Someplace in Between: Chapter 2

The front door was unlocked when Clint reached it.  He shut it behind him, locking it for good measure, but he hadn’t made it two steps inside before he stopped dead.

Tony was standing about ten feet away, leaning with his hips up against the counter, smiling as he watched Clint.  “Welcome home.”


A/N:  Here you go, guys.  In the future, I may add a chapter or two, since the game plan is for them to have sex in every room of the house, but for now, this is it.  There’s just too many other stories to write, and this chapter ties it off nicely, so any further chapters will be a nice little present.  Enjoy!^^

The front door was unlocked when Clint reached it.  He shut it behind him, locking it for good measure, but he hadn’t made it two steps inside before he stopped dead.

Tony was there, waiting for him, and Clint’s words of earlier immediately flashed through his head.

I tend to think of you with your hair wet and mussed.  Black suit.  Open.  Loose tie, shirt wrinkled, untucked.  Half buttoned and wrong. 

Now Clint understood what Tony had meant when he had said that he would have time to get some things done.  He had dressed in one of his black suits.  His white shirt was wrinkled, which Clint knew Tony had done himself, since his clothing was always impeccably pressed.  It was buttoned up incorrectly and halfway, Tony’s bare chest visible, and he was wearing Clint’s favorite tie, the purple striped one he had worn to the Abbington Gala….their first date.  He had wet his hair down and scruffed it up.  Right now, Tony was all of Clint’s fantasies come to life.

Tony was standing about ten feet away, leaning with his hips up against the counter, smiling as he watched Clint.  “Welcome home.”

Clint heard a pathetic little sound that he refused to believe came from him, and then he was somehow right in front of Tony without knowing how he had crossed the kitchen, and he was shoving Tony up against the counter and kissing him hard.

Tony’s arms immediately wrapped around Clint’s shoulders, allowing Clint to lift him from the floor and sit him on the edge of the counter without ever breaking the kiss.

Clint’s hand fisted in Tony’s wet hair; he nipped at Tony’s lower lip, tongue dipping past his lips to taste him.  Tony moaned into his mouth, his hands gripping the fabric of Clint’s shirt.  Clint finally broke away from the kiss when air became an absolute necessity.  “You… gorgeous bastard.”

Tony laughed.  “I take it you like it, then?”

“You fucker.”  Clint stepped back just a bit, taking a long look at Tony.  “……fuck.”

That elicited another laugh from Tony.  “I’m glad you approve.”  He reached for Clint’s hand.  “Now…….I believe you promised to let me clean you up?”

“……..fuck.”  Clint could do nothing but stare as Tony took his hand, slowly beginning to lick away all the traces of Clint’s release of moments before.  “…….you look so fucking gorgeous.”

Tony smiled at Clint, tongue teasing over each finger, taking one finger deep into his mouth, sucking.  Clint moaned.  “Fuck.  Oh fucking hell.”

“Mm.”  Tony hummed happily as he licked Clint clean, smiling up at the man.  “….you taste good.”

Fuck.  Clint couldn’t handle any more.  He pulled Tony off the counter, back into his arms.  Tony looked at him in surprise, but he didn’t object.  On the contrary, he happily wrapped his legs around Clint’s waist, arms about his shoulders, letting Clint carry him down the hallway, kissing as they went.

Clint was much more familiar with the house now, and even distracted by kissing, he didn’t crash them into the wall more than twice as he fumbled to find the room he was looking for.

As soon as he entered the living room, he felt a surge of heat.  Tony made a needy sound as Clint pulled away from the kiss to look around for the source.

…..the fireplace.  Tony had actually built a fire.  Clint turned to look at him wordlessly.

Tony smiled.  “Good?”

Clint’s only response was to kiss him again, hard, carrying him into the room and tossing him down onto the couch closest to the fire.

“Oof!”  Tony landed with a little bounce, limbs splayed, and grinned up at Clint.  “God, I love it when you manhandle me.”

Clint just stared down at Tony.  The man looked like sex personified.  “……fuck.”

“….yea, I thought that was the plan.”

“Shut up.”  Clint dropped to his knees in front of Tony, grabbing his tie and yanking him forwards into another bruising kiss, his free hand going to work on Tony’s slacks, undoing them and slipping inside.

Tony gasped as he felt Clint’s fingers wrap around his cock.  “Fuck!  Fucking hell!”

“Yeah.”  Clint pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth.  “Fucking hell.”

Tony’s breath was coming faster now, little puffs of air; his hands were gripping Clint’s shoulders.  “…..Clint…”


Tony rocked up into Clint’s touch, thrusting into his hand, but it wasn’t enough.  He whined in frustration.  “Goddammit, Clint, more!”

Clint laughed.  “So impatient.”  His hands moved to the waistband of Tony’s pants, carefully tugging them down.

“You’re Goddamn right I am.”  Tony shifted, helping Clint divest him of his slacks.  He saw Clint fishing around in the pockets.  “…what’re you….”

“Well, I’m assuming that, as usual, you decided to be a devious little fucker and come prepared, assuming that you’d get your way, as always, and convince me to fuck you right away.”  Clint pulled a tiny packet of lube out of the left pocket, looking up at Tony with a smile.  “……I was right.”

Tony grinned.  “Yea, well, what can I say.  I like to plan ahead for the best possible outcome.”  Then Clint leaned in, and Tony felt that hot breath teasing over his shaft.  “……Clint….”

But there was no answer other than that velvety heat swallowing him down, and Tony’s hands clenched in Clint’s soft golden hair.  “Fuck.  Fucking hell Clint.”  He could feel that talented tongue teasing its way along the underside of his cock as Clint took him in deep, all the way, one hand moving to stroke his balls.  It was oh-so fucking good; Tony could do nothing but lay there, practically boneless and yet tense as a spring at the same time  And then he felt one slick fingertip stroke across his perineum and pressing inside.

“Fuck!”  Clint was going to suck him and finger him?  Fuck.  He didn’t know that he could handle this.  “Clint…..oh God.” He gave a little whimpering moan.

But then Clint’s mouth wasn’t on him any longer.  Tony’s eyes blinked open, searching for Clint.  The archer looked as though he himself were the one being pleasured, the look on his face was so aroused.

“….Clint…..what is it?”

“That.  That just now.  That’s the noise I was talking about.”

Tony wracked his brain.  It took him a moment to remember what Clint was even talking about.

There’s this awesome noise you make when I touch you just right.  It’s like this soft little sigh thing.  Bit of a moan at the end. 

…..fuck.  That’s what he had just done?  Tony thought harder, trying to remember the sound he had just made.  It registered in his head and sounded so pornographic that he himself flushed.  “…..yea?  That?”

Clint nodded, capturing Tony’s lips in a kiss.  Tony nipped gently.

“I’ll do it more, then.  Promise.”

“Oh, fuck.”  Clint looked like he was going to lose all control.  He kissed Tony again.  “You are so Goddamn sexy.”

Tony flushed, as only Clint could make him do, but he smiled.  “Hell yea I am.”

“…..and self-centered.  Did I mention self-centered?”

“No, you failed to mention tha….FUCK!”  Tony cried out as Clint pressed two fingers right against his prostate.  “Fucking hell, Clint!  Jesus!”

“Mm.”  Clint ran his fingers over the head of Tony’s cock, smearing the precum between his fingertips.  “…..looks like you’re getting pretty wound up.”

“Fuck you.”

“No, I think it’s gonna go the other way around.”

“Oh, I’m perfectly fine with that, too.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yea…….every room, remember?”

“Oh, I remember.  You nearly killed me when you first mentioned it.”  Clint had three fingers in Tony now, stretching him hard, rubbing teasingly over that sweet spot.  “Nearly fell out of the fucking rafters.”


“Yeah.  Told me you were gonna make all sorts of pretty noises for me.”  Clint pressed a kiss to the bend of Tony’s thigh.  “….you’re not disappointing me so far.

Tony was rocking back on Clint’s fingers, desperate little thrusts, wanting more.  He was gorgeous to watch….a complete mess of desire.  “Clint….Goddammit, Clint, please.”

“Please, what?”

Tony gave a frustrated whine.  “Fuck me!  Goddammit you can be such an evil bastard sometimes!”

Clint laughed.  “Yeah…..I know.”  He slid the suit jacket from Tony’s shoulders and pulled Tony up off the couch. There was a fluffy white rug on the floor, spread out right in front of the fireplace.  Clint lay Tony down on it, taking another good look at him.  By now, Tony was stripped down to just his dress shirt and tie.  His cheeks were flushed, his hair a mess.  He looked the picture of debauchery.

Tony looked up at Clint through his lashes, eyes hooded.  Clint couldn’t take his eyes away.  “Goddamn, you look gorgeous.”

Tony blushed…..Clint could tell because of the flush that crept up his throat and the slight pink tinge to his ears.  “Shut the fuck up.”

“No.”  Clint grabbed a pillow from the couch and shoved it under Tony’s hips.  “You’re mine.  I get to compliment what’s mine.”

That made Tony smile.  “I guess that’s true.”

“It is true.  So shut up.”  Clint didn’t feel like taking the time to remove his clothes.  Tony was there, he was ready, he was so fucking beautiful.  And they had all night.  All night to fuck, and innumerable rooms in which to do so.  He settled for shucking his pants down to his knees, pulling Tony’s legs up around his waist and pressing slowly into him.

Tony’s hands were gripping his shoulders.  Clint kissed him.  “Okay?”

“Yea……keep going.”

Clint didn’t have to be told twice, hips rolling forward in a way that made Tony’s eyes slip shut in pleasure, made him moan.  Tony’s hands immediately wandered down Clint’s chest, beginning to undo his shirt, wanting to touch bare skin, and Clint tried to oblige him, working with Tony until the shirt was removed.  Tony’s graceful hands greedily took in every inch of bare flesh, a fingertip brushing a nipple, and Clint’s hips automatically snapped forward hard.  Tony gasped, the noise dissolving into a moan, and oh fuck, he did it again, that noise again.  Clint was going to lose it.

He nuzzled behind Tony’s ear.  “That was it again.”

“I…..wha..?”  Tony’s voice was heavy and confused with lust.

“You did the noise again.”

“Oh.  OH.”

“Yeah.” Clint could feel Tony smile, knew how happy it made him to know the effect he was having on Clint.  Then those lips brushed Clint’s ear before nipping, hard, and Clint cried out.  “Fuck!”  His hips canted forward hard, eliciting a moan from Tony, and Goddamn, another of those wonderful noises, and fuck, Clint couldn’t have held back if he wanted to.  Tony was just too beautiful, too wonderful, and Clint’s hips moved almost automatically.  He had a good angle now, moving hard and fast, hitting Tony’s prostate on each thrust.

Tony was holding tight to Clint, one hand in that blonde hair, the other digging into Clint’s strong back.  He wasn’t even getting out coherent words any longer, only desperate little moans and pleading noises, and every now and then Clint’s name.

Clint couldn’t take his eyes away.  Tony was undone, a total mess.  Clint wanted to make him lose that last lingering shred of control.  He took Tony’s cock in hand, giving it a single stroke.

That was all it took.  Tony’s grip on Clint tightened; he practically sobbed out Clint’s name as he came, his release spattering hot and wet on Clint’s hand.  He shuddered with the aftershock, and then it came….that breathy little sigh, the moan on the end.

Clint came so hard he would swear he saw stars.  His vision went white.  He was saying something, he had no idea what, a stream of words spilling from his lips….some of them curse words.

When Clint’s gaze finally focused, he was looking into Tony’s beautiful brown eyes.  They were smiling at him.


Clint smiled back.  “Hello.”

Tony gave Clint a soft, lingering kiss.  “Well…….I think, all things considered, that was a pretty good round one.”  Clint burst out laughing.  Tony grinned.  “What… don’t agree?”

Clint just shook his head, smiling.  “No, I agree.”  He stroked back Tony’s impossibly messy hair.  It was almost dry now.  “You’re just funny.”

“Damn straight.”  Tony smiled.

Clint rolled off of Tony, pulling the man with him so that Tony was now on top.  Tony laughed at his sudden relocation.  “So.”  Clint wrapped an arm around Tony’s waist.  “….what comes next.”

“….well….” Tony reached for the arm that wasn’t around his waist, taking hold of Clint’s hand, still wet with his seed.  “First, we take a breather.”  He dragged his tongue slowly across Clint’s hand, eliciting a soft moan.  Within seconds, he had licked Clint’s hand clean.  “Find something to eat, get a drink.  We discuss our game plan.  Figure out where we’re gonna go next…..what room, etc, and any other particulars you might want to discuss.  Such as how you might wanna fuck me.  I know you like it when I ride you.  And I believe you mentioned something about rafters?”

Clint felt heat roiling in his stomach, a churning in his gut.  “…..oh yes,” he whispered.

Tony smiled.  “Well, then.”

“….well, then?”

“Then we’d better get started.”  Tony leaned in to kiss Clint.   “We’ve got a long night ahead of us, and a lot of ground to cover.”  That wicked smile was on his face.  “….think you’re up to the challenge?”

The smile on Clint’s face was a mirror of Tony’s own.  “Show me what you got, Stark.”


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  1. Aleksandra

     /  August 16, 2012

    I think this might be one of my favorite ones (but it is such a hard choice)… Excited for the rest of your stories!

  2. Thank you so much!^^ Any particular reason you like this one so much? It’s good to know so I can use that feedback for other pieces. 🙂

    • Aleksandra

       /  August 21, 2012

      I think it’s just the way Tony and Clint interacted in this story really, and the fantasy was pretty good… Though I do have a question– why does Clint never bottom? Just not something you prefer to write, or do you have some kind of offscreen headcanon for that?

      • It’s headcanon. Mainly, I just have trouble picturing that. They both have very dominant personalities, but Clint to me is just more of the one to take charge physically. And I see Tony really enjoying that.
        In addition, it’s a trust thing. It’s come into several stories that Clint trusts very few people in such intimate ways, and letting someone take you like that is EXTREMELY intimate. So you WILL see it happen. Eventually…. 😉 But overall, yes, it will mainly be Tony bottoming.

  3. Oh, and it’ll be happening soon. I already almost have the story finished…’s actually been written for a loooooong time lol, but it couldn’t be posted until their relationship developed to a point where that trust was there. So it should be up soon!^^

    • Aleksandra

       /  August 21, 2012

      So excited to see that story! And the headcanon totally makes sense, I definitely agree with the idea that both are dominant, but that Tony is more– laid back? some other word– about it. Good job with your other stories (I should actually go and review them…)

      • LOL I would LOVE that. Apparently I have like….19 followers on my blog, but there’s only about 4 people who regularly review. Reviews make me happy end encourage me to get new chapters up sooner, so yea… are definitely always good.^^

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