Greenland: Chapter 2

Clint knew by now that there was no length Tony wasn’t willing to go to for him.  Tony would do anything for Clint.  It felt amazing, filled Clint with warmth. 

(Link to Chapter 2 is below)


Clint entered his room and immediately stopped dead.  There was a warm fire roaring in the fireplace, the room crackling with heat, and though five minutes ago he would’ve thought nothing could be better than to be engulfed in such warmth, he was now proved thoroughly wrong, for laying on his bed was none other than Tony Stark.


Tony sat up, grinning.  “Hi, handsome.”

Clint was speechless.  “…..what….”  He stared at Tony, who was clad in nothing but loose fitting pajama pants and a skin-tight tank top, that little circle of light that kept him alive clearly visible through the thin fabric.

Tony rose from the bed, moving towards him.  “Wow…..I see my presence has rendered you speechless.”

“….what are you doing here?  I thought I was going to meet you back home.”

“What…..and make you travel all that way still freezing cold?”  Tony shook his head.  “I don’t think so.  I’m going to make good on that promise and warm you up right now.”

Clint smiled.  “You’re amazing, you know that?”

Tony grinned.  “Yea.  I do.”  He gently tugged the snowcap from Clint’s head, tossing it aside, hands immediately moving to unzip the heavy jacket.

“Normally I’d harass you for being a conceited bastard, but right now I’m just too damn happy to see you.”

“Heh….good.  I was hoping you would be.”

Clint shrugged out of the jacket, shivering.  Some snow had managed to find it’s way beneath the heavy lining, and he was not just cold but also wet.  Frowning, Tony pulled Clint closer.

“Come on….we’re taking the rest of this off.  You need to get out of all of this before you get sick.”

“Yeah.”  Clint allowed Tony to help him out of his many layers, stripping down to the skin.  Tony tugged him closer to the fireplace, sitting him on the edge of the bed.

“You’re shivering like crazy.  Dammit, they shouldn’t have you on such long patrols.”

“It was a standard length mission.”

“If you get sick, there’ll be hell to pay.”  Tony grabbed a blanket, wrapping it around Clint’s shoulders.  “Here.”

“Thanks.”  Already Clint was feeling slightly warmer….though he was sure some of it was all in his head, and had everything to do with Tony being there, to do with all the concern the man was showing.

Speaking of Tony…..the brunette was stripping, tugging his shirt up over his head and tossing it aside, pushing his slacks off his slim hips and stepping out of them, then moving to join Clint on the bed.  “Here…..lay down.”  He gently guided Clint back, tugging the blankets up over him, and slipped in beside him.  “….this…..probably seems silly.  But I guess that body heat is supposed to help?”

Clint felt a flush of heat flood through him, ridiculous sappiness that he would never share.  He smiled at Tony.  “…’re so damn cute sometimes.”

Tony flushed.  “Shut up.  I’m trying to warm you up, here.”

“I know.  And it’s really sweet.”

“Told you to shut up.”  Tony wrapped his arms around Clint.  “….damn, you’re so fucking cold.”

“Tell me about it.”

“… that right?  About the body heat thing?  I’m right, aren’t I.”

“Yeah.”  Clint snuggled closer into Tony’s body, into that ridiculous heat that the man always gave off.  Even when Clint wasn’t freezing his ass off, Tony still felt like a toaster oven.  “You’re right.”

“Good.”  Tony rubbed Clint’s back, trying to warm him up.  “Hoped so.  Wanted to help.”

“Believe me…..this is definitely helping.”

“Good.”  Tony pressed a kiss to Clint’s forehead.  “You tired?”


“You should sleep.”

“Don’t wanna.  You’re here.  Wanna talk to you.”

Tony chuckled.  “I’ll be here when you wake up.  Sleep.”

Clint made a little disgruntled whine, more to give Tony a hard time than anything else, and snuggled closer.  “Damn, you’re so warm.”

“Heh.  Yea?”

“Fuck, yeah.  You always are.  It’s like you have a perpetual fever.”

“Ha.  Not that I’m aware of.”

“Should look into it.”  The warmth of Tony’s body and the fireplace, the blankets Tony had wrapped tightly around them, all of it was starting to bring the heat back into Clint’s frozen limbs, and he was beginning to grow sleepier.  Tony must have been able to see it.  He smiled, stroking Clint’s hair back from his forehead.

“Go to sleep.”

Clint hummed assent.  His eyes were already slipping shut.  Tony chuckled, leaning in and gently kissing each eyelid, his voice the last thing Clint registered before slipping asleep, the words a soft whisper.

“I love you.”


Clint woke several hours later.  The fire had burned down some since last he was awake, but the room was still toasty warm, and Tony’s arms were still around him, which was the nicest bit of all.  He glanced at the man beside him.  Tony was still fast asleep.  Clint smiled.  God, Tony looked cute when he slept.  Awake, Tony was in perpetual motion, even his gaze, eyes darting about the room as though constantly in search of something.  Asleep, he looked so peaceful.

Clint stroked that messy brown hair.  He couldn’t believe Tony had flown all this way out to Greenland just to see him, when Clint had been scheduled to return that evening.  Still, Tony had come out there, just so that Clint didn’t have to make the flight home alone and cold.  But when he thought about it, Clint realized it wasn’t at all surprising.  He should know by now that there was no length Tony wasn’t willing to go to for him.  Tony would do anything for Clint.  It felt amazing, filled Clint with warmth.  It made him feel good.  Loved.  Safe.

He was struck with a sudden, overwhelming feeling that was completely unfamiliar to him.  Safe.  Tony made him feel safe.  He’d never had that before.  Not with anyone.  Oh yeah, with Tasha he knew he’d be okay; he trusted her to have his back, but he didn’t have this innate feeling he had now, this feeling that no matter what, nothing could harm him.  And Clint knew that on some level, that was silly.  Just having Tony by his side wasn’t going to stop danger from approaching.  But it didn’t matter, because he knew.  Knew that no matter what happened, as long as Tony was there, somehow, everything would be okay.

Clint kissed Tony’s forehead.  Immediately, Tony stirred.  “Mm?”  He blinked up at Clint, gaze unfocused.  It was too fucking cute; Clint laughed.  Tony smiled.  “Hi.”


Tony wriggled, stretching a bit.  “You sleep okay?”

“Yeah.  You?”

“Yea.  You warm up at all?  You feel warmer.”

“Yeah, I feel loads better.  Thanks.”

“Oh, good.”  Tony propped himself up on one elbow, stroking Clint’s hair.  “And you don’t feel sick?”  He put a hand to Clint’s forehead, feeling for any sign of a temperature.

Clint smiled.  “No, I feel fine.”

“Oh, good.  Guess I don’t have to kill Coulson.”

Clint laughed.  “Yeah.  Like that would’ve worked.”

“Hey, I would’ve swung it somehow.”  He kissed Clint.  Clint wrapped his arms around Tony, pulling him closer, and Tony let out a little noise of surprise as he was tugged down on top of the other man.

Clint kissed Tony’s cheek, along his jaw line, moving upwards, whispering in his ear.  “I love you.”

“Mm.  Love you too.”  Tony arched against Clint as the kisses continued.  “Haa…..that…..feels really fucking good.”

“Hnn.  Good.  S’posed to.”  Clint kissed the spot just below Tony’s ear, feeling the man shiver, murmuring.  “Want you.”

“Heh…..well…..I did promise to warm you up.”

Clint chuckled.  “Yeah.  Well, I think you’ve done a fine job already, but I wouldn’t object to taking it to the next level.”

“Oh, good.” Tony slid from Clint’s lap, moving from the bed and across the room to his bag.  Clint watched him go, admiring his naked body.  Tony was slimmer than the rest of the men on the team, but he was fucking gorgeous, all lean muscle and smooth lines.  Clint loved it.

Tony returned to Clint’s side, crawling once again into his lap and kissing him.  Clint wrapped his arms around Tony as they kissed.  He could feel Tony shifting beneath his hands, knew Tony was slicking his fingers, reaching back to prepare himself…

Clint pulled away, breaking the kiss.  “Stop.”

Tony looked at him in surprise.  “What?”

Clint felt a surge of nervousness come over him.  “…..I…..stop.”

“What’s wrong?”  Tony looked so utterly confused.

“I….”  Clint’s heart was going a mile a minute.  “I want you to do me.”

The silence in the room was deafening.  Clint thought he would pass out.  Why wasn’t Tony saying anything?

“…I………what?”  Tony seemed to realize right away how that sounded, for he spoke up hurriedly.  “I mean, really?  You never……really?”

Clint’s face was burning.  “Yeah, really.”

“I’m sorry, I know I sound like an idiot but……why the sudden change?”

Clint was silent.  He stared at the mattress beneath them, fingers fidgeting with the bed sheets.  “……I’ve never been comfortable before….letting someone in like that.  But you……I realized today that I should have known a long time ago……you’re always going to be there for me.  Always.  And you…….you make me feel….you make me feel safe.  And I want to let you in.”

The room was dead silent.  Clint was really starting to panic.  “…..aren’t you going to say…”

But he didn’t get any farther before Tony was kissing him, hard and deep, hands in his hair, pressed so close that it was impossible to tell where one of them ended and the other began.

Clint’s lungs were burning for air by the time Tony broke the kiss; he practically choked on his first breath of air, but he was smiling.  “So……this is good?”

“Fuck.  Fuck, Clint.  I mean………fuck.”

Clint laughed.  “I think that’s a yes?”

Tony ran a hand through his own hair, only mussing it worse.  “I mean…….I love things the way they are.  I really really do.  But the fact that you trust me like this?  That I make you feel safe?”  He paused, and looked at Clint, smiling.  “…..I really make you feel safe?”  Clint nodded, and then Tony was on him, kissing him again.

Clint pulled away, still breathless.  “I….”  He was flushing.  “I really haven’t done this before.”

Tony kissed him.  “That’s okay.”  He could see Clint’s flush, his nervousness, and he cupped Clint’s cheek.  Clint looked up at him.  Tony smiled.  “It’s okay.”  Clint had to smile.  He found Tony’s hand, fingers still slick, but Tony pulled away, shaking his head.

“Nuh uh.”  Clint looked questioningly at Tony, who only smiled.  “We’re gonna take this slowly, babe.  Wanna make this as good as possible.”

Clint felt a flood of heat roll through him.  “….oh.”

Tony smiled.  “Yea.”  And he leaned in, kissing Clint deeply.  Clint pulled Tony to him.  He still felt that nervousness flooding him, but Tony had a way of putting him at ease.  Clint concentrated on that.  On Tony.  Tony, who was kissing him so softly, nipping at his lip.  Clint moaned.


Tony chuckled, moving lower, kissing down Clint’s throat.  He licked a line along Clint’s collarbone, then nipped at the flesh of his throat, biting just hard enough to hurt.

Fuck, Tony!”

Tony nuzzled the spot, the mark he must have made.  “Mine.”

Somehow Clint managed a nod.  “Yours.  Fuck.  Yours.”

And then Tony was in Clint’s line of vision, those brown eyes smiling down at him.  “All mine.”

Clint nodded again, smiling, and he reached up to cup Tony’s cheek.  “Yeah.  All yours.”

That smile filled Tony’s whole face.  It was clear just how happy this made him, to have Clint share all of himself.  He kissed Clint briefly before vanishing from sight again, and then his mouth was on Clint’s chest, tongue teasing over a nipple, and Clint was gasping, hands finding Tony’s hair.


“Mm?”  The question was no more than a hum, vibrating against Clint’s nipple, and fuck, that felt ridiculously good.  Clint practically whimpered.

“No.  Nothing.  Good.  Don’t stop.”

Tony chuckled, and that sent another vibration over Clint’s flesh, and fuck, this was just too good.  Clint arched up beneath Tony, wanting more.  Tony got the message, and his hand slipped between them, taking Clint in hand.  Clint cried out as Tony gave his shaft a teasingly slow stroke.

“….Tony….”  He was clutching Tony’s hair now, vaguely wondering if he was hurting the man, but he didn’t know if he could have loosened his grasp no matter how hard he tried.  They had done all of this before, but it was different this time, knowing what it was all leading up to.  Tony was going to fuck him.  Oh God.

And then Tony’s hand gently stroked Clint’s, and Clint found that he was able to ease up his grasp, releasing Tony’s hair.  He was rewarded for his efforts, Tony laying a soft kiss to Clint’s belly, just beside his navel.  But then Tony’s mouth was moving lower, the kisses were trailing along Clint’s hip, his thigh, and Clint knew just where Tony was headed.  He made another of those pathetic little whimpers and stuffed a fist in his mouth, biting down hard to try and stifle any further sounds, but then Tony’s mouth was on him, taking him in deep, and God, he couldn’t help it, a little cry escaped.

Tony was way too good at this.  Clint knew he shouldn’t complain, and normally he didn’t, but if Tony sucked him off now and then fucked him?  Clint didn’t know that he’d be able to last a second time around.  He’d never done this before.  Fuck.  He was beginning to regret letting go of Tony’s hair, allowing the man free reign to put that glorious mouth to work.

“Fuck.”  He was going to come.  He tugged at Tony’s hair, trying to get his attention.  “Tony…Tony, stop.”

But Tony ignored him.  Well…..not ignored him.  The response was far worse.  Instead, those eyes opened, looking up at Clint, their gazes locking.  Those gorgeous brown eyes, that amazing mouth… was too much, and Clint’s hands fisted in the bed sheets, hips bucking as he came.

Clint had collapsed back against the pillows, chest rising and falling heavily as he struggled to catch his breath.  Tony came into view, smiling, and leaned in for a kiss.  Clint could taste himself on Tony’s lips.  Fuck.  That was somehow still hot.  He felt his cock twitch.

Tony pulled back, smiling.  “I love you.”

Clint had to smile back at him.  “I love you, too.”

Tony stroked Clint’s cheek.  “….you sure you wanna do this?”

Again, that flutter of nervousness, but Clint nodded.  “Yeah.  Yeah, I’m sure.”

The happiness on Tony’s face was wonderful to see.  He kissed Clint.  “Okay.”  And then he was sitting back on his haunches, slicking his fingers again.  “Just……tell me if you want me to stop.”

“I won’t want you to stop.”

“Well, if you do.”

“I won’t.”

Tony shook his head, but he was smiling, amused.  “You’re fucking ridiculous.”

“Shut up.”  Clint shifted beneath Tony so that their bodies rolled together, hearing the hitch in Tony‘s breath.  “And fuck me.”

Tony’s breath was coming a little faster now, Clint could see it, but he smiled at the words.  “Be happy to.”

Clint spread his legs wider.  It was so unsettling.  He had never felt so exposed.

Tony clearly saw Clint’s discomfort.  He stretched out beside Clint, running a hand down Clint’s bare thigh as he kissed the man.  “I love you.”

At that touch, a lot of that discomfort dissipated.  Clint smiled at Tony.  “Love you, too.”

Tony kissed him again, softly, and then Clint could feel that slight pressure before Tony carefully, gently pressed one finger into him.  Clint couldn’t help it; he immediately tensed up.

“Shh.  Hey.  You okay?”

“Yeah.  Fine.  Just.  New.”

“You sure?”  Tony was looking at Clint, eyes so full of concern.  Clint nodded.

“Yeah I’m sure.  Keep going.”

“Okay.  Just…..tell me to stop if you…” but Clint interrupted him.

“Tony, shut the hell up and keep going.”

Tony looked briefly taken aback, but he grinned.  “Yea.  Sorry.  Just….try and relax.”  He began working Clint, stretching him.  “I know that sounds like ridiculous advice, but it makes it easier.”

It wasn’t uncomfortable (Tony was being too careful for that) but it was just such a foreign feeling.  Still, Tony was doing his best to distract Clint, kissing his throat, nuzzling the flesh, and soon Clint couldn’t help but relax, and things began to feel much better.  He was vaguely aware that Tony was using two fingers now, scissoring them, stretching him wider, but it didn’t hurt, and didn’t even feel strange anymore.

Then suddenly, a jolt of pleasure shot through him.  “Fuck!”  He grabbed hold of Tony, fingers digging into Tony’s shoulders, clinging.  “What the fuck….”

Tony laughed.  “Good?”

“….what the fuck….”

“See?  That’s what you always do to me.”  And Tony pressed both fingers against that sweet spot once more, and fuck, Clint cried out, bucking against Tony.

“Fucking hell!” He was holding on to Tony as if his life depended on it.  “Fuck Tony that……fuck.  Amazing.”

“Heh.  Good.”  Tony kissed Clint’s shoulder.  He was using three fingers now… least Clint thought so.  His mind was beginning to get pretty hazy.

“Fuck.  Tony.”

“What is it, babe.”

Clint felt that little nervous flutter, but it was overwhelmed by how damn bad he needed Tony.  “…..please…….need you.”

“….in a minute.  Almost ready.”

Clint didn’t whine.  He would staunchly deny whining to anyone who accused him of it.  “Ton-y….”

“Okay, okay.”  And then Tony’s fingers were gone and Clint was already missing that touch.  “…. ‘m probably just being paranoid, anyway.”  The words were muttered, Tony speaking to himself.  He cupped Clint’s cheek, kissing him.  “Lay back.”

Clint listened, watching as Tony slicked his cock.  That nervousness was back, this time filling him, but there was no way he was backing out.  He wanted this.  Wanted Tony.

Tony was shoving a pillow beneath Clint’s hips, settling beneath his legs.  “You sure?”

“Shut the fuck up; yeah I’m sure.”

Tony chuckled.  “Okay, okay.”  And then slowly, gently, he was breaching Clint, filling him.  Clint’s hands found Tony’s back, clutching, and Tony immediately stopped.  “You okay?”

“Yeah.  Yeah.  I’m okay.”

“….okay.”  He stroked Clint’s cheek.  “We’re gonna go slow, okay?”



“Tony, shut the fuck up, I said okay.”

“Okay, okay!”  And Tony followed his orders, pressing in the rest of the way, until he was fully seated within the other man.

Fuck.  It was too much.  Clint didn’t know how Tony handled this every time.  It was just too much fucking sensation…..being filled by Tony, feeling Tony’s skin against him, Tony’s body against his, creating such wonderful friction against his already aching cock.  Goddamn.  Clint didn’t know how he would ever last.  And he had to.  He wanted this to be as good for Tony as Tony was making it for him.

Tony kissed Clint, stirring him from his thoughts, and Clint took a good look at the man.  Those brown eyes were heavy with lust, with heat.  He felt good.  Clint was making him feel good.  Some of those nervous butterflies dissipated.

Tony stroked his cheek.  “Good?”

This time, Clint didn’t tell Tony to shut up.  He caught Tony’s hand, kissing it.  “Good. Move.”

That heat filled Tony’s face, flushing his cheeks, and he withdrew, then his hips rolled forward in a gentle thrust.  Clint’s grip on Tony immediately tightened; before Tony could say anything and start worrying about him, Clint shook his head.  “Good.  S’good.  Keep going.  Fuck.  Keep going.”

Reassured, Tony listened, slowly but steadily building up a good pace.  He hitched Clint’s legs up around his waist, angling to hit a bit deeper.  Clint tugged at his hair.

Ton-y.”  Again, that whine that he refused to admit came from him.  “More.  Harder.”

“Hnn.”  Tony chuckled, but did as he was told, hips canting forward hard, and there it was, that jolt of pleasure, only more than twice as good, for now it wasn’t just Tony gently pressing but hitting it with full force, combined with that wonderful feeling of being filled.

Fuck!”  Clint’s hand fisted in Tony’s hair, the other clutching at his back.  “Fuck!”


“Fuckin yeah, there.  God.  Harder.”

Tony complied, kissing Clint, and the man responded almost desperately.  Then Tony’s hand was on him, stroking Clint’s cock in time with each thrust, and it was just too good.  It was too fucking good.  He could feel that release building in him, and he didn’t think he could stave it off any longer.  “….Tony….”

Tony simply kissed him again, softly this time.  “Yea.  I know.”  He stroked Clint’s cheek.  “Let go for me.  Wanna watch you.  Wanna see you come undone for me.”

And God, that was it. Those words, the look in Tony’s eyes, that incredible feeling of Tony filling him, stroking him, sending jolt after jolt of pleasure running through Clint as he hit that sweet spot…..

Clint came hard.  He didn’t know how loud he cried out, or what he said….he could barely even see, and any noise in the room was no more than a dim buzz in the background.  He could still feel Tony moving inside him, hand working him, milking every last bit of pleasure from him.  And then Tony’s rhythm was stuttering, hips bucking as he came, that heat filling Clint.  Clint knew Tony was speaking to him, murmuring words of love, but he couldn’t really make them out.  He felt as if he were floating.

Then Tony kissed him deeply, and Clint came back to himself, to the moment, to the sensation of Tony’s soft lips on his.

Tony pulled back from the kiss, smiling, thumb stroking along Clint’s lower lip.  “You’re gorgeous.”

Clint flushed.  “Shut up.”

“Will not.  God.”

“….what?”  Clint hoped that was a good ‘God’.

“That……fuck.  That was fan-fucking-tastic.”

Oh God.  A wave of relief washed over Clint.  “Yeah?”

YEA ‘yeah.’  Why…..”  Immediately, worry flooded Tony’s face.  “You didn’t think so?”

“No!  No, I did.  Just….was worried you didn’t.  Wanted to make you happy.”

Tony swatted the side of Clint’s head.  “Fucking idiot.  You always make me happy.  And this……fuck.  You have no idea how happy this made me.  No idea.”

Clint smiled.  “Yeah?  Really?”

“Really.”  Tony rolled off of Clint, curling up beside him, an arm slung over Clint’s chest.  “That you trusted me enough to let me do that.  That……that’s fucking amazing.”

“…….good.  I’m glad you think so.  Cuz….I do.  Trust you.  I trust you more than anything.  Anyone.”

Tony was smiling.  He looked so Goddamn happy.  “You have no idea how much that means to me.”


“Yea.  That…..that means more than anything.”

Clint stroked Tony’s cheek, smiling.  “Good.  Cuz you mean more than anything to me.”

Tony laughed.  “Good.  I don’t want anything else coming before me in your book.”

“Nope.  Nothing does.”

“Good.”  He snuggled closer to Clint, who wrapped his arms around the man.  They were silent for a long time, content to just lie together, Clint running his hands through Tony’s soft hair.  But of course, it couldn’t last forever.  Tony never could keep his mouth shut.  “……hey.”


“I just realized something.”

“What’s that.”

“Now I’ve popped BOTH your gay cherries.”

Clint immediately flushed brilliant crimson.  “Shut the fuck up.”

Tony laughed.  “No.  That is AWESOME.  LOVE it.”

“I hate you.”

“You do not.  Abbington Gala?  You had your first gay sex when you fucked me.  Tonight?  You had your first experience with bottoming in gay sex….also with me.  I’ve popped both your gay cherries.  I’m officially amazing.”

“You officially suck.”

“Yup.  And I’m really damn good at it.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”  Clint was silent for a moment, thinking.  “……you know……I shouldn’t even tell you this, cuz it’ll just make you more conceited, if that’s even possible…..but you were also my first blowjob.”

“…..what?  Really?”

“Yeah.  I mean, not the first I’ve gotten.  But I’d never given one before you.”

Clint was very purposefully ignoring Tony’s gaze, but he could feel Tony’s grin.  It practically radiated.  If the room were pitch black, they could probably use that grin to see by, it was so Goddamn blinding.  “Shut the fuck up.”

“No.”  Tony sounded so ridiculously happy and smug.  “I’ve had almost all your first gay experiences.  Wait…..” he paused.  “…….those blowjobs…….you ever get one from a guy before?”

…..fuck.  Clint should never have opened this door.  “……no.”

“HA!”  Tony couldn’t have sounded any more pleased with himself.  “I HAVE had all your first gay experiences!  All your gay cherries have been popped by ME!”

“Tony, shut the fuck up.”

“Hey, you should feel honored.  Not many people get to be officially and completely deflowered by Tony Stark himself.”

“I hate you.”

“You do not.”  Tony rested his chin on Clint’s chest, grinning at the man.  “You adore me.”

“You lucky, lucky bastard.”

“Don’t I know it.”

Clint shook his head, smiling.  “You’d better.  Not many people can say that.”

“What……that you adore them?”

“Even ‘love’.”

“Good.  I want all your love.”

“You’ve got it.”

“Good.”  Tony was quiet for a minute, watching Clint.  “……how many can say that they make you feel safe?”

Clint simply looked at Tony for several long seconds.  “…..just you.”

Clint could see that ridiculous happiness flooding Tony’s face, and then the man was kissing him.  Clint laughed into Tony’s mouth, pulling him closer.

Tony broke away, a grin on his face.  “I love you.”

“Damn straight.”

“You lucky, lucky bastard.”

Clint smiled as Tony teasingly echoed Clint’s words of moments before, and he gently trailed his fingers through Tony’s soft brown hair.  “Don’t I know it.”


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  1. KattyRosie

     /  September 23, 2012

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am bouncing up and down with happiness. I’ve been waiting for Clint to be on the bottom, and this was SO worth it. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! 😀

    • Lol well, I’m glad you liked it, but don’t be expecting it to happen much. Generally I like to switch back and forth as far as positioning goes, but Clint on top/Tony on bottom is pretty much my headcanon. Sorry!

      But I’m really glad you liked it.^^

      • KattyRosie

         /  September 24, 2012

        No need to be sorry! I know you’ve said that before, and I really appreciate you switching it up. Now I have a favorite story to read when I want to get my ClintBottom fix. 😀

      • Lol well this story has honestly been about 3/4 completed for………quite a few months now. It’s just been set aside for a time when J2 and I thought their relationship had reached a level where Clint could give that sort of trust.
        We’ll see how long before it happens again lol.

  2. britewing

     /  September 23, 2012

    love it love it love it =)

  3. Mufftang

     /  September 24, 2012

    Loved this chapter, it’s defiantly one of my favourites 😀 never stop writing chic you rock at it 😉

  4. Cat

     /  September 24, 2012

    Loved it! Vulnerable Clint is so adorable…and Tony is just awesome! Hope you update soon 🙂

  5. sabrina

     /  September 24, 2012

    this was great! so happy to see an update! popping all of his gay-cherries…couldn’t stop laughing! that was just awesome! 🙂

  6. Caro

     /  September 24, 2012

    Gosh. You almost got me killed today, you know that? I started reading this chap when I was on my way to school and I read up to “I want you to do me.” when I arrived – and I couldn’t read the rest of it until I was at home! I had a test at chemics today, but it was kind of hard to focus…
    Finally! I absolutly LOVE this one! One of my favorites. Thank you so much for posting it!

    • LOL sorry!^^ Hope the test went okay anyway. That’s pretty much perfect timing though….arriving right at that line. So wonderfully and evilly teasing.

      So glad you liked it….I know you in particular were waiting for this one.

      • Caro

         /  September 25, 2012

        “Perfect timing”? No, it really wasn’t! Not from my point of view.
        I read a bit more during my german class, but… yeah, that didn’t exactly help, just made me more excited.

        Yes, I was. And you did it perfectly well. Thank you 🙂

      • Thank you! I’m so glad you think so!

  7. Topazione

     /  October 5, 2012

    wow, that was amazing. happyhappyhappy. trust and safe and happy and *incoherent happy noises* you just keep bringing out more and more amazing stories. you are so wonderful. just all of it was so good.

  8. paisley15

     /  October 29, 2012

    I wondered if he would ever bottom! Yay! This is so awesome.


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