The Five Dreams of Tony Stark: Chapter 1

This is a takeoff on a comic by Marvel, ‘The Five Nightmares of Tony Stark’.  I decided to write a five part story, five little drabbles.  I was originally going to post it all as one story, but I think I’ll give it to you in five parts.^^



Adrenaline: Chapter 1

Clint is an adrenaline junkie.  Tony most definitely approves.

Established relationship, Tony Stark/Clint Barton.  First chapter in text format, second chapter in story format.


The Compliment Unicorn

Tony’s whining always leads to interesting places…..some bad, some good, and sometimes a little surprising.

Established relationship, Tony Stark/Clint Barton, first chapter text format, second chapter story format.

A/N:  Aaaaaand yes, another first chapter.  Because there are WAY too many on my computer.  So yea.  Enjoy.^^


Special gifts.

So I’m thinking a couple of you may get a special gift……not sure what yet.  I’m talking about the few of you who leave me reviews.  (Yea, this is back to me being a review whore lol).

I’m talking most specifically to KattyRose, Topazione, Caro, Tabby, stephanie, fuzzyelf, Burton Holderness, and sabrina.  I’m sorry if I’m forgetting anyone, but these are the few of you who I remember most as reviewing pretty much every chapter.

Not even sure how I would do this, since it’s not like I can lock posts on this site (least as far as I know), but I can’t tell you how very much I appreciate all your feedback and I’d like to do something special for you.  Honestly, getting reviews and knowing that you appreciate what I’m doing helps keep me going.

Going to figure something out.  Considering saving the big story, the super sweet one, for you guys, but I think that might be just a little too cruel to everyone else.  So maybe something else.  I’ll figure it out.

Anyway, lots of love for you all in the meantime, and here’s some RDJ ass, and some RDJ silliness for you to enjoy.^^


Last Meal: Chapter 1

Tony hates Clint’s job.  REALLY hates it.  Oh, and did he mention how much he also hates Natasha Romanoff?

Established relationship, Tony Stark/Clint Barton.  First chapter in text format, second in story format.  (This comes prior to ‘Redheaded Retribution‘, though it’s not VITAL to read it first.) (more…)

New Beginnings: Chapter 2

Tony glanced at Clint, smiling.  It was more of a smirk, actually.  A wicked, wicked smirk.  God, it was sexy.  Everything Tony did was sexy.


Polling and Update info!

I just finished the 2nd chpt of New Beginnings, so it will hopefully go up tomorrow.  J2 is reading it for me now, and then I’ll do any last touch-ups.  But I’m too tired to do it tonight.  Tired, and my cold seems to want to return.  Sore throat’s back.  Bleh.  Sorry everyone!  But tomorrow evening it should be up!

As to the poll, I’m just sort of curious……would any of you be willing to share your ages/genders?  I’d like to know who it is that reads this, what sort of people I’m attracting.  If it’s all sort of a general age group, if it’s all over the board…….I think it’d be neat to know.

Aaaaaand since we always look at Jeremy, we shall now look at my first love, Mr. Robert Downey Jr.

Again, my love of back muscles.  Ohhhh RDJ.

Freaking adorable child!  Look at those huge eyes on a little boy!

This one is awesome cuz Jeremy looks totally smitten with RDJ.  Love it.  ❤

Some brain-melting sexiness to tide you over.

The second chapter of ‘New Beginnings’ should be out within the next week (*fingers crossed*), but I was looking through all the Avengers/RdJ/Jeremy Renner pics that I have on my computer, and found this.  And thought I would share it with you all to tide you over.  And maybe break/melt your brains.  So you’ll just forget that you’re waiting for more fanfic. 😛



…….yea.  I just……..there are no words.