Scheduling Conflicts: drabble

The Olympics are on, and Clint has a problem.

Established relationship, Tony Stark/Clint Barton.  One-shot drabble.

(aaaaaaand this is based on what really happened to me this afternoon.  Stupid Olympic scheduling.  >.<  )



The tone of complaint in Clint’s voice made Tony look up from his work.  “……yea?”

“The Olympics are stupid.”

Tony laughed, rising from his chair and moving to Clint’s side.  “Why’s that, exactly?”

“They scheduled the gymnastics at the same time as the archery!”

“Oh man, really?” Tony leaned over Clint’s shoulder, peering down at the tv guide, scanning the schedule of events.  “…… they didn’t.”

“Yeah they did!”

Tony took another look.  “……..the women’s gymnastics.”


Tony just looked at Clint.  “……… wanna watch the women’s gymnastics?”

Clint stared back defensively.  “What.  It’s the only REAL gymnastics.”

Tony raised a brow, smiling.  “Oh?  S’that right?”

“Hell yeah!  They do the really hard acrobatics.  Men’s gymnastics is bullshit.  Who needs the fucking pommel horse?  What’s THAT shit about?”

Tony was full-out grinning now.  “So you’d rather compete in the women’s events?”

“Oh, fuck yeah.  The uneven bars alone are so Goddamn…..”  But Clint was cut off as Tony burst into laughter.  Clint glared.  “Shut the fuck up.”

“No.  You wanna do girl’s gymnastics.”

“I do not!  I just said their events are better.  Give me the balance beam over the rings any day.”  But Tony was laughing again.  Clint punched him.  “Shut the fuck up!”

“I’m sorry,” Tony gasped.  “Just…….picturing you in a leotard.”

“Oh my God I hate you so much.”

Tony managed to get his laughter under control, arms going around Clint.  Clint resisted for a moment, but Tony was persistent, pulling him close, and Clint gave in, letting Tony hold him.

“Asshole,” Clint grumbled.  Tony chuckled, kissing him.

“Sorry.  Can’t help where my imagination goes.  But I think I get what you mean.”


“Yeah.”  Tony stroked Clint’s hair.  “……I’d understand better if you actually showed me your stuff sometime.”

“Yeah?”  Clint perked up at that.

“Yeah.  I’d like to see some of your old circus tricks.”

Clint smiled.  “I think I can do that.”

“Good.  I’d really like that.”

“Okay.”  Clint kissed Tony.  “Well, you have to do something for me, first.”

“Oh yea?”  Tony smiled.  “What’s that?”

Clint shoved the remote at Tony.  “TiVo the gymnastics.”


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  1. sabrina

     /  July 30, 2012

    this is hilarious and i totally agree with his argument! girls gymnastics are way awesomer!!! lol

  2. I love it and I agree! I was watching earlier and gees those women are incredible, there is no way on this planet or any other I could do what they do. They are awesome!

  3. Topazione

     /  August 13, 2012

    Best 🙂 the women’s gymnastics are way better (and one of the few sports i actually like watching in the olympics). if only i wasn’t in australia, and didn’t have to put up with channel 9’s crap coverage 😦 also, now i want to see clint doing gymnastics..

  4. Tabby

     /  March 28, 2013

    Clint is so adorable. I remember reading this on FanFiction and just thinking,”There should be a story about Clint doing gymnastics for Tony.” 😛

    • Tony has been bugging Clint for a while to show off his circus skills. It has to happen sooner or later, but extremely physical stories are hard to write, especially when I know nothing about the sport. I know enough about gymnastics to write about it, but I wouldn’t want to get too specific in case people don’t know the terms. It’s also just hard to explain what it is you’re talking about. Same with the archery. I do a bit of archery, but even so, it’s hard to get really specific about it in a way that makes sense. Lol I don’t even know if what I’m saying right now is making any sense.
      We’ll see. Maybe I’ll eventually find a good way to go about it.

      • Tabby

         /  March 29, 2013

        As an inspiring author myself, I definitely understand what you mean, but I’m sure you can do it. I believe in you!

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