Stark With a Drink, End With a Kiss: Chapter 5

This was the moment.  Clint had had all evening to figure out what he wanted, to decide where his heart lay, and now… he had to make a move.  He looked at Tony, at those gorgeous eyes, full of a sweetness and something else….almost a nervous hopefulness……and knew there was only one move he could make.


Clint pulled into the driveway, parking the car in front of the garage.  “Okay…..we’re home.”

“So we are.”  Tony unbuckled himself and, to Clint’s astonishment, slid easily from the car.  For a moment, Clint could do nothing but sit and stare, then he tumbled over himself to follow.


Tony turned to Clint, a smile on his face.  “Yes?”

“What the hell happened to you being drunk?”  He strode around the car to meet Tony.  “You could barely walk back at the gala hall!”

Tony just smiled, that trademark smirk curving across his lips.  “Why should I walk on my own when you’re obviously willing to let me lean on you?”  As he spoke, he leaned into Clint, arms going around the other man’s neck.

Clint felt himself flush.  Part of him wanted to shove Tony away in irritation at the man’s deception, but that was all outweighed by how good Tony’s body felt against him.  He shivered despite the man’s heat.

Tony clearly felt that.  “….Clint,” he murmured.  His face was so close.  This was the moment.  Clint had had all evening to figure out what he wanted, to decide where his heart lay, and now… he had to make a move.  He looked at Tony, at those gorgeous eyes, full of a sweetness and something else….almost a nervous hopefulness……and knew there was only one move he could make.

Tony let out a tiny noise of surprise as Clint kissed him.  There was no sweetness in the action, no hesitation.  If Clint hesitated, held back at all, he would lose his nerve.  And that was the last thing he wanted right now.  Right now, after a whole night of trying to puzzle things out, he finally knew exactly what he wanted.  He wanted Tony.  And he wasn’t about to let his nerves get in the way of taking advantage of this chance.

Tony had gotten over his initial surprise, his fingers carding through Clint’s hair, giving it a little tug.  Clint groaned, and pressed into Tony, wanting to be closer, wanting more of that heat that seemed to radiate from the man.

Tony stumbled, and Clint pressed him backwards, the two of them stumbling until Tony’s back hit the wall of the house.  Clint didn’t let up.  He shoved Tony harder against the wall, nipping at his mouth, and Tony let out a little moan, rolling against Clint, their hips rubbing together.  That was it.  That was more than Clint could bear.  He pulled away just enough, their lips nearly brushing as he spoke.

“Keys.”  The words were breathless.  “Where’re your keys?”

Tony stared at him, gaze confused.  “….I…….what?”

Clint didn’t know whether to laugh at the bewilderment on Tony’s face, the lust that glazed his eyes, or whether to growl with irritation at the delay.  Then he remembered.  HE had the keys.  He silently berated himself, pulling away from Tony, who let out a whine and reached after him, grabbing onto the tail of Clint’s jacket.

It took several tries to get the keys in the lock; Clint was far too distracted by the way Tony’s arms were around his waist, the way Tony was nuzzling behind his ear, breath warm on his skin.  Somehow, Clint finally succeeded, and spun to face Tony, pulling him into a kiss as the door fell open, the two men tumbling inside and nearly falling to the floor.  Clint managed to kick the door shut, forgetting to grab the keys.  Cursing, he pulled away from Tony, yanked open the door, retrieved the keys and slammed the door shut again.  Tony was on him practically before the door was shut, pushing the jacket from Clint’s shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

“Hey……you spent a lot of money on that.”

“Fuck it.”

Clint laughed breathlessly, kicking his shoes off.  “Think there’s something else I’d rather fuck.”

Tony let out a noise that was almost a whimper.  “Oh God.”

“Yeah.”  Clint took hold of Tony’s jacket, pulling him close for another kiss.  “….which way’s your bedroom?”

“…ah…..down the hall…..this way…”  Tony gestured with his head, almost like that nodding-shrug that he had done all day, that gesture that Clint had come to love, and he couldn’t help it.  He pulled Tony into his arms, scooping him up, eliciting a noise of surprise from Tony as Clint slammed him up against the wall, kissing him hard.

Tony pulled away with a little moan, teeth tugging at Clint’s lower lip.  “…..Clint….”  And fuck all, just the way Tony said Clint’s name was enough to turn the man’s legs to jelly.  He didn’t think he had every wanted anyone this much….and Tony was still fully dressed.  When he was naked…. that thought sent a jolt of heat rushing through Clint and, hands fisting in the front of Tony’s jacket, he yanked him off the wall, kissing him hard.

“Bedroom,” he managed breathlessly.

Tony nodded.  “Yea.”  He began moving down the hallway, but Clint was moving faster, pulling Tony, kicking open the first door they came to.  “…..that’s the dining room.”

“Dammit.”  Clint moved to the next room.

“…..that’s a bathroom.”

Clint growled, hand still gripping Tony’s jacket, yanking him down the hallway, kicking open a third door.  The room was dark, and vast, but it was filled with something.  He peered into it.

“…..that’s a closet.”

Clint turned to stare at Tony in disbelief.  “………THAT’S a closet?”  Tony nodded.  “……this is practically half the size of my apartment!”

“………..I like coats?”

Clint shook his head.  “You are so fucking weird.”

“Yup.”  Tony moved closer, hands stroking Clint’s chest, eliciting shivers and a little noise that Clint would stoutly deny making.  “… more down on the right.”

Clint pulled Tony with him to the door, leaning back into it, kicking it open and tumbling into the room.  He took a cursory glance around.  “…….fuck.”

“What?”  There was a hint of trepidation in Tony’s voice, as if he were concerned about what Clint would think.

“……..I think your bedroom just may be the size of my apartment.”


Clint turned back to Tony, smiling.  “…….rich fucker.”

Tony laughed.  “Shut the fuck up.”

“No.”  Clint kissed Tony again, pushing the jacket off his shoulders.  There was a ‘thunk’ as it hit the floor.  Clint looked questioningly at Tony, then bent down, rifling through the coat.  His fingers closed on something……a banana.  The second banana that Tony had shoved in his pocket earlier that night, then never eaten.  Clint straightened up, looking at Tony incredulously.  “Really?  You still have the banana?”

Tony shrugged.  “Guess so.”  He moved closer, cupping Clint’s face between his hands, kissing him.  “Can use it for pancakes tomorrow morning.”

Clint just stood there, letting Tony kiss him, not knowing how to react to a statement like that.  “………you are SO fucking weird.”  He kissed Tony, hard and deep, pulling back to whisper, “I love it.”

Tony laughed then.  “Glad to hear it.  Cuz it’s not about to change anytime soon.”

“Good.”  Clint tossed the banana onto the dresser.  It wouldn’t do to leave it on the floor and step on it later.  He smoothed his hands over the front of Tony’s shirt, teasing over his chest, moving up to take hold of his tie, tugging him closer.  “I like you weird.”

Tony’s fingers were making quick work of the buttons on Clint’s shirt, working their way upwards to the tie, undoing it faster than Clint would’ve thought possible.  “I’m still sorta bummed you didn’t go for the cravat.”

Clint laughed.  “You’re such an irritating bastard.”

“Oh yea.”

Clint loosened Tony’s tie, and a thought occurred.  “But y‘know..…..this is where the cravat actually would’ve come in handy.”  He nuzzled along Tony’s throat, enjoying the shiver it elicited.

“Oh?”  Tony tilted his head to the side, allowing Clint better access. “And why is that?

Smiling, Clint pulled back to look Tony in the eye.  “…..cuz I could’ve used it to tie you to the bed frame.”

Tony’s cheeks immediately flushed a brilliant shade of red.  “……oh.”

“Sound good?”

“….ah…….sounds fucking great.”

“I thought so.”

“…….well…… know… is just in the car….”

Clint shook his head.  “I don’t wanna take the time to get it.  Maybe next time.”

Tony perked up at that.  “… time?”

Clint immediately wondered what the hell he had said.  He didn’t know if there would be a next time, if there should be a next time.  But as he thought about he, he realized that yeah, it was pretty damn likely there would be.  This night had shown him one thing…..Tony was like a drug, and Clint didn’t know that he would ever get enough.  He nodded.  “Next time.”  And as Clint spoke the words, he knew for certain that he meant them.

The smile that lit up Tony’s face sent butterflies through Clint’s stomach, and he didn’t resist when Tony pulled him into a kiss.  By now, Tony had gotten Clint’s shirt completely open, and was shoving it off his shoulders.

“You’re really gonna ruin this suit that you spent all that money on.”

“Don’t care.”

Clint just shook his head, smiling.  “Crazy bastard.”  He tossed Tony’s tie aside and finished unbuttoning Tony’s shirt, pulling it open.  He felt Tony immediately stiffen, and looked up at him.

The look on Tony’s face was unreadable, but there was something there…..apprehension?  Why would Tony get nervous now?

Then, out of the corner of his eye, Clint noticed the glowing of the arc reactor in Tony’s chest.  Was that it?  Was Tony worried about Clint’s reaction to actually seeing it up close?

He glanced from the glowing light back up at Tony, and there was no question about it.  Tony was definitely worried.  Clint didn’t know why.  The arc reactor did nothing to diminish his beauty.  Clint wanted to show him that.

He reached out, fingertips just barely brushing the arc reactor, and heard a sharp intake of breath.  He glanced up at Tony, a question in his eyes.  Tony looked surprised, and nervous, but he nodded.

Clint softly ran a fingertip over the arc reactor, feeling the warm humming of the device that kept Tony alive.  He traced the outline of it and leaned in, pressing a soft kiss right in the center.

When he met Tony’s eyes again, he felt as if he had been punched in the gut.  If it were anyone else but Tony Stark, he would have sworn the man were crying.  His eyes were huge, shocked and shiny with what Clint would swear were unshed tears…..if, this were anyone but Tony Stark.  He looked as if Clint had just given him something.  Something he’d needed badly.


Clint’s hands ran over Tony’s shoulders, up his throat to cup his face.  He softly kissed Tony.  “You’re fucking beautiful.”

“Oh my God, shut up.”  Tony’s hands clenched in Clint’s hair, their foreheads pressed together.

“No.”  Clint kissed him again, harder.  “You are.”  Clint could feel the heat of Tony’s blush radiating off him.  He pulled Tony closer.  “Now…… I think we need to get you out of these pants.”

“Oh.  Oh, fuck, yes.”

Smiling, Clint reached down between them, unfastening Tony’s slacks, sliding to his knees as he tugged them down.  Tony’s cock was straining against his boxer-briefs.  Clint carefully pulled them down, humming appreciatively at the sight that greeted him.  “Fucking gorgeous.”

“Shut up.  Don’t just sit there staring.  Motherfucker.”

“Oh, I don’t intend to.”  Clint leaned in, licking a slow line up the underside of Tony’s cock.

“Oh!”  Immediately Tony’s knees buckled and he collapsed onto the bed.  Clint laughed.

“I like that response.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“You know, you’re saying that a lot.  I suppose having your cock in my mouth is one way to do that.”

“Oh, God.”  And then Clint’s mouth was on him and Tony was clutching at blonde hair.  “Fuck.  Oh fuck, Clint.”

Clint had never sucked cock in his life.  He had never been tempted to.  So it was truly surprising how much he was into this.  Just the feeling of Tony in his mouth, the taste of Tony’s skin, his heat…..not to mention the noises the man was making…..Goddamn.  It was everything Clint could do to stop himself from undoing his own pants and getting himself off just to the taste and sound of Tony.  But he didn’t want that.  He wanted all of Tony.  And for that, he had to wait.  Clint felt a tugging at his hair.

“Clint…..gotta stop.  Gonna…”

Clint swatted Tony’s hand, giving a little wave to try and signal that he had no intention of stopping.  Instead he took Tony all the way in, swallowing around him, and he heard Tony cry out, felt that heat hit the back of his throat, and he swallowed as much as he could.  He found that he didn’t mind the taste, either.

But Tony was tugging at his hair again, and this time, Clint listened.  He rose, allowing Tony to pull him into a bruising kiss, and they tumbled back onto the bed, Clint falling on top of Tony, laughing.



“Gonna squish you.”

“Will not.“  Tony kissed him again. “I’m durable.”

Clint laughed.  “Yeah…..I know.”  He kissed Tony.  Tony’s hands left his hair, sliding over his shoulders, and then his nails were raking down Clint’s back and Clint gasped, breaking the kiss.  “Fuck!”  His hips automatically rolled down, grinding against Tony’s.  He could feel Tony already hardening beneath him.  Clint rubbed against him again, and felt Tony’s fingers dig into his back.

“Fuck.”  And then Tony’s hands were moving, tugging at the waistband of Clint’s pants.  “Off.  Take em off.”

For once, Clint didn’t feel like making any smart-ass remark.  He just wanted to be naked, to feel his skin against Tony’s.  He pulled back off the bed, shucking his pants to the floor and immediately returning, kissing Tony deeply.  “Condoms,” he asked breathlessly.  “Where.”

Tony made a noise of frustration at the delay, gesturing towards the bedside table.  “Top drawer.”

Clint had to half crawl across Tony to reach the dresser, on all fours over Tony’s midsection.  He tugged the drawer open, straining to see in the dark.

There was a sudden heat teasing over the head of his cock and before it really sank in, Tony’s mouth was on him, taking him in, and Clint’s hips jerked of their own accord.

“Fuck!  Jesus, Tony!”

But Tony didn’t seem at all deterred by the sharp reaction.  He waved a hand, encouraging Clint to keep looking, his mouth continuing to do ridiculously amazing things.  Fuck.  Clint hadn’t had many blowjobs.  With his line of work, he had learned to be careful of who he trusted.  It followed that he would be equally careful who he trusted to put their mouth on such an important part of his anatomy.  But Goddamn……how much practice did Tony have to be able to use his mouth like this?  But the thought made Clint’s gut clench.  For some reason, he didn’t want to think of Tony with anyone else.  Mine, a tiny voice whispered.  He pushed it away uneasily.  Just then, his fingers brushed something, and he pulled out some condoms and a packet of lube.

“Haa.  Got it.”  He sat back, but Tony moved with him, hands on Clint’s hips, leaning in and taking him in all the way to the base.  Clint couldn’t take his eyes off Tony.  Wonderingly, he reached out, fingertips tracing Tony’s cheek.  Tony glanced up, brown eyes looking up at Clint through chocolate lashes, and Clint felt his heart skip.  “Fuck.  Okay, fuck Tony, stop.”  It was too much.  It felt too good, and Tony just looked too fucking beautiful.

Tony pulled away slowly, taking his time, tongue teasing Clint’s cock all the way as he released him, straightening up to smile at Clint.  Clint reached out, fingertips tracing Tony’s mouth.  “Goddamn.”


Clint couldn’t take his eyes off Tony.  “You’re so fucking gorgeous.”  He didn’t know how it had taken him so long to notice.  Tony flushed, catching Clint’s hand, pressing a kiss to his palm.

“You really need to shut up.”

“No.”  He cupped Tony’s face, kissing him, and they fell back against the pillows.  Clint tore open the packet of lube, slicking his fingers.  This he had definitely never done before.  He wasn’t quite sure how to go about it.  He knew the mechanics, obviously, but he didn’t want to hurt Tony.

Tony didn’t seem all too concerned.  He tugged at Clint’s hair.  “Come on.”  He spread his legs wider, giving Clint all the access he needed.  “Need you.”

Clint sat back on his haunches, taking a good look at Tony.  He was completely exposed, naked, legs spread to Clint, cock hard and flushed, the arc reactor a soft glow in his toned chest.  He really was gorgeous.

Tony shifted impatiently, looking up at Clint.  “….what the fuck are you doing?  Quit staring at me.”

“No.”  Clint ran a hand over Tony’s stomach, feeling his muscles clench, feeling him shiver.  “I like looking at you.”

“Yea?  Well you’d probably like fucking me even more.”

Clint felt that heat roll through him.  “…..yeah, I’m guessing I’m really going to enjoy that.”

“…“  Tony trailed a hand down his own chest, his stomach.  “….what’re you waiting for?”  He gave his cock a lazy stroke, and Clint damn near lost it.  He leaned in, kissing Tony hard and hungry.  Tony caught his hand, moving it lower, guiding it between his legs.  Clint trailed a slick fingertip along the underside of Tony’s balls, feeling Tony’s breath hitch at the action.

“…..Clint…..”  Tony’s hips rocked back almost unconsciously, wanting more.  Carefully, watching the man’s face for any reaction, Clint pressed one finger into Tony.  Immediately, Tony‘s hands fisted in the bedsheets, and Clint froze.

“You okay?”

Tony blinked up at Clint.  “……why wouldn’t I be okay?  Fuck.  What’re you doing.  Don’t stop.”

“Okay.”  Clint leaned in, kissing Tony as he began stretching him.  Tony nipped at his mouth.

“More, Clint.  Please.”

Clint chuckled.  “Impatient bastard.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“No.  You are.”

“Hey, you’re going to fuck me.  Hell yea I’m impatient.”  Tony shifted beneath Clint, seeking more.

Clint shook his head, grinning, but did as he was told, two fingers stretching Tony now, scissoring.  He must have done something right, for Tony suddenly cried out, grabbing Clint’s shoulders.

“Fuck!  Jesus!”


“Fuck…..yea.  Goddamn…..”

Tony was clinging to Clint now, face buried against his throat as Clint continued to work him, two fingers stretching and a third teasing over that sweet spot until he had Tony practically shaking.  The noises he was making were sexier than anything Clint had ever heard, and he couldn’t believe he was the one responsible for them.  Yesterday he never would have imagined anyone could make Tony lose control like this.  And now, he was the one to do it.

“Fuck.  Fuck shit dammit okay Clint, stop.  Stop.  Need you.”  Tony’s voice was desperate.  “Now.  Need you now.”

Clint pulled back, kissing him, and Tony responded almost frantically.  God, it was sexy as hell.  Clint lay Tony down, looking around, searching for the condom.

“Goddammit, Clint, hurry up!”

“Working on it!”  There it was.  Clint tore the wrapper open, but it was hard to get it on when Tony was kissing him like that, graceful hands roving over Clint’s body.  Somehow he managed, shoving Tony back against the pillows, taking another good look at him.  “…….God.”

“You say another word about me being beautiful and I’m gonna fucking kill you.”

Clint laughed.  “Guess I’ll save it for later, then.”  He slipped a hand beneath Tony’s leg, tugging one knee up around his waist, slowly pressing into the man.   “Fuck.”  Goddamn.  Tony was so hot, so tight.  Clint hoped he had prepared him enough.  God.  He felt amazing.  “Fuck……you okay?”

Tony nodded.  “Yea……m’fine.”  He wrapped his arms around Clint’s neck, hands slipping into his hair, and pulled him into a kiss.  “Don’t stop.”  Tony’s voice was already breathless, his face flushed, and fuck all, it was sexy.

Clint kissed him again, sliding forward until he was fully seated within the man.  “Fuck.  Goddammit, Tony.  Feel so fucking good.”  He couldn’t move…..if he moved right away, he would lose it.  That tight heat was just too good.

Tony’s hands were running over Clint’s skin, nails raking down his back just enough to sting.  Clint moaned, arching into the feeling, and his hips automatically rolled forwards.

Tony gasped, fingers digging into Clint‘s flesh.  “Fuck!  Oh God.”


Yea, okay.  Stop asking that.  More than okay.  Keep going.”  Tony nuzzled Clint’s throat.

Clint smiled, sighing happily at the feeling.  “Okay.”  He pulled out almost all the way and then thrust back in, hard.  Tony gasped.

Fuck!”  He nipped at Clint’s throat.  “Harder.  Don’t hold back.”

God, that felt good.  “Won’t.”  He tugged Tony’s leg higher up around his waist, and Tony obliged him, wrapping both legs tight around Clint’s waist.  It was much better, allowing Clint to go deeper, and on the next roll of his hips, he found what he was looking for.  Tony cried out as Clint hit that sweet spot.

“Fucking hell!”  He cupped Clint’s face, kissing him deeply.  Clint took a good look at him.  Those brown eyes were half-lidded, dazed with pleasure.  He ran a hand down Tony’s throat, over his chest.

“…… fucking gorgeous.”  He kissed Tony again, deeply, tongue delving past his lips to taste him, and Tony didn’t even try to object to Clint’s words, just pressed desperately up into the kiss, moaning into Clint’s mouth as he set up a hard, steady rhythm that hit Tony’s prostate on every stroke.

“Clint…….oh God.”  Tony was completely undone, cheeks flushed in a way that was so becoming that it should be illegal.  “Wanted this…..wanted you……so fucking long now.”

Clint didn’t think he had heard right.  Tony had seriously been lusting after him?  Not just lusting after him……if what Tony had said earlier really was true……Tony was in love with him.  And apparently had been for some time.  Clint was stunned.  And he was equally stunned when he realized that Tony’s words and feelings didn’t scare him like they probably should.  Tony wanted him…….loved him.  The thought filled him with butterflies, but it was a good kind of butterflies.  And that was scary, but somehow, not in a bad way.

Clint cupped Tony’s face in his hands, kissing him softly.  Tony met his gaze.  “……Clint…..can’t…..”

Clint kissed him again.  “Good.”  He stroked Tony’s cheek.  “Let go.”  His other hand reached between them, fingers wrapping around Tony’s cock, wet with precum, giving it a stroke.  “Come for me, Tony.”

That was more than Tony could take, and he cried out as he came, hips bucking, the heat of his release spattering Clint’s hand.  Clint couldn’t take his eyes off him.  “God……so fucking beautiful.”  He continued to stroke Tony, milking every last bit of his orgasm from him.  “Can’t believe this is happening.”

Tony was practically boneless now, chest rising and falling as he struggled to catch his breath.  He opened his eyes, blinking up at Clint through his lashes.  Then, and Clint couldn’t believe it, he took Clint’s hand, raising it to his mouth, and licked the hot seed from his fingers, never breaking Clint’s gaze.

Clint came harder than he ever had in his entire fucking life.  He was vaguely aware of Tony’s hands in his hair, of the warmth of Tony’s mouth as he licked Clint’s fingers clean, of the fact that it was impossible to fucking breathe.  All he wanted was to capture this moment, bottle it and keep it forever.  Keep Tony forever.

He realized that at some point he had collapsed against Tony, pressing close to that delicious warmth the man possessed.  He glanced up.  Tony was watching him with an undecipherable look in those brown eyes.  “…….hi.”


Clint propped himself up on one elbow.  “……that…….was fucking amazing.”

At Clint’s words, Tony’s face dissolved into a smile.  “Glad we agree.”

Clint smiled.  “Definitely.”  He leaned in to kiss Tony, and Tony’s fingers slipped into his soft blonde hair, stroking it, pulling Clint closer.  God, Tony had the softest lips ever.  His whole mouth was fucking amazing.  Clint pulled away slowly.  Tony’s hair was a mess, face flushed, lips red and swollen from all the kisses.  He looked amazing.

Clint didn’t know when he had started thinking men were attractive.  But when he thought about it, he really didn’t.  It was just Tony.  When had he become so interested in Tony?  It had snuck up on him somehow.  Even stranger was the fact that he wasn’t that uncomfortable with it.  Slightly uncomfortable, because honestly, Clint wasn’t that good with excessive emotions of any kind.  But all things considered, this was pretty damn impressive.

He realized Tony was staring at him.  “……what.”

“You tell me.  You’ve been staring at me for a good five minutes or so.”

Clint flushed.  “Sorry.  Just thinking.”

“……only good thoughts, I hope.”

“Heh.  Yeah.  Good thoughts.”

“Good.”  Tony stroked Clint’s cheek.  “………you gonna stay the night?”  He was trying to look casual, but it was clear he was anxious about Clint’s response.

Clint smiled.  “Yeah…….I mean, if that’s okay?”

Tony looked ridiculously happy.  “Yea, you idiot.  That’s more than okay.”

Clint laughed.  “Okay, okay.”  He pulled off the condom, tying it off with a grimace and tossing it into the trash can beside the bed.  Good riddance.  It would be nice to have nothing between him and Tony but skin once more.  The thought sank in, and he realized how sappy it was.  He flushed.  Tony was still smiling up at him, waiting, and Clint couldn’t help but smile back.  He gave Tony a little shove.  “Push over, then.”

Tony grinned.  “What……still got a problem with closeness?  Cuz after all that we just did, I wouldn’t think you’d object to snuggling up with me.”

“Ass.  And I wasn’t saying I do.  But you’re square in the middle of the bed.  I need some room.”

“Hey, it’s a huge bed.  There’s more than enough room.”

“Good point.”  Clint flopped down beside Tony.  He really wasn’t one for snuggling, but for some reason, he wanted to be close to the man, to that heat, that soft skin.

Tony rolled over to face him, and Clint could see his face in the glowing light of the arc reactor.  “Heh…….sorry about this.  I’m afraid I come with a built-in nightlight.”

Clint laughed.  “S’fine.  I kinda like it.”

Tony’s brows shot up.  “……yea?”

Clint nodded.  “Yeah…….I think it’s kinda sexy.”

Tony looked incredibly surprised….but extremely happy.  “…….wow.  I……”

Clint smiled.  “Yeah.”  He reached out, a fingertip gently tracing the outline of the arc reactor.

The smile on Tony’s face was wonderful.  “You……wow.  I….”  But he cut himself off, flushing.


Tony shook his head.  “Nothing.”

“No, what?”

Tony looked at Clint.  “Well, I said it once already, I guess I can say it again.  I love you.”

Clint just stared at Tony silently for a long moment.  “………you really do mean that, don’t you.”  Tony nodded silently.   “………okay.”

“……….it doesn’t bother you?”

“No, it doesn’t bother me!  Idiot.”

“Hey, I’m not an idiot!  I’m a genius.”

“And an idiot.”  Clint reached out, stroking Tony’s cheek.  “I……..I’m not really sure how to say it, cuz I’m not really sure what it is yet.  But…….I like you.  More than like you.”

Tony was staring at Clint, eyes huge with shock and hopeful happiness.  “…….really?  I mean……..really?”

“…….yeah.  I don’t really understand it.  I never liked a guy before, but you……’re different.  Have been for a while.  I just haven’t understood what it was.  But tonight…….I don’t know.  It kinda sank in.  I like you.  More than like you.  It’s not love.  Not yet, anyway.  But……..I’d like to see where it goes.”

The look in Tony’s eyes was worth all the nervousness and anxiety and general weirdness that Clint felt when sharing any sort of feelings.  He looked so ridiculously happy.  Before Clint could really register what was happening, Tony was on top of him, hands cupping his face, kissing him deeply.  Clint laughed into Tony’s mouth, arms wrapping around his waist, pulling him closer.  When he broke away, Tony was grinning.

“I love you.”

“Ass,” Clint shook his head, but he couldn’t help mirroring Tony’s grin.  “You’ve already said so.”

“And I intend to keep on saying so.  A lot.”  Tony paused.  “…..unless it starts weirding you out.  If it starts weirding you out, tell me, and I’ll try to shut up.  I can’t guarantee it’ll work.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut.”

Clint laughed.  “Oh, really?”

“I know, I’m pretty good at hiding it.”

Clint kissed Tony again.  “Well……..I’ll let you know.  But….I don’t think I’ll mind.”

“Oh, good.  Cuz I don’t think I can change my annoying nature.”

“Good.  I like your annoying nature.”

Tony laughed.  “You’re the only one.”

“True, that.”  Clint ran a hand through Tony’s messy hair, trying to flatten it, but to no avail.  “C’mon……we should probably sleep.”

“Mm.  Sounds good.”  Tony rolled off Clint, though he was still pressed right up against the man, his head on Clint’s chest.  After a moment, he looked up at Clint.  “………did I just pop your gay cherry?”

Clint flushed.  “……..shut the fuck up.”

Tony burst out laughing.  “No.  That is awesome.”

“Shut up!”

“So that drink I bought you earlier was appropriate after all.  ‘Death of a Virgin’ indeed.”

“Oh my God, Tony, shut up or I will fuck you into the mattress again.”

“……………that is not the way to make me shut up.  If another fucking is the punishment, I will keep talking allll night long.”

Clint shook his head.  “Okay, you asked for it,” and in one move, he had Tony rolled over flat onto his back, pinning him to the mattress.

Tony looked up in surprise, and then a slow grin spread over his face.  “……..I really fucking love you, you know that?”

Clint just smiled, leaning in for a kiss.  “I’m starting to get that impression.”


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    so, this is freaking amazing! great job! i think this took twice as long to read than normal because i’m trying to watch swimming at the same time but so awesome! definitely worth the wait for this! question…is this how tony and clint’s relationship is established for all of your other stories? can’t wait to read whatever is next!

  2. sabrina

     /  August 2, 2012

    oh, and i would really love to read the reactions of the other avengers to their new relationship! i think Natasha and Steve would be the most interesting to read about lol! would that be something you would ever be interested in writing about?

    • And I’m thinking about (don’t quote me on it, cuz I don’t know if/when it will get done) writing a sequel piece that does show how the other Avengers react to the news. We’ll see how it goes. *fingers crossed*

  3. Guh……..this is what you have reduced me too, I am in absolute love with this fic and with you and this was soooooo worth the wait!! Thank you so much!!!

  4. Aleksandra

     /  August 2, 2012

    guh… asgssgsdfga. more coherent review later. ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. Yup, this is the basis for their relationship in all these stories. And hopefully I’ll include other Avengers. Working on it.^^;;

  6. fuzzyelf

     /  August 3, 2012

    You are a Goddess!! I bow to your greatness!!! Totally worth the wait. I absolutely loved it and it is definitely a fitting start for all of the stories that have you have written for this pair since. I just wanted to melt into a puddle of goo from the sweetness (and the total hotness of those two). Talk to you again soon.

  7. Aleksandra

     /  August 8, 2012

    So I kind of like to think about the fics that I really like. And anyway, I really wanted to know if Tony intended on revealing his feelings when he invited Clint to come over, or was that a spur of the moment decision in chapter 4?

    Anyways, this chapter was definitely worth the wait, and I cannot believe that I am just now getting in a coherent review. But I guess you are just that awesome 😀 I am definitely excited for New Beginnings (and other two-shots), and I really really cannot wait for the time when Clint tells Tony that he loves him for the first time.

    • Yea, Tony was always intending to let Clint know how he felt….for a while now. It may not have been that very night….he was waiting to gauge Clint’s feelings. And obviously Clint seemed to be interested. So he decided that the time was right.^^

  8. Daphne

     /  August 9, 2012

    Oh god. This was great. I have a thing for an alternate pov, so is there any chance we could get Tony’s at some point? Even just the beginning of this chapter would be great (and actually what I really want).

    Love the stories!

    • LOL I don’t know about that. I’ve become less of a first person pov fan over the years, and I’m pretty full up with stories right now. But I won’t positively say no. I’d just say definitely don’t hold your breath for it. If it gets done, it’ll most likely be waaaaay down the line.

      • J2

         /  October 14, 2012

        I think they mean more of a third person view of what Tony was feeling and thinking. This one focuses more on what Clint was feeling and thinking. But yeah. lots of stories still waiting to go up already 😛

      • nuwandasnicket

         /  October 14, 2012

        Yea I actually realized only a couple days ago that that may be what was meant. But honestly? I think it would just have a lot of similarities to the version posted.

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