Updates Info: ‘Stark With a Drink’

Okay, I’ve been getting this question a lot on more than one site (this one, y-gal, and ff.net lol), so I thought I’d make a single post about it so that everyone would know what’s going on.


People have been wondering when “Stark With a Drink, End With a Kiss” is going to be updated.  It’s been taking so long because this chapter will most likely be the last, and I want it to be perfect.  So I’m taking a great deal of time with it.


I’m SO SO SO sorry.  I know how frustrating it can be to wait for stuff.  But I hope it’ll be worth it.  I’m so worried that when I DO finish and post it, you guys will be like “wtf did it take so long for?  This is CRAP!”  Hopefully that won’t be the case lol


But I’ve been working on it, and there’s 9 pages, and I’m trying to do a little bit every day now.  So we’ll see!  Hopefully soon!  Just, please be patient!


Another question I got was whether I’m going to keep only doing these two chapter stories or if I’ll do more multi-chapter stories like “Stark With a Drink”, with other ‘Avengers’ characters coming into it.  The answer is that I don’t know.  Sorry lol.  Not a great answer.  Here’s the issue:

The text chapters of each story come from actual texting that my friend J2 and I do.  Because they are texts, they obviously take place when Tony and Clint aren’t together. Therefore, the second chapter is always when they are “reunited” after their separation.  So they just want to be together, not have other people visiting.  That’s why it’s generally just the two of them.

SECOND reason why they’re generally short stories:  as I said, these come from texting my friend and I do.  So right now, on my computer, I have over 40 of these text stories saved on my computer.  And those are just first chapters, not the 2nd ones in story format.  So I’m working with what I have lol.  Some of them may end up as more than two chapters, but even at two chapters, they all end up coming in at well over 30 pages, so really, it’s a LOT of writing.


So, are you liking the text stories?  Because they seem to be popular, but now I’m sort of wondering.  Should I keep it up?

Let me know!


❤ Chris

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  1. I love the text stories but I kind of wish you would hurry up and write the second chapters to the ones you’ve got up becausebI hate waiting. Love you though.

  2. I actually am working on that. I try to finish a story before posting a new one. It doesn’t always happen, just because there ARE so many, but I really do try lol. Sorry!

  3. I personally love the chapter of text and then the chapter following, I think the two story posts/fics are awesome! Then again I just think you’re awesome so maybe I’m biased 🙂

  4. You are officially my favorite person ever. You have no idea how much I appreciate that comment. It really made my night. I put a lot of time into these stories, so it really feels great knowing it’s appreciated. *tons of cookies for you*

  5. Aleksandra

     /  July 20, 2012

    I definitely enjoy all of your stories. And I am always excited to see a new post- whether or not it’s a new story or one that’s being continued.

  6. sabrina

     /  July 20, 2012

    i really enjoy everything i read from you! i was just curious about it really, but i do always look forward for an update from you, no matter what type of story it is 🙂

  7. I’m such an idiot, seriously, I just realized the title, Stark with a drink as in Starts with a drink and end with a kiss. I blame the ten month old, the new shift, the idiots I work with, and the lack of sleep and beer I’ve had in the last two weeks. 🙂

    I’m loving your work! *also I stalk this blog, but not in a scary way like find you and kidnap you and put you in the basement way, but more of a fangirl stalking Tony and Clint way and secretely flailing with joy every time you update….I realize that doesn’t make me any less scary to you….uhhh, quick, here’s a distraction, SHINY OBJECT! now I run away*

    • LOL as long as we don’t have to worry about any “it rubs the lotion on it’s skin” moments, I think we’re good. XP

      And J2 came up with the title. Whenever I can’t come up with a title, I go and whine to her lol and she came up with this brilliant one.^^

      • LOL no worries about rub the lotion on its skin, if only because having the little prevents me from doing it lol, I promise I won’t be kidnapping you any time soon 🙂 My daughter keeps me running ragged, I couldn’t stalk and kidnap anyone properly at this point, that’s probably not putting your fears to rest whatsoever, so I promise no kidnapping at all! 🙂

      • HAHAHA nah, I’m totally cool with it.

      • This is why you are so awesome!! You let me ramble on and don’t kick me out of your blog and you even gave me cookies! 🙂

      • LOL oh yes, I banish thee from my blog! And thou shalt not return until thou fetcheth me a shrubbery!

  8. LOL I shall bring you shrubbery in the shape of small woodland animals! 🙂

  9. Topazione

     /  August 11, 2012

    so i know this update was a while ago, but as you may have noticed from my intermittent posting of comments, i got a fair bit behind and am taking a while to catch up because you are amazing and post so very often 🙂 anyway, i just wanted to say that i love love love love love your text fics – they are my favourite, even when i get impatient waiting for second chapters, but that is only because the text fics usually end on some form of cliffhanger 😛 so yes, keep them up, and just writing in general

  10. Tabby

     /  March 28, 2013

    The only problem I ever have with the text stories is that sometimes when I’m reading them I get confused on who is talking. I understand that it’s like back and forth, but for some reason, I always end up getting confused. Although it could just be me having my blonde moments, but please continue to write and don’t ever stop.


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