Fourth of July: Chapter 2

The car really wasn’t the ideal place to be doing this, but there was an added thrill to it….


Clint made his way to the entrance of the airport.  It wasn’t hard to spot Tony…..or the stewardess who was eyeing him.  Tony hadn’t been exaggerating.  The woman was being ridiculously obvious in her attentions.  AND she was getting close to Tony.  TOO close.

Clint felt that possessive heat flaring, the jealousy that he hated because it prevented him from thinking too clearly.  He crossed the floor to Tony, grabbed him by the collar, and yanked him into a fierce kiss, pulling away to glare at the woman before tugging a very startled Tony straight out the front door.

“…..okay, what the fuck was that?”

“What was what.”  Clint didn’t slow down, though he didn’t have a clue where Tony had parked.  Now that he was out of the airport and away from the stewardess, his mind was beginning to clear, and he was realizing just what he’d done.  He had kissed Tony Stark in front of a huge roomful of people.  Tony fucking Stark.  One of the most famous men in the U.S.A.  In the world.  Fuck.

Tony pulled away, forcing Clint to stop walking.  “You know damn well what.  You kissed me.  In front of everyone!  You would never do something like that.  EVER.”

Clint shoved his hands deep into his pockets.  “Yeah, well, that woman was annoying me.  What the fuck, Tony.  Why can’t we go anywhere without some woman trying to fuck you?”

Even without looking, Clint could tell Tony was staring at him.  He could feel the weight of that gaze.  “…….that’s what this is about?  You’re jealous?”

“Shut the fuck up.  I shouldn’t have to deal with this.”

“Well what do you want me to say?!  I’m a slut, okay?  Is that what you wanna hear?”

“………not really.”

“Well, that’s all I’ve got.  I’ve been with a lot of people, and I’m not exactly unrecognizable.  I can’t help it if I run into former flings from time to time.”

Clint was silent, thinking that over.  “………sorry.”

Tony seemed surprised.  “What?  Why are you sorry?”

“Shouldn’t have gotten upset.  That was stupid.”  He felt a sting of pain as Tony punched him in the shoulder.  “Ow!  What the hell?!”

“Idiot.  I like that you get jealous over this shit.  I mean, obviously I don’t like you being upset, but…’s nice to see how much you care.  How much you want me all to yourself.”

Clint just stared for a moment, then shook his head.  “You’re the idiot.  Of course I want you all to myself.  And I’m going to have it just that way.  You’re mine, and it’s gonna stay that way.  No one else is ever going to have you again.”

Tony smiled.  “Good.”  He wrapped his arms around Clint’s shoulders, fingers trailing through soft blonde hair, murmuring “I’m all yours.”

Clint closed the small distance between them, kissing Tony softly.  “….which way to your car?”

“…..oh.  OH.”  Recognition dawned in those brown eyes.  “That’s right.  We… were gonna…..”

“Yeah……I was gonna.”

A flush of color rose to Tony’s cheeks, and Clint had to smile.  “Ah……this way.”  Taking Clint’s hand, Tony tugged him in the direction of the car.

Clint smiled as he watched Tony fumble with the keys, nearly dropping them as he tried to unlock the door.  Despite the air of smug nonchalance he had displayed on the phone, Tony was clearly pretty riled up about this whole idea.  He opened his own door, about to slide into the car when he realized Clint wasn’t following, and turned to look at the other man, a question in his eyes.

Clint gazed upon the Audi, head cocked in a show of extreme consideration.



“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah.  I’m just wondering……you sure you really wanna do this?”

“Yea, I’m sure.  Why?”

“Just…’s such a nice car.  I wouldn’t want it to get ruined when you’re overcome by the amazing job I’m doing sucking your cock and you crash the car.”

Immediately Tony’s expression changed, eyes narrowing.  “Asshole.”

Clint couldn’t help a burst of laughter.  “Get in the car.  I believe I promised you stars?”

“And singing,” Tony reminded him, slipping into the Audi.  “Stars and singing.”

“Ah yes, can’t forget the singing.”  Clint opened his own car door and crouched down beside the seat, contemplating how he should position the chair so that he had the best access to Tony.  After a moment, he shifted the seat back a few notches, and reclined it ever so slightly, then climbed in, fastening his seatbelt and turning to Tony with a smile.  “All set.”

Even in the darkness, it was easy to see the flush of Tony’s cheeks.  “Okay.”  He gunned the engine to life and sped off down the road.

The sky was absolutely gleaming with stars.  Tony was silent, but Clint could feel the tension radiating off him.

Clint reached over, hand lightly palming the front of Tony’s slacks, eliciting a tiny gasp.  He was pleased to find that the man was already hard.  “Little excited, are we?”

“Shut the fuck up.”

Clint just laughed, stroking Tony again.  “I hope this is cuz you were thinking about me and not that stewardess.”

“Fuck the stewardess.”

“I’d much rather you didn’t.” The words were mild, but were accompanied by an increase in the pressure of Clint’s strokes, and Tony gasped again.

“Fuck!  No.  No stewardesses.  No anyone.  Just you.”

“Damn straight.”  The zipper on Tony’s slacks made the softest sound as Clint undid them, tugging them open.  He didn’t miss the way Tony shivered as the air hit his bare skin.

The car really wasn’t the ideal place to be doing this, but there was an added thrill to it….especially since he knew Tony got off on it.  And with a little bit of shifting, Clint managed to get in a good position.  He glanced up at Tony.  The man had his eyes on the road, but he risked a glance down and saw the wicked smile in those blue eyes, and some sort of noise escaped, almost a whimper, and fuck all if it wasn’t funny and sexy at the same time.

And then Clint leaned forward and licked a slow hot line along the underside of Tony’s cock.  Immediately there was a screech of tires as the car swerved.


Clint burst into laughter.  “You wanna reconsider doing this?”

“Fuck.  No.  Fuck.  Motherfucker.”

“You sure?  I’d rather not die.  Though I can think of worse ways to go out than with your cock in my mouth.”

“Ha.  Bet you can.  No.  Fuck.  Don’t stop.  I can do this.”

“Mm……”  Clint wrapped his strong fingers around Tony’s shaft, hearing the sharp intake of breath.  “…..okay.”  He gave Tony a slow, sure stroke, leaning in again, and this time he took Tony in all the way.

The car didn’t swerve this time, but Tony let out an “Oh,” that was almost a sob, and just like that, Clint was so fucking hard that it hurt. Tony had never made a noise like that before.  Clint wanted to see what other noises Tony could make.

He was too intent on his work to really notice if Tony was keeping the car on the road or not, but there were no horns honking, and they hadn’t crashed yet, so he supposed Tony was doing okay.  He was making some fantastic noises, that was for sure.

Tony’s hips were beginning to move, little thrusts into Clint’s mouth.  Clint would wager it wouldn’t be long now.  He yanked Tony’s shirt up, untucking it, and slipped a hand beneath, stroking the soft skin of his stomach, his chest, thumb brushing over a nipple as he took Tony in deep, all the way to the hilt, and swallowed.

Tony totally fucking unraveled, making the most amazing little cry that Clint had ever heard, and the car swerved just enough to set off a horn honking behind them.  Clint managed to catch most of the hot seed, milking Tony dry and pulling away slowly, licking him clean.

He realized that the car was moving incredibly fast, and he sat up, looking around.  Tony wasn’t on the main road anymore.  He had pulled onto a side road, and now he screeched to a halt in a parking lot.  Instantly, he was in Clint’s lap.  Clint made a surprised sound as Tony kissed him fiercely, his hands fisting in Clint’s blonde hair, yanking hard.

Clint had barely had a second to take a breath, but he was having difficulty caring.  This felt too damn good.

……….yeah, he was having difficulty breathing.  He pulled away, gasping.  “Fuck.”  But Tony was kissing him again, before he had a chance to catch his breath.  “Fuck….Tony.”  Tony wouldn’t let up.  “Tony….fuck, Tony!”  He burst out laughing, shoving Tony’s face away.  “Goddammit!  I need a second to breathe.”

“Fuck breathing.”  Tony shifted even further into his lap, hands cupping his face.

Clint laughed, leaning in to meet Tony halfway, kissing him.  “Idiot.”

“Not.”  Tony nipped Clint’s lip, biting down hard enough to hurt, tugging.  “That…..that was fucking AMAZING.”

Clint made a little noise at the sting of pain in his lip, smiling at the words.  “Yeah?  Good.”

“YEA, good.  Fucking great.” Tony shifted in Clint’s lap, trying to get closer, his hands running over Clint’s chest, seeming to roam everywhere.  Clint could feel Tony’s body pressed against his, could feel that the man was already hardening.  He himself was still so hard it was fucking painful.

Tony was nuzzling and nipping his way along Clint’s jawline, his teeth finding Clint’s earlobe and biting hard, eliciting a sharp gasp.  “Want you,” he murmured.  His hands were fumbling with the catches of Clint’s pants, pulling them open, and Clint almost gasped again as the cold air of the car hit his bare skin.  His head fell back against the seat.

“God.”  It felt too good for words, and Tony was barely doing a thing.  He could feel Tony smile…..he didn’t know how, but he could.

Tony hadn’t stopped, tugging at Clint’s pants, and Clint shifted to assist as best he could with Tony in his lap, helping the man pull them down just enough.

And then Tony was back in view, kissing him, smiling at him.  “Gonna give you the ride of your life.”

“Oh God.”  A few seconds before, Clint would have sworn he couldn’t have gotten any harder.  He would’ve sworn it was impossible.  But Tony had just proved him wrong.  And it was about to get worse, because now Tony had his fingers in his mouth, sucking them, wetting them, and then he was reaching back, stretching himself, and oh fuck, Clint couldn’t handle this.

“Tony…..Tony, fuck, please,” His hands were at Tony’s waist, kneading, pleading, but Tony just smiled that dark, wicked smile.

“Patience, baby,” Tony kissed Clint gently.  “Patience.”

“Fuck patience.  Want you.”

Tony laughed.  “Okay, okay, I’m coming.”  He carefully shifted in Clint’s lap, finding the right position before lowering himself down onto Clint’s shaft, both men moaning at the feeling.

“Fuck, Tony.” Clint couldn’t help the automatic canting of his hips.  “Feel so fucking good.”

“Ha……you too.  Damn.”  Tony put his hands on Clint’s shoulders to steady himself.  “You ready?”

Clint blinked at Tony, disoriented from the intense pleasure.  “…..ready for what?”

Tony smiled, that wicked little smile.  “Told you…..gonna give you the ride of your life.”  And then he was moving, and Clint couldn’t fucking breathe.  Tony was so tight and hot around him, his hands gripping Clint’s shoulders almost painfully, hips making these little rolling motions that were quickly driving Clint over the edge.

“Love you,” Tony’s words were breathless, “so….fucking….much.”  And then somehow, Clint didn’t know how, the recline button on the seat got jogged and the seat collapsed all the way back, sending the two of them sprawling.  Tony burst into hysterical laughter.

“…..I’d ask if you’re okay, but it’s obvious that you are.” Clint’s words were muffled against Tony’s sweat-dampened hair.

“Yea.  Totally fine.” Tony pulled back enough to meet Clint’s eyes, smiling.  “You?”

“….’d be better if you were still riding me.”

“Mm…..I’m more than okay with that.” And Tony was moving again, Clint’s head falling back against the seat with a groan.

Fuck, Tony.”


Tony looked so Goddamn beautiful above him, hair a mess, face flushed with pleasure.  Clint reached up, giving his cock a teasingly slow stroke.  The response was immediate.  Tony’s hips bucked hard, back arching as he cried out.  “Oh!’  It was as earlier, the word almost sobbed.  “Oh, Clint, please.”

That sound was enough to push Clint to the edge.  He thrust up hard as he came, pumping Tony’s cock, feeling the heat of Tony’s release hit him for the second time that evening.  Somehow he managed to sit up, pulling Tony into a hard kiss.

“Fuck Tony,” He looked into those smiling brown eyes that he loved so much.  “That was fucking amazing.”

“You’re telling me.”  Tony gave a contented sigh.  “…… we have to drive home?  I don’t wanna drive home.”

Clint laughed.  “Unfortunately, I think we have to.  We should get cleaned up.  And then there’s fireworks.”

Tony’s face lit up immediately.  “Oh yea!  I forgot about the fireworks!”

Clint laughed again.  “How could you?”

“I have no idea.”  Tony slid out of Clint’s lap, tugging his own pants up.  “Well, let’s get going, then.”  He gunned the engine to life, peeling off down the road.


A shower of purple sparks cascaded down the night sky.  Tony sidled closer to Clint, slipping an arm around his waist, nuzzling the back of his neck.  “……do it again?”

Clint shook his head with a smile.  He pulled out another arrow, took aim at the night sky, and…..



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  1. Love it! This time I’m at a real computer too! You are killing me with this pair and I like it, I like it so much! I’ve had sugar today, I’m going to stop now 🙂

    • Yay! Glad you’re enjoying them! And sugar is nothing but a good thing. My friend (and the Clint to my Tony) got me hooked on those caffeinated cookie drinks and now Dunkin Donuts is GETTING RID OF THEM. I am so depressed that I ever even tried them. Life is sad. 😦

      • What??? Noooooooo! They can’t take those away from you!! I feel that way about my Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks 🙂

  2. sabrina

     /  July 19, 2012

    great chapter! i always love the stories you put on here! is there gonna be a stark with a kiss update anytime soon?

    • Blahhhh working on it! It’s going to be the last chapter (most likely) so I want it to be perfect. So yea, I’m trying not to rush it. Sorry it’s taking so long!

      • sabrina

         /  July 19, 2012

        hey, no worries that its taking time! i was just curious about it, but totally fine with waiting so that the chapter is awesome like the rest! do you think you’re going to stick with the 2-chapter type of stories or have another multi-chapter fic? possibly a sequel to stark with a drink? (can you tell that i really enjoy that story? its just too funny and it would be awesome to see how the rest of the gang responded to the relationship and how it all progresses)

      • I agree with Sabrina, totally enjoying and not rushing you, just excited! 🙂

  3. paisley15

     /  October 29, 2012

    Love it! There’s some even more growth in their relationship with Tony making the sob noises and their first 4th of July together.

  4. Tabby

     /  March 28, 2013

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: possessive Clint is uber sexy!

  5. Tala

     /  May 14, 2013

    Great again ^^ And I must say that I think the same as Tabby 😀


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