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            “….you like this, don’t you.  Me, like this.”  Tony sprawled across the dark wood.  He painted a gorgeous picture.  “You like having me on your boss’ desk.  Knowing you can do whatever you want to me.  Knowing that I’ll let you.”


Clint entered the main bay of the carrier, immediately spotting Tony.  Despite how much tech he had clearly cleaned up, Tony was still surrounded in a pile of computer parts, cords, tools, and God knows what else.  He looked up as Clint approached, and his face was drawn with frustration and irritation, but he broke into a smile when he saw Clint.

“Hi!”  Tony set aside the tech (a piece of computer…….motherboard?  Clint thought that’s what that thing was called….) and rose to meet Clint, kissing him.  Clint could feel Hill’s disapproving glare, but he didn’t care.

“Agent Barton.”

Tony was so warm, like always, and sweaty from his work, but Clint didn’t mind.  He felt good.  Tony always felt good.

Agent Barton.”

God, Hill’s voice was like nails on a fucking chalkboard, like chewing tinfoil.  Without breaking the kiss, Clint flipped her off.  He pulled away slowly, meeting Tony’s eyes and smiling.  “You look tired.”

“I am tired.”

“Not too tired, I hope.”  There was a suggestive tone to his voice, and Tony couldn’t miss it.

“Oh, hell no.”

Clint smiled.  “Good.  Guess we should get going, then.”  Ignoring Hill and all the other SHIELD agents, Clint took Tony’s arm and they left the room.

“I take it you know where we’re going.”

“Yea.  I’m in Coulson’s office almost every day.”

“………..I hope not for the same reason we’re going there.”

“Oh yeah, Coulson and I fuck all the time.”

“I hate you so fucking much.”

“You do not.”  Reaching the door, Clint crouched down by it, quickly breaking the code that kept it locked.  “Here.”  He pushed the door open for Tony.  “Come on.  I checked the system before I left the quinjet.  Coulson’ll be gone for about an hour.  Plenty of time.”

Smiling, Tony moved past Clint into the office.  “Oh yea…….plenty of time.”  His hands found Clint’s shirtfront, tugging Clint into the room with him.

There was a loud bang as Clint slammed the office door shut behind them, where it locked automatically.  Not that that would keep Coulson out, should he return early, but it would prevent anyone else from entering.  Save Fury.  Oh God, Clint didn’t even want to think of what would happen if Fury found him.  Though the thought did send a little thrill up his spine.  God, he and Tony were a pair of twisted fucks.

They stumbled backwards until Tony’s hips hit the desk.  Clint didn’t even pause; one arm swept everything off the desk to the floor, papers flying everywhere in a mess he thought he may regret later, and he lifted Tony onto the desk.  The man’s legs immediately wrapped around Clint’s waist, tugging him closer, their hips coming into wonderful contact, such amazing friction, and Clint moaned into Tony’s mouth as they kissed.  Tony’s hands were under Clint’s shirt now, pulling it open, off, tossing it aside, running over every inch of skin.  Clint fumbled with the zipper of Tony’s slacks, hurriedly tugging down both pants and briefs, taking that hot flesh in hand and giving it a smooth stroke.

Tony shuddered at the feeling, moaning.  “Clint.”  He rolled beneath Clint, seeking more of that touch, and caught Clint’s free hand, bringing it to his mouth.  Clint gasped as Tony’s tongue trailed teasing circles over his fingertips.


Tony just smiled at him, continuing to kiss and nip at his fingertips before finally taking one digit all the way in, slowly, never breaking Clint’s gaze.  He continued moving, sucking Clint’s fingers as he would normally suck his cock, and fuck, Clint couldn’t take his eyes away.

Fuck, Tony…….such a gorgeous fucking mouth.  Talented, too.  Maybe you shoulda done porn, not science.”  That last remark earned Clint a little nip, and he gasped, laughing.

Tony pulled away, smiling.  “Asshole.”

“You love me.”  Clint leaned in, kissing him.  “And it’s true.  Your mouth is fucking amazing.”

“Yea?” Tony nipped Clint’s lower lip.  “Well, maybe I’ll let you fuck it later.”

Oh.” Clint shuddered.  Yes, Tony was very good at that.

Tony smiled, clearly enjoying the reaction that had provoked.  “But for now….” He kissed Clint’s wet fingertips.  “…….you think you could fuck me?”

“Oh…..” Clint leaned Tony back against the desk, smile on his face.  “…..I think that can be arranged.”

“Oh, good.”  Tony sighed happily, relaxing against the hard wood surface.  Clint tugged Tony’s slacks the rest of the way off, discarding them.  “Good and hard, if you don’t mind?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Tony’s breath caught as two fingers pressed into him, but he relaxed right away.  “Mm….”  His voice was soft, the words no more than a murmur.  “…..don’t stop.  More.”

“Fuck.  Stop being so sexy.”

Tony just laughed, and the noise rumbled in his throat.  “M’always sexy.”

“Yeah well right now you’re being really sexy.”

“Oh?”  Tony’s body was adjusting to the invasion now.  He was starting to rock back against Clint’s fingers, seeking more.  “How’s that?”

“You’re acting like a little slut.”

Another burst of breathless laughter.  “For you, Clint, I’m the biggest slut there is.”  And Clint felt a tug as Tony grabbed a handful of his blond hair, pulling so that Clint had to look at him, brown eyes meeting blue.  “Now fuck me.  Here, on your boss’ desk.  Fuck me as hard as you want.  Your own little slut.”

Clint didn’t know how he didn’t come on the spot.  He saw white, literally saw white, and there was nothing but Tony Tony Tony.  He surged forward, kissing Tony hard and hungry, and Tony pulled Clint to him with crushing force.

“Fuck, Tony.” Clint couldn’t find the right words.  Or any words at all, for that matter.  For some reason, what Tony had said was incredibly sexy.  He had no idea why.  He fumbled with his own pants, pushing them further down.

Tony whined impatiently.  “Clint, hurry up.”

“Shut up.”  He hooked a hand beneath each of Tony’s knees and, with one sharp tug, pulled him to the edge of the desk, the man looking up at him in surprise, but before Tony could say a word, Clint was pressing forward, breaching him, and he could feel Tony’s hands suddenly clutching at his back, hear the man moaning.


Fuck, Tony felt amazing.  Clint looked down at the man, spread out on the desk below him, golden skin covered in a fine sheen of sweat, dark hair a tousled mess.  Tony’s eyes were half-lidded, full of heat, and he smiled.

“….you like this, don’t you.  Me, like this.”  Clint felt Tony release him, and the man spread his arms across the desk, fully sprawled across the dark wood.  He painted a gorgeous picture.  “You like having me on your boss’ desk.  Knowing you can do whatever you want to me.  Knowing that I’ll let you.”

Clint felt a roll of heat in his stomach, tugging at his gut, and he shuddered.  “Fuck, Tony.”

Tony just smiled.  “I think that’s a yes.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Clint kissed Tony hard, simultaneously snapping his hips hard, and the kiss was broken as Tony cried out.

“Haa!  Fuck!”

“Thought I told you to shut up.”

“Mmm……told me to shut the fuck up, actually, if we’re gonna be specific…ohhh…”  Tony’s words cut off in a low moan as another thrust hit home.

“Oh, well we should always be specific, shouldn’t we.”  Clint kissed him again.

“Haa……oh yea.  ‘f that’s the case, I thought we agreed you were gonna fuck me hard.”

“Oh, believe me….” And Tony cried out again as a particularly hard thrust hit that sweet spot.  “……I haven’t even begun fucking you yet.”

Oh.”  Tony clutched at Clint, one hand finding his hair and fisting in it.  Clint tugged one of Tony’s legs higher up around his waist, pulling their bodies flush together, and canted forward again, eliciting another cry.  “Fuck…..fuck, Clint.”


“Nothing….s’good.”  Tony’s arms wrapped around Clint’s neck, face burrowing against his throat.  “Don’t stop.”

“Hnn.” Clint chuckled, the noise registering low in Tony’s belly and sending shivers through him.  “I don’t plan on it.”  And he thrust up hard, setting up a steady rhythm.  Each snap of his hips took him deep, and Tony clung to him, his moans muffled against Clint’s shoulder.  It felt amazing, but something was missing.  Tony.  Clint wanted to see Tony.

Carefully, Clint removed Tony’s hands from around his neck, leaning him back across the desk.  Tony looked up at Clint in surprise, but there was heat in that look.  Clint ran his hands slowly, lightly down Tony’s arms, tracing his flesh, stretching his arms out to each side across the desk.  He smiled down at the man.

“You look so fucking sexy.”  He gave a teasingly gentle roll of his hips, such a contrast to the pace of moments before, loving the expression of dazed pleasure in Tony’s eyes.  He leaned in to kiss Tony, murmuring.  “Such a good little slut.”

Oh.” The word was no more than a whimper, and fuck, that was sexy.  Clint’s hips canted forward hard, and Tony gasped, wrists straining against Clint’s grip, trying to escape, but he was no match for Clint’s strength.  “Clint……please.”

“Please, what.”

“Fuck.  Fuck, please.”  Tony struggled still, trying to rock back against Clint, seeking more, whimpering in frustration when he failed.  Damn, it was sexy when Tony begged.  And right now, Tony was a mess, writhing beneath him, face flushed with lust.    “More.  Harder.  Fuck me harder.”

There was no way Clint was going to refuse that request.  His hips snapped forward, and he must have hit home for Tony bucked against him, crying out loud enough that Clint knew they had heard it in the hall.  “Fuck!  Fuck!”

“There, huh.”

“Fuck.  What do you think.”

“Think you’re a smartass.”

“Yea well we already knew th…ohhhfuck!”  Tony couldn’t hold still, rolling beneath Clint, struggling against the hold Clint had on him.  “Fuck Clint.  Oh God.”

“Yeah.” Clint could feel it, too.  Tony was so tight around him, so hot and beautiful and alive and God they were fucking on Coulson’s desk.  This was so Goddamn wrong, and it felt so fucking good.  He couldn’t hold out much more.  Tony felt amazing.  Clint kissed his chest, his throat, sucking at the flesh, and Tony nearly screamed as he came, untouched, tightening around Clint, and that was it.  That was all Clint could take, following Tony in his release.

He didn’t remember letting go of Tony’s wrists but he must have, for he was vaguely aware of Tony stroking his hair, murmuring to him.  He picked out words here and there, things like ‘Clint’ and ‘love you’.  Coming back to himself, Clint just looked at Tony, that smile he loved so much….and kissed him.  “I love you, too.”

Tony laughed.  “Wasn’t sure you caught that.”

Clint smiled.  “I caught the important bits.”

“Ah, gotcha.”  Tony carded his fingers through Clint’s hair, leaning in to kiss his temple.  “….well……we should probably get out of here.  You said an hour, right?”

“Ah….yeah.  Good plan.”

The two men slid off the desk, hastily tugging their clothing back on.  Clint looked at the mess of papers on the floor.  He’d been right….he did regret throwing them to the floor.  He picked them up and sorted them as best he could, trying to put them back the way they were.

“Okay…..I think that’s the best it’s gonna get.”  He took Tony’s hand, pulling him towards the door.  “Let’s go.”

But Clint had barely spoken the words before the door opened, and there stood Coulson himself……and he did not look pleased to see them.

Clint automatically stood up straighter.  “Um…..welcome back, sir….?”  The word had a slight question to it.  He knew they were going to be in trouble…he just wasn’t sure yet just how much trouble.  Had Coulson figured out yet what exactly had happened, or did they have time to escape?  It would be much better for them if the realization hit when they weren’t around.  Clint didn’t want to know what Coulson would do to them if they were there when the initial rage hit.

Coulson didn’t say anything, simply took a slow look around, taking in everything……the state of his office, Clint’s disheveled uniform, Tony’s messy hair and the fact that his tie was stuffed in his pants pocket…….and then he looked up at Clint.  And though his expression was as carefully blank as usual, Clint could tell that Coulson was pissed.

“…um….” Tony began.  Coulson turned that enigmatic gaze in his direction.

If there was anything that would piss off Coulson more, it was Tony.  Clint tried to silently send Tony a signal to shut up, but it didn’t work.

“……I don’t suppose you’d believe we were working on your computer…..?”

Coulson just stared.  Tony smiled that shit-eating grin.  Clint winced.

And then everything went black.

~One Week Later~

The sound of the phone ringing was almost drowned out by the howling wind.  Clint managed to fish it out of his pocket with fingers shaking with cold.


“Hey, baby.  How you doing?”

“Horrible.  It fucking sucks out here.”

“Yea, I would imagine.  Antarctica has never really been high on my list of vacation spots.  Fucking Coulson.”

“I told you I’d get a shit assignment if we fucked on his desk.”

“Heh.  Yea.  You did.  Still……..Antarctica?  Bastard.  It wasn’t enough to taze us?  He has to ship you off to Antarctica?  And for a month?  What the hell.”

“Yeah, well, I have two weeks vacation after this.”

“Yea?  Two whole weeks home?”


“Aw, awesome.  We’ll have to make up for lost time, then.  Can start by warming you up…..”

There was a crackling sound as the intercom kicked in.  ‘Agent Barton.’

‘……yes, Sir?’

‘It was your love life that got you this post.  If I were you, I’d try to keep my mind on the job.’

‘………yes, Sir.’

The crackling of the intercom faded out, silence setting in again.

“……yeesh, what a grouch.  Maybe we should just stick with texting.”


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  1. I love this! LOL poor Clint!!! Hope he warms up soon!

  2. sabrina

     /  July 28, 2012

    this is hilarious! coulson is great and i could so see his response happening! can’t wait til part 3!

  3. KattyRosie

     /  July 28, 2012

    ROFL! I love it!!! Can’t wait for more!

  4. Tabby

     /  March 28, 2013

    Oh, Coulson lighten up. They only threw all of your stuff on the ground and had sex on your desk. No big deal 😛 I must say this is another one of my favorite stories.

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