Scheduling Conflicts: drabble

The Olympics are on, and Clint has a problem.

Established relationship, Tony Stark/Clint Barton.  One-shot drabble.

(aaaaaaand this is based on what really happened to me this afternoon.  Stupid Olympic scheduling.  >.<  )



Postcards & Other Means of (Mis?)Communication: Chapter 2

The mission was going well, but Clint was finding it hard to concentrate.  It had been almost an hour and still he hadn’t heard from Tony.  He didn’t like that he was out here and Tony was alone at home, having to deal with the advances of some man.


Linked: Chapter 2

            “….you like this, don’t you.  Me, like this.”  Tony sprawled across the dark wood.  He painted a gorgeous picture.  “You like having me on your boss’ desk.  Knowing you can do whatever you want to me.  Knowing that I’ll let you.”


Safety First: Chapter 2

Tony ran a hand down Clint’s throat, over his chest, and Clint shivered.  “See?  Look at the way your body responds just to that.  Imagine how you’ll react when my mouth is on you.”



No matter how hard you try, some things just can’t remain hidden forever.

Established relationship, Tony Stark/Clint Barton.  First chapter text format, second chapter text format.  There will also be two(?) sequels to this one…..eventually.  There are so many stories to write.^^;;;


“Yeah” vs. “Yea”

This post will probably totally mean nothing to anyone, but some of you may have noticed that I vary back and forth between “yeah” and “yea” in my writing.  There’s actually a method to it, believe it or not.  Clint always says/writes “yeah” and Tony always says/writes “yea”.

I tend to write how I feel my characters would speak, so Tony’s “yea” is very casual, and slang.  Even though Clint is very casual, I guess I kept his at “yeah” just to counteract Tony lol.  Tony also stick’s with “alright”, for similar reasons, though it also comes up in one story…..I think it’s “Postcards and other Means of (Mis)Communication”.


Like I said, some (or all) of you may not have even noticed this, but I thought I’d share, because I have totally had things like this that have bugged me before.


❤ Chris, the Nuwanda

Pajama Party: Chapter 2

Clint just stood there, feeling so completely and ridiculously stupid, but there was no way Tony was going to budge, and in a way, he knew that he had to do this.


Updates Info: ‘Stark With a Drink’

Okay, I’ve been getting this question a lot on more than one site (this one, y-gal, and lol), so I thought I’d make a single post about it so that everyone would know what’s going on.


People have been wondering when “Stark With a Drink, End With a Kiss” is going to be updated.  It’s been taking so long because this chapter will most likely be the last, and I want it to be perfect.  So I’m taking a great deal of time with it.


I’m SO SO SO sorry.  I know how frustrating it can be to wait for stuff.  But I hope it’ll be worth it.  I’m so worried that when I DO finish and post it, you guys will be like “wtf did it take so long for?  This is CRAP!”  Hopefully that won’t be the case lol


But I’ve been working on it, and there’s 9 pages, and I’m trying to do a little bit every day now.  So we’ll see!  Hopefully soon!  Just, please be patient!


Another question I got was whether I’m going to keep only doing these two chapter stories or if I’ll do more multi-chapter stories like “Stark With a Drink”, with other ‘Avengers’ characters coming into it.  The answer is that I don’t know.  Sorry lol.  Not a great answer.  Here’s the issue:

The text chapters of each story come from actual texting that my friend J2 and I do.  Because they are texts, they obviously take place when Tony and Clint aren’t together. Therefore, the second chapter is always when they are “reunited” after their separation.  So they just want to be together, not have other people visiting.  That’s why it’s generally just the two of them.

SECOND reason why they’re generally short stories:  as I said, these come from texting my friend and I do.  So right now, on my computer, I have over 40 of these text stories saved on my computer.  And those are just first chapters, not the 2nd ones in story format.  So I’m working with what I have lol.  Some of them may end up as more than two chapters, but even at two chapters, they all end up coming in at well over 30 pages, so really, it’s a LOT of writing.


So, are you liking the text stories?  Because they seem to be popular, but now I’m sort of wondering.  Should I keep it up?

Let me know!


❤ Chris

Pajama Party: Chapter 1

This comes after ‘Shooting Bruce’ but before ‘Caffeinated Cohabitation’ and ‘Nesting Instincts’.  Sorry.  I try to post these in order but there’s so many that it doesn’t always work.

Tony has a goofy idea.  It ends up leading to trouble.

Established relationship, Tony Stark/Clint Barton, first chapter in text format, second chapter in story format.


Fourth of July: Chapter 2

The car really wasn’t the ideal place to be doing this, but there was an added thrill to it….