Special gifts.

So I’m thinking a couple of you may get a special gift……not sure what yet.  I’m talking about the few of you who leave me reviews.  (Yea, this is back to me being a review whore lol).

I’m talking most specifically to KattyRose, Topazione, Caro, Tabby, stephanie, fuzzyelf, Burton Holderness, and sabrina.  I’m sorry if I’m forgetting anyone, but these are the few of you who I remember most as reviewing pretty much every chapter.

Not even sure how I would do this, since it’s not like I can lock posts on this site (least as far as I know), but I can’t tell you how very much I appreciate all your feedback and I’d like to do something special for you.  Honestly, getting reviews and knowing that you appreciate what I’m doing helps keep me going.

Going to figure something out.  Considering saving the big story, the super sweet one, for you guys, but I think that might be just a little too cruel to everyone else.  So maybe something else.  I’ll figure it out.

Anyway, lots of love for you all in the meantime, and here’s some RDJ ass, and some RDJ silliness for you to enjoy.^^


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  1. KattyRosie

     /  October 27, 2012

    Awwww. Anytime, hon. Hell, you brighten up my day when I get the update email, so I figure it’s the least I can do. And then your replies to my wacky ass comments make me laugh. Win-win for everyone.

    And that is the BEST QUOTE EVER.

    • OMG I KNOW! I love that man. Seriously. He is a complete goofball.

      • KattyRosie

         /  October 27, 2012

        It’s nearly as good as the quote from an online chat I saw today. Topic was preferring older men for the title of “Sexiest Man Alive.” “I don’t want to have to train my fantasy lover; he’s supposed to know what he’s doing!”

        Why that made me think of y’all I have NO IDEA. 😉

      • LOL omg yes!
        Well, Tony certainly knows what he’s doing, and Clint doesn’t seem to require much training…. >.>

        I actually really want a gay man’s opinion on these stories. I want to know how good the sex is that I write. Seriously. I should ask my friend Justin to read it. I doubt he’d be scandalized. We share yaoi comics with each other.

        Actually, I should look back and try to find some of my really old fanfic and see just how bad the sex was in THAT. Ugh. I shudder to think. x__x

  2. sabrina

     /  October 27, 2012

    i love reading your stories and if letting you know it means that you’re more motivated to keep writing and sharing that leaving comments is the least i can do. and that second picture is hilarious even though monkeys are very scary animals…seriously!

    • SOCK monkeys are scary. Seriously. Those things are traumatizing. And someone created a sock monkey jack in the box. I don’t know that I can think of anything more traumatizing.

  3. Burton Holderness

     /  October 27, 2012

    Awww you are so sweet. It’s reward enough to get an update, but if you really want to give me a present I’ve written 3 Arrow stories in 2 days and posted them to my fanfiction.net account. Don’t worry they’re short, I haven’t been this inspired to write since season 1 of Supernatural. Anyway I’ve never written sex scenes before and I would love to know what you think, since yours are so awesome and very hot!!!

    • OMG I was going to watch Arrow b/c you reccommended it, but our cable broke right before I could! FAIL. Total and complete FAIL!

      And thank you very much! I just tracked down and reread my first ever sex scene and omg I want to crawl under a desk or a bed and die it’s soooooo bad. So bad. Omgomgomg ahahaha so terrible. Most awkward horrible sex EVER. But I wrote it like, eleven years ago, so I guess that was enough time for improvement lol. 😛

  4. I’m sorry I don’t review very much it’s just something I tend not to do. I do love your stories though.

    • Thanks. 🙂
      Seriously though, if you have the time, even like, two words is appreciated. Whenever I get a review, it just brightens my whole day and makes me feel like sitting down to write more.
      But thank you.^^

  5. Caro

     /  October 27, 2012

    No need to thank me (though I would love a special gift, but really, who wouldn’t? 😀 )
    I should thank you because you cope with my babbling and I know it often is full of mistakes and unsorted and confusing, but you do it nevertheless. And I love talking to the author or with people who share my fondness for… stuff in general
    So thank you for your awesome stories and your patience 🙂
    (Btw, the quote is hilarious! But for some reason, I read “donkey” and was quite confused…)


      I just envision him with a huge parade of donkeys, riding the one at the front, wearing a poncho or something. EPIC.

  6. Tabby

     /  October 27, 2012

    I was honestly surprised to see my name mentioned in the list above, but thank you! Your stories make me want to leave reviews and comments because your stories are comical and romantic 🙂 If you need gift ideas, I think I have a good one, but it’ll be time consuming. Maybe the people mentioned above could give you a small idea and you could write a one chapter story for them? Just a thought, but thanks again and keep writing! 🙂

    • Hoo boy. Yea. That would be a lot of writing lol. I can consider it as a series of drabbles. It would depend what the ideas ended up being. Some might not work as drabbles. But yea….that might work. We’ll see!

      • KattyRosie

         /  October 28, 2012

        If you do, I have an idea…… *whistles* (Which I told to a friend last night over IM and he replied “That…..is so you.”)

      • …….okay, now you’ve just got me curious.

      • KattyRosie

         /  October 29, 2012

        LOL….should I email it to you? You don’t have to do it. My mind just went that direction and I was like “Hey, there’s an idea.”

      • I can’t guarantee anything will come from it, especially since I wouldn’t want to write one for you alone, but I would love to take a look at what you came up with.^^

  7. Topazione

     /  October 27, 2012

    Awww. Thank you – you are so sweet. I think getting personally mentioned in a post is pretty special, so I’m quite content really (not that I don’t want a gift, they are always appreciated). That, and your continued posting – you really bright up my days, especially when I’m feeling shit, and reviewing (even if they aren’t always super helpful and I have to go back to do them, because my immediate reaction is usually something like “wow, that was so good, I am so jealous” but in fewer words and more odd, indecipherable noises) just seems like a common courtesy for your continued provision of amazing writing 🙂

  8. fuzzyelf

     /  October 28, 2012

    Well, to tell you the truth, you are probably the first person (and really the only one) that I have ever left reviews for. It is just that I enjoy your writing so much and when I found out ff was going to take down your stories I felt that I had to let you know how much I appreciated your work. Plus, I couldn’t not find out where you would start posting afterward! I had to keep reading your stuff. (and I got to tell you, it just keeps getting better). Your stories just make my day, so I have to let you know how much I appreciate all of the work you put into them. You keep posting them and I will keep reviewing them. 😉
    Love the pictures of RDJ by the way! I could just see him leading an army of crazy monkeys HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!


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