling Difficulties’ and ‘Lessons in Robotics’ that are posted here.  Here’s the catch, so you all need to let me know if this would be okay:

There is no guarantee how long it would take me to finish these stories.  I have a ton of stories on my computer that I have to write already (more than 50).  It also depends on inspiration hitting.  In addition, some of you might get a longer story than others, and I wouldn’t want there to be any jealousy issues there.  But as long as everyone understood these two matters and was okay with it, I would definitely be willing to give this an attempt.

Once again though, I really REALLY have to stress that I don’t know when these would get done.

Let me know if this works for you and I’ll see what I can do.^^

Now, as always, I leave you with some awesomeness.  😛