China & the DoubleJ

This is a picture of me and my friend Jess, who is the friend who rp’s Clint for me, and who draws all the lovely Tony/Clint work that I post here.  I’m the March Hare, she’s the Mad Hatter.  In case anyone wonders why I always call her “J2”, her last name begins with “Jes”, so her name is “Jess Jes___”, and everyone in college took to calling her “J-squared”.  Everyone called me “China” because we were in a play with 3 “Chris”s (Christina, Kristin, and Christy), so my name was changed to China to avoid confusion.  But my nickname since high school has always been ‘Nuwanda’, after Charlie Dalton in the movie ‘Dead Poets Society’, so for this site, Nuwanda it shall stay.

I just thought it might be cool to have a picture of the crazy mofos who are creating these works for you.  So yea…..there we are. XD

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  1. Well hello there! 🙂

  2. Tabby

     /  March 28, 2013

    I love this picture! You guys are so cute 🙂


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