Bungle in the Jungle

Clint loves action films.  Tony loves comedies.  Sometimes, they find a good mix.  And as always, Tony is extremely bizarre.

Tony Stark/Clint Barton.  Established relationship.  Drabble.



Repression: Chapter 2

Clint knew Tony was remembering, that his mind was going back to that cave in Afghanistan.  Clint needed to pull Tony back, but he didn’t know how.  He had never felt so helpless.



Tony amigurumi!

So August 21 was my birthday!  Yay!  *confetti*  I’m 27 now.  Yea.  Yikes.

Anyway, wanted to share this little piece of awesomeness that J2 made for me:


It’s a little Tony amigurumi!  Isn’t he awesome and adorable?  I LOVE HIM!

He’s now sitting on the bookshelf behind my bed with (most of) my other Avengers stuff.  I say “most of” because not all of it fits there.  The collection is getting out of hand.  I’m a little pathetic.

But yea…..I had to share Tony.  Because he’s AWESOME.  XD

Porn: Chapter 3

Clint was rock hard, though he was pretty fucking positive that had less to do with the movie on the screen and more to do with Tony. 



Linked: Chapter 3

Tony sounded nervous.  Clint was beginning to realize now just how nervous Tony was.  He knew he should get himself under control beforeTonyfreaked out.                https://nuwandasnicket.wordpress.com/2012/07/28/linked-chapter-2

(final chapter of this story, kiddos!  Enjoy!^^)



Okay, guys.  This is probably going to just sound like me whining, but its sort of an issue I’ve been having.  It says on this blog that I have 21 followers.  Maybe 4 of you actually leave reviews/comments.

Maybe I sound like a greedy whore for wanting comments…if so I’m sorry.  But I REALLY like getting feedback so that I know what you like and don’t like.  I put so much time into writing these stories, and it’s really nice to know that you’re enjoying them.

If you could take just a minute after reading and leave even the tiniest review, I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate it.



❤ Chris, the Nuwanda

Shut Down: Chapter 1

Tony’s bad behavior finally winds up with some repercussions.  

I’m going to be posting more 1st chapters, b/c there are just simply TOO MANY piling up on my computer.  So don’t worry, I’ll still be working to get the 2nd chapters out asap, but there’s literally (LITERALLY) more than 40 stories begun on my comp.  Yea.  It’s getting ridiculous.  So I’m going to start posting some.

This takes place very early in their relationship, before they live together.


Miscalculations: Chapter 2

Clint realized he was shaking.  He felt as though his legs were going to give out on him. 



Porn: Chapter 2

The walk to the exit felt like a dream.  Clint couldn’t get his mind off the image of Tony at his apartment, on his knees between Clint’s legs, that hot mouth on his cock. 


(This takes place before Tony and Clint move in together, though I think that should be obvious.)


The Tip of the Iceberg

Tony has an interesting way of coping with the stress of Clint’s job.  It isn’t always enough.

Established relationship, Tony Stark/Clint Barton.  First chapter in text format, second in story format.

A/N:  I’m pretty sure the last thing you guys want from me right now is a new story when I haven’t completed several others yet, but this one was inspired by ‘The Bourne Legacy’, and is one of my favorites so far, so yea…..it’s getting posted.  Sorry if I’m a frustrating bitch.^^;;;;