Boardroom Boredom: Chapter 2

He looked Tony up and down, taking him in completely.  The neatly pressed suit, the slight flush to his cheeks, the tousled brown hair, those gorgeous eyes…..and he felt his blood stirring.


There was a sudden bang as the ceiling grate crashed to the table, followed quickly by Clint Barton, who landed in a crouch right in the dead center of the conference table.  Everyone at the table nearly jumped out of their skin.  Everyone except Tony, who had been expecting it, and couldn’t help a burst of laughter.

Clint glanced at him, smirking.  God, Tony loved that smile.

“Um…..excuse me?”

Clint turned his attention to the man at who had addressed him.  “Yes, sir?”

“Care to tell us who you are, and to explain yourself?”

“Agent Clint Barton, of SHIELD.  And as to explaining myself, not really.”  He rose to his feet, walking across the table to Tony’s side and jumping down, seating himself beside the man, on the right hand side, as per Tony’s request.

There was silence in the room.  The board members of Stark Enterprise were clearly not happy with the sudden intrusion.

“Nice,” Tony said under his breath, smiling.

“Thanks,” Clint murmured back.

The room was dead silent.  Tony looked around at all the board members, who were still staring at Clint.  “……continue.”

The air in the room was one of displeasure, but the meeting resumed.  Clint felt Tony’s knee nudge against his.  He nudged back.  Then Tony’s hand was on his thigh, lightly teasing, and he shivered.  Tony was obviously going to make good on what he’d said on the phone.  His hand was roving higher, and then he slowly unzipped Clint’s pants, gently tugging them open enough that he could get all the access he wanted.

Clint was already hard just from that small bit of contact, and without looking he knew that Tony was smiling smugly at that.  But then Tony was touching him, taking him in hand, giving him the softest, lightest stroke, and Clint bit his lip.  He’d accepted Tony’s challenge that he could keep his control up, no matter what Tony did to him, but it was going to be damn hard.  And damn embarrassing, if any of the men in this room realized what was going on.

Slowly but surely, Tony increased the speed of his strokes, the pressure.  Despite his best intentions, Clint found himself rocking ever so slightly into that touch, even moreso as Tony began to vary the touch.  It felt as if both of Tony’s hands were on him, stroking, caressing, teasing.  Clint didn’t know how much more he could handle.  He felt Tony’s free hand on his thigh, kneading, and then a fingertip teased upward along the underside of his cock before circling the sensitive head.  That was all Clint could take.  His hips bucked up, thrusting into Tony’s hand as he came, biting his lip to hold back the curse that wanted desperately to escape.  His hands were gripping the edge of the table, looking for something to ground himself so his reaction wasn’t so very obvious, and he was vaguely aware of the tang of blood in his mouth; he had bit his lip hard enough to split it.

After about a minute, Clint opened eyes he hadn’t even realized he had closed.  The board members were still talking, apparently oblivious to all that had happened…..except for one man, who was eyeing Clint slightly oddly.  He glared back, and the man looked away.

Clint glanced at Tony.  The man was smiling like the proverbial cat that had caught the canary.  And then….Clint couldn’t believe it.  He raised his hand to his mouth and began to lick it clean, to lick away the seed that Clint had just spilled all over his hand.  Clint stared, eyes wide at the sight, and felt his cock twitch.  Fuck.  He needed to get out of this damn meeting, take Tony home, and fuck him.

Hurriedly, he did up his pants, and rose to his feet.  Immediately, all talk ceased.  “…sorry, gentlemen, but I’m going to have to steal Tony from you.”

Tony looked up at Clint, that evil little smile on his face, and Clint didn’t know whether he should punch him or kiss him.

“We’re in the middle of a meeting, Agent Barton.”

“Yeah, well it can wait.”

“Yea, I think we’re done for the day.”  Tony rose to his feet, smoothing down his suit coat.  “Give Miss Potts a call, she’ll reschedule.”  Without waiting for a response, he turned away, but it was Clint who led the way out of the room.

As soon as they were in the hallway, Clint pulled Tony around the corner and slammed him up against a wall.  “You fucker.”

Tony just laughed.  “Problem, Agent Barton?”

“I cannot believe you just did that!”

“Why?  Told you I was gonna.”

“No…..I mean……you fucking licked if off your hand.  In front of everyone!”


“Don’t give me that shit.  You were trying to get a rise out of me.”

“So?”  Tony smirked.  “It seems to have worked.”

Clint just stared.  “…….you evil little fucker.”

Tony laughed again.  “Well, proved one thing, anyway.  Your famous ‘control’ isn’t as good as you always claim.”

“Yeah, well…….”

“……’well’ what?”

“………it’s never been tested by you before.”

Tony looked positively shocked at the words.  “…………I…………wow.”

Clint would have blushed…..if he did blush.  But Clint Barton didn’t blush.  “What.”

“Nothing.  Just…….heh.  Feel pretty damn talented right now.”



“Last thing you need is an ego boost.”

Tony laughed.  “Hey, you’re the one who said it.”

“Yeah, well, it’s true.”  He looked Tony up and down, taking him in completely.  The neatly pressed suit, the slight flush to his cheeks which Clint hoped was due to their activities in the conference room, the tousled brown hair, those gorgeous eyes…..and he felt his blood stirring.  “……come on.”


“Home.  You shouldn’t have pulled that little stunt cleaning off your hand.”

“……oh?  Why’s that?”

Clint’s eyes were heated.  “……cuz you’re about to get thoroughly fucked because of it.”

At that, Tony did flush, something dark and lusty rolling through his eyes.  “……oh.”  He was quiet for a moment, then he grinned.  “…..that’s really not going to discourage me from doing it again.”

Clint laughed.  “Fucker.”

“You know it.”  Tony leaned in, not even bothering to make sure no one was nearby before he kissed Clint.  “…..take me home?”

“Mm…..sounds good.”  He took Tony’s hand, tugging him off the wall, heading down the hall.  “Teach you a little lesson.  Make you behave.”  He grinned.  “……not that it’ll work.”

Tony laughed.  “Yea.  That lesson never really did stick.”

“Yeah.  Well, I think I have some methods that may encourage you to listen.”


“Yeah.”  Clint glanced at Tony, smiling.  “……show you when we get home.”

“Well, then, what are we waiting for?”

“For you to get that ass of yours in gear.”  Clint opened the front door, giving Tony a little shove outside into the bright sunlight.

“I’m going, I’m going!”

It didn’t take long to get home.  Tony always drove fast, and Clint’s promise of sex only gave him incentive to drive even faster.  Clint practically dragged him inside.

“Well……now that we’re home…….I believe you said something about a good fucking?”

“Mm….”  Clint kicked his shoes off.  “……I did, didn’t I.”

“And something about lessons.”



Clint moved to Tony, that wicked smile on his face, backing Tony up until the man’s back bumped up against the kitchen counter.  “……….so I think we should get started.”


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  1. redneckmeetsgeek

     /  July 12, 2012

    Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Love it love it love it!!!!

  2. Topazione

     /  July 30, 2012

    can i just agree with redneckmeetsgeek? reading first part “oh, i’ll just read this one and then go to bed” nuh. not gonna happen. i just had to keep reading. so damn good. and so funny.

    • LOL I hate when that happens! So I guess it’s kinda evil of me to say I’m glad my story did that to you. 😛 I’m glad it got you hooked.^^ And thank you!

  3. Tabby

     /  September 29, 2012

    Damn. Tony you’re evil, but so beautiful!


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