Safety First: Chapter 3

“It’s nice seeing everyone, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them being here, but I really just wanna relax.  I know that’s weird coming from me, and that by tomorrow I’ll probably be itching to get out of the house, but right now, I just want to be alone with you.”

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Clint had actually managed to sit still for the flight home.  He hadn’t expected to.  He had expected to be twitchy, just itching to get out of bed.  But he was just so happy to be back with Tony, who wasn’t treating Clint as though he were injured.  Tony was cracking his usual jokes, being as obnoxious as he normally was.  Before Clint knew it, they were home.

“Tony, do I really need to use the wheelchair?”

“Yup.  I’m going to make damn sure you get better as soon as possible.  Full relaxation for you.”

Clint shook his head, smiling.  “You’re ridiculous.”

“Well, SOMEONE needs to look after you properly.  From everything you’ve told me, SHIELD has been failing at this job for years.  According to you, you always manage to escape medical.  Well, you’re not going to this time.  No, sir.  I’m keeping my eye on you, mister.”

Clint sighed.  “You’re going to be a total pain in the ass.”

“You betcha.”  Tony reached for the doorknob, but the door opened before them, and there was Steve.

“Clint!”  Steve looked a strange combination of happy and worried.  He was clearly glad to see Clint but concerned about the man’s injuries.  “You’re in a wheelchair?  How bad is it?”

Clint grimaced.  “It’s not.  Tony’s just freaking overreacting and made me use the wheelchair.”

“Oh.”  Relief spread over Steve’s face.  He moved aside so Tony could push the wheelchair into the house, shutting the door behind the three of them.  “Good.  I mean, Coulson told us what happened and it SOUNDED bad, but he said the injuries themselves weren’t too serious, so I wasn’t expecting a wheelchair.”

“No, they’re not.”  Clint really wanted to know what Coulson had told everyone.  He knew Tony had followed Clint’s wishes and convinced Coulson to make up a story so that no one would know Clint got hit by a car (seriously….how fucking embarrassing?), but Clint had no idea what Coulson had said.  It would be really helpful to know exactly what it was that supposedly happened to him.  “Just a couple ribs, a minor concussion.  Obviously some scrapes and bruises.”

“Oh.  Concussion?  That means you can’t sleep.”

“Don’t worry about that.  Tony’s got it covered.”

Tony turned to face Steve, that wicked smile on his face.  “Yea…..I’m good at that.”

Steve’s face immediately blushed a brilliant crimson.  Clint swatted Tony.  “Ass.”

“You love me.”

“So,” Steve cut in, voice a little too loud, obviously wanting to change the subject, “how far did you fall?”

Clint glanced at Tony, looking for some help.  Maybe Tony knew what Coulson had told everyone?  Tony gave a barely perceptible shrug of his shoulders.  Looked like Tony was in the dark, too.  “Um….not too far?”

“Well, that’s good.  I mean, it could’ve been much worse.”

“Um, yeah.  Yeah, it could.”  Clint really REALLY wanted to change the subject, before Steve asked a more specific question.  Luckily Coulson entered the room.  Clint felt a wave of relief.

“Hello, sir.”

“Welcome home, Agent Barton.  Glad to see you made it back in one piece.”  Coulson glanced at Tony, and for once he didn’t have that general expression of disdain that he usually wore when looking at Tony.  “Thank you for bringing him home, Mr. Stark.”

Tony looked about as surprised as Clint felt to see Coulson being so polite.  “Um…’re welcome?”


The voice came from behind them.  Clint craned his neck to see.  It was Bruce, moving towards them with a smile on his face.  Clint smiled back.  “Hi.”

“How’re you feeling?”

“Not too bad.  Little sore.”  Clint hoped Bruce wasn’t going to start asking questions about the accident, too.  Though maybe now Coulson would start fielding the questions.  That would be good.  “Oh.  And hungry.”  He looked up at Tony, eyes imploring and overly sad.

Tony laughed.  “Oh my God.  Don’t give me the eyes.  That is SO playing dirty.”

Clint didn’t stop, even added in a little wibble for good measure.

“Oh my God, I hate you.”

“You promised you’d feed me.”

“Hey, you never brought it up.  Missed your chance for food.”

“Oh, you are an ass.”

Tony laughed, and ran a hand through Clint’s hair.  “You know I’m kidding you.  I’ll get you anything you want.  Just name it.”

Clint’s eyes widened; he smiled.  “Anything?”

“Anything.” Tony promised.

The answer was immediate.  “Toast.”

Tony shook his head.  “………….why did I not see that coming?”

Clint laughed.  “I have no idea.”

“You are SUCH a dork.  I tell you you can have anything and you want toast?”

“Hey.  Toast is AWESOME.”

Tony just shook his head again, grinning.  “Such a dork.”  He ran his fingers through Clint’s hair.  “I’ll make you your toast.  But only cuz I love you.”  And he leaned in, kissing Clint’s forehead.  Steve looked away, blushing again.  Tony didn’t seem to notice, but Clint did.  He flushed a little himself, but he smiled.

“Love you, too.”  Normally he wouldn’t say it in front of other people.  He was still too uncomfortable with expressing his emotions so openly.  But he wasn’t going to just deny Tony like that.  Tony’s smile grew.  He knew how hard it was for Clint to open up that way.  That smile just made Clint flush even more, and he ducked his head to hide it.

Tony’s lips brushed Clint’s forehead again; he murmured softly “….be right back with your toast.”

“Do you want me to do it?”  Bruce’s voice startled Clint from his thoughts; he looked up.  Bruce didn’t seem fazed at all by anything that had just happened.  Coulson had his usual enigmatic face on, but it wasn’t his ‘I Hate Tony Stark’ face, so that was definitely a good sign.  Clint would have expected the ‘IHTS’ face to make an appearance when the two of them were displaying affection.  If Coulson wasn’t looking upset…..that was definitely a positive sign for their relationship.  Steve was still blushing like crazy.  This definitely has the making of a fun recovery period.

Clint realized he had sort of spaced out, and he focused in on the conversation again.  Bruce was still waiting for an answer, but he must have noticed that Clint had zoned out, for now his attention was focused solely on Tony.

“I could make the toast while you can get Clint settled into bed, and I’ll bring it in to you.”

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“Not at all.  I’m sure he’ll be much more comfortable.”

Clint felt an inexplicably huge wave of gratitude towards Bruce.  Pajamas, bed, toast and Tony sounded amazing.  Alone with Tony.  Clint was extremely grateful to have all his friends there to take care of him, but he just wanted to be alone with Tony, to rest.  “You’re amazing, Bruce.  Really.”

Bruce laughed.  “Wouldn’t go that far.  But thanks.”

Tony ran his fingers through Clint’s hair again.  Without even realizing it, Clint’s eyes slipped shut, humming happily at the sensation, barely noticing as Tony answered Bruce.  “That would be great.  Thanks, Bruce.  I’m gonna get Clint to bed.”  And then Clint was being moved, Tony rolling him down the hallway toward their bedroom and shutting the door behind them.

Clint smiled at Tony.  “Thanks.”

“For what?”

“Getting me out of there.”  Tony laughed, but Clint shook his head.  “I’m serious.  It’s nice seeing everyone, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them being here, but I really just wanna relax.  I know that’s weird coming from me, and that by tomorrow I’ll probably be itching to get out of the house, but right now, I just want to be alone with you.”

Tony smiled.  “Sounds perfect.”  He pulled open the top dresser drawer.  “Let’s get you into some pajamas.”

Clint watched as Tony began digging through the drawer.  The amount of pajamas they owned was absolutely ridiculous.  Most of them were Tony’s (he had a thing for silly pajamas), but he loved to buy them for other people, and by now Clint had amassed quite a collection himself.

Tony pulled out a pair, and Clint was surprised to see that they were actually incredibly normal, just red and white striped.   “…”

“What.”  Tony moved to Clint’s side, kneeling so he was level with the other man, beginning to carefully help change Clint into the pajamas.

“You picked out a pretty basic pair of pajamas.”

“Yea, well, I figured you wouldn’t want to wear anything too crazy with other people around.”

Clint felt that little fluttering in his chest that he got whenever Tony did something sweet, even if it was as simple as this.  “…’re adorable.”

“Fuck off.”

“Thought you said I wasn’t allowed to do that till I got better.”

“Oh, shut up, you know what I mean.”  Tony rose, wrapping an arm about Clint.  “Up we go.”

With Tony’s assistance, Clint climbed into bed.  Tony propped up pillows so Clint could sit up comfortably.  “Since Bruce is bringing you toast,” he explained.

Just then there came a knock at the door, almost as if Tony was psychic and had known the exact moment Bruce would arrive.  “Speak of the devil,” he said, and moved to the door.  But Bruce wasn’t the one who had knocked.

……it was Natasha.

“Hey, Stark.”

Tony did his very best not to glower, and actually managed a smile, if a somewhat stiff one.  “Hello, Tasha.”

Tasha moved past Tony into the room without even waiting to be invited.  Clint knew Tony would just love that.  “Hey, Clint.”

“Hi, Nat.”

“Here,” she held out a plate.  “Brought you your toast.”

“Thanks,” Clint accepted the plate.  Bruce had made him six pieces.  Awesome.  He eagerly dug in.

“So….heard you were blindsided by enemy fire while you were rappelling down a cliff…..took a little tumble.”  But it was clear from the smirk on Natasha’s face that she knew exactly what had happened.

Clint glared.  “Shut the fuck up.”

Tasha just laughed.  “You’d laugh if it had happened to me.”  She turned her attention on Tony.  “Thanks for having me, Stark.”

Tony was doing very well, trying his best to behave, his face carefully blank of the dislike Clint knew Tony felt for the woman.  “Yea, well…..just….take care of him.”

“Don’t I always?”

Clint winced.  It was probably the worst possible thing Tasha could say.  Tony’s face was flushing, filling with rage and hatred, and Clint waited, just waited for Tony to snap.

But it didn’t come.  Tony bit that rage back, taking a deep breath, his voice very flat as he answered.  “Thanks.”  The anger was barely concealed, but he had managed.  Clint was shocked, and ridiculously impressed, and so fucking proud of Tony he couldn’t begin to say.

“Uh, thanks Tasha, but can Tony and I be alone?”

Tasha shrugged.  “Sure.”  She left the room, shutting the door behind her.

Clint immediately held out his arms to Tony, who didn’t even notice at first.  He was just staring at the door that Tasha had left through, that anger beginning to seep back into his face.  “Hey.”  Tony snapped out of it, turning to Clint.  Clint waved his arms insistently.  “C’mere.”

Tony climbed into bed beside Clint, moving carefully so as not to jostle the injured man.

Clint kissed Tony’s cheek.  “Thank you.”

Tony looked at Clint.  “For what?”

“That.  Just now.  You were great.”

Realization dawned on Tony’s face.  “…..oh.”  That anger was clouding his eyes again.  “….yea.”

Clint smiled.  “Really.”  He stroked Tony’s hair.  “I know she wasn’t exactly… her best.  And you were.  I’m serious.  You handled that so well.”

All that irritation was leaving Tony’s face; he smiled.  “Yea?”  Obviously he was happy to see that he had made Clint happy.

Clint nodded.  “Yeah.  I know you did it for me, and I can’t thank you enough.”

Tony just shook his head.  “I should be able to do this.  I want to be able to do anything for you.  And this really isn’t too much to ask.”

Clint smiled, cupping Tony’s cheek.  “See?  This is why you’re amazing.”

Tony’s face flushed; Clint could feel the heat of it beneath his hand.  “Shut up and eat your toast.”

Clint laughed, but he did as he was told.  It didn’t take long to finish; they hadn’t let him eat in the hospital, and he hadn’t eaten during the time he’d been tailing the man on his mission, so he was ridiculously hungry.  The toast was gone in under two minutes.

Tony grinned.  “Hungry, much?”

“Shut up.”

Laughing, Tony took the plate from Clint’s lap, setting it on the bedside table.  “Here…” He reached for Clint’s pillows.  “Let’s fix these up…..get you laying down more comfortably.”  Clint couldn’t sleep with the concussion, but Tony was going to make damn certain he took it easy.

Clint smiled as Tony shifted the pillows into a better position for Clint to recline, fluffing them for good measure.  “You’re so freaking cute.”

“Shut the fuck up.  And lay down.  You need to rest.  Not sleep…”

“Yes, mom.”  Clint lay back, smiling up at Tony.  “You gonna stay with me?”

“Idiot.  Of course I am.”

Clint gave Tony a little poke.  “Pajamas.”

Tony shook his head, smiling.  “Fine.”  He carefully rose from the bed, moving to the dresser, and paused, glancing over his shoulder.  “… I supposed to wear any special ones?”

Clint laughed.  “Nah.  Whatever you want.”

Tony grinned.  “Then I’ll go with some polka dots.  So we clash.”

Clint couldn’t help another burst of laughter.  “You are such an ass.”

“Oh yea.”  Tony tugged on a pair of black pajamas with green polka dots, and returned to Clint’s side, slipping into bed and pulling the covers up over them.  “Hey…..even the colors.”  He gestured between them.  “Red and white, black and green.”  The grin on his face grew.  “We’re like Christmas!”

“Oh my God, you are SUCH an ass.”

“Yup.  And you love me.”

Clint leaned in, kissing Tony’s cheek.  “Yeah….I really do.”

Tony poked Clint in the middle of his forehead.  “Hey.  Stay still.  No straining your ribs.”

“Tony.” Clint heaved an exasperated sigh.  “I’m allowed to move a LITTLE.”

“Hey….it’s the first day.  Humor me.”

Clint had to smile.  “Oh, like you’re not going to be ridiculously over-protective every day.”

“…..well…..yea.  But at least let me get away with it for one day.”

Clint laughed.  “Okay… day.  Then you calm down.  Ease up.  At least try.”

Tony smiled.  “Okay.  I’ll try.  Promise.”  And he leaned in, kissing Clint softly on the forehead, murmuring.  “I love you.”

“Mm.  I love you, too.” Clint smiled up at Tony.  “Hey….thanks.  For everything.”

Tony shook his head.  “Dork.  Don’t have to thank me.  I wanted to.  Always wanna be there for you.”

“I know.  And that makes you amazing.”

“Hey, I’m amazing in general.”

Clint laughed.  “Conceited bastard.”

“You know it.”  Tony stroked Clint’s hair.

Clint let out a happy little noise at the touch, eyes slipping shut.  “Thought you were gonna make me feel all good.”

“Oh, don’t worry bout that…..I’m definitely gonna make you feel real good.  But I think you should get some rest, first.”

“Tony, I rested on the plane.”

“I know.  I know you did.  But come on….you just told me I was allowed to worry for one day.”

Clint laughed.  “Okay, okay, I know.  But…..seriously?  What am I supposed to do?”

“I don’t know…..what do you want to do?  I can put on a movie.”

“…….wouldn’t you have to sit me back up for that?”

Tony looked at Clint, an expression on his face that Clint knew all too well.  It was an expression that said that the answer to Clint’s question was not going to be a normal one by any stretch of the imagination.  “….uh……Jarvis could play it on the ceiling.”

Clint was certain he had heard wrong.  He just stared at Tony.  “……what.”

“…Jarvis could play the movie on the ceiling.  You could still lie down and watch it.  It’d be like a normal TV…..but on the ceiling.”  Clint was still simply staring at Tony, who was looking defensively back at him.  “What?”

“……and you haven’t told me this before, because……..?”

“…..I don’t know.  Cuz it’s weird?”

“Tony…..pretty much EVERYTHING about you is weird.”

“Hey!” Tony laughed.  “Brat.”

“Come on, you know it’s true.  Besides…..a TV on the ceiling?  That’s awesome.”

“Glad you think so.”

“Hell yeah.  All this time, we could’ve been watching movies in bed.  Well…..laying down in bed.”  Then another thought occurred to Clint.  “…….does this thing videotape, too?”

The look on Tony’s face stated that he knew EXACTLY where Clint was going with this question.  “Yea.”

“So there’s overhead video footage of us fucking.”

“Looks that way.”


Tony burst out laughing.  “Clint, Jarvis records in every room in the house.  You wanna watch us fucking?  You can probably view it from any angle you want.”

“……..that……is AWESOME.”

Tony shook his head, grinning.  “Pervert.”

“Am not.”

“Are too.  Now, do you want to watch a movie or not?  I honestly don’t know much else we can do with you in bed.  I mean……I could read to you?” The suggestion was hesitant, as though Tony was worried Clint would think the idea was stupid.

In all honesty, Clint was surprised by the idea.  Tony had never suggested anything like it before.  “I……really?”

“Yea.  I mean….if you want to.”

Clint smiled.  “I’d like that.  I mean…..right now……I think I might doze off.  Think your voice might be really calming.  But…..later?  Maybe tomorrow?”

Tony was smiling.  “Yea?  Really?”

“Yeah.  I….I really think I’d like that.”

“Heh.  Okay.  Me too.”  Tony stroked Clint’s cheek, leaning in to give him a soft kiss.  “For now…..movies.”  Pulling away, he reached for the remote, and flopped back down beside Clint.  “Let’s see what’s on pay-per-view.

The ceiling lit up, the television blazing to life.  Clint stared.  “……..this is so cool.”

Tony chuckled.  “Glad you think so.”  He flipped through the films.  “So, I’m guessing action.”

“You know me well.”

“I would hope so.”  Tony scrolled down the list of movies.  “Hmm……”

“Oh!  Oh!  That one!”

Tony paused, turning to look at Clint.  “……. ‘Bambi’?”

“Hell yeah!”

“…….how is that in ANY way an action film?”

“Fuck you!  There’s hunting in it!”

Tony stared.  “…..yea……they kill Bambi’s mom.  This movie is depressing as hell.”

“Hey, ‘Bambi’ is awesome.”

Tony shook his head.  “You’re a sick fuck.”

“Yeah, I bet you cry when Bambi’s mom dies.”

“Shut the fuck up, I do not.”


Tony glowered.  “I do NOT cry at ‘Bambi’.”

“Yeah?  Prove it.  Put it on.”

There was a long moment of silence as the two men stared at each other, but it was clear Clint wasn’t backing down.  Tony sighed, shaking his head.  “I hate you.”

Clint grinned, poking him.  “You do not.”

“Yea, yea.  I’m only doing this to humor you.  Cuz you’re hurt.”

“Tch, whatever.”  Clint wriggled deeper into the pillows, snuggling closer to Tony.  “Hold me?”

Tony shook his head, but he was smiling.  “I shouldn’t, you brat.”

“You love me.”

“God help me, I do.”

The movie began, and conversation died down.  That is, until Clint let out a little ‘whoop’ of excitement when the hunters showed up, taking down one of the birds.

Tony glanced at him.  “… really are a sick fuck.”

“Aww, you tearing up over there?”

“Y’know, if you weren’t injured, I would punch you.”

Clint simply grinned, attention returning to the film.

Tony was silent the whole way through…..until Bambi’s mom died.  In the silence that followed the fatal gunshot, Clint heard a soft sound……almost like a sniffle.  He went to look at Tony, but found Tony’s palm flat against his head, holding Clint’s head in place, preventing Clint from turning towards him.

“Tony, what the hell.”

“Shut up.”


Shut up.”

Clint grabbed Tony’s hand, tugging, struggling, finally managing to pry Tony’s hold loose, and turned to get a good look at the man.

……Tony was tearing up.  Clint had seen Tony like this a few times before, but always when the situation was serious…..never about something so frivolous as a movie.

“…..Tony, you’re really fucking crying.”


Clint couldn’t help it; he burst out laughing.  With a growl, Tony grabbed the remote, stopping the movie and tossing the remote aside.  It hit the wall with a loud bang.

“Tony?”  Steve’s voice could be heard in the hallway, full of concern.  “You guys okay in there?”

Tony either didn’t notice Steve’s question or didn’t care.  He crawled over Clint on all fours, straddling his hips, but being very careful not to put any weight on him.

There was a knock at the door.  “Tony?”  And then the door opened a crack, and Steve poked his head in.  “Oh!” Steve’s face immediately flushed a bright vermillion red; he began stammering.  “Uh….uh…I just wanted….I heard the crash….I wanted to make sure you guys were okay…..didn’t need anything…”

“Yea, actually if you don’t mind.  Can you grab my bag from the kitchen?  Red bag, black straps on it.  Bout the size of a briefcase.  And a glass of water, please.”

“Ah.  Yeah.”  And Steve was gone in a flash.

Clint was staring at Tony like he’d never seen him before.  “Um….what…..what’re you doing?”

There was another knock, and Steve poked his head in again.  “Um…  Here it is.”  But Tony didn’t rise from the bed, and Steve was forced to enter the room.  He handed Tony the bag, and set the glass of water on the table.  “Um… there…..did you need anything else?”

“No, we’re good Steve.  Thanks.”

Looking relieved, Steve headed for the door, but Tony’s voice stopped him.

“Oh, and Steve?”

Steve froze, hand on the doorknob, not quite turning to face Tony completely.

“You hear any other noises……don’t bother checking.  Tell the others too, will you?”

Steve didn’t even answer.  He just bolted from the room like his life depended on it.

Clint looked up at Tony.  “….ah…..what other noises might he be hearing?”

But Tony didn’t answer, simply opened the bag and began digging through it.  After a moment, he pulled out a small pill bottle and, popping it open, poured one pill out into his hand.  He pressed the pill into the palm of Clint’s hand.

“Here,” he said.  “Take it.”

Clint looked at the pill, then suspiciously up at Tony.  “…..what is it?”

“Take the fucking pill.  Because I want to suck your cock and until you take that, I can’t.”

Clint felt a shudder go through him; he tossed the pill back, hand finding the glass of water and swallowing it down.

“Good boy,” Tony murmured, and Clint shivered all over again.

“….you…’re rewarding me for making fun of you?”

“Rewarding you?  Fuck, no.  I’m going to tease the motherfucking hell out of you.”

Clint bit his lip.  God, it was hot when Tony got all sadistic and predatory like this.  “Yeah?”

Tony’s hands slipped into Clint’s hair, sliding down to cup his face.  He leaned in and kissed Clint.  “Yea.”

Clint could already feel the medication running through his system.  His body was growing heavy.  Unfortunately, he was still ridiculously conscious of the aching arousal in his groin.  “…..Tony….”

Tony smiled.  “I take it it’s working.”  He reached between them, hand palming Clint through his pajama pants.  Clint’s breath caught in a little gasp.


Tony chuckled low in his throat, and the noise tugged at something deep in Clint’s gut.  “Sorry, baby.  No instant gratification for you today.”  He gave Clint another kiss, gently nipping his lower lip, and then moved lower, hands unbuttoning Clint’s pajama shirt, trailing kisses down his chest.

Clint moaned.  He could feel every single teasing kiss, but he couldn’t arch into them like he wanted to.  It was torture.  “Tony…..fuck, Tony.”

“Mmm……I think I like these pills.”

“You would, you sick fucker.”

“Hey, this is all for your benefit.  Without these, you wouldn’t be getting anything at all.”

Clint sighed.  “I know, but……don’t have to tease.”

“Yea?”  Tony glanced up.  “And you didn’t have to make fun of me.”

Clint couldn’t help a snicker of laughter.  “You were crying at ‘Bambi’.”  But then Tony’s hand was beneath the waistband of Clint’s pajama pants, teasingly stroking his cock, and Clint cried out, but the touch disappeared as quickly as it had begun.  Fucking tease.  Clint made a noise of frustration.

“Yea, go on……keep making it worse for yourself.”

“Tony,” Clint whined.

Tony just chuckled, and Clint was vaguely aware of his pants being tugged down.  He tried to lift his head, wanting to get a look, but he couldn’t.  “Tony.  Tony, please…..pillows?  I wanna watch you.”

“Oh….” Tony moved upwards, crawling on all fours up over Clint until their faces were mere inches apart, and he had that fucking wicked smirk on his face that drove Clint crazy.  “….I suppose I can do that.”  And gently, he supported Clint as he propped up the pillows just enough that Clint could watch him at work.  Then, Tony kissed his way back down Clint’s chest, the bandages just low enough for Tony to tease his tongue over a nipple, making Clint moan.  His hand found Clint’s shaft again, stroking it, but this time he didn’t stop, keeping up a slow rhythm.  “What do you want, baby?”

How the fuck did Tony expect him to think, let alone talk?  Clint opened his mouth, but all that came out were some garbled sounds.  That made Tony laugh.

“You have to tell me or you won’t get it.”

Clint whimpered.  Fuck.  He never did that.  “…..I…..”

“Well, it’s a start.”

He couldn’t get his thoughts straight.  “….I….I’m sorry I made fun of you for crying at ‘Bambi’.”

Tony’s hand stopped moving and Clint let out another whimper.  Did he answer wrong?  But then Tony burst out laughing, laughing so hard Clint thought he might choke.

“Oh my God.  Oh my God, Clint.  You are such a dork.”

Somehow, Clint managed a pout.  “Not.”

“Yea, you are.”  Tony moved up to kiss him.  “SUCH a dork.”

“Noooo,” Clint whined, but that only made Tony laugh more.

“Well…..I guess I can’t punish you anymore.  I mean, since you made such an eloquent apology.”

“Shut up.”

“Oh, going to be impolite again, are we?”

“No!”  The word burst forth.  The last thing Clint wanted was Tony to stop.  Tony had just promised to stop teasing…..if he started up again, Clint would die.  “I’ll behave.  Promise.  I’ll behave.”

Smiling, Tony gave Clint another kiss, murmuring, “That’s what I like to hear.”  And then Tony had moved away, no longer in sight, and Clint could feel that hot breath teasing over his flesh before…..oh God….

Clint moaned as Tony licked along his shaft, a hand slipping between his legs to cup his balls, stroking them.  Then that hot mouth took him in deep, swallowing him down, and Clint tried to rock into it but he couldn’t, and he whimpered in frustration, Goddammit another whimper.

Tony’s mouth was fucking magic.  He could’ve made a fortune off that mouth.  Not that he ever would, and Clint would kill anyone who even thought about trying for it.  He was vaguely aware of a rustling sound.  Tony was fumbling through his bag with his free hand, searching for something, but honestly, Clint felt so good that he couldn’t really care much what it was.

Then, he felt a slickened fingertip pressing against his hole, and realization hit.  Lube.  Tony had been searching for lube.  Jesus H. Christ.  “…Tony…”  The word was barely more than air.

And then Tony’s fingers were inside Clint, stretching him, and yet never once did he take his mouth off Clint’s cock.  Clint was melting with sensation as two fingers teased him now, so close to his sweet spot and yet not quite there.  He whined.  “Tony…”

Tony chuckled.  “Patience, baby.”

“Look who’s fucking talking.”  That elicited a laugh, albeit a somewhat breathless one, and realization hit.  “…..Tony….are you…..what about you?”

“Fuck off, I’m fine.  Now stop asking me shit, it just takes away all the time my mouth can be on your dick.”

The words made Clint’s cock twitch.  He was so close, he knew it, but….not without Tony.  He wouldn’t be happy if Tony took care of him but did nothing for himself.  “Tony…..touch yourself.  I want you to get something out of this, too.”  He knew Tony was about to object, to say that pleasing Clint was enough for him, so Clint spoke up before Tony could interrupt.  “Do it.  Or I won’t be happy.”

There was a moment of silence, and then Tony heaved a sigh.  “Fine.  Pain in the ass.”  He paused for a minute.  “……when I’m done with you.  Okay?  When I’m done with you.”

“Okay.  So long as you promihaaaa!” Clint didn’t get to finish his sentence, for Tony’s mouth was back on him, and finally, finally, Tony had stopped teasing and had pressed against that sweet spot. “Tony!  FUCK, Tony!”

There was no answer other than Tony chuckling, the noise vibrating around Clint’s shaft, and then all three fingers teased over Clint’s prostate, and fuck, it was too much, and Clint cried out as he came.

Tony took his time as he pulled away, making sure to lick Clint completely clean.  Clint whimpered (again!  Motherfucking again!) and swore to himself that it would be the very last time.  He struggled to catch his breath.

“You,” he managed.  “Now you.  You promised.”

Tony nodded.  “Yea.”

“Come closer.”  Clint tried to gesture but his body was still completely immobile.  Goddammit.  “I wanna see.”

That made Tony smile.  He crawled closer to Clint, who felt a flush of heat roll through him at the sight.  Tony was fucking gorgeous.  His cock was hard and flushed, wet with precum.  Obviously he wasn’t going to take too long.

Tony smiled at the flush that had risen in Clint’s face.  “Like what you see?”

“Shut the fuck up.  And get to work.”

“Yes, sir.”

Clint felt that little squirming feeling he always got when someone, no matter who, called him ‘sir’ (it was just so weird), but it only lasted about two seconds….Tony just looked too fucking sexy to pay attention to anything else.

Those talented hands were moving, one at work on his cock, the other stroking his belly, his chest, teasing a nipple.  And his eyes…..Tony never took his eyes off Clint.  That gaze was so intense, so heated.

“So fucking gorgeous,” Clint murmured.  He heard Tony’s breath hitch at the words, and he smiled.  “You like that?  Like me talking to you while you jerk off?”


“I like watching you.  Should do this more often.  Got beautiful hands, you know that?  Look so nice on your cock.”

Tony let out a long, low moan.  “Clint….can’t….fucking can’t.”

“Good.  Wanna watch you come.  Look so hot when you come.  Let go, Tony.  Come for me.”

And, with the softest of gasps, Tony did.  “Clint….oh fuck, Clint.” He choked out the words.  He was amazingly quiet, for him.  His eyes fell shut, chest rising and falling heavily as he caught his breath.  Clint just drank in the sight.

“Hey,” he spoke up at last, once Tony seemed to have regained control.  “C’mere.”

Tony paused, looking at his hand.  “….my hand’s all messy.”

“Good.  I want it.”

Tony laughed, laying down beside Clint, holding his hand out so that even in his immobile state Clint could lick it clean, humming happily.

“Mm……how long does this thing last?”

“What…..the immobility?  Um…..think about an hour or so?”

Clint groaned.  “That fucking sucks.”

“Hey, I would think all we just did would make a little immobility worthwhile.”

Clint grinned.  “True.”

“Mm.  Glad you agree.”

“Oh, I do.  Very much.”  He frowned.  “Still……what do we do now?”

“……same as before, I guess?  Movie?  Unless you’re gonna start making fun of me all over again.”

Clint laughed.  “No.  No more, I promise.  But anyway, screw ‘Bambi’…..the hunting scenes are over.”

“…….I told you you’re a sick fuck.”

~five weeks later~

“Really guys, thanks for everything.”

It was the end of Clint’s healing period.  The doctors had said four to six weeks.  Tony had wanted to push for six weeks, but Clint was moving around just fine, so he had been overruled.  Clint had promised to try to take it easy, which obviously was probably not going to go so well, but it was something, anyway.  The others were going to head home.

“Really, it’s no problem at all.” Bruce was smiling.

“Yeah……not a bad place to stay in.”  Natasha took another look around the room, taking in the front entryway of their house.  “….still……you might want to invest in thicker walls.  The two of you are pretty loud.”

Steve made a tiny, high pitched noise of embarrassment.  Bruce sort of coughed, trying to hide a smile but was completely unsuccessful in the attempt.  Tasha simply smirked at Clint and Tony.

Clint shook his head.  “Pain in the ass.”

“You’re telling me,” Tony muttered under his breath.  Still, he had managed to keep his dislike of Natasha to himself for the five weeks she had stayed at their house.  Clint couldn’t have been prouder.

“Boisterous love-making is a sign of a strong relationship!” Thor insisted.  Jane seemed to blush a bit, but she smiled.

“Damn straight, buddy.” Tony gave Thor a punch to the shoulder.  “Well, guys, really…..thanks a ton.  I’ll totally make it up to you once Clint’s completely better.”

“I AM completely better.”

“Hey, doctors said four to six weeks.  It’s been five.  I’m not counting it as completely better until six weeks are up.”

Clint sighed, but he was smiling.  “You’re such a pain in the ass.”

“You love me.”  Tony turned back to everyone.  “Really.  We’ll have a party or something.  It’ll be awesome.”

“Sounds good.” Bruce headed outside, stopping dead.  “…..Steve…..what is that?”

“…..that’s my motorcycle.”

“…… said you would give me a ride home.”


“……….on that?”

“….why not?”

Tony shook his head, grinning, as he shut the door.  “Well, that should be an interesting ride home.”

Clint laughed.  “Inevitably.”  He moved closer to Tony, until he was effectively pinning the other man up against the door.

Tony looked at Clint with surprise.  “….what’re you doing?”

Clint was smiling.  “Well, you’ve been taking care of my needs during my recovery.”  That smile took on an edge……an edge with some heat to it.  “….thought I should return the favor.”

Tony smiled.  “Oh, is that right?”  He slipped his arms around Clint’s neck, fingers running through his hair.  “Lay it on me…baby.”


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  1. I’m going to watch the new bourne legacy on the weekend

  2. KattyRosie

     /  September 14, 2012

    Yay for AssertiveTony!!!! *happy dance*

    • LOL it cracks me up how much everyone likes assertive Tony, but Tony is ALWAYS assertive. In reality, he’s the one who gives most of the orders. He shoves Clint around until Clint does what Tony wants. It’s just that what Tony wants is to be on bottom. Somehow everyone seems to take that as Tony being submissive, not assertive, all of the above, I don’t know lol.
      But I’m glad you enjoyed it, and that it made you do a happy dance!^^

      • KattyRosie

         /  September 15, 2012

        I do see what you mean about Tony. Maybe the phrase is “More ConventionallyAssertive Tony?” 😀 I love it either way, it’s just nice to change things up, I hope this makes sense….the cold meds are messing with my head. And YES I loved it….the one thing I’m going to miss while I’m on vacation is reading your updates!!!

  3. britewing

     /  September 14, 2012

    nice love it. gald that i’m not the only one who tires up in Bambi. was wondering what the hole hate Tasha thing is, is it from one of yours or the comics or something like that? just cousrus =)

    • It’s from the comics and cartoon show, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. In the comics, Natasha never loves Clint. She uses his love for her to try and manipulate him into doing her bidding, which initially leads to him being a criminal until Tony gives him a chance to join the Avengers.
      In the cartoon show, Clint and Natasha are partners, but then she backstabs him, setting him up to make it seem as if its him betraying SHIELD, when its really her. That’s the storyline I generally go with in these stories. If you look through all my stories, you’ll notice a running theme of Tony being very unhappy that Clint still trusts Tasha as a partner after she backstabbed him.

  4. sabrina

     /  September 14, 2012

    so awesome! love how tony cries at bambi (me too!) and clint just likes the hunting lol.

  5. fuzzyelf

     /  September 15, 2012

    Love the story! I think it would be cool to see Natasha and Tony have a screaming match once though. Of course Tony would have to be really careful or Natasha might kill him! 🙂
    I really enjoyed this story. I just love how Clint and Tony take care of each other. They both never really had that before in the story lines you know. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. 😉 Until next time!

  6. Caro

     /  September 15, 2012

    Oh yes, that’ definitly helping 😀 But now, I wish I had a Tony who takes care of me when I’m injured – or ill as it is now.
    Still, love it! Just one question: When Tony is about to blow Clint, he kisses his bare chest. But Clint has got brocken ribs, so what about the bandage? (Sorry, I have this thing with logic errors. I never can get rid of it as soon as I notice them -.-)
    Anyway: Thank you 🙂

    • Lol they are bandaged, but the bandages don’t cover his whole chest. There’s still flesh for Tony to tease. 😉 Still, I can see how it comes across that way. Maybe I shall tweak it a bit. Thanks!^^
      Glad you liked it…..feel better!

      • Caro

         /  September 15, 2012

        Aah. Okay, yeah, that’s good then. I know they don’t cover his whole chest, but it really seemed that there are no bandages.
        Thanks 🙂

  7. Burton Holderness

     /  October 6, 2012

    Love this story, and glad I read the comments to find out the back story about Tasha. I can’t wait for Tony and Tasha to have it out. I wanna see Tony go all evil genius on her ass, use his robots to kick her ass for what she did. Normally I like Natasha as she was in the movies, but learning the backstory you’re using I totally want Tony to kick her ass.!!!!!

    • Yea, it frustrates me so much b/c I really like her in the movies. Well…..for the most part. During her interrogation of Loki, I HATE her, b/c it seems like she’s all concerned about Clint and then she’s just like “welllll actually I was just using that friendship w/ Clint to get information from you, Loki. HA!” So that makes me angry. But in general I like her in the films. But then I got to know her better from the comics and the show, so now when I watch the films, it just influences my opinion so much. 😦

      • Windstorm124

         /  January 14, 2014

        I always figured she was drawing on her friendship with Clint to make it more convincing. After all, she’s trying to trick the TRICKSTER God. It’s pretty impressive actually that she manages to do that. (shrugs) Of course, you’re well within your rights to have your own opinion and take on her.

        That said, this story is awesome. I love how you had Tony control his temper of Clint’s sake; that’s adorable. Keep up the amazing work!

  8. Tala

     /  May 14, 2013

    That -> ❤ <- says it all ;D And it's your fault that I did go and make myself toast at 02:30 in the morning xD I just needed a toast after the conversation about it xD


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