Mexico Cleanup: Chapter 2

Clint felt that little flutter in his chest that only Tony could make him feel, that flutter that he felt whenever he was reminded yet again how much Tony truly cared about him. 


Tony pushed open the door to room 207.  Clint smiled up at him from a rather uncomfortable looking metal chair.  “Hi.”

“Hi.”  Tony moved to him, setting his bag down on the floor.  “You look exhausted.”

“Yeah……pretty tired.”

“Why aren’t you in bed?  I mean…..that chair looks uncomfortable as fuck.”

“Yeah, it is.  But I didn’t wanna get the sheets all dirty.”

Tony took another look at Clint.  “…..yea, you’re kind of a mess, aren’t you.”

Clint laughed.  “Understatment.”  He was covered in grit from head to toe, but for some reason, the smudges of dust and dirt on his face just made him look ridiculously cute.

“Is there a bathroom attached to this…….”  If it could be called that.  The thing was damn tiny.  “…..or do I have to take you somewhere else?”

Clint shook his head.  “Nah, there’s a bathroom.  Tiny as fuck, but there’s a shower in there.”

“Oh, good.  Don’t want you to have to walk farther than you need to.”

Clint smiled.  “You’re so cute.”

“Shut up.”  Tony knelt beside Clint.  “Here……raise your arms.”  Clint complied, and Tony carefully helped him out of his shirt, then undid his boots, pulling them off.  Piece by piece he divested Clint of his clothes, then rose and offered Clint his hand.  “Come on.  Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Smiling, Clint accepted his hand.  “Cute.”

“Told you to shut up.”  Tony grabbed the back of the chair and dragged it with them.

“….what’re you doing?”

“Taking this in the shower so you can sit and rest while I clean you up.”

“……oh my God you are so fucking cute.”

“Clint, I swear to God, shut the fuck up.”

Clint just laughed, but he didn’t say another word, simply watching as Tony turned on the water, testing it to make sure it was a good temperature before pushing the chair in.  “Go on…..sit down.”

Clint did as he was told.  Tony had placed the chair just right, so Clint was under the stream of water but it wasn’t hitting him in the face.  God, he’s so wonderful.

Tony finished stripping out of his clothes, grabbed a bar of soap and a washcloth, and stepped into the shower.  “Okay.  Let’s get you cleaned up.”  He worked up a lather with the soap and began to gently scrub all the dirt away, making sure to get every inch of skin.  When he got to Clint’s back, Clint couldn’t help the moan that escaped.

“Fuck.  Goddamn, Tony, that feels so good.”

Tony smiled.  “Good.”  He took his time, not just scrubbing but gently kneading as well, massaging Clint’s back, working out all the tension that had built up over the length of the mission.

“……Goddamn.” The word was really no more than a whisper.

And then Tony’s hands were in his hair, shampooing it, scratching along his scalp in a way that felt so good it should be illegal.

“……you are so fucking amazing, you know that?”

“Shut up. “

“No.  You are.”

“Well, duh.  But not because of this.  I just wanna take care of you.  Here…..tip your head back.”  And then Tony’s hands were guiding his head carefully under the spray of water, gently washing out every bit of shampoo, making sure to shield Clint’s eyes so no soap got in them.

By the time the shower was done, Clint was nearly asleep; he felt so damn relaxed.  Tony dried him off and helped him to bed, even helped him into his pajamas, for God’s sake.  Clint snuggled back against the pillows.

“Seriously…….you’re amazing.”

“Yup.  Super amazing.”

Clint laughed sleepily.   Tony just smiled, tugging the blankets up over him, and leaned in to kiss him softly.


“Mm.”  The bed was surprisingly comfortable, and knowing Tony was there with him was reassuring.  It was mere moments before he fell into a contented slumber.




Clint woke up several hours later, the sunset beginning to slant in through the window.  Sitting up, he blinked, trying to shake the sleep from his eyes.

“Good evening, handsome.”

There was Tony, smiling at him from the table, book in hand, and a plate in front of him.  Whatever food was on it, it smelled damn good.

“Hey. “  He stretched, smiling.  “Thanks.  For coming out here.  For taking care of me.”

Tony shook his head.  “I wanted to.”

“I know.  But it was really cool of you.  I can’t remember the last time I slept that well.”

Tony smiled.  “Really?”  Clint nodded.  “Good.  That’s awesome.  That makes it more than worth it.”

“Yea?”  Damn, that food……Clint realized suddenly that he recognized that smell.  “…….did you order pozole?”

Tony grinned.  “Yup.”

Clint felt that little flutter in his chest that only Tony could make him feel, that flutter that he felt whenever he was reminded yet again how much Tony truly cared about him.  To do things like this……little things, but still they meant so much.  He slid from bed, moving to Tony.  “……did I mention that you’re awesome?”

Tony laughed.  “Several times.”

“Well, you are.  Incredibly awesome.”

“Mm.  I know.”


“Yup.  Now sit down and eat your pozole.”





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  1. Topazione

     /  July 30, 2012

    i enjoyed that. it seems like clint is always looking after tony, and it was nice to have it the other way round for once 🙂

    • Haha yea that’s cuz Tony is a five year old, and Clint is slowly but surely taking over Pepper’s “Tony wrangling” responsibilities. But Tony’s a very protective and caring boyfriend. We haven’t really begun to see just how much. 😉

  2. Tabby

     /  September 29, 2012

    I’m so glad they’re finally gonna take care of one another instead of Clint just taking care of Tony.

    • Yea, that tends to happen because Tony REALLY doesn’t know how to take care of himself, so Clint is beginning to take over Pepper’s Tony-wrangling duties.


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