ConnectiCon! FUCK YEA!

Ahem.  Sorry for the post title.  A few years ago some of us changed the lyrics to the “Team America” theme song to “ConnectiCon!  Fuck yea!”  And now it’s sort of become my gearing up music every year, whenever the convention comes around.

I cosplayed old-school “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” crazy purple Hawkeye this year, and I thought I’d post some pictures.  I swear to God, I had to post for more photos this year than in all 7 years I’ve been going to cons combined.  It was CRAZY!  And all these little kids kept asking for pictures.  We’re talking 3 year olds.  There was a 3 year old Thor who was probably the cutest thing ever, and he recognized me, which was AWESOME.  And some little girl dressed as Merida from “Brave” literally glomped me.  LITERALLY.  Her dad told her to pose for a photo with me and she pounced on me in this huge hug.  It was so damn cute.

Anyway, here are some photos.  The girl dressed as female/girly Captain America is my little Cousin Lauryn (she’s 12, believe it or not…..totally doesn’t look it, does she?).  The little girl dressed as Merida isn’t the one I mentioned.  I posed with two different Meridas.  The third is a 2012 version of Hawkeye who I made friends with.  She was awesome.

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