Adventures in Baking

Tony has a craving for something sweet.

Established relationship, Tony Stark/Clint Barton. First chapter in text format, second chapter in story format.

A/N:  This has no relation to “Adventures in Science”….I just thought the title was appropriate.



Stark1:  Clint, I want a cupcake.

Hawkeye58:  Okay.  That’s random.  So buy a cupcake.

Stark1:  I don’t wanna go ALONE.  That’s BORING.

Hawkeye58:  Haha oh really?  Company suddenly makes cupcakes not boring?

Stark1:  I don’t know.   I just have this huge hankering for a cupcake.  Ooh!  Maybe I’ll make some!  I’ve never made cupcakes.  Have you ever made cupcakes?

Hawkeye58:  Um.  No……I’ve made a regular cake a few times.

Stark1:  Hahaha.  That’s a really adorable mental image.  I wanna see that sometime.

…..yea, I’m gonna make cupcakes.

Hawkeye58:  Ha yeah?  What kind?

Stark1:  ………I don’t know.  Um…….yellow ones.  With chocolate frosting.  Lots and lots of chocolate.

Hawkeye58:  Ha.  Sounds good.

Stark1:  Yea.

……I’ve never really shopped on my own, either.  Huh.  Damn.  There’s a LOT of different kinds of cupcakes.  There are some that are yellow AND brown, did you know that?

Hawkeye58:  What…the chocolate swirly kind?  I’ve seen stuff like that.  They have a mix?

Stark1:  Yea.  That’s just crazy.  Crazy talk.

Hawkeye58:  Is it just a picture?  Maybe it’s just yellow with a picture?

Stark1:  No, it’s some weird thing where you like, pour in chocolate stuff and swirl it to make a pattern.

…..I’m getting this.  I’m totally getting this.

Hawkeye58:  What?  Bullshit.  Really?

Stark1:  No, totally.  I’m dead serious.  I need this.

Hawkeye58:  That’s amazing.  Seriously.  What the hell?  I didn’t know there was a mix for that.

Stark1:  Me neither.  But I’m about to make it.  Come over after work and eat my awesome cupcakes.

Hawkeye58:  Well, I was planning on it anyway.  But yeah.  The cupcakes definitely add more incentive.

Stark1:  Hahaha good to know food entices you more than me.

Hawkeye58:  Can’t help it.  My stomach can be very demanding sometimes.

Stark1:  Mm….amongst other things…..

Hawkeye58:  Ha!  Shut the hell up.

Stark1:  Ha you know it’s true.

Hawkeye58:  …………’re still an ass.

Stark1:  Yup.  And that doesn’t change the fact that whenever you come over, nine times out of ten, you throw me down as soon as you walk in the door.

Hawkeye58:   …………………..cuz I miss you………………..

Stark1:  ………………..okay, when are you out of work?

Hawkeye58:  A couple hours.  Gotta put in time on the range and finish these papers.

Stark1:  …………hurry up.  I really wanna see you now.

Hawkeye58:  Oh, what.  You didn’t before?  Heh.  But I’ll try and hurry through the papers.  I suck at paperwork.

Stark1:  No, I did before.  But then you talked about missing me and it just made me wanna see you even more.

Hawkeye58:  Well, I do miss you.  Thought you knew that.

Stark1:  Well, yea.  But it‘s nice to hear it.

………….so did you know that you’re supposed to put the mixer in the batter before turning it on?  Cuz yea.  I didn’t.

Hawkeye58:  AHAHAHA. That.  I did know.  Oh man.  That’s hilarious.

Stark1:  ………shuttup.

Hawkeye58:  Hahaha no.  Are you covered?

Stark1:  …………..shuttup.

Hawkeye58:   HAHA oh man awesome.

Stark1:  You are SUCH a jerk.

Hawkeye58:  Ahahaha but you love me.

Stark1:  Yea yea.  You’re lucky.

Hawkeye58:  Don’t I know it.

Stark1:  Heh.  Yea?

Hawkeye58:  Well, yeah.  And awesome.

Stark1:  Haha wow.  And here I thought you were complimenting ME.  How silly of me.

Hawkeye58:  Haha.  Now why would I do that?  But I do know.  How lucky I am.

Stark1:  Heh.  Good.  Cuz you are.  You found someone who loves you like crazy.

Hawkeye58:  Never thought I would.

Stark1:  ……….why?  I mean.  You can be a pain in the ass, but you’re funny, and charming, very sweet when you WANT to be.  Extremely good looking.  Why wouldn’t someone fall in love with you?

Hawkeye58:  Heh.  Well….seems I have a habit of screwing that up.  But.  This time I plan on trying even harder not to.

Stark1:  Well, you’d have to try pretty damn hard to screw it up.  I plan on being fairly forgiving with you.  The last thing I want to do is lose you.

Hawkeye58:  See…..and that’s how I know I’m damn lucky.

Stark1:  Heh.  I love you so much.

…..these cupcakes smell AWESOME.

Hawkeye58:  Yeah?  Ha.  Good.  Can’t wait to see them.

Stark1:  Oh, they’re gonna be epic.

Hawkeye58:  I’ll bet.  Hey.  I’m out of here soon.  Want me to pick up dinner?

Stark1:  Heh.  Sure.  Sounds great.

Hawkeye58:  Cool.  Um….anything in particular?

Stark1:  Surprise me.

Hawkeye58:  I can do that.

Stark1:  Oh, I know.  You’re usually pretty good at that.

Hawkeye58:  Ha.  You think?  Nice.

Stark1:  Oh, come on.  Like you didn’t know that.

Hawkeye58:  Yeah.  But I like hearing it.

Stark1:  Heh.  Good.  It’d be unfortunate if you didn’t.  Well, be prepared for delicious awesomeness.

Hawkeye58:  Of course.  You be prepared as well…..though I guess mine won’t be as awesome since I’m not making it.

Stark1:  Yea.

…… soon are you gonna be here?

Hawkeye58:  Half an hour?

Stark1:  Ah.  Okay.  Cool.

Hawkeye58:  Why?  Is that a problem?

Stark1:  No, no problem.  I’m just…..still a mess.

Hawkeye58:  Ah…..damn.  Kinda wish I was there now.

Stark1:  Hahahahaha asshole.  Well, I still have to frost them so who knows.  Maybe you’ll get lucky.  If you hurry.

Hawkeye58:  Mnn.  I’ll see what I can do.

Stark1:  Heh no skin off my back if you miss my humiliation.

Hawkeye58:  I’m sure Jarvis can play it back.

Stark1:  Ha yea right.  That would only work if I LET him play it back.  And I won’t.

Hawkeye58:  Psh.  Jarvis is his own computer.  And we’re totally bros.  😛

Stark1:  Ha yea right.  He won’t do it if I don’t want him to.  This is you doubting my tech again.  What you SHOULD be doing is hurrying up.  Otherwise you’ll miss out.

Hawkeye58:  I’m not doubting your tech.  Jarvis is AI, right?  And he has a lot of your snark.  And I’m going as fast as I can, here.

Stark1:  Heh well, you’re running out of tiiiiiiiime…  XP  Almost done with these cupcakes and I have to say, they look bitchin

Hawkeye58:  Okay.  Well, sorry.  Grabbing food is taking longer than I thought.

Stark1:  Ha like I said, no skin off my back.  I’m totally fine with no one seeing me like this.  EVER.

Hawkeye58:  Of course not.

Stark1:  Yup.  I think the sight of me covered in cake batter is one that doesn’t really need to be shared with the world.

Hawkeye58:  Oh?  Because I’m kind of in disagreement there.

Stark1:  Haha you would be.  Well, unless you take photos then it’s not gonna happen, and I’m pretty positive that photos aren’t going to happ….what was that?

Hawkeye58:  What was what?  You okay?

Stark1:  …….sounds.  Outside.

…’re not here, are you?

Hawkeye58:  No.  Told you.  I’m picking up food.

Stark1:  ………..okay……

Hawkeye58:  ………………….sure you’re okay?

Stark1:  I’m totally fine.  Just sounds like someone’s outside.

Hawkeye58:  Huh.  Did you check?

Stark1:  …….no…..I’m elbow-deep in frosting.  But I’m done now, so……guess I’ll go look……hang on.


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  1. sabrina

     /  July 16, 2012

    love it! can’t wait to read more!

  2. Awesome. Please continue.

  3. Loving this!!! I’m so looking foward to what happens next! You are my hero!!!!

  4. Windstorm124

     /  January 19, 2014

    (snickers) Since my mom spent most of the first few times I tried cooking, hanging over my shoulder, I have actually never had an incident like that. But the idea of Tony Stark covered in cupcake batter and frosting cracks me up. Good job!

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