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Tony sounded nervous.  Clint was beginning to realize now just how nervous Tony was.  He knew he should get himself under control beforeTonyfreaked out.      

(final chapter of this story, kiddos!  Enjoy!^^)


Tony looked up when he heard the door opening, and his eyes lit up.  “Clint!”

Clint smiled.  “Hey.”  He shut the door behind him, and had barely turned around before Tony was throwing himself at Clint, hugging him tight.  Clint laughed.  “Wow…..miss me much?”

“Shut the fuck up.”  Tony’s voice was muffled, his face buried against Clint’s shoulder.  “You missed me just as much.”

Smiling, Clint hugged him back.  “I did.’

Tony pulled back to kiss Clint.  “You’re early.  A day early.”

“Yeah.  Think Coulson got sick of my whining.”

Tony laughed.  “Yea?  Enough to let you off the hook despite us fucking on his desk?”

“I know, right?  I must have been really irritating this time.”

“More so than usual?  Now that’d be impressive.” Tony dodged the punch Clint sent his way.


“Yup.”  Tony tugged at Clint’s coat.  “C’mon.  Let’s get you changed into something more comfortable.”

“Sounds great.”  Clint let Tony pull him down the hallway to their bedroom.  Tony began digging through the dresser drawers, pausing to glance at Clint.


“Sounds good.”  Tony began to pull out a pair, but Clint spoke up.  “…..can I wear some of yours?”

Tony looked at Clint, surprised.  “…..mine?  Why mine?”

Clint knew he was going to start turning red.  “……they smell like you.”

Tony stared, the look on his face growing so ridiculously happy, and yup, Clint could feel the blush spreading over his face.

“Shut the fuck up.”

“I didn’t say anything…..yet.”  Tony couldn’t smile any bigger than he was.  “That is…  That just……you make me so Goddamn happy, you know that?”


Tony pulled out a pair of his own pajamas.  It was the pink ones Tasha had given him, with the cupids on them.  “These okay?  I wear them the most.”

Clint nodded, taking the pajamas.  He brought them close, inhaling their scent.  Somehow, no matter how many times they were washed, Tony’s clothes still always smelled like Tony.  Clint loved it.

Tony was watching him, smiling.  Clint smiled back.  “….thanks.”

“You really missed me that much?”

“Of course I did, you idiot.”  Clint began stripping out of his clothes.  “Why……you didn’t miss me?”

“Honestly?”  Smiling, Tony moved to the bed and tugged back the covers.  Beneath them were Clint’s purple pajamas.  Clint looked at them, then back at Tony.  “……I’ve been wearing them almost every night.”

“………are you kidding me?”

Tony shook his head.  “Nope.  Been sleeping on your side of the bed, too.  With your pillow.”

Clint’s smile grew so wide, his cheeks hurt.  “Wow.  Guess you missed me too, then.”

“More than you know.”  Tony picked up the purple pajamas, holding them up.  “I take it you don’t mind if I put these back on, then?”

“Not at all.”

Tony slipped back into the pajamas.  Clint smiled as he watched.  Tony looked up.  “….what.  What’s the smile for?”

“Nothing.  Just……it’s funny.  I always joke about how gay it is for us to wear our matching pajamas, and now here we are, wearing each other’s matching gay pajamas.”

Tony laughed.  “Is that even gayer?”

“I think it just might be.”

Grinning, Tony moved to Clint, slipping arms around him.  “Well, I must say, as dashing as you look in purple, you still look cute in pink.”

Clint laughed.  “Oh, is that right.”

“Mm…..that’s right.”  Tony softly kissed Clint, who had no objections, humming happily and pulling Tony closer into him.

“So…” Clint began when they separated at last.  “… about we find some food?  Put on a movie or something?  And then you are going to attach yourself to my body and not leave there until my next mission in two weeks.”

Tony smiled.  “Sounds perfect.”


It had been hours and still they hadn’t moved.  They had picked out a handful of films, and Jarvis had been switching each one out as it finished so that they never had to get up off the couch…..and it was an incredibly comfortable couch.  Not that Clint even really noticed.  The TV was nothing more than a dim glow and buzz in the background, and the couch was nothing more than support for him to equally support Tony.  The man was cradled against him, sprawled across Clint’s body, head resting on his chest.  Clint had been running his fingers through Tony’s soft brown hair for……God…..he didn’t even know how long.  It felt fantastic.  He stroked Tony’s cheek.  His skin was so soft.  God.  How was he so soft?

Tony looked up at Clint and smiled.  “Hey.”


Tony leaned up, kissing Clint.  “I’ll be right back.”  He slid off of Clint, rising.  Clint looked after him, confused.

“Where’re you going?”

“I’ll be right back,” Tony called over his shoulder, vanishing down the hallway.

Clint sat waiting, bewildered.  In a minute, Tony returned, a holding a handful of papers.  “Here.”  He gestured, and Clint sat up, shifting to give Tony room on the couch, and Tony sat, offering the papers.

Clint accepted, looking them over.  “….this………is this…..?”

Tony nodded.  “All of the information and passwords for my accounts.  Bank accounts, Stark Industries, the houses.  Everything.”  Clint stared at the papers in his hands.  He was silent.  Tony watched him for several long moments.  “……I…….are you okay?”

“Yeah.  Yeah, I’m okay.”

“Really?  Cuz you seem like you’re freaking out.”

“No, no, I’m not freaking out.”

“Really?”  Tony sounded nervous.  Clint was beginning to realize now just how nervous Tony was.  He knew he should get himself under control before Tony freaked out.  “It was supposed to be a good thing.”

“It is a good thing!”

“Then why are you freaking out?!”

“I’m not freaking out!”  There was a long pause as Clint took a deep breath, trying to steady himself, to find that control so that he could show Tony what it was he was really feeling.  “…..I was just surprised.”

“………….that I wanna to share all my stuff with you?  That’s surprising?”

“Psh.  No.”  Clint smiled at that.  “No.  That it’s official……on paper.”

“……oh.  But……it’s good?”  Tony sounded better.  Still a bit anxious, but more hopeful.

“Yeah, it’s good.  Told you it’s good.  Just not used to having stuff.”

Tony smiled, obviously relieved.  “Yea.  Well……now you do.  Lots of stuff.”

Clint laughed.  “Well, as long as I get to share it with you.  Though all I really need is you.  And my bow…..I need that, too.”

Tony burst out laughing.  “Oh, can’t forget the bow.”


“The incredibly sexy bow.”

“…….she’s taken.  Stop mentally molesting my bow.”

Tony laughed.  “Hey!  If she’s taken, that would mean by you.  And no, that’s not okay.”

“………….you’re not taking my bow.  That’s like… telling you you can’t be Iron Man.  Won’t work.”

“Oh my God, Clint.  I DON’T WANT YOUR BOW.  The bow is only sexy because you use it.  And you look ridiculously fucking sexy using it.”

Clint was silent for a moment.  “….oh.  Well in that case, we have no issues here.”  He paused.  “…….you think I’m sexy when I use my bow?”

Tony stared.  “…… ARE joking, right?  It’s kind of the hottest thing ever?”

“Heh.  Yeah?  Damn.  Awesome.”  Clint was grinning now, obviously pleased.

“You think?”

“Hell yeah!  Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I’ve mentioned it before……I think a few times.”

“Really?”  Clint thought about it.  “…..yeah, I guess that’s true.  Guess I just didn’t really think too much about it.”

Tony shook his head.  “Stupid.”

“Yeah, yeah.  Shut up.”

“No.  You’re an idiot.”

“So you’ve said……tons of times.”  Clint set the papers aside on the coffee table, tugging Tony into his arms again and laying back on the couch.

“Yea.  Cuz you are.  You’re fucking hot and when you use that thing I wanna jump you so bad its fucking ridiculous.”

Clint let out a burst of laughter.  “HA!  Should try it sometime.  Sounds hot.”

“Haha, yea?  Well, usually I only see you use it in battle, and that wouldn’t end so well.  Firstly, we’d probably both end up getting killed from being distracted, and secondly, I myself wouldn’t be at my sexiest.”

“You think?”  Clint began carding his fingers through Tony’s hair again.  “I kinda like the suit.  Also, if you really want to watch, you should stop by the range.  I spend most of my training time there.”

Tony laughed.  “Oh yea….giant metal suit is super sexy.  And as to the range, name the time and I’m there.”

“Hey.  First off, your suit isn’t that giant.  I mean yeah, it gives you a couple inches of height, and a little bit of bulk, but you wear it well and you know it.  Plus I like to watch you fight.”


“…..yeah…”  Clint paused.  “…..that weird?  That’s probably weird, right?  I mean, it’s not that I have a thing for metal or robotics really…..but knowing it’s you.  You inside, doing all that.”

Tony was smiling.  “No.  That’s really cool to know.”

“Okay, good.  Cuz yeah.”

“…… ‘yeah’ what?”

“Yeah, that’s how I feel…….and I don’t think I could change it if you thought it was weird and then I’d just feel……awkward.”

Tony laughed.  “Why would I think it was weird?”

“I don’t know!  You just could have.  But you don’t, and that’s good.”

“Heh.  Dork.”

“Am not.”

“Hahaha no.  I love it.”

“Of course you do.  Because you suck.”  Clint tugged on a lock of Tony’s hair.

Tony let out a little noise as his hair was pulled.  “Yup.  You know and love it.”

Clint smiled at the noise.  “Yeah…that’s true, too.”

Tony wriggled closer to Clint, snuggling into the curve of his body.  “……you know, though, about the range……..I don’t know how good an idea that is.”

“Yeah?”  Clint was disappointed.

“Yea.”  Tony shifted.  “I don’t know how well it’ll go over if I pounce on you, tear your clothes off, and start riding you like a cowgirl, right there in front of everyone.”

Clint burst into uncontrollable laughter.  Tony looked up at him, grinning.  Clint was gasping for breath.  “Oh man….”  He finally managed to get some air, to breathe normally.  “Good point.”


“Well.”  Clint took a deep breath, still recovering from all that laughter.  “Guess that idea’s out.  Damn.”

“……but I wanna come watch you.”

Without even looking, Clint knew Tony was pouting.  He could hear it in Tony’s voice.  “…..well…….maybe I can shoot here?  We’ve got the space, right?  We can just use one of the rooms we’re not using right now.”

Tony laughed.  “Yea.  We can do that.”

“Awesome.  And you can do whatever you want in your own house.”

“…….oh, can I?”

“Well, yeah.  It’s like, a rule.”

“Heh.  I’ll keep that one in mind.”

There was something to Tony’s voice…..a tone Clint knew all too well.  A tone that said Tony was plotting trouble.  “……..why do I suddenly feel like I shouldn’t have told you that?”

“Hm.  Because you probably shouldn’t have.”

Clint sighed.  “Yeah……I’m gonna pay for that, I’m sure.”

Tony laughed.  “I wouldn’t be too worried if I were you.  I think you’ll enjoy it.”

“With you?  Yeah, that’s likely.”

“Yea?”  Tony sounded pleased.

“Oh, definitely.”

“Heh.  Glad you have faith in me.”

“Well, yeah.  You haven’t let me down yet.”

There was a silence.  “…….wow.”  Tony sounded…not stunned.  Just…..surprised?  Surprised and touched.  “That’s…….wow.”

Clint wasn’t sure what exactly was causing such a big reaction.  “What?  You haven’t.  I trust you… know that, right?”

“Yea, I know that.”

“Good.  Because that’s something.  Well…..with me……you should know.”

“……what do you mean?”

Clint thought for a moment how best to phrase it.  “….because.  Well.  I don’t do that often.  I can’t.  I just don’t trust people.  But…..I don’t know.  I feel like I can trust you, and that’s okay.”  He paused.  “…….dammit, I sound like an idiot.  Your freaking sappiness is rubbing off, you jerk.”

Tony laughed.  “Hey, I was never sappy until you.  So you’re equally to blame.  But…..thanks.  That really….that means a lot.”

Clint was already flushing pink; he didn’t know how to respond to that.  “…..I blame you.”


“Making me share…….feelings and stuff…….totally your fault.”

“It is not.  I never did either.  You made me do it.  So it’s totally equally your fault.”

“Is not.”

“Shut the fuck up”

“Fucking make me.”

“Oh, I will.”

Clint paused, looking at Tony.  “……s’that a threat, a promise, or both?”

Tony’s expression took on a bit of that wicked smile.  “Both.”

“Oh, interesting.”  Clint smiled.  “Not many people threaten me.”

Tony grinned.  “Yea, I can easily understand why.”

“And yet you’d do it anyway….”  Clint stroked Tony’s messy brown hair.  “….another reason why I love you.”

That made Tony laugh.  “Cuz I threaten you?”

“Because you’re brave enough to do it.”  He paused, grinning.  “…..or stupid enough.  You INSIST you’re a genius, but it might not cover common sense.”

Tony laughed.  “Yea, well I’m pretty sure I was born without that.  Or with a severe dearth of it, anyway.”

“That’s okay, I’m often told I’m lacking it, too.”

“Yea, I can see that.”

Clint laughed.  “Shut up!”

“Nope.  I’m allowed to say whatever I want.  YOU’RE the one we’ll be shutting up today.”

“S’that so, huh?”

“Mm…”  Tony propped his chin up on Clint’s chest so he could better see the man, smiling.  “….that’s so.”

“And just how exactly are you planning to go about doing that?”

Tony didn’t say a word, but Clint could feel him move, shifting his weight atop Clint, and then suddenly his hand was between Clint’s legs.  Clint was already hard; he gasped at the sudden touch.  Tony laughed at the reaction.  “Seems like you already have an idea how you’d like me to do it….if this is any indication.”  He grinned, continuing to palm Clint through his thin pajama pants.

Clint would’ve liked to come back with some snappy retort, but it had been too long since Tony had touched him.  Too long since he’d had any real kind of release.  Coulson had kept Clint stationed in the coldest fucking barracks SHIELD had in Antarctica.  It wasn’t a very good situation for taking care of any sort of sexual needs.  Any and all attempts Clint had made had been, for the most part, unsatisfactory.  Coulson had done it on purpose, Clint just knew it.  It was amazing he hadn’t pounced on Tony as soon as he’d walked in the door.  Clint supposed that said something about just how deeply emotionally attached he had become to Tony…..that cuddling came to his mind before sex.  The thought made him flush a little, but it was a pleasant thought.

Clint was brought back to the moment by the sudden feeling of Tony’s mouth on his stomach.  The man had tugged up Clint’s shirt and was laying kisses along his bare skin.  God.  It felt so damn good.  He moaned soft and low, hand slipping into that silky brown hair.  “….Tony…”

Tony chuckled, nuzzling Clint’s belly.  “Mm?”

“….nothing.  S’good.”

“Hnn.  Good.”  Tony pressed another kiss to Clint’s skin, then paused.  “……y’know, I just realized something.”

“What.”  Clint could only really focus on the fact that Tony’s mouth was no longer on him, and that was very unfortunate.  It needed to be fixed right away.

“Said I was going to shut you up.  If I’m sucking your cock, you’re not going to shut up.  You’re going to be making lots of noise.  So………how to solve that problem…….”

Clint felt heat rising in him.  “…….ah…….I don’t know….”

Tony quirked a brow.  “Oh?”  He smiled that wicked little smile.  “I think I might have some ideas.”

Fuck, it was getting warm in that room.  “Yeah?”

Tony nodded, pushing himself up off of Clint.  “Yea.”  He shifted back, loosening the tie on the waistband of his pants.  “You’re gonna suck me off.”

Tony was so calm……..Clint knew just what would get him going.  He smiled.  “…..yes, sir.”

The change was immediate.  Tony’s breath hitched; Clint could see the blush spread up the back of his neck, the tips of his ears, the way it only did when he was really aroused.  “……fuck.”

“Everything all right, sir?”

Something almost like a shudder rolled through Tony.  He gave a jerk of his chin, gesturing to the floor.  “On your knees.”

“Yes, sir.”  Clint slid off the couch, kneeling on the floor between Tony’s feet.  He traced his hands over Tony’s thighs, stroking them, kneading them, and Tony practically purred.  Fuck.  Clint took the waistband of Tony’s pajama pants and carefully slid them down to the floor.

Clint ran his hands over Tony’s legs again, spreading them wider. God, Tony was beautiful.

“……enjoying the view, Agent Barton?”

Startled, Clint looked up.  Tony was watching him, a slight hint of amusement in his eyes.  Clint realized he had just been sitting there, admiring Tony’s naked body.  I probably look like an ass.  But he saw that heat in Tony’s eyes.  Tony clearly didn’t think so.

Clint smiled.  “Maybe.  S’that a problem?”

Never a shy violet, Tony simply smiled at Clint and spread his legs wider, giving Clint an even better view.  “Not at all.”

A wave of heat rolled through Clint.  “…..God, you’re sexy.”

Tony laughed at that.  “You think?”

“Yeah.  I do.”

“Mm.  Maybe you should put your money where your mouth is, then.”  Tony paused, and smiled.  “…….or vice versa, as the case may be.”  He reached out, fingertips brushing Clint’s cheek, tracing his lips.  “Time we were shutting you up.”

Clint smiled, lips brushing Tony’s fingertips in a soft kiss.  “Yes, sir.”  And then he leaned in and took Tony down deep.

He heard a sharp intake of breath as he swallowed Tony’s cock down, felt hands slipping into his hair.  “Fuck.  Fuck, Clint.  Never gonna last.  Been too long.”

Clearly Clint wasn’t the only one who had suffered the effects of their long separation.  He stroked Tony’s knee, hoping to show that he understood.  In the meantime, it may not last long, but while it did, Clint was determined to make this the best blowjob ever.

He had missed this.  The feel of Tony.  That hard heat in his mouth, the way Tony’s hips rocked up to meet him.  The hands in his hair.  Tony stroked his cheek, and Clint looked up.

Tony’s cheeks were flushed, his eyes hooded and hazy with pleasure.  “You too.”  His voice was breathless.  “Touch yourself.”

Clint didn’t have to be told twice.  He tugged his pants down just enough, freeing his cock, beginning to stroke himself hard and fast.  He could taste Tony now, that salty precum.  And then Tony’s hands were clenching tight in his hair, he could hear Tony speaking, choking out the words “Clint…..oh God, Clint,” and then that familiar heat filled his mouth as Tony came, making that sound that Clint loved, that little sighing moan, and fuck, it was too much.

Clint was so close.  He was barely focusing anymore.  Everything seemed hazy.  Then Tony slid from the couch to kneel before him.  Clint looked at Tony, eyes begging for the answer to a question he didn’t even realize he was asking.

Luckily, Tony did.  “Here.”  He slid closer, until he was practically in Clint’s lap.  Gently, Tony stopped Clint’s hand mid-stroke.  Clint whimpered in frustration, but then Tony replaced it with his own, beginning to stroke Clint’s cock himself.

Oh!” Clint clutched at Tony’s shoulders.  “Tony…”  He nuzzled Tony’s throat.  “So good.”  Clint was almost shaking; he was so close.

Tony kissed Clint’s temple, murmuring.  “Come for me, baby.”

And, like magic, Clint did.  Face pressed to Tony’s shoulder, gasping.  “Y…yes…..s.s…..sir!”

He felt Tony twitch in his arms at those words, and he smiled.  He was unable to do anything but smile, and cling to Tony, and struggle for breath.

“………you……you’re a horrible, wonderful little bastard.”

Clint laughed.  “Yup.”

“You’re gonna kill me with this ‘sir’ thing, you know that?”

“Oh yeah.”  Clint was grinning.

Tony shook his head.  “And you’re proud of it.  Bastard.”

“What….you like it.  Don’t complain.”

“Who’s complaining?  I’m not complaining.  I’m just calling you a bastard.”


“Don’t even try and deny it.”  Tony poked Clint.

“Mm…..guess not.”

“Yea.”  Tony glanced up at the couch and then reached up and grabbed a pillow, tossing it to the floor beside them.  “Here, lay down.”

Smiling, Clint obliged, stretching out and laying his head back on the pillow, letting Tony curl up against his chest again.

“That was good.”

Clint laughed.  “Yeah?”

“Yea. I needed that.”

“Mm.  Me too.  Missed you.  In so many ways.”

Tony glanced up, smiling.  “Oh?  Many ways, huh?”

“Yup.  Many.”

Tony sat up, propping his chin on Clint’s chest again to look him in the eye.  A trace of that wicked smile had returned.  “…..think you’ll be willing to show me some more of them later?”

Clint smiled.  “….oh…..I’m sure that can be arranged.”


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  1. stephanie lea

     /  August 24, 2012

    Another great story, Clint using a bow is the sexiest thing ever, its even the wallpaper on my computer. There is nothing sexier then a sexy man using a weapon well, but that may just be somthing wrong with me.

    • LOL no, I totally agree. I am excessively jealous cuz my dad used to work for Connecticut Valley Arms when they were still in business, so he knows how to shoot traditional guns (muzzleloaders, flintlock pistols, etc) and keeps promising to show me but HAS NOT DONE SO YET. Though he taught me a regular rifle when I was young. And my grandpa gave me a bow. So that’s something. 😛
      Thank you so much for reviewing! Glad you liked it.^^

  2. Cat

     /  August 24, 2012

    I’m sorry you’re not feeling the love, but you’re awesome and I love your writing! Especially the long ones! Are you planning on including some of the other avengers sometime? Cause that could be fun…or the suggested bow kink, but I’ve no idea how you can do that…anyway, keep up the good work!

    • The others will be showing up in ‘New Beginnings’ as well as ‘Safety First’ (the third chapter, when it goes up). Tasha has a big appearance scheduled in the near future. It all depends on how much time I have to write.
      Thank you for reviewing!^^

  3. sabrina

     /  August 24, 2012

    this was great! i love reading the stories that you post 🙂 Tony and Clint together just crack me up, they are too funny together with their similar personalities!

  4. Aleksandra

     /  August 24, 2012

    I love this story! As soon as I have a free weekend definitely going through to review all your stories. Very excited to see the continuation of New Beginnings.

  5. britewing

     /  August 24, 2012

    loved it =) can’t wait for the next one

  6. KattyRosie

     /  August 25, 2012

    I had such a happy when I got the email alert saying you had a new post. (Only tempered by the fact I saw it at work and had to WAIT. LOL.) But it was worth waiting for! Thanks for linking back to the previous chapters, too!!

  7. fuzzyelf

     /  August 25, 2012

    Yeah for another story!!!!! Everyday I look forward to checking my e-mail to see if you posted a new chapter or story. I love the idea of Tony watching Clint shooting his bow and getting all hot and bothered HAHA! I am also happy to read that you have more stories coming as well as continuing the other stories. I was just wondering if you were going to do the second chapter to Accidents Happen soon. I know that one is on y-gallery but I really loved the first chapter of that one. I really want to see Tony go off on Coulson and all the lab workers. That would be hilarious! ^-^ No pressure or anything, you know I love all your work. As always, I am eagerly awaiting your next story.

    • Yea…..I keep looking at that one and thinking I should do something with it…….we’ll see lol. Sorry. I sort of go with what ones I get inspiration for, which is why now and then I end up posting out of order. But I’ll try!

  8. Topazione

     /  August 26, 2012

    reading through all of the comments maded me happy (for you), but pretty much summed up all i had to say… must say that the “sir” was by and far my favourite part – hope it come up again in a later story? as usual – your writing is fantastic, you capture their voices well and i really enjoy the way you have (and continue to) developed the characters. a few of the longer chunks of conversation where its just back and forth with out any ‘clint said’ type indications can get a little confusing (but i suspect that’s ’cause i’m now used to having their text names before every line 😛 ), but other than that, i can’t give you any kind of constructive criticism (and that’s not even much of one) (i try to come up with something because i know it can be helpful, but really you just do everything well so it’s hard…)

    • LOL ohhhh yea the ‘sir’ thing will definitely be making a reappearance. ;P
      Sorry if it gets confusing…..I’ve been trying really hard to sort that out.^^;; I’ll work on it. 🙂
      Thank you!

      • KattyRosie

         /  August 27, 2012

        YAY! on the reappearance. Was just coming back to ask for that. Not that I don’t love BadAssClint!, but I was thinking it would be nice to see Tony in charge too.

      • Lol yea, Tony is usually in charge in that he pushes Clint until Clint does what Tony wants him to do. He’s a sneaky little bastard that way. 😛

      • Topazione

         /  August 27, 2012

        @KattyRosie agree completely 🙂
        and don’t stress too much, nuwanda – its only every so often and its not really a big issue then 🙂

      • Lol yea, it just is one of those things that I know I need to work on, and I DO appreciate the constructive criticism, so it would be nice to actually put it to use. 😛

  9. paisley15

     /  October 29, 2012

    The whole “sir” thing…. Wow. I honestly thought that if they ever did that, Tony would call Clint “sir”. Excellent job as always.

    • Oh. Hahaha you just found it. LOL just commented on this, telling you to track it down. Hahaha.

      No, it comes up later that Clint HATES being called sir. Tony likes to tease him with it lol.

  10. Windstorm 124

     /  February 16, 2014

    (blinks a few times) AND….. My brain just melted. Really well written, as usual, and I can’t wait to read more.


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